Scriptures Analyzed: 2 Timothy


Imprisonment; his last epistle; He is about to be martyred – ch 4


The basis for writing was:

Nature of the day in which Timothy served

Need of Paul for Timothy’s companionship

Nearness of Death for the Apostle


Man of God and his Trust – the deposit

Know it 1:13-15

Study it 2:14-17

Apply it 3:10, 14-17

Preach it 4:2


Amidst all the above, Paul was concerned with the Continuity of Testimony


Ch 1 – Shameless Courage

I. Highlights of the chapter

A. The prominence of two families in the first chapter

B. The threefold mention of “ashamed”

C. Mentions of power vv8, 12, 16

1. vv1-5 Encouragement from Timothy’s Life – Remembrance

2. vv6-14 Exhortation to Timothy – Requirements

3. vv15-18 An Example for Timothy – Record

Ch 2 – Selfless Consecration

I. Highlights of the chapter

A. Pictures of the Servant of Christ (find seven)

1. Steward and his Bequest Son and Dignity

2. Soldier and his Battle Soldier and Intensity of His Service

3. Athlete and his Boundaries Athlete and Austerity in Service

4. Husbandman and his Bounty Husbandman and Certainty in Service

5. Workman and his Book Workman and Accuracy in Service

6. Vessel and its Bearing Vessel and Sovereignty in Service

7. Servant and his Behavior Servant and Responsibility to God in Service

B. Problems and Perils of Assembly Life

C. Preserving Power of the Word of God

II. Structure of the chapter

A. The Transmission of Truth to future Generations (vv1-2)

B. The Toil and Trials of the Servant of God (vv3-14)

C. Exhortation (vv3-7)

D. The Tools Employed by the Workman (vv15-21)

E. v22-26 The Tactics of the Foe

Ch 3 – Steadfast Continuance

I. Highlights of the chapter

A. The Sinister Nature of Last Days

1. Traits of Last Days

2. Tactics of the Deceivers

3. The Teachers who Disseminate Error

B. The Sincerity and Transparency of Paul’s Life

1. A Life Consistent with his Teaching

2. A Life Committed to Christ

C. The Sufficiency of the Scriptures

1. Reliability of the Scriptures

2. Relevancy of Scriptures

a. Its Authority

b. Its Accuracy

c. Its Adequacy

Ch 4 – Sober Consistency 

I. Highlights and Themes of the chapter

A. Reproduction of the Sovereign in the Servant – Look for ways that Paul is like Christ

B. Revelation of the Heart of the Servant – Paul’s priorities and feelings revealed

C. Record of Final Words – compare the last words of Jacob, Moses, Joshua, David

D. Resources for final days:

1. Centrality of the Word

2. Commitment of the Believer

3. Confidence in God

4. Courage amidst Conflict

II. Structure of the chapter

A. vv1-5 The Solemnity of the Charge – PREACH THE WORD

1. vv1-2 The Nature of the Charge – Accountability (v1) and Responsibility (v2)

2. vv3-4 The Nearness of the Apostasy

3. v5 The Necessity for Sobriety

B. vv6-8 The Summation of His Course – FIGHT THE FIGHT

C. vv9-13 The Sphere of His Interests – BRING THE BOOKS

D. vv14-18 The Sympathy of His Heart – FORGIVE THE FAITHLESS

E. vv19-22 The Salutations in Closing – SALUTE THE SAINTS