British Columbia

Surrey: The Fleetwood assembly hosted several sessions over a November weekend on “The Preciousness of God’s Assembly.” Jack Gould gave careful and thorough ministry on the scriptural basis for belief and practice.

Newfoundland and Labrador

New Harbour: From July 20 through August 10, Jon Procopio, Marvin Derksen, and Tom Hoy helped the small assembly here with gospel meetings and VBS in the tent. Forty years ago, the above-mentioned men came to Newfoundland to help Gaius Goff and George Campbell in tent meetings along this shore. It was a joy to see many from the communities, as well as some family members of the believers, come to hear the gospel.

Nova Scotia

Avonport: The saints appreciated a recent Lord’s Day visit from John Meekin.

Blues Mills: The Remembrance Day Weekend conference was a bit smaller than last year, but a nice number of young people attended. Matthew Cain, Peter Ramsay, and Brody Thibodeau, along with a number of local brethren, gave help in ministry and gospel. The Lord honored this exercise by graciously guiding in topics well suited to the need.

Pugwash Jct: The local saints, as well as others from nearby assemblies, enjoyed a recent week of ministry with Jon Procopio on “The Local Assembly.”

Weaver Settlement: In the month of November, Scott MacLeod had a week of ministry using his chart on future events. The week was profitable and instructive.


Barrie: The assembly enjoyed recent visits from Frank Sona on Ruth, Eugene Badgley on Egypt to Canaan, Fred Krauss on his Israel visits, and a visit by Gérard Roy. The assembly worked with Lorne Langfield at the Barrie Fair and made numerous contacts, with a man attending gospel meetings as a result. The Tuesday night youth night continues in a new area in a rented public school, with an increase in the number of children attending. A young girl professed salvation in the gospel meeting on Lord’s Day evening after thinking of Luke 19 through the week, and then hearing it spoken on in the gospel meeting. Her family is against the gospel, so she will need much support. Open air meetings commenced with a good start. There is the usual rebuke, yet some listen for the whole time.

Hamilton: The assembly appreciated the one-week series of gospel meetings taking up the theme, “Christmas Carols.” Unsaved were present nightly as the gospel was faithfully preached. We look to the Lord for blessing.

Kitchener: The assembly was encouraged by the attendance of 25-30 young people at the weekly prayer and Bible study. It is a benefit to have two universities and a college in the city. On December 14, the annual Sunday school dinner was held, featuring student participation and a seasonal message.

London: The recent conference was a time of spiritual blessing for the Lord’s people. The Sunday night meeting was the first night of three weeks of faithful gospel preaching by Jim Bergsma and David Hierlihy. Some came with interest as a result of an invitation to the community supper. It is good seed, and we expect to hear of blessing in salvation.

Mississauga: The assembly at Applewood Heights enjoyed recent visits from Gordon Hanna (ministry and report on Zambia), William Banks (Scotland), and Steve McCandless (ministry and report on Nunavut). The ministry and reports were encouraging and edifying.

Oil Springs: Jim Frazier and Terry Topley closed gospel meetings on November 14. Prayers for an unsaved husband of a sister in the meeting were answered. He and another man professed to be saved.

Oshawa: The hall was full for the conference in November. Seven of the Lord’s servants were present to give help in the ministry. The ministry was timely and the leading of the Spirit of God was evident. Lord willing, the assembly is expecting Jim Beattie for the Saturday night ministry meeting in December.



Ankeny: Allan Christopherson and Robert Orr held a series of gospel meetings with the assembly November 9-23. A few new contacts were made.

Cedar Falls: Gary Sharp and Russ Nesbit had two weeks of nightly gospel meetings during the last part of October. The Lord graciously reached two adults and several children with His great salvation.

Garnavillo: Sandy Higgins planned, DV, to have ministry meetings on “Relationships,” December 15-19.


Jackson: The assembly concluded three weeks of gospel meetings with Jim Smith and local brethren. There was good response from the community as well as from children of the Christians. The assembly was encouraged in the effort, and two souls professed salvation.

Saginaw: William Metcalf and Stuart Thompson provided excellent ministry and gospel messages at the December 7 ministry meeting. The support and attendance of the surrounding assemblies was deeply appreciated.


Fridley: In November, Alan Davidson set forth stirring ministry in five sessions, drawing from the life and legacy left by the Apostle Paul through his many letters. Tom Baker, who was in the Midwest for his mother’s funeral, also passed through one Lord’s Day, offering further words of encouragement to the saints.


Okanogan: Matt Hebert and Tom Hoy helped the assembly with gospel meetings and VBS in the tent in June. The assembly was encouraged with the expanding youth work and good attendance at the gospel meetings. A recently saved man was baptized, further encouraging the saints.

Moses Lake: Steve Flett (Cyprus) and Tom Hoy had two weeks of tent meetings in July. Nightly gospel meetings and morning VBS sessions were well attended. Over 20 teens came to VBS each morning, along with many younger students. One of the teens told us that he was saved during last years’ meetings.



Chihuahua: The believers greatly enjoyed the visit of two brothers from Puerto Cabello, Venezuela for three weeks. They are from the assembly at Calle Sucre.

Delicias: November 14th was the first meeting in this city of 125,000 souls, located one hour south of the capital city of Chihuahua. A couple from this city was saved back in May 2014. For the present time, gospel meetings will be held every Friday, with the desire to have a series as soon as possible.

Quintana Roo

Cancun: Timothy Turkington finished five weeks of gospel meetings in November with some interest on the part of new contacts. He and Amy travel four hours every Saturday to Paraiso, where there is a children’s meeting followed by a gospel meeting. There are several believers living in this town.


Tepic: The annual conference was held in the middle of November, with over 200 attending. The believers were encouraged with the arrival of 10 of the Lord’s servants. Chucho Gomez, from the Zamora assembly, also helped in the ministry of the Word.


Puerto Vallarta: John Dennison and Marcus Cain shared in ministry for a few nights. The attendance and interest were encouraging.

Guadalajara: Jonathan Seed and Joel Thiessen (Zapopan, Jalisco) shared in two weeks of gospel meetings in the south of the city. Although the attendance was not large, new contacts were made.

Zapopan: The assembly was encouraged recently when over 100 witnessed the baptism of a new believer.


Xalapa: During the recent Central America and Caribbean Games, Timothy Stevenson was able to deliver tracts and preach in the open air. Convictions concerning local church truth are deepening in the hearts of the believers in this dark city, with an increasing desire to see a lampstand established.

N. Ireland

Co. Antrim

Ballyclare: J. Fleck and D. Gilliland commenced in the gospel in early November and have had excellent numbers in the new gospel hall.

Larne: Gospel meetings at Millbrook concluded on November 21 after seven weeks in a portable hall.

Craigyhill: Brethren S. Gilfillan and T. Wright preached the gospel, and the assembly was encouraged at the excellent response from the area, with unsaved in from the locality most nights, and blessing seen.

Co. Down.

Belfast: J. Rogers and E. Fairfield had a number of weeks of gospel meetings in the Parkgate Gospel hall during November. The hall is situated in the shadow of the Harland and Wolff shipyard, with many houses in the area. On the outskirts of the city, D. McAllister and S. Patterson had gospel meetings in Edenderry, with local people attending. Over in Purdsburn, where the Newtownbreda assembly has a hall and outreach work, W. Gribben and W. Martin had three weeks of gospel meetings. There was a full hall nightly, and a large number of unsaved attended, some for the first time, and some the subject of prayer for many years. In the Cregagh Street Gospel Hall, gospel meetings were held during the month of October by S. Nelson and G. Woods. Many invitations were distributed.

Castlewellan: Three weeks of gospel meetings were held in a rented room during October. D. Gilliland and W. Martin were responsible for preaching the gospel, and a number from the area attended.

Kilkeel: C. Beresford and A. Nesbitt have been preaching the gospel with the assembly here from late November. Many that are the subject of prayer have attended. Co. Londonderry.

Tullylagan: S. Nelson and B. Smyth have commenced a gospel series.

Co. Tyrone

Douglas Bridge: S. McGarvey and G. Woods had several weeks of gospel meetings in November in this country area outside Strabane.

Fintona: B. Currie and J. Palmer have been preaching in the gospel hall with a number attending. Republic of Ireland

Bridgetown: A gospel series was conducted during October and November by Stephen Barr, helped by local brethren.

Dublin: Elton Fairfield visited the Rathmines assembly for the recommencement of the Saturday afternoon outreach meeting.

Longford: Jack Hay was with the assembly for five nights at the end of November. The Christians appreciated helpful ministry from Philippians 1. The meetings were well supported locally with some support from surrounding assemblies. During December, the assembly will distribute an information pack containing a calendar, gospel literature, and details of the meetings. The believers are exercised to distribute these packs among their neighbors. Pray that this work will be to the blessing of souls.


Jackson, MI

February 13-15, in the Jackson Gospel Hall, 910 Bennett Street.  Friday: Prayer Meeting 7pm.  Saturday: Prayer/Ministry 10am and 2pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Sunday School 11:30am, Prayer/Ministry 2pm. Several brethren have responsibility for the conference ministry meetings.  Accom: Jason Wielenga, Tel:  517 914-1275; E-mail: jandtwielenga@gmail.com.  Corr: R. Douglas Losey, Tel:  517 787-9169; E-mail: rdlosey@juno.com.

San Diego, CA

February 14-15, with Prayer Meeting Friday at 7:30pm. Saturday: Bible Reading 10am (Colossians 3), Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am, Sunday School 1pm, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Contact: Don Cumming, Tel: 619 287-7683; or E-mail: dnldcumming@gmail.com.

Manchester, CT

March 28-29, 97th annual conference, DV, with Prayer Meeting Friday at 7:30pm in the Gospel Hall, 415 Center St, Manchester. All other meetings will be held in the Bolton High School, 72 Brandy St. Bolton, CT. NOTICE CHANGE IN THE LOCATION.  Saturday: Ministry 10:30am and 2pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry/Gospel 2pm. Contact: Ted Kaulback, Tel: 860 742-0002; or E-mail: kaulted@aol.com for communications and accommodations.

Conferences Previously Published:

Pennsauken, NJ – January 10-11

DeLand, FL – February 6-8

Change of Address

James Beattie: New e-mail address: jimbeattie@me.com.

Change of Correspondent

Brandon, MB: Glen Hanna, 1450 Applewood Bay, Brandon, MB, R7A 2H5. Tel: 204 726-1509; E-mail: gmhanna@mts.net.

Picton, ON: Art Knight, 55 Curtis St, Picton, ON, K0K 2T0. Tel: 613 476- 6718; E-mail: artknight99@gmail.com.

Change of Address of Correspondent

Niagara Falls, ON: William Smith: New E-mail address is wsmith39@cogeco.ca.

Valens, ON: Ted Lapsley, RR # 1, Puslinch, ON, N0B 2J0. Tel: 519 621-9727; E-mail: lapsleylambs@gmail.com.


Miss Emma Scott of Moneydig, N. Ireland, on October 15, age 17, died suddenly as a result of an accident. Emma was the youngest child of Richard and Sally, and sister of Christopher and Victoria. She was saved in March 2013 when J. Rogers and J. Fleck were preaching in Buckna, and was soon baptized and added to the little assembly, along with her sister. Emma was greatly loved and valued by all who knew her, among many relatives of the Scott and Fleck families, and in the family business in Coleraine. She endeared herself by her beautiful manner, Christian modesty, and sacrificial interest in others. Among the areas where Emma shone was in bringing children to hear the gospel. She will be greatly missed. Over 1000 attended the funeral where the presence of God was marked. D. Gilliland and W. Martin participated, assisted by J. Rogers, M. McCandless, J. Lennox, and S. Maze. The sorrowing family has been touched by the great tide of Christian love and support of fellow members of the body in their suffering. Please pray for the parents, brother, sister, and grandparents especially, and that those for whom Emma prayed will urgently make preparation to meet her in heaven.  

Blanche (Rodgers) Carter of Charlton, ON, on October 16, age 92. She was saved as a teenager through the help of her uncle, Ben Widdifield. Baptized and received into fellowship at Charlton, she lived in the area for most of her life. She taught Sunday school faithfully for many years. She consistently attended meetings and fully supported the assembly until her health failed. She played the piano at hymn sings, and was concerned that we learn the tunes to the hymns properly. She raised a family of five, and was predeceased by her husband and one grandson. The funeral service was taken by her nephew, Murray Pratt, and the gospel was clearly presented. It was her desire that everyone attending the service would hear the truth. Please pray for unsaved family members.

Charles (Hal) Parker of Winnipeg, MB, on November 7, age 92. Through the loving witness of Lenore Ritchie, a young woman that lived across the street from him, Hal learned of his need of salvation. On October 14, 1946, he was saved through the words of Isaiah 53:6. He was later baptized and received into fellowship at West End Gospel Hall. Over the years he served as a Sunday school teacher, treasurer, and elder. He is survived by his beloved wife Lenore, five children, 11 grandchildren, and 19 great-grandchildren. The funeral was taken by his three sons, and the gospel that he so dearly loved was clearly preached at the funeral. Hal lived his life with a consistent love for God and a desire to please Him. He was a prayer warrior who prayed for his family daily. Just days before he passed away he was able to quote verses that he had committed to memory. When asked what he thought heaven would be like, he answered with just one word: “Wonderful!” Forever with the Lord, what a blessed hope.

Robert P. McLeod, of London ON, on November 9, age 100. Our dear brother was born in Toronto, ON July 29, 1914, and saved at the age of 12 in London, ON. He was baptized and received into fellowship at Egerton St. assembly (later Highbury Ave.). Bereaved of his beloved wife Jewell in 1997, he fellowshipped at St. Thomas where he stayed until he could no longer attend. Through his employment with Canadian Postal Services, he developed a keen interest in stamp collecting and formed the Maple Leaf Stamp Company. Advertising free stamps in philatelic magazines, he gave the free gospel as well. This exercise extended beyond North America and continued until his home-call. While in his 80s, he operated he operated a table at a flea market in London where God’s Word was distributed in many languages. Besides his wife, he was predeceased by his son Ted and daughter Ruth. He is survived by eight sons, one daughter, and many grandchildren, great and great-great as well. His well-attended funeral was shared by Wade Steers and John Vance.

Gwen Turner of Phoenix, AZ, on November 9, age 95.  Gwen was saved in 1951 at a series of meetings held by E. Jamieson at Lynxville, WI.  When she heard about a gospel series, she asked for a ride to attend. Though a Sunday school teacher in her church, she realized that she was not ready for heaven.  She trusted Christ at the family cabin while reading John 3:16. Gwen had eight children, five of whom survive her. A number attended the funeral, along with many of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Though house-bound the past few years, Gwen loved to hear from the saints near and far. Gwen was faithful to her family and the assembly. Over the years she was in fellowship at Lynxville and LaCrosse, WI and most recently in Sunnyslope (now Orangewood) in Phoenix.  Byron Blumentritt spoke at the service and Paul Vizzini at the internment. She will be missed. 

Miriam (Lipke) Gratton of London, ON, on November 11, age 69. Miriam was born in Cleveland, OH to Albert and Dorothy (Fulton) Lipke, beloved sister of Delores, Lois, and Martha. She was saved at the age of 12 and was later added to the assembly meeting at Monticello, Cleveland. On April 3, 1971 she married her beloved Hubert and moved to London, where they were in happy fellowship at the Highbury assembly. Together they continued as active supporters of assembly activities until she was disabled by a stroke. Upon returning home from the hospital, she was lovingly cared for by Hubert and their children, Albert and Beverly. Her condition worsened, and she was readmitted to the University hospital from whence she went peacefully home. There was a tremendous outpouring of sympathy with over 400 at the funeral which was shared by Lindsay Parks and several family members. Rob Gratton conducted the graveside service.

Carma Hon of Marion, IA, on November 12, age 73, of a heart attack. Our beloved sister, along with her husband, Ronald, were saved in February of 1975 during a gospel series in Manchester conducted by the late Herbert Dobson and Robert Orr. They were in the assembly there for nearly 30 years. Her husband predeceased her in death in 2005. In recent years she lived in Marion to be closer to her daughter, and was in fellowship with the Marion assembly. Our dear sister accepted with patience her health issues, experiencing much discomfort at times. She is survived by three children and their family members. Robert Orr conducted the service in the Manchester hall, with Allan Christopherson speaking at the graveside.

Sherri Jo Asche of Hitesville, IA, on November 16, age 45. She was saved January 31, 2001 during meetings held by Eugene Higgins in the Hitesville hall. Following baptism, she was received into fellowship, and found joy in serving the Lord as a Sunday school teacher. She was employed at the Medical Clinic in Parkersburg, where she bore an excellent testimony both at work and in the community. She leaves her husband, two children, ages 14 and 12, and an extended family for whom prayer is requested. Dick Bruley, Russ Nesbit, and her husband Greg shared in the funeral service which was held in the Stout Gospel Hall to accommodate the large crowd.

Elmer Field of Englehart, ON, on November 21, age 88. He was saved as a boy of 12 and was in fellowship in Earlton and Englehart. He had a wonderful testimony in the community, and was known for his honesty, integrity, and willingness to help others. He was most loyal to the assembly and steadfast in his service for the Lord. He is survived by his wife of 57 years, Eva (Black), and five children. The gospel was presented by Larry Pratt, with Brian Field (son), and Dan Elwes (son-in-law) speaking of his life and faith. Please pray for his unsaved family.

Roy Lutley of Brampton, ON, on November 21, in his 87th year. Roy was raised in the Brock Ave. assembly and was saved as a boy of 10. He met his wife in Brock and they continued in fellowship there until moving to the Weston area. They were in fellowship in the West Toronto assembly for about 10 years until an outreach work resulted in an assembly in Rexdale. They were among the original families to gather when the assembly first broke bread in June of 1960, and he served there as an elder for just over 50 years. Family and friends appreciated his quiet demeanor, and he was well respected for his consistent walk with the Lord and for his wise counsel. He is survived by his wife of 66 years, Mary, their four children and their spouses, eight grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. The gospel was clearly presented at the well-attended funeral service. Please pray for unsaved family members that were present.