Poetry: He Was There

Ere seraphim had winged a flight,
Where brightness knew no shades of night,
Amid the grand immortal light—
He was there.

Where dwelt the Godhead three in One,
Whose glories paled the brightest sun,
Ere mortal time had yet begun—
He was there.

Majestic sweep! Lo, now I see
The Christ upon a mother’s knee
Upheld in feeble infancy—
He was there.

And then in dark Gethsemane
Beneath the shady olive tree,
Prostrated in soul agony—
He was there.

And oh, my soul! I see Him now
A crown of thorns upon His brow;
Creation groans and wonders how—
He was there.

‘Mid rending rocks I hear Him cry,
“Eli, lama sabacthani.”
The ransomed host can answer why—
He was there.

The scene is changed: behold the sight!
Clothed in all majesty and might,
The center of all Heaven’s delight—
He is there.

-Mrs. McKendrick

Submitted by Caroline Hooke McNeil