Assembly Hymn Writers: The Eternal Son

The 19th century saw the raising up of a large number of believers who have given us hymns of matchless worth, expressing the glories of Christ and the truth of the Word of God. We would like to encourage believers to submit hymns that they have written. It is understood that if they are used by individuals or assemblies, no changes will be made to them.

The Eternal Son

(Sung to Holy, Holy, Holy)
Matthew Swan, Sydney, NS

From the realms of splendor,
View the Son descending,
Hastened by the Father’s word,
Soon His beauty see.
Surely they will reverence,
Worship Him unending,
Lovely and worthy,
Let all bow the knee.

See Him reach the vineyard,
Meekly He’s presented,
See the keepers fast reject
The One they know is Son.
Void of any reverence,
His righteousness resented,
Cast out and smitten,
Slain, the Holy One.

Raised in power eternal,
The One Who was rejected.
See Him as He takes His place,
The chosen Corner Stone.
Lift Him up as precious,
Worship the elected,
Reverence and glory,
Be to God alone.