British Columbia

Deep Cove: Gospel meetings are planned to start, in the will of the Lord, on September 11 with David Hunt and Stuart Thompson. Please pray for these meetings.


Arborg: Please pray for blessing from tent meetings held on August 22-26 in this community, 90 minutes north of Winnipeg. There were children’s meetings in the afternoon and adult meetings each evening. Pete Smith was joined by Jack Gould in this effort.

Winkler: Jack Gould and Pete Smith once again held tent meetings in Winkler during the month of July. Brother Smith had children’s meetings each morning attended by a good number of children and 10 to 15 adults each day. Unsaved from the community came in each evening. Two new homes have opened up for Bible studies on a weekly basis. Two couples have been faithful in attending meetings in Roseisle, but are not yet baptized.

Nova Scotia

Ashmore: Murray McCandless and David Hierlihy commenced gospel meetings here in a tent, July 17.

Berwick: Please pray for gospel meetings which commenced August 8. John Meekin is joined by Jack Zhang (Vancouver) for this effort.

Blues Mills: The assembly enjoyed a week of ministry with David Hunt and Brody Thibodeau just prior to their first summer children’s effort in the hall in July with a local brother from the Nineveh assembly. In view of the meetings the saints had prayed that children from the neighboring First Nations community and the immediate area around the hall would come out, and that they would have favor with the local community. There was a spirit of unity and working together during the meetings, as the Lord graciously answered all these prayers, with just over 50 children coming. A number from both the local community and the First Nations continue to attend the Sunday school. The assembly then enjoyed two nights of ministry from Matthew Cain on the book of Esther.


Clinton: The saints enjoyed the ministry of Lorne Langfield, Alex Dryburgh, and Jim Beattie in recent months. At the annual summer conference, a large number heard stirring ministry by Peter Ramsay and Mark Bachert on the theme, “Loving Christ will Radically Change your Life.” Leslie Craig also ministered on the Lord’s Day on a similar theme. Peter and Mark continued in the gospel for the week following the conference. The assembly held children’s meetings in August with Peter Smith.

Deseronto: The assembly has been encouraged by visits from Eugene and Ruth Badgley, Murray and Eunice  McLeod, and Ken and Doris Taylor; also by the arrival of a young couple who were transferred here by his company. A number of children from the town and some mothers continue coming to the Sunday school. Pray for this small assembly (six) that the testimony of over 100 years will continue until He comes.

Hamilton: Marvin Derksen and Peter Ramsay anticipate holding two weeks of gospel meetings in the Nash Road Gospel Hall commencing September 11, Lord willing. Prayer will be valued for this effort.

Mississauga: The Applewood Heights assembly enjoyed Andrew Robertson speaking to the children at their week-long Bible camp. There were over 80 children each day, and over 40 adults on the Friday for the BBQ and gospel message. Please pray that God will continue to use the seed that has been sown.

Sarnia: Gene Higgins and Brody Thibodeau conducted tent meetings in July in a great location. There was reason to be encouraged, with many out to hear the gospel and some indication of interest.



Davenport: After the Seed Sower distribution in July, Allan Christopherson, with the help of young brethren from the midwest, held another week of gospel meetings at Davenport Middle School. They continue on Friday evenings at the Davenport Police Department community room. Please pray for the two daughters of a woman who professed to be saved last year.

Dunkerton: Prayer is requested for upcoming gospel meetings planned to commence October 9 with Paul Barnhardt and Allan Christopherson.


Baldwin City: From August 1-5, Jesse Fitch held a children’s meeting each morning at Dave and Rosie Olmstead’s home, a gospel meeting each afternoon at the independent living center, and also each evening at the assisted living center.


Saugus: The assembly was thankful for visits during the month of July from Paul Barnhardt, Walter Gustafson, and Tom Hoy. Over the years, brother Gustafson has been a help to the assembly particularly at conferences, in Bible readings, ministry, and the gospel.


Saginaw: Ken Taylor visited the Saginaw and Cass City assemblies in the first week in August with encouraging and helpful ministry. He was joined by Dan Shutt for the all-day meeting on August 7 in Saginaw. Both the ministry and gospel warmed the hearts of the Lord’s people from a number of the surrounding assemblies. A visit from David Richards was anticipated later in the month.

Sherman: The assembly plans to commence a series of gospel meetings on September 11, for which the concerted prayers of the Lord’s people would be greatly appreciated. God willing, Brian Crawford and Brandon Doll will join the saints for this effort.


Arlington: The saints enjoyed a week of ministry meetings with Jack Hay and Blair Martin from Scotland. Teaching on the “Fundamentals of Christianity” was well received.


Beetown: In the gospel meetings that William Lavery and Brandon Doll commenced on July 24, there was encouragement with attendance of unsaved from the community, as well as children of Christians from another assembly. The meetings were to continue for at least two weeks.

Muscoda: Dan Wessels and Troy Thomas held children’s meetings here on Tuesday and Thursday evenings during the first two weeks of August.


Nuevo Leon

Monterrey: Anderson Hernández commenced gospel meetings in July in a newly rented hall, and was joined by Abisai Vieyra for the first week of August.


Oacalco: Duncan Beckett and Abisai Vieyra, helped by local brethren, held nightly gospel meetings in July with encouraging interest and attendance. The husband of a sister saved a few years ago professed to be saved, bringing much encouragement.


Hermosillo: House meetings are held weekly in two different areas of the city, one in the home of a couple received into fellowship earlier this year. Several neighbors, co-workers, and family members have heard the gospel over the past few weeks.

Quintana Roo

Cancun: Two weeks of children’s meetings finished on August 5, with encouraging attendance, not only of children, but of parents expressing an interest in the truths taught. Timothy and Amy Turkington appreciated the help of Eleonor Mosquera, as well as Joel and Amanda Thiessen (Omaha, Nebraska).

Costa Rica

Kory Crawford writes, “A small group of men from Ontario and Texas spent two weeks with a number of the assemblies in Costa Rica. A Seed Sower outreach was organized in the areas surrounding the town of Orotina, Alajuela where the closest assembly is over 40 minutes away. It was encouraging to have a few of the local believers from the assembly in Colon help with the distribution effort which was followed up with eight nights of gospel preaching on the patio of a house belonging to a lady from the Colon assembly who lives in Orotina. It was once again encouraging to have the help of local believers from the Colon assembly. There was good attendance and interest throughout the week, and an elderly man professed salvation a few weeks following the meetings. Local believers have continued in the area with weekly follow-up meetings and studies. The door for the gospel in Costa Rica is currently wide open, but how shall they believe in Him of Whom they have not heard? Who will go?”


Bicester: F. Sona and A. Steele had three weeks of gospel meetings in a tent. While the response from the locals was poor, there was blessing in salvation among the Eastern Europeans, to add to those saved from that community last year.

Northern Ireland

Co. Antrim

Ballintoy: In June, this assembly on the north coast had three weeks of gospel meetings in a tent pitched in the village of Mosside. P. Kennedy (Ballintoy) and D. Gillies (Scotland) shared the responsibility. A number from the area attended.

Kells: The assembly had use of the local village Community Centre for gospel meetings. P. McCauley and D. Williamson preached nightly for four weeks. Continue to pray for blessing.

Co. Armagh

Richhill: A tent was erected outside this town and gospel meetings commenced July 24. Sam Nelson and another brother preached the gospel.

Co. Down

Ballygowan: B. Currie and J. Palmer are conducting a gospel series in a tent in association with the Moneyreagh assembly. The meetings commenced late July.

Dromore: The Lough Road assembly started gospel meetings on July 31 in the new gospel hall with S. Gilfillen and W. Martin preaching.

Drumlough: Pray for gospel meetings which commenced August 7 in the gospel hall with Gary Woods and Noel Fleck.


Mississauga, ON

September 24-25. The Applewood Heights assembly extends a warm welcome to their annual Bible Reading Conference (former Mimico Bible Readings). The study this year will be John 13-16. Lloyd Cain, Bruce Rogers, Shawn St. Clair, and Stephen Vance will be responsible for leading the readings. More details can be found at www.applewoodheights.org. Accom: Al Bell, E-mail: albell2003@hotmail.com, or Tel: 905 274-3527.

New Lenox, IL

September 24-25, in the Lincoln Way West High School, corner of Spencer Road and Gougar Road, New Lenox. Prayer Meeting on Friday at 7:30pm at 2639 East Cass St, Joliet. Saturday: Ministry 10am and 2pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 3:30pm. Accom: Brent Studnicka, Tel: 815 463-9590, E-mail: brentstudnicka@gmail.com.

Roseisle, MB

September 30-October 2, in the Roseisle Gospel Hall. Friday: Prayer 7:30pm. Saturday: Bible Reading 10am, Ministry 2pm and 7pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am, Sunday school 1:30pm, Ministry 2:15pm, Gospel 7pm. Contact: John Dyck, Tel: 204 435-2341; or E-mail: dgf@cici.mb.ca.

Clinton ON

October 1-2, at Clinton Gospel Hall, 143 Joseph St., Clinton, ON. Friday (September 30): Prayer 7:30pm. Saturday: Prayer/Ministry 10am, Lunch 12:30pm, Bible Reading 1:30pm, Prayer/Ministry 3pm, Supper 5:30pm, Gospel 7pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am, Lunch 12:30pm, Prayer/Ministry 1:30pm, Gospel 4:45pm, Supper 5:30pm. No evening meeting. Accom: Larry Schade, Tel: 519 348-9408, E-mail: lbschade18@hotmail.com; or Keith Bachert, Tel: 519 526-7135, E-mail: kjbachert@sympatico.ca.

Sussex, NB

October 1-2, at the Sussex High School, with Prayer meeting on Friday, September 30 in the Sussex Gospel Hall. Saturday: Ministry 10am and 2:30pm, Gospel 7pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am, Sunday School 1 pm, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Excellent meals are provided each day. For information, please contact Jim MacIntosh, Tel: 506 943-0101, E-mail: j1947m@rogers.com. For accommodations in advance, contact Trevor McClelland, Tel: 506 433-1234, E-mail: trevor@commercialtent.com.

Brandon, MB

October 10 (Canadian Thanksgiving), in the Brandon Gospel Hall, 1412-22nd Street. Bible Reading 10am (1 Timothy 4), Ministry 1:30-5:30pm. Corr: Glen Hanna, Tel. 204 726-1509, E-mail: gmhanna@wcgwave.ca.

Cape Breton, NS

October 8-9, in Memorial High School, Memorial Drive, Sydney Mines. Saturday: Prayer/Ministry 10am, Bible Reading 1:30pm, Ministry 3:30pm, Gospel 7pm. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 8:30am, Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry 2:15pm, Gospel 7pm. Information/Accommodations (please call in advance): John Ingram, Tel: 902 794-2691; E-mail: j.p.ingram@ns.sympatico.ca. See www.thegospel.ca for Bible reading outlines.

Blue River, WI

October 15-16, with prayer meeting, Friday, October 14, at 8pm at the Blue River Gospel Hall, 205 Dayton St. All other meetings will be in the Highland, WI high school located off Hwy. 80 on the north side. Saturday: Ministry 10am and 2pm, Testimony/Gospel 6:45pm. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 9am (Phil 2:5-11), Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Ministry 2pm. Contact: James Frazier, 15513 Richwood Estates Lane, Blue River, WI 53518. Tel: 608 537-2977, E-mail: woodind@mwt.net.

Edmonton, AB

October 14-16, in the Connors Hill Gospel Hall, 9302 – 95th Street. For information contact Joe Bowman, Tel: 587 557-1409; or E-mail: josephjbowman@gmail.com.

L’Anse au Loup, NL

October 14-16, with prayer meeting at 7:30pm on October 13. All meetings are in the gospel hall. A Bible study is planned for the Saturday morning session with the subject to be announced later. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10am. A warm welcome goes out to all. Accom: Francis Barney, Tel: 709 927-5696; or Preston Belben, Tel: 709 927-5622.

Terryville, CT

October 14-16, with prayer meeting on Friday, October 14, at 7:30pm in the gospel hall, 36 North Main St. All other meetings held in the Harry S. Fisher School, N. Main St. (1/8 mile north of the hall). Saturday: Ministry 11am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 6pm. (Note: There is a meeting on Saturday morning this year.) Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 4:30pm. Accom: Steve Morin, Tel: 860 583-9904.

London, ON

November 5-6, in the gospel hall, 1196 Highbury Ave. Friday: Prayer Meeting 8pm. Saturday: Ministry 10am, 2pm, and 7pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Ministry 2:30pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Corr: Philip Lampkin, 98 Moraine Court, London, ON, N6G 4Z1; Tel: 519 472-8747; E-mail: felipe.lampkin@gmail.com; Hall: 519 451-8233.

Livonia, MI

October 23-24, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30pm.  All meetings held in the Stark Road Gospel Hall, 9280 Stark Road, Livonia, Michigan.  Saturday: Ministry at 10am and 2pm, Gospel 7pm, Hymn Sing 8:30pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread at 10am, Sunday School 12:45pm, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Invited speakers: Matthew Cain, Sandy Higgins, Shad Kember, David Petterson.  Corr: David Vallance, 21600 Currie Road, Northville, MI 48167; Tel: 248 446-9346; E-maildavidvallance@sbcglobal.net; Hall:  734 425-4910; www.starkrdgospelhall.com. Accom: Tim Fouts at Tel: 734 673-7442; or E-mail: tf-sf@msn.com.

Newington, CT

November 5 – 6 in the gospel hall. Saturday: First meeting for ministry at 2pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:45am. Brethren walking in and teaching the “old paths” are welcomed to minister as the Lord leads. Corr: Matthew J. Brescia, 81 Cobblestone Way, Windsor, CT 06095. Tel: 860 688-2388. Gospel Hall: 860 666-4342.

Saskatoon, SK

November 5-6, in the Lawson Heights Gospel Hall, 131 La Ronge Road, with Prayer/Ministry on Friday, November 4, at 7:30pm. Saturday: Ministry 10:15am and 1:30pm, Gospel 7pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Ministry 11:30am and 1:30pm, Gospel 7pm. Inquiries: Murray Buckingham, Tel: 306 291-5684, E-mail: buckinghamm@sasktel.net, Hall: 306 249-5044.

Bryn Mawr/Hatboro, PA

November 12-13, with Prayer Meeting on Friday, November 11 at 7:30pm at Hatboro Gospel Hall, 23 W. Moreland Ave., Hatboro, PA. Other meetings at Colonial Elementary School, 230 Flourtown Rd., Plymouth Meeting, PA (one mile east of the intersection of routes 476 and 276; Norristown exit off PA turnpike). Take Germantown Pike East, turn left on Colonial Road just beyond Plymouth Whitemarsh High School. Saturday: Ministry 10:30am and 2pm, Gospel 6pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10am, Sunday school 11:45am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 4:30pm. Brethren expected are Frank Sona, David Hierlihy, Don Draper, and David Hanley. Accom: Alan Oliver, Tel: 610 399-3199; E-mail: adoliver@gmail.com; or Jack Coleman, Tel: 215 675-7253; E-mail: JackColeman125@aol.com.

Oil Springs, ON

November 12-13, with prayer meeting on Friday, November 11 at 7:30pm in the gospel hall on Victoria St. All other meetings are in the Youth Centre, corner of Highway 21 and Victoria St. Saturday: Ministry 10:30am, Bible Reading 1pm (1 John 2), Ministry 2:30pm, Testimony/Gospel 6pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Sunday school 1pm, Ministry 2:30pm, Gospel 7pm (Gospel Hall). Corr: Ralph Ward, Box 267, Oil Springs, ON, N0N 1P0; Tel: 519 834-2137; E-mail: redeemed4@sympatico.ca.

Conferences Previously Published:

Akron, OH – September 3-4

Arlington/Marysville, WA – September 3-5

Beetown, WI – September 5

Clementsvale, NS – September 3-4

Hampton, IA – September 3-4 (Missionary)

Huntsville, ON – September 3

Kansas City, MO – September 3-4

Hardwick, VT – September 10-11

Sault Ste. Marie, ON/MI – September 9-11

Arnstein, ON – September 16-18

Hitesville, IA – September 17-18

Chapman Valley/Parry Sound, ON
September 24-25

Midland Park, NJ – September 24-25

Manchester, IA – October 1-2

Victoria Road, ON – October 1-2

St. Thomas, ON – October 8-9

Vancouver, BC – October 8-9

Wallaceburg, ON – October 28-29


Jennie Klein of Arlington, WA, on June 15, 2016, age 98. She was born on April 14, 1918 to the late John and Anna Kazen in Everett, WA. Jennie was saved in 1932 and married Jack Klein in July 1941. Together, they were faithful to the Lord Jesus, and were a great help in the Arlington assembly for many years. Her life was a sweet reflection of Jesus to many. She is survived by her two children, Janet (Kevin) Wirth and James (Lori Taft) Klein. Jennie leaves behind three grandchildren, John (Sonia) Wirth, Robert (Stephanie) Wirth and Lisa (Joshua) Pelonio, five great-grandchildren, one surviving sister, Evelyn Hoy, and numerous nieces and nephews. The gospel was shared with the good number that attended the funeral. Tom Hoy, Steve Meyers, Tim Klein, and grandson, John Wirth, shared in the service. Please pray for the salvation of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Pearl (Mitchell) Russell of Pugwash Jct., NS, on July 1, 2016, age 89. Pearl was saved on November 20, 1942 at home during gospel meetings held by the late Robert and John McCracken. In 1959, she married Fred Russell, and they raised three children. Their home was used for the hospitality of the saints down through the years. She was steadfast to her Lord and Savior and also to the assembly at Pugwash Jct. until her illness prevented her from attending. She is survived by her husband Fred, daughter Joanne, sons Merlin and Stephen, as well as nine grandchildren. Robert McIlwaine presented the gospel clearly at the funeral, and James McClelland spoke at the graveside.

George R. Patterson of Clinton, ON, on July 6, 2016, age 90. Our esteemed brother and servant of the Lord was born June 5, 1926, and born again by the grace of God, December 21, 1948. He leaves to mourn, his dear wife Fran, two sons, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. He faithfully attended all meetings, was a great help in Bible readings and is sadly missed by the saints at Clinton. He had a special interest in children’s work, was active in the gospel in many areas of southern Ontario and also in the USA, especially desiring to help the smaller assemblies. At the large funeral, Ed Miller, Ted Walser, and his son John shared the gospel message and eulogy. Alex Dryburgh spoke fitting words at the graveside. Please remember his dear helpmeet, Fran, and the family in prayer.

Grace Emma (Jordan) Greene of Pennsauken, NJ, on July 7, age 80. Born Christmas Day 1935, she trusted Christ on June 2, 1952, through the loving interest shown by some older Christian women in the Camden (later Pennsauken) assembly. In 1964, she married Ray Greene (Midland Park, NJ). He predeceased her in 1967. Grace was a humble, unassuming believer who spent her life caring for her daughter (Susanna) and then her grandchildren. In later years, her daughter and family cared for her through a lengthy illness. She is survived by Susanna and Mike (Youch) and five grandchildren. In the Pennsauken funeral service, Peter Higgins read her written testimony of conversion and commented on her Christian life. Gene Higgins preached the gospel. At the interment in Ridgewood, NJ, David Zuidema, Henry Carmichael, and Matt Hebert participated.