British Columbia

Burnaby: The South Burnaby assembly held a gospel meeting with translation (English/Mandarin) on October 1. A woman who had never heard the gospel before professed to be saved that night. Two young men obeyed the Lord in baptism on November 26.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Corner Brook: As of December 1, the assembly was nearing the end of three weeks of gospel meetings with David Hierlihy and David Hunt. The first two weeks were attended by a large number of Sunday school children, but in the third week unsaved adults began coming. They are looking to the Lord of the Harvest for blessing.

Fogo: Gaius and Linda Goff visited the assembly from October 23-25. He had three nights of ministry that the saints greatly appreciated. On November 18, John Meekin and Brody Thibodeau visited the assembly for an evening of ministry. The sisters prepared a supper, after which John Meekin and Christians from the Gander assembly departed. Brody Thibodeau and Kevin March stayed for the Lord’s Supper on November 19 with the assembly. The sisters prepared Sunday dinner before the brothers left.

Gander: Gospel meetings with John Meekin and Brody Thibodeau ended on November 22 after 31/2 weeks. The series was encouraging with unsaved out each night. On the three Sundays, suppers were served before the gospel meetings and there were 80-90 people who attended on those nights. There was good support from surrounding assemblies. A young man and two teenage girls professed salvation which brought great joy and encouragement to the believers. John and Brody also visited other assemblies in the area and gave appreciated ministry.

Parsons Pond: Roy Foster (Corner Brook, NL) and Gordon Swan (Baddeck, NS) completed three weeks of gospel meetings in late November. The assembly was encouraged with unsaved out to hear the gospel each night. The meetings were interrupted after the first week by two funerals of believers in the assembly.


Oshawa: The conference was well attended with six of the Lord’s servants giving timely ministry. Jim Jarvis’ ministry at the first Saturday monthly ministry meeting was also appreciated.



Alpena: The saints were thankful for the Lord’s blessing during the annual conference. We are grateful for Brandon Doll, Isaiah Frazier, Jerry Jennings, William Lavery, Harry Rodriguez, and William Skates, who gave profitable help in the reading (Phil 3) and ministry. The gospel was presented clearly through Brandon Doll’s testimony. A deep note of thanks is extended to all who attended, gave help, and supported. Jerry Jennings and Roy Weber also held five days of gospel meetings at the hall. Close to 200 invitations, calendars, and tracts were distributed throughout Alpena and the surrounding area. A few young adults and children came under the sound of the gospel. The believers were also encouraged by ministry from Roy Weber.


Ankeny: The assembly had visits from William Lavery, Joel Portman, and Peter Smith in September. In October, Duncan Dunsire had four nights of Bible Readings on John 17. During November, Jim Beattie had three nights of ministry on the gospel of John, and A. J. Higgins had a day of ministry taking up topics related to Divine Order. The assembly appreciated each of these visits.

Dunkerton: Joel Portman gave ministry on the tabernacle from November 27 – December 8.

Muscatine: Frank Sona, helped by Ryan Hayes of the Marion assembly, began gospel meetings on November 27, for two weeks, with the possibility of a third. A rented hotel conference room was used. There is no assembly in this town, but a few believers travel to Marion about 70 miles away. One sister in particular has expressed concern for friends and family. Over 3000 Seed Sowers and invitations have been distributed with the help of believers from Marion. We look to God to bless His Word and appreciate prayer for this effort and area. A number from the community have attended.


Saugus: The assembly rejoiced as a young sister in Christ was baptized and received into assembly fellowship. She invited a number of her friends to witness the baptism who then were given an opportunity to hear the good news of the gospel and to learn the meaning of baptism. There was a time of fellowship and refreshments which followed, and they trust that blessing will result. They are also thankful for their well-attended December conference with a number of young believers present. Paul Thiessen gave a report on the work in Mexico, reminding all to pray for the work and for the children of the workers in light of the challenges before them. The ministry was Christ-centered, searching the hearts of God’s people. The gospel was faithfully and solemnly presented on both evenings, and during the Sunday school. They look to the Lord for blessing in salvation. The Lord’s servants present were M. Cain, M. Derksen, J. Procopio, D. Shutt, B. Thibodeau, and P. Thiessen.


Battle Creek: Venezuelan Relief Fund – With the November and December shipments of food and other items, there will have been two shipments to each assembly that they were able to deliver to Venezuela in 2017. Thank you for your prayers, and assistance!

Saginaw: Matt Smith and Stuart Thompson encouraged the saints in ministry, and gave a clear and moving gospel message on December 3 during their bimonthly ministry meeting.


Fridley: In late November, Frank Sona gave two nights of helpful exhortative ministry from the book of the Acts (chs 9 and 20). The assembly learned of the great changes effected upon Saul by the Lord during/following the Damascus road experience, as well as the many subsequent spiritual and moral changes wrought in Ephesus resulting from his approximately three-year stay.


Crandon: Paul Barnhardt and Russell Coleman held gospel meetings in a rented building in the town of Pearisburg from November 26 to December 8. Some friends of the believers and some locals were in to hear the messages of salvation.


Rio: Brandon Doll finished one night a week gospel meetings for four weeks in this new work. There was excellent attendance, with 15 from the area attending the last night. Brandon Doll and Jim Frazier purposed to start a series of gospel meetings from December 4-22, DV. Prayer is requested.



Chihuahua: The assembly began breaking bread here 10 years ago, and in preparation for this anniversary, five weeks of gospel meetings were held. God blessed in the salvation of a married couple as well as a young man who used to attend the Sunday school.

El Vergel: Andrew Zuidema (Midland Park, NJ) and another brother held three weeks of gospel and ministry meetings in this mountain village. Each weekend they travelled to Parral, a larger town about two and a half hours away, to preach the gospel to other contacts.


San Luis Rio Colorado: In an effort to reach others with the gospel, the believers meet together on Saturday afternoons for a season of prayer, then prepare food to take to either a park or hospital where many suffer need. They also present the message of the gospel there.


Mazatlan: Marcus Cain accompanied Marcos Sauceda (East Los Angeles, CA) for three days of visits and house meetings in November. Marcos has many family members in this city who are not saved, and have expressed some interest in the gospel. Some have attended conferences in Mexico in the past.

San Luis Potosi

El Barril: The assembly rejoiced when several believers were baptized in November.


Puerto Vallarta: Omar Lozada (Barquisimeto, Venezuela) and Ashley Milne (Vancouver, BC) commenced gospel meetings on November 26.


Irapuato: The believers were saddened when a brother was called to glory in November, having received assurance of salvation only weeks before his passing. He had been attending meetings regularly for only a few months. Several weeks prior, the believers rejoiced when a sister was baptized following the preaching of the gospel.

La Purísima: Local brethren held a week of gospel meetings in November with a good number in for the first time. The believers do not yet break bread in this town, but prayers are valued for their continued growth.


Tepic: The annual conference was held mid-November.


Iguala: Prayer is valued for a distribution of Seed Sower texts from December 25-29, followed by a series of gospel meetings with Duncan Beckett and Shad Kember.


Veracruz: Timothy Stevenson joined John Nesbitt for a gospel series that commenced on November 26. Attendance at the new hall has been very encouraging since the inauguration.

Republic of Ireland

Collooney: Special gospel meetings are planned from 8-9pm on January 15-17, DV in “The Hive” centre in Carrick-on-Shannon with P. Kissick and J. Goodwin. Prayer is appreciated.

Dublin: Elton Fairfield visited the assembly for three nights in November. His subject was the first commandment: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God.” The meetings were well attended, and the assembly encouraged and edified.

Longford: The assembly was encouraged when Paul Kessick brought his Bible Exhibition to a local hotel in October. More than 40 local people saw the exhibition over three days. Paul preached the gospel each evening, helped by Malcolm Radcliffe. Some locals were present who would not normally be at the gospel hall meetings. In November, the assembly had its annual weekend for ministry. Mark Sweetnam gave helpful, practical ministry from 1 Corinthians. The meetings were well supported by surrounding assemblies. Prayer is requested for the end-of-year calendar distribution when the local housing estates receive a calendar, tract, and an invitation to the weekly meetings.


Jackson, MI

February 17-18, with Prayer Meeting on Friday, February 16 at 7pm in the Jackson Gospel Hall, 910 Benett Street. Saturday and Lord’s Day meetings will once again be held at East Jackson High School, 1404 N. Sutton Road. Saturday: Prayer and Ministry 10am and 2pm, Gospel 6:45 pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Sunday school 11:30am, Prayer and Ministry 2pm, Gospel 4:30pm. Tom Baker, David Booth, Brandon Doll, Bill Seale, and Andrew Ussher have responsibility for the conference ministry meetings. Accom: Jason Wielenga, Tel: 517-914-1275; E-mail: jandtwielenga@gmail.com. Corr: Douglas Losey, Tel: 517 787-9169; E-mail: rdlosey@juno.com. Assembly website: http://areyousaved.com.

Cambridge, ON

March 2-4. A warm invitation is extended to the annual Bible Reading/Ministry conference. Subject: Assembly truth. Readings and ministry taken by John Meekin (Bridgewater, NS) and Michael Penfold (Bicester, England). Prayer meeting Friday, March 2, 7:30pm. Saturday Bible readings: 10am “The Origin of the Assembly” (Matt 18:20; Acts 2:41-42; 9:26-28), 1:30pm the “Order in the assembly: Headship” (1Cor 11:1-16; 1Tim 2:8-15), 3:30pm “The Oversight of the Assembly – Elders and Deacons in their roles and responsibilities: Their Concept, Call, Care, Charge, and Crowns,” Gospel 6:45pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Ministry 1:30pm and 3:30pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Accom: Philip Watson, Tel: 519 240-0007; E-mail: philmarfarms@gmail.com.

Turlock, CA

March 10-11, in the Turlock Gospel Hall, 3446 N. Golden State Blvd. Saturday: Prayer/Ministry 10am, Ministry/Gospel 1:30pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:45am, Ministry 1:30pm. Lunch provided each day. Accommodations are available at a number of motels in the area. Contact: Narendra Singh, Tel: 209 526-0910.

Conferences Previously Published:

Pennsauken, NJ – January 6-7 (see the October 2017 issue for the new location).

Phoenix, AZ – January 12-15

DeLand, FL – February 2-4


Harvey Lynch of St. John’s, NL on June 13, 2017, age 90. Harvey was saved in 1952 while working in Toronto as a young man. The forming of the nation of Israel had awakened in him an interest in the Word of God and biblical prophecy. Upon his return to Newfoundland, he was in happy fellowship in the Corner Brook, Carbonear, and St. John’s assemblies, serving as an elder for many years in St. John’s. Harvey will always be remembered for his winsome way of witnessing to complete strangers and for his kindness to the children in the Sunday school and those associated with the assembly. He is survived by his beloved wife, Phyllis (Pelley), four daughters, seven grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

Arthur Taylor of Taylorside, SK on July 23, 2017, age 93. He was saved at age 12 and received into the Taylorside assembly at age 15. Arthur was very active in the assembly and seldom missed a meeting until he was confined to a nursing home. His greatest delight was to witness to others about the perfect sacrifice of the Lord Jesus. Arthur spent most of his life cattle and grain farming on the family homestead his father purchased in 1902. He was predeceased by his wife Olive (1987), second wife Emily (2011), four brothers and seven sisters, and his great-grandson. Arthur is survived by his adopted sister Lois Styles, children Sharon (Carl) Hazzard, Joyce (Crawford) Funston, Eunice (John) Parker, Jack (Becky) Taylor, and Lorraine (Dave) Powell, 16 grandchildren, and 33 great-grandchildren. His nephews Bryon Meyers and Herb Styles preached at his funeral and at the graveside, respectively.

Melvin Schiltroth of Edmonton, AB on September 1, 2017, age 86. Mel was raised in Saskatchewan and was saved and came into fellowship in the Armley assembly. In 1952, he married Margaret Budai, and they were together for 63 years. In 1955, they moved to Edmonton where they were in fellowship in the 97th Street Gospel Hall until it became the Connor’s Hill Gospel Hall where they remained in happy fellowship all their lives. From 1967 onwards, he served faithfully on the oversight until his health failed, and was a very practical help in the assembly. The last time Mel preached the gospel, he had the privilege of preaching with his son Robert and his grandson Cody. He will be missed for his care of the assembly and his desire that it maintain Scriptural truths. He was predeceased by his infant son David in 1956 and his wife Margaret in 2015.

Hazel Pratt of Englehart, ON on September 27, 2017, age 86. She was born on May 29, 1931 and was born again in July of 1949 under the preaching of John Adams. At 18 years old, she took a week’s vacation off work to attend a gospel series in Earlton where she understood the truth of John 3:16, that “whosoever” included her. Hazel was in fellowship in Englehart, Kirkland Lake, Sault Ste. Marie, Earlton, and again in Englehart for the last 37 years. She was given to hospitality and faithfully served in each assembly. In July, the family had just celebrated Hazel and Vernon’s 60th wedding anniversary. She was survived by her husband Vernon (see p. 30), three sons and three daughters, 15 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren. Her nephew, Larry Pratt and her grandson, Nathan, spoke faithful words at the funeral and at the graveside, respectively.

Grace Louise Crawford (Lawrenson) of Unionville, ON on October 14, 2017, age 95. Grace loved people and manifested the true expression of “Grace” in shoe-leather. She became the first “employee” (unpaid and overworked) at Elim Homes in Waubaushene. “Employee” meant nursing care, bathing residents, lighting the fires, leading devotions, and loving all throughout the 70 years that Elim functioned. Her Bible, hymnbooks, and journal were precious possessions and she was faithful to the Midland and Waubaushene assemblies all her life. Through correspondence, telephone and her special smile, she demonstrated her care for many. Her kind and continuous hospitality was renowned. The large company at her funeral testified to the esteem she deserved. Andy Fletcher and Gary Sharp shared the privilege of speaking at the service. Left to mourn is her daughter Jane, 6 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren, 2 great-greats, and the host of those who loved her dearly.

Olive Marjorie Mackenzie of O’Leary, PEI on October 22, 2017, age 85. She was saved in 1958 and was in fellowship in the Springfield West assembly where she continued faithfully until infirmities of age became a barrier to attending. Her favorite hymn was “More about Jesus.” Olive always displayed a warm smile even though she was no stranger to sorrow and loss having been predeceased by both her daughter and her husband. Olive’s home was given to warm fellowship, hospitality, and “cleanliness.” The genial and appropriate funeral message was delivered by her nephew David Hierlihy, and by Peter Ramsay. Remembrances were given by her grandson Jody Thomas. Darrell Raynor spoke words of comfort at the graveside. She is survived by her daughter Janet, seven grandchildren, and 10 grea-grandchildren, all of whom she dearly loved and adored.

Vernon Pratt of Englehart, ON on November 9, 2017, age 83. He was born on April 23, 1934 and at the age of 17, under the preaching of Ben Widdifield, he accepted the truth of Romans 10:9 and confessed the Lord as his Savior. Vernon spend the last 37 years in the assembly at Englehart. He and Hazel enjoyed both entertaining in their home and visiting others. Vernon was a great help in the oversight of the assembly as well as organizing the Northern Conference. He enjoyed helping in the construction of Gospel Halls, and homes of both family and friends. As postmaster, he was respected by staff and the community. Recently predeceased by his wife Hazel, Vernon leaves behind a large family. His nephews Murray and Howard Pratt spoke at the funeral and at the graveside, respectively. He and Hazel are greatly missed by all.

Aina Macernieks of Unionville, ON on November 11, 2017 at Bethany Lodge, age 91. Aina was born in Madliena, Latvia in 1925, and fled from the Russian occupation to Germany in 1944 where she spent several years living in numerous refugee camps. She left for England in 1950, and came to Canada in 1951. During her nurses’ training in Orillia, Aina heard the gospel and trusted Christ as Savior through John 10:9. She was first in fellowship at the Dominion Gospel Hall and later joined the Broadview assembly in Toronto in 1965. She held various nursing positions at several hospitals, before retiring from North York General Hospital in 1990. Aina was predeceased by her parents Emilis and Marta as well as her youngest sister Ilga. She is survived by her other sister Velta (late Edgars), her niece Vija (Bob) and their family. Fred Krauss spoke at the funeral.

Harold Elliott of Wallace Bridge, NS on November 16, 2017, age 88. Harold was saved on October 21,1944 at the age of 15 through Isaiah 53:5. He was a respected overseer in the assembly at Pugwash Jct. and was the correspondent for many years. Harold had a tender care for the flock and was a great encourager to the saints. He was faithful in attendance despite failing health and limited mobility, leaving us an example of steadfastness and commitment. Harold was also well respected in his community and in business where he loved to share the gospel. He is survived by his wife Ruth, three daughters, one son, five sisters, five brothers, fourteen grandchildren, and one great-grandchild, some of whom are not saved. The funeral was taken by David Hunt and Harold’s son-in-law Allen Turkington from Venezuela, spoke at the graveside.

Gary Southard of Cedar Falls, IA on November 26, 2017, age 74. He was saved February 3, 1974 when he acknowledged he was the ungodly one for whom Christ died. His wife was saved a month later and following their baptisms, they were both received into the fellowship of the Cedar Falls assembly. Gary was faithful in being exercised to publicly lead in worship, teach, and preach the gospel. His seat is now empty and he is sorely missed. He is survived by his wife Jean Ann, one daughter, and three grandsons. Jerald Lukensmeyer and Russ Nesbit shared the service in the Cedar Falls Gospel Hall with Ken Alberts speaking at the grave.