Question & Answer Forum: Taking the Collection

Is there any Scripture for why we take a collection after the emblems on Lord’s Day?

If the concern centers on the timing of the collection, the short answer is that there is no definite Scripture indicating when the collection is to be taken (apart from the Lord’s Day – 1Cor 16). If you visit assemblies in different parts of the world, you will observe various modes of collection. Some place offering boxes at the entrance to the auditorium, so that when believers enter for the Breaking of Bread, they can personally place their offering in the boxes. In North America, most assemblies will take the collection after the emblems have been passed, and then place the bag or box on the table as a spiritual and practical response of worship. I prefer the latter method for several reasons. First, it is a simple safeguard, so that only believers in the fellowship contribute, and it clarifies any confusion as to the involvement of visitors who might be observing. Second, just as we have sought to remember our Lord audibly by the “fruit of our lips,” we now are able to collectively present to the Lord, in a practical way, the fruit of our possessions. However, because Scripture does not explicitly define the timing of the collection, we cannot be dogmatic on the subject.

Kent Hendrickson