The Epistles Analyzed – Hebrews

It is very important to get a clear understanding of the book of Hebrews for many reasons. Some people use it to teach that you can lose your salvation. The warning passages must be understood as warnings to Jews who had made a profession but now were thinking of going back to the Temple and the sacrifices. They would give proof that they were never saved if they did that.


Quotations never give the human instrument – never says “David said,” or “Moses said.”

It is God Who is speaking; He said, He limited a certain day in David when He said (4:7; He that said; He said also 5:5-6)

The Spirit says – ch 3:7; 10:15


The False – never saved; apostates

The Faltering – those who were wavering

The Faithful

Their commencement 10:32-34

Their continuance 6:9, 10

Their crisis – 10:38-39


No salutation or introduction

No mention of God as Father until ch 12

It is not Head and Body but High Priest and the People of God

No mention of author


His Person eclipsing all

His Work accomplishing and fulfilling all

His Priesthood securing all


Seven warnings which have created problems for believers who fear loss of salvation; 2:3; 3:7-11; 15; 4:11; 6:4-6; 10:26-31; 35-39; 12:15, 25-27;

These were unsaved people who gave evidence of their lack of life by their return to Judaism and openly renouncing Christ


Christ greater than the best of men

Christ greater than the best of men at their best

Christ greater than the best of angelic beings

Christ greater than the best ever offered before to men

Christ greater than the best ever offered by men


It is the wilderness, and not the land

It is the tabernacle, and not the temple

It is Christ, and not progression

The sacrifices, covenant, and priesthood of old

Throne of God 4x; living God 4x; Spirit of God 7x

Attack on their Faith:

Being lured back to the visible and tangible

The Traditional – we have the covenants, the promises – will answer this in ch11

The Visible – we have sacrifices – ch 13

The Tangible – we have a Temple, a High Priest – ch 13

The Logical – they were going through persecution; how could they be right with God? – ch 12 will answer this

Arrangement of Material:

ch 1-10 The Preeminence of Christ

1-4Thou art My Son

5-8Thou art a Priest

9-10This is the Blood

ch 11-13 The Pathway of Christians

11Faith Indispensable

12Hope Important

13Love an Imperative

– To be continued