Assembly Hymn Writers: Him There!

The 19th century saw the raising up of a large number of believers who have given us hymns of matchless worth, expressing the glories of Christ and the truth of the Word of God. We would like to encourage believers to submit hymns that they have written. It is understood that if they are used by individuals or assemblies, no changes will be made to them.

Him There!

Clive Barber

Tune: Lord Jesus Thou Who Only Art (

The Son of God came down to earth
To reconcile through death His own.
Poor sinners lost in sin and dearth,
Upon the cross His love was shown.
Our God, His Son, He did not spare
Upon the cross He gave Him there.

Isaiah saw His majesty
His glorious train the temple filled.
Now see Him there upon the tree
This is what God His Father willed.
My sins in judgment laid on Him
To cleanse me from the stain of sin.

Come see Him there inside the tomb
His Body lain in death’s still form.
O such a pathway from the womb,
May our cold hearts by love be warmed.
What bliss that third appointed day
When to His own, Himself displayed.

Now see Him there upon the Throne,
His rightful place is taken now.
Angels and saints bow down to own,
The One Who bore a thorn-crowned brow.
In glory sits the Lord on high
His shame is o’er, no more to die.

The day will dawn when He shall come,
Back to this earth to take His place.
Centuries of curse shall be undone,
For all redeemed of Adam’s race.
|One thousand years with Him to share,
He’ll have His Bride beside Him There.

Then O what bliss, eternally,
No separation shall we know.
For it is written, “no more sea,”
Life giving waters ever flow.
Upon the throne shall sit the Heir,
Our praise shall rise unto Him there.