Assembly Hymn Writers: Tears

The 19th century saw the raising up of a large number of believers who have given us hymns of matchless worth, expressing the glories of Christ and the truth of the Word of God. We would like to encourage believers to submit hymns that they have written. It is understood that if they are used by individuals or assemblies, no changes will be made to them.


(from Gospel Hymns)

Tune: To Calvary, Lord (Martyrdom)

Tears overflowed the Savior’s heart;
Dark storm clouds loomed ahead.
He offered Salem peace that day;
They chose God’s wrath instead.

Tears fill the eyes of those who care,
But you this choice must make,
New life and heaven’s endless joys
Or judgment’s storm-tossed lake.

Tears, blood-like sweat dropped to the dust;
Christ knew the storm He’d face,
The awesome price for Him, the Lamb,
To suffer in our place.

Your tears of joy would overflow,
Your storm of conscience cease,
If, in your sins, you’d come to Christ
And enter into peace.

But tears would never cease in hell,
While waves of judgment roll,
If you should choose to die in sin
And lose your priceless soul.