Tribute: Cap Van de Wetering

A Beloved Brother

If I were asked to sum up in a few words a description of brother Cap Van de Wetering, I would say he was one who enjoyed a close relationship with the Lord. He was a godly man, with much wisdom and a humble spirit. His love for his family and children was evident.

His ministry was fresh and valuable, as from the Lord Himself. On one occasion, in the Friday night prayer meeting at a Seattle conference, there was an earthquake while he was praying. When asked how he could pray so well during it, he stated that he thought he was having a dizzy spell.

I had the joy of sharing many gospel series with our dear brother, dating back to 2002. His wife Lena always traveled and labored with him. He said, “She is a part of the work, a real help, and preserves me in the work.” When staying in our home, they could be heard reading the Scriptures and praying together. His life was a godly example to many.

I got to know him well by laboring with him in the gospel. His words and ways to the young Corvallis, OR assembly during gospel meetings were helpful, and strengthened young believers. We shared several series in Terrace and Kitimat, BC, where he not only preached a clear gospel, but labored door-to-door. He had a unique way of showing love to those to whom he spoke. In tent meetings in Fresno, CA, despite excessive heat (for a Canadian), he and his faithful wife made daily, door-to-door visits.

During tent meetings in Penticton in conjunction with the Westbank assembly, although his health was not up to par, he still preached throughout the series to standing-room-only crowds, both inside and outside the hall.

He is a brother beloved and will be missed and is now forever with the One whom he loved and adored.