Fort McMurray: In the aftermath of a wildfire that swept across the city on May 1, destroying approximately 2400 homes and buildings, the saints are thankful to the Lord for the preservation of life, most of their homes, and also the new hall which is nearing completion. Pray that the assembly will find suitable temporary accommodation, as the community hall they had been renting for some years was destroyed. Over 80,000 people that were evacuated are returning. Pray for the believers as they return to their jobs and restore normalcy to their lives.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Corner Brook: The saints appreciated three weeks of gospel meetings beginning April 10 with Marvin Derksen and Stu Thompson. There was a good interest with blessing in salvation and restoration.

Gander: On May 1, Marvin Derksen gave challenging ministry on discipleship and following Christ, then preached the gospel with a local brother after which a young brother obeyed the Lord in baptism. Two weeks later, the assembly was encouraged further when another young brother was received into assembly fellowship.

Gander Bay: The conference over the Victoria Day weekend was well-attended with close to 150 attending, though there were fewer preaching brethren. Brethren Wallace Buckle, Stephen Joyce, and Brody Thibodeau, with a number of brethren from surrounding assemblies, gave help in ministering the Word of God and preaching the gospel.

Labrador South Shore: Lorne Langfeld was on the coast for nearly two weeks and had a week of children’s meetings in English Point from May 9-13. Large numbers of children and parents attended each evening from L’Anse au Loup, English Point/Forteau, L’Anse au Clair, and some from Quebec. These meetings were a great encouragement. Brother Langfeld also had ministry meetings in L’Anse au Loup and English Point.

Parsons Pond: Noel Burden and Edward Payne had two weeks of appreciated gospel meetings here in April.

Corner Brook, McIvers, and Rocky Harbour also appreciated ministry from brother Burden on his way home to PEI.


Beachburg: Gospel tent meetings will commence July 3, continuing through the month, DV. Larry Steers and several others plan to assist Murray Pratt. Please pray for the Lord’s rich blessing at this time.

Clinton: The assembly is thankful to report that God has blessed in salvation during three weeks of gospel meetings held recently with Gary Sharp and Bryan Joyce. Please continue to pray that others may still be reached as the gospel is sounded out at regular weekly meetings and monthly community dinners.

Lindsay: In March, Lorne Langfeld had a gospel booth at a local home show. Such efforts give an opportunity for conversation in advance of gospel meetings as well as other gospel contact. Lorne had a gospel booth at two other home shows in April, one in fellowship with Applewood Heights assembly in Toronto, and the second one at a new event.

Mississauga: The Applewood Heights assembly is planning its annual Bible camp for kids on the week of July 4-8 with the help of Andrew Robertson. Some parents from last year’s effort have been attending the monthly community gospel dinners. Prayer for this outreach would be valued.

North Bay: Gaius Goff had a week of ministry with the Nipissing Junction assembly on “Discipleship” in late April.

Toronto: The West Hill assembly is expecting the visit of Blair Martin of Scotland the last weekend of August, Lord willing.

Welland: The annual rotating conference (Spanish) was held in late May. The Lord’s people appreciated brethren Tom Baker, Pablo Sequel, Shawn St. Clair, and Ross Vanstone who came from great distances to minister to the saints in Spanish.



Hampton: Gospel meetings with Clive Barber and another brother are planned to commence August 14, DV.


Saugus: During April and May, the assembly was visited by Larry Perkins, Dan Shutt, Steven Kember, Bryan Joyce, and Gene Higgins. Several were able to stay the following day to speak to the men at the Rehab center. A Father’s Day dinner is planned for June 19 for parents of the Sunday school children when the gospel will be presented. The summer Vacation Bible School will be held July 25-29 from 6-8pm. There has been interest from the community over the past years and there is prayer that this will continue with blessing in salvation.


Battle Creek: In May, the assembly, with visitors from Jackson, appreciated the ministry and report from Tom Baker on the work in California. He also gave a report on many other Hispanic assemblies in the US and Canada.

Saginaw: Bruce Rodgers visited April 17-22 to give profitable ministry here and in Cass City and Deckerville. At the bi-monthly ministry meeting attended by surrounding assemblies on June 5th, Bill Metcalf and Jonathan Slabaugh (Sherman, MI) gave excellent ministry and gospel.


Fridley: Robert Surgenor planned to be with the assembly for several nights beginning June 1 on the five chapters of 1 Thessalonians.


Kansas City: Joel Portman visited from May 8-11, and gave encouraging and informative ministry each night to the saints on the subject of “God’s Government.”

New Jersey

Midland Park: In the past several months, three sisters have been received into the fellowship of the assembly, bringing joy to the saints. Please pray for a gospel tent series to be held in Wyckoff, NJ running nightly from July 8-24. The expected speakers are Matthew Hebert from New Lenox, IL and David T. Zuidema from Midland Park.


Crandon: David Petterson had three nights of edifying meetings May 9-11, speaking on Noah. The assembly continued its flea market outreach the first weekend in June, giving away magnets, bookmarks, DVDs, Scripture texts, and Bibles.


Avoca: Gospel meetings with Jim Frazier and Terry Topley commenced May 31 for two weeks at the Avoca School.

Beetown: William Lavery was expected to have a week of ministry on the Levitical Offerings June 5-9, followed by Bruce Rodgers for two nights of ministry June 13-14.

Ontario: On May 1, a married woman was received into fellowship, giving joy to the saints.



Hermosillo: The gospel was preached for 15 nights in the Laura Alicia Frias neighborhood where a Saturday morning meeting for children has been ongoing for a few years. It was encouraging to see some of the parents attend and the interest of a number of young people, some never missing. The brethren will continue to preach the gospel in the yard of Abdiel and Leah, who are in assembly fellowship. Two sisters were baptized in May, one of whom is originally from Nacozari, a small mining town that the brethren visit once a month. She is studying in Hermosillo and was saved at the Easter conference in Zamora.

San Luis Rio Colorado: The believers from the assembly here visited the Ejido Lazaro Cardenas again for a gospel meeting as well as the baptism of Jonathan, whose parents, Cruz and Dina, were recently received into fellowship.


Chihuahua: The believers here enjoyed a visit from Shad Kember, giving ministry first in the hall in Valle de la Madrid, and then preaching the gospel for three nights in the hall in El Porvenir. A good number attended these meetings.

Nuevo Leon

Monterrey: On May 8, Anderson Hernandez began a children’s work in the Lazaro Cardenas neighborhood. A gospel series is planned for June in a hall that he has recently rented.


Guadalajara: The two assemblies in the metropolitan area very much enjoyed five nights of ministry from A. J. Higgins. The interest of the believers was made evident by their attendance and changes in their lives as a result of hearing the Word of God.


Iguala: Tim Woodford was with the assembly for a week and gave ministry on raising children. Invitations were given to friends, neighbors, and fellow-workers of the believers, and several new contacts were made during his visit.

Juan Briano (Hermosillo) visited for a month and gave practical help as well as in the spiritual sphere. He did some remodeling in the back part of the hall so that separate Sunday school rooms could be utilized. This now frees up the main hall for ministry while a few sisters give Sunday school classes.

Quintana Roo

Cancun: The gospel was preached every night from May 2-27. Timothy Turkington enjoyed help for a week each from Charles Davidson (Northern Ireland), John Nesbitt, and Samuel Cain (Hermosillo). The believers who meet here are thankful for the blessing of God and appreciate the prayers of God’s people.

Republic of Ireland

Dublin: In connection with the assembly in Rathmines, outreach meetings have continued this year in the old school room on the west of the city with the help of various visiting speakers. During the past two months, two young people have professed salvation. One young man who was baptized earlier was joyfully received into assembly fellowship.

The annual conference at the beginning of May was well-attended with quite a number present for the first time. The ministry was considered excellent; those taking part were Leslie Craig, David McAllister, Matthew Cain (Canada), Elton Fairfield, Michael Penfold (Bicester), and David Wilson (Brazil). The assembly was saddened by the home call of Tom McNeill, a regular conference speaker and a faithful encourager of the assembly.


Wallaceburg, ON

Conference date has been changed to October 28-29. Details in next issue.

Clinton, ON

July 23-24, Annual Summer Conference at the farm of Marvin and Wendy Bachert, 43892 Walton Rd., Walton, ON. Supper will be served on Friday, July 22 at 6pm. Saturday: Breakfast 8:30am, Ministry 9:30am. Peter Ramsay is expected, with other speakers yet to be confirmed. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread at the Gospel Hall, 143 Joseph St., Clinton. For further info or overnight family accommodations, please contact Marvin or Wendy Bachert, Tel: 519 887-9791; Cell: 519 357-8712; E-mail: mwbachert@yahoo.com.

Westbank, BC

July 30-31, with Prayer Meeting on July 29 at 7:30pm in the Highway Gospel Hall, 2549 Hebert Road, Westbank. Saturday: Bible Reading 10am (Hebrews 12), Ministry 2:30pm, Ministry/Gospel 7pm, Sing 9pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Sunday School 11:15am, Ministry 2:30pm, Gospel 7:15pm. Meals will be provided. Please contact in advance for accommodation. Corr: Glenn Griffin, 3344 Elliott Road, Westbank, BC V4T 1P2; Tel: 250 768-3343; E-mail griffarm@telus.net.

Akron, OH

September 3-4, Prayer meeting Friday at 7:30pm in the Gospel Hall, 2705 Smith Road. All other meetings in the Copley High School, 3797 Ridgewood Road, Copley. Saturday: Ministry 10am and 1pm (Apologetics: “Can We be Sure of Truth?” and “What Makes the Bible Different from other Religious Books?”). Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am. Accom: Eric Prough, E-mail: akrongospel@gmail.com. Corr: Kenneth Webb, PO Box 13350, Akron, OH 44334; Tel: 330 606-1460; E-mail: kwebb330@aol.com.

Beetown, WI

September 5, Labor Day all-day meeting in the Lancaster Senior High School auditorium, 806 E Elm St, Lancaster, WI. Meetings begin at 10am. Corr: Marvin Studnicka, 697 Pigeon Creek Drive, Lancaster, WI. 53813; Tel: 608 723-7156.

Hampton, IA

September 3-4, in the Hampton Gospel Hall. Speakers expected are Clive Barber, Marvin Derksen and Craig Saword. Corr: Ben McCandless, Tel: 319 239-5000, E-mail: benmcc5000@gmail.com.

Huntsville, ON

September 3, in the Huntsville Gospel Hall, 65 West Rd. (off Hwy 11 at Muskosa Rd. 2). Ministry 10am, 2pm and 7pm. Corr: David Traves; Tel: 705 789-8420; Cell: 705 783-9587; E-mail: dhtraves@gmail.com.

Kansas City, MO

September 3-4, in the Gospel Hall, 4603 E. Linwood Blvd, Kansas City. Friday: Prayer meeting 7pm. Saturday: Ministry 10am and 2pm, Gospel 6pm. Sunday: Bible Reading (Hebrews 10:1-25), Breaking of Bread 11am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 4:30pm. Corr: Leroy Scott, 597 NW AA Hwy, Kingsville, MO 64061; Tel: 816 739-1686; E-mail: alanesther@embarqmail.com. For advance accommodations, also contact Leroy Scott.

Hitesville, IA

September 17-18, with Prayer meeting on Friday, September 16 at 7:30pm. All meetings will be in the Hitesville Gospel Hall, 17527 – 260th Street, Aplington, IA (about six miles north). Meetings begin on Saturday at 10am. Contact: Dr. Larry L. Brandt, P.O. Box 683, Parkersburg, IA 50665. Tel: 319 346-1084, Hall: 319 347-2333.

Conferences Previously Published:

Kamloops, BC – July 2-3

Pugwash Junction, NS – July 2-3

Sioux City, IA – July 16-17

Change of Address

Norman Crawford: Please direct all correspondence c/o Rodney Crawford, 14162 S. Dixie, Monroe, MI 48161.


Lois Thompson of Crapaud, PE, on December 10, 2015, predeceased by her husband Douglas in 2002. Lois was saved on July 21, 1950,through the chorus of a gospel hymn Not What These Hands Have Done in a tent pitched in Mount Tryon, PE by the late Albert Ramsay. She was received into fellowship at Crapaud at the 1951 PEI conference, never missing a subsequent conference for 64 yrs. She was a faithful sister in the Crapaud assembly during these years, even in failing health, partaking of the Lord’s Supper 10 days before she passed into His presence. The gospel was faithfully preached at her large funeral service by Peter Ramsay and her son Neil Thompson, with James Thompson giving fitting words of comfort at the graveside. She is survived by her sons Neil (Pam), Earl (Deanna), daughter Jennifer (Brian) Good, eight grandchildren, sisters Donna Livingstone, Liz Flack, Lynda Gardiner, Hazel Thompson, and brother Alger (Liz) Cutcliffe.

Amedeo Bonanno of Toronto, ON, on February 22, 2016, age 85, soon after being diagnosed with lung cancer. He came from Italy in 1959, and soon after was severely injured in a construction accident in which doctors considered his survival to be a miracle. It was in 1966 that he heard the gospel for the first time from an Italian missionary who visited at his wife’s bedside after the birth of their third child. After receiving more visits from the missionary at their home, and seeing his dedication and acts of Christian love, Amedeo and his wife Gilda accepted Christ. They both were baptized and received into fellowship at Fairbank Gospel Hall. Amedeo is predeceased by his wife, Gilda. Please remember in prayer his children, Francesco (Flaviana) Bonanno, Rosa Petruzzo, and Lucia (Tony) DeRenzis. He also leaves behind many grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Tony Petruzzo of Toronto, ON, on February 26, 2016, age 61, after battling leukemia for 13 months. He was saved at the age of 12 after a gospel meeting at Fairbank Gospel Hall where he attended regularly with his parents. He was later baptized, continued in happy fellowship, and then eventually became an elder, committed to the Italian and Spanish work, as well as open air preaching. During his illness, he continued faithfully preaching the gospel to family, friends, and healthcare professionals. He was more concerned about their eternal well-being than his own physical health status. As he was being transferred to his last place of residence known as the “end of life” care unit, according to him, it was just the “beginning of his forever.” Please remember in prayer his wife, Rosa, children Americo (Nancy), Concetta (Pat), and Lucia Francesca. He also leaves behind five beautiful grandchildren.

Laird William Lewis Mann of Collingwood, ON, on April 20, 2016, age 80. Laird was born in Saskatchewan and as a young boy moved with his family to a little place called Glenn Orchard, ON where he received his education. He then went on to become a teacher and friend to many students. Laird came to know the Lord Jesus as His personal Savior at the age of 35 during gospel meetings by Sam Patten and Ken Moore at the Victoria Road Gospel Hall, where he remained in fellowship for many years. He and Helen moved to Wasaga Beach to be closer to family where they faithfully attended the Collingwood assembly, helping in oversight. He was predeceased by his loving wife of over 50 years, Helen, a caring sister, and two brothers. He will be greatly missed by daughter, Lynn Ellen (Steven) Morley, and their daughters Lee Ann and Samantha, son Bryan (Thonda), and children Luke (Megan), Erica, Wesley and Cassady.

Muriel Everson of Victoria Road, ON, on April 27, 2016, age 95. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Crarey, at the age of 17 she married Cecil who predeceased her about 10 years ago. Two years after marriage, she visited her saved sister Dorothy in Toronto who took her to hear the gospel preached by the late David Adams. On the way home from the meeting she trusted Christ. Her husband was very opposed, but after seeing the change in her life, he saw his need and was saved. They were baptized and gathered out at Victoria Road. They both loved the assembly and continued until their home call. When health failed, she went to Elim Homes in Waubaushene. Muriel was a true helpmeet and her children rise up to call her blessed. She was a hard worker, helping anyone in need and given to hospitality. She leaves her daughters, Yvonne (Arnold) Stone, Barbara, Patsy (Bill) Bates, and three generations of grandchildren. The large funeral was shared by Ken Nicholson and Andy Fletcher.

Lavon M. LeCureux of Saginaw, MI, on May 3, 2016, age 93. Lavon was born again at the age of nine through John 5:24 as she listened from another room as her newly converted father told a friend of the gospel through this verse. Following WWII, she and her husband, Donald (deceased 2012), settled in Michigan. They were faithful and very active in support of the gospel and assembly testimony at the Madison Street Gospel Hall in Saginaw. Lavon led her life committed to serving the Lord with care and compassion. Many of the saints and servants of the Lord were entertained and refreshed in their home. In later years, they spent time in Florida where the DeLand assembly benefited from their care and hospitality. She is survived by a brother, Paul Mason, two sons, Kenneth and Lloyd, five grandchildren, and one great-grandson. The family held a private time to remember Lavon and mark her passing.

Mrs. June Rae of Sarnia, ON, on May 11, 2016, in her 93rd year, at the Bethany Lodge in Unionville. Born June 9, 1923, she was saved as a young married woman, December 4, 1952. She and her husband Robert (deceased 2008), were a steady couple noted for their place and dependability among the saints in the assembly in Sarnia. She was a bright testimony until the end and gained admiration even from her caregivers at the Lodge. Her children and grandchildren were the recipients of her godly demeanor and genuine motherly care. At her funeral, her youngest son Robert spoke of her family life, and her first grandchild, Dawn, gave comments on behalf of the next generation. Stuart Thompson delivered both the funeral service and graveside messages, with John Prins speaking on behalf of the Sarnia assembly. She is survived and greatly missed by her four children; Diane, David, Rebecca, and Robert, with their spouses, and seven grandchildren.

Dorothy Guthrie of Manchester, CT, on May 12, age 93, after breaking her hip in a fall three days prior. She was talking and smiling until she closed her eyes for the last time. She was saved at the age of 58 on April 31, 1981 at a Sunday evening gospel meeting while singing, “It was for me, yes, all for me.” She was baptized shortly after and received into the Manchester assembly where she remained until her passing. Her father was one of the original brethren in the assembly when it began in 1909, and she was the last family link. She was faithful to the assembly meetings and loved to help prepare meals for the assembly functions.  Her happy disposition will be truly missed. She is survived locally by a nephew, his wife and two sons, none of whom are saved. Please pray for them. The funeral service was taken by a local brother.

Murray James Ferguson of Collingwood, ON, on May 21, 2016, age 84. He will always be remembered for that special smile and caring heart. Murray was born, raised and lived all 84 years of his life on the same farm in Glenn Huron, ON. This is the same place he came to know the Lord Jesus as His Savior at tent meetings held by Wallace Cudmore on their own front lawn. He remained a faithful brother to the Collingwood assembly all his life, right until his home call. He will be greatly missed by his dear wife Mary of 58 years, and children Bonnie, Marilyn (Philip) Seymour, Helen Allen, and son Ross; grandchildren Erika (T. J. Sharer), Holly, Karla (Alan) Thurman, Stephanie (Fred) North, Cassandra, and Jamie; great-grandchildren Porschea, Duke, and Isaac.