Bible Study – Book Outlines (10): 2 Samuel

Chs.1-12 David’s Success – Growth and Foundation of the Kingdom – His Triumphs

  • Chs.1-5:4 David’s Rise
    • The Charitable Eulogy (ch.1)
    • The Cleavage in the Kingdom (ch.2)
    • The Conflicts in the Kingdom (ch.3)
    • The Cruelty (ch.4)
    • The Crowning (ch.5:1-4)
  • Chs.5:5-10 David’s Reign
    • The Capital City Established (ch.5)
    • The Centrality of the Ark Established (ch.6)
    • The Covenant Established (ch.7)
    • The Conquests Expanding (chs.8-10)
  • Chs.11-12 David’s Ruin
    • His Crimes (ch.11)
    • The Consequences (ch.12)

Chs.13-24 David’s Sorrows – Grief and Folly of the King – His Tears

  • Chs.13-21 Sowing and Reaping
    • Problems Within the Family (chs.13-18)
    • Problems Among His Followers (chs.19-20)
    • Problems Related to a Famine (ch.21)
  • Chs.22-23 Singing and Rewarding
    • His Hymn of Praise (ch.22)
    • His Homage to God (ch.23:1-7)
    • His Honor for His Mighty Men (ch.23:8-39)
  • Ch.24 Sinning and Repenting
    • The Pride Which Fostered It
    • The Plague Which Followed It
    • The Providence Which Brought Fruit from It

Three things in 2 Samuel that have great significance:

  • The Purchase of the threshing floor, the place of the Temple, which has national consequence
  • The Establishment of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which has international consequence
  • The Davidic Covenant, which has eternal consequences


  • 2 Samuel begins with an elegy, or praise, for Saul and Jonathan; it ends in chapter 22 with an expression of praise for God’s goodness.
  • 1 Samuel related David’s sorrows because of faithfulness to God; 2 Samuel relates his sorrows because of his failure before God.


  • The virtue of patience, waiting on God for unity (chs.1-4)
  • The vileness of sin (chs.11-12)
  • The vital importance of the Davidic Covenant
  • The value of lives lived in devotion to David (ch.23)