Poetry: What did You see in me?

What did You see in me? Tattered, and torn,
With sin and with death my allegiance I’d sworn
A link that was broken, a loss to despair,
In grace you still whispered, “Not beyond repair.
For I’ve known you and loved you, long before birth,
A soul I’ve created with eternal worth,
A world marred by sin was not My intent,
But why, for your soul to redeem, I was sent.”
A Son was forsaken upon Calvary’s tree
To conquer the grave, and from sin, set you free,
“The joy set before Me helped Me to endure
A back whipped and bleeding, a crown made of thorns,
Nails driven through hands, a spear in My side …”
Three hours of judgment, where the sun, made to hide
Covered in darkness, until it was done,
The suffering for sin, from Father to Son,
But now it is finished, the work of the cross,
To reclaim hopeless sinners, to search out the lost,
A bond once so broken, now safe and secure
A sinner once broken, a saint evermore
A life now transformed, a hope deep inside
His Spirit encourages, His Love gently guides.
“You ask when I look at you what do I see?
A soul now redeemed and a reflection of Me.”

– Jared Mitchell