Fort McMurray: The annual Sunday school Christmas program was held December 1 with a good turnout and several new visitors in attendance. The gospel was faithfully presented byTroy Thomas who has recently moved here. A lunch was served following the program which provided a good opportunity for the saints to spend time with the visitors.

British Columbia

Vancouver: The Victoria Drive assembly was blessed to see a number of souls saved in the recent four-week series of gospel meetings. The assembly hopes to follow up with a week of ministry for new believers in the New Year. Please pray for gospel meetings to commence in the Carleton assembly on January 5 with Tom Hoy and Peter Ramsay.

Richmond: The West Richmond assembly hosted the area monthly missionary meeting on December 14. Stephen Grant (Scotland) gave an interesting report on gospel work in the public school system in Scotland, as well as reports of gospel work in Sri Lanka and Fiji where he gives help from time to time.


Portage la Prairie: The Fifth Avenue assembly enjoyed missionary reports in October from Bruce Poidevin and Ross Vanstone on the work in Zambia and Texas. A joint conference with the believers from First Street assembly in late November was taken by Dr. Sandy Higgins. The two days of teaching focused on The House of God (1Timothy) and was a practical help to those in attendance. Seven nights of children’s meetings in early December with Gary Sharp were a blessing and saw many children from the community gathered in to hear the gospel.

New Brunswick

Moncton: Three weeks of gospel meetings with Marvin Derksen and Peter Ramsay finished on December 1. The gospel was preached with power and clarity, and God blessed His Word. A number of unsaved were in, and about 25 or more children of the believers attended almost every evening. The preachers are gone but the Spirit of God is still at work.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Corner Brook: The saints appreciated three weeks of gospel meetings with John Meekin and Jon Procopio. A good number attended and new contacts were made. To their knowledge no one professed faith in Christ, but the saints were greatly encouraged.

Flowers Cove: The saints appreciated a week-end visit and ministry from James McClelland.

Gander: Eric Fowler was present on November 6 for ministry and an update on the work in Ukraine from his trip there this summer. November 25 was the last night of a six-week series of Monday night children’s meetings about palaces and royalty. The final lesson was on the Lord Jesus as the King of kings. These meetings were very well attended with close to 60 children and parents out on the last night. The effort put forth by the assembly was encouraging.

Parsons Pond: The assembly had five weeks of gospel meetings with James McClelland and Brody Thibodeau. There were a good number of unsaved who attended, but no professions are known to this point. The saints appreciated the gospel and were encouraged.

Nova Scotia

Weaver Settlement: The saints were encouraged in November when three young believers obeyed the Lord in baptism. On the last Saturday of November, the assembly held their annual one-day meeting. Pray for the new children’s work which began in the town’s library.


Brampton: The annual conference was held November 16-17 with profitable ministry given on “Preparing for Life’s Challenges and Finishing Well.” Messages are available at www.bramptongospelhall.com.

Kapuskasing: The assembly enjoyed profitable ministry from Alvin Cooke in October, and helpful direction by Bruce Rodgers during a full week of Bible readings on the Gospel of John in early November. Brother Rodgers has provided question outlines for each chapter covered to date. The believers also enjoyed a visit on Lord’s Day, November 24 with Gary Sharp who gave profitable ministry.

Kitchener: The assembly recently was encouraged when a young girl professed salvation during two weeks of gospel meetings with Larry Perkins and Dan Shutt. At the first meeting, over 100 people enjoyed a community supper; in attendance were a number of unsaved. Each night the gospel was preached faithfully and clearly.

Mississauga: The Applewood Heights assembly held two weeks of gospel meetings with Larry Perkins and Dan Shutt, and there was a joyful spirit among the saints. These meetings were well supported and numbers of unsaved heard the gospel. The results are with God Who alone holds the prerogative to save. In prior months there have been some saved  through the regular gospel service and added to the assembly. At the end of September, the conference was a great blessing with ministry given by Stephen Doner, Paul Glenney, Eugene Higgins, and Shawn St. Clair.

Oshawa: The saints were recently encouraged when three young sisters obeyed the Lord in baptism, one a young woman saved during the last gospel series. Jim Jarvis was with the assembly for the day.The recent conference was larger than normal with many young people present. Six of the Lord’s servants where present and timely ministry was given as the Spirit led. Keith Bailey was expected for the monthly ministry meeting in December.


Langstaff: The assembly hosted a week of teaching meetings from December 1-6 on “Assembly Triumphs and Tragedies in the 1st and 21st Centuries,” based on the letters to the seven churches in Revelation 1-3. On December 8, a community gospel supper was held with 10,000 invitations being distributed in the area. On December 15, DV, the annual Sunday school Christmas program with dinner is planned when David Zuidema Jr. (Midland Park, NJ) will speak in the gospel and also take the Young People’s Ministry meeting at night.

Lansing: The Christians are grateful to God for the encouraging response in the fourth season to ESL work on Friday evenings. As many as 70 students and children from China, Japan, Iran, and elsewhere squeeze into limited space. They come primarily to improve their English but also get to hear the gospel and enjoy food and good conversation. A number of students have also been attending the Sunday afternoon introductory Bible class and Sunday school. Please pray that God will bless these new Canadians with His great salvation.



Alpena: A number of believers from several assemblies attended the annual Bible-reading conference in November. It was a time of profitable ministry for all. The assembly is very thankful for the help given by Jerry Jennings, William Lavery, Eric McCullough, Stuart Thompson, and Gary Toombs. A warm note of thanks is extended to all who attended and gave support.


Phoenix: The Garfield St. annual conference was attended by three of the Lord’s servants. Tom Baker, Bill Lavery, and Murray McCandless shared in the Bible readings, ministry, and gospel. The local saints were encouraged, and visitors expressed that there was much help received. A good number of unsaved heard the gospel faithfully spoken. Bill Lavery stayed for four nights of ministry following the conference.


Los Angeles: The East Los Angeles, Panorama City, and Montebello Conference will be April 12-13, DV.

San Diego: The assembly will not have their annual conference in February 2014.


Methuen: The assembly very much enjoyed a two-week gospel series in October with Gene Higgins, speaking from his chart “Christianity and World History.” Please pray for the 15 or so who attended through the course of those nights.This culminated assembly efforts starting in July with a Parking Lot Giveaway, Vacation Bible School in August, and the appreciated visits of brethren invited as guests speakers on Sunday evenings, with many invited in. The assembly looks to the Lord to “give the increase.”


Saginaw: In late November, Jim Smith visited the assembly with appreciated and heart-warming ministry and gospel. The first Lord’s Day in December, Bill Metcalf and Burt Snippe gave instructive and encouraging ministry at the bi-monthly ministry meeting, with the support and attendance of four surrounding assemblies.


Fridley: In November, Frank Sona ministered to the saints in five profitable sessions on church truth which included heart-stirring instruction on headship, fellowship, and the Lordship of Christ.


Bryn Mawr/Hatboro: The two assemblies are thankful for the goodness of God in giving a very profitable conference with timely ministry that was both encouraging and challenging to all. Murray McCandless, David Petterson, Andrew Robertson, William Seale Jr., and Shawn St. Clair gave help in ministry and gospel. The number attending was larger than recent years, with a larger number of younger believers.


Blue River: The assembly just concluded four and a half weeks of gospel meetings on November 27. Joel Portman and Terry Topley of Northern Ireland preached faithfully with two professing. Forty-one visitors from the community attended and blessing is still expected. Prior to these meetings, two others professed, both young people. A brother was received into the assembly about a month ago. The assembly is humbly grateful for the evidence of God working.


Cancun: Shawn St. Clair gave appreciated help here for two weeks, taking up the epistle of Romans and assembly principles. The assembly in Barbula, Venezuela, has commended Timothy and Amy Turkington (young daughter Sophia) to full-time service in Mexico. Please pray that all necessary permits will be issued promptly so that they can come to labor here.

Chihuahua: The assembly here has been deeply moved by the sudden passing of two believers. A dear older sister who was very active in the conference kitchen last September was called home on November 9, and just 14 days later her son-in-law was called home as well. He had attended the meeting the previous night. Pray for the grieving family and for the assembly. Anderson and Maria Hernandez, of Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, have been commended to full-time service in Mexico, but are still in Venezuela waiting for all the necessary permits to enter Mexico as missionaries.

Iguala: Marcus Cain gave much appreciated ministry for four nights on timely topics relating to the Christian’s life.

Mexico City: Carlos Castaño and Jamer Rodriguez visited recently and were a great encouragement to the Netzahualcoyotl assembly. These two single brethren from Colombia have been a huge help to the work in the state of Nayarit, particularly in Santiago. Sid Emberly is helping the assembly with ministry.

Nogales: Heriberto, a 32 year-old painter, who was electrocuted while on a job site, died on December 5. Please pray for his widow and four children, ages 5 to 17. The unsaved family was impressed with the change in him since having heard the gospel. There is reason to believe that this man found Christ before entering eternity. Marcus Cain and brethren from Hermosillo continue to follow up on contacts in this large border city.

Obregón: There was much joy in the assembly as God worked in the salvation of several souls during six weeks of gospel meetings held by Shad Kember, local brethren, and Timothy Woodford.

Pachuca: The saints appreciated a visit from Paul Thiessen for several days.

Tepic:The fifteenth annual conference was well attended by believers and unbelievers. A number of brethren shared in the ministry of the Word and preached the gospel. Marcos Sauceda (East LA, CA) was again able to bring a good number of relatives who live in the cities of Mazatlan and Culiacan.

DR Congo

Gérard Roy writes, “I was able to be with the believers in RD Congo from August 7th to October 7th. The assembly in Lubumbashi had just started a series of gospel meetings in their hall and I had the privilege of helping. The meetings went on for six weeks and we had the joy of seeing many strangers attending and a token of God’s blessing in salvation. I soon noticed the spiritual progress of many who are in the assembly. It was moving to hear some of these brethren take part at the Lord’s supper, speak with liberty in the gospel, and give good words of exhortation. Since my last visit in 2010, a few have been added to the testimony and the assembly now has 28 believers in the fellowship. During the same time we were able to do some work on the hall, including the addition of a bathroom with a proper septic system.

Some time was also spent in Mbuji-Mayi. This city of 1.5 million, situated 1000 km north of Lubumbashi, has very little infrastructure and can only be reached by plane or train. The only people who have electricity are those who have a generator. In this city filled with religion and spiritism, a small group of believers carry on a good gospel work since 2004. It was very encouraging to see them involved with all their heart in the spread of the gospel. A brother came with me from Lubumbashi and we were able to help in visiting and preaching the gospel in a series of meetings they had already started on their own. They also had made plans to have a ministry meeting each night before the gospel meeting, so we had two consecutive meetings each night. The believers were hungry for the Word of God and on some nights nearly 40 unsaved gathered to hear the gospel. The meetings were in a small room in a brother’s house with only one window and outside temperature around 40o C. We were touched to see the believers who are baptized come back in the house after every meeting and get down on their knees to pray. There are now 10 baptized believers who meet regularly twice a week to preach the gospel and have a prayer meeting. They asked us good questions about the formation of an assembly and, encouraged by their exercise, we exhorted them to make it a matter of prayer, waiting for the Lord’s good time.

I returned to Lubumbashi for the last two weeks and at their request had some ministry meetings to help the believers. We also had two all-day meetings with Bible readings, ministry, and gospel. How precious in our day to see the work of the Holy Spirit in the forming and functioning of a local assembly according to the teaching of the New Testament. May God help us to pray for their preservation from the evil one and for the spread of the pure gospel in this vast and needy land.”

Republic of Ireland

Dublin: Sam Patterson visited the assembly at Rathmines during November for the special Saturday afternoon gospel meeting; his help was appreciated. A series of testimony meetings was commenced in November with local brethren relating the story of their conversions at the commencement of each gospel meeting. Please pray for the spread of the gospel and the testimony in Dublin.

Longford: Robert Plant had a short series of children’s meeting in November. The gospel was presented with the help of visual aids that held the interest of the children. It was encouraging to see many of the children who attended earlier meetings with Leslie Craig return to these meetings. Remember these young people in your prayers and also meetings planned with Jack Hay in January.

Monaghan: The assembly held an afternoon of Bible teaching in November in a local hotel. Gary Woods and David McAllister spoke to a large audience gathered from assemblies in the Republic and Northern Ireland on the subject of local assembly testimony. The ministry was appreciated. Please pray for the small assembly meeting in the town.


DeLand, FL

February 7-9, in the Gospel Hall, 109 E. RosehillAve., east off N. Woodland Blvd. Friday: Prayer Meeting 7pm; Saturday: Ministry 10:30am and 4pm,Bible Reading 2pm, Gospel 7pm;  Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Bible Reading 2pm, Ministry 4pm, Gospel 7pm. Bible Readings: “The Heavenly City” (Rev 21-22). Lord willing, there will be three nights of ministry following the conference on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings at 7pm. Corr: Fred King, 215 Lake Talmadge Rd., DeLand, FL 32724. Tel: 386 943-4000.

Tampa, FL

March 22-23, in the North Tampa Gospel Hall, 12704 Marjory Ave., Tampa, FL. Saturday: Ministry 2pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am, Sunday school 12 noon, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Invited speakers: David Petterson, Peter Ramsay, Dale Vitale. Contact information: Edward Armstrong. Tel: 727 785-5998, E-mail: edwardarmstrong3@gmail.com; or Joe Procopio, Tel: 813 918-1023, E-mail: joejanpro@verizon.net.

Conferences Previously Published:

Monrovia/Downey, CA – January 3-5

Pennsauken, NJ – January 4-5

Change of Address

Andrew Robertson: New phone number is 226 798-0667.

Change of Address of Correspondent

Terrace, BC: William McCullough, #29-3404 Adam Street, Terrace, BC, V8G 0H2. Tel: 250 635-6627.

Change of Correspondent

Waukesha, WI: John Orr, 2891 Autumn Lane, East Troy, WI 53120. Tel: 262 642-3093; Cell: 262 227-1400; E-mail: j.c.orr@earthlink.net.


Mrs. Albert Ramsay of Charlottetown, PE, on September 9, age 94, went home, to be with her Lord, from Whisperwood were she had been a resident for the past number of years. Marjorie was a true helpmeet for her highly esteemed husband, Albert Ramsay, as they labored together in the work of the Lord. Marjorie maintained the home and family while Albert labored away from home, often for weeks at a time. The large funeral attendance was a testimony to the high esteem in which she was held. She is survived by four sons and two daughters. Albert Hull and her son Peter shared in her funeral. The gospel was faithfully presented, and Noel Burden took the graveside service.

Mrs. Dorothy Good of Charlottetown, PE, on October 27, in her 100th year, went home to be with her Lord from the Atlantic Baptist Nursing Home where she had been a resident for the past number of months. Dorothy was saved in 1945 and shortly afterwards received into assembly fellowship. She was an encouragement to all with her friendly, pleasant ways. She attended all the meetings until her health declined in the past year. She will be greatly missed by all that knew her. The large funeral was a testimony to the high esteem in which she was held. The funeral service was taken by Peter Ramsay and her grandson, Scott MacLeod, with Robert McIlwaine at the graveside. She is survived by two sons and three daughters.

Evelyn Jean Cone of Byfield, MA, on November 2. Born in Cambridge, MA, August 17, 1931, she was saved as a teenager in December 1945. She was in the fellowship of the Cliff Street Assembly (Boston) which later became Mt. Auburn and then, for the last two years, was in fellowship in Byfield. She is survived by her sister Pauline Cone Thurlow and numerous other relatives. Having traveled extensively in her lifetime, she also leaves many dear friends throughout the world. Her funeral was taken by Frank Procopio, Bruce Thurlow (a nephew), and Gene Higgins. A warm and cheerful believer, she will be missed by many.

Louise Junker of Hampton, IA, on November 22, age 94. She was saved on March 30,1941 during gospel meetings held by the late Oliver Smith in Hampton. She, along with her husband, William, saved the same day, were in fellowship at Hampton for a number of years. Her husband preceded her in death in 2004. Louise faithfully attended meetings until health problems hindered. Prayer is requested for two daughters and a son, along with their families. Robert Orr conducted the funeral service which was held at the Hampton Gospel Hall.

Philippine Disaster Relief

For US donors, Truth and Tidings Gospel Trust, USA is able to transmit funds for the relief of believers and assemblies from recent typhoon damages in the Philippines. Those who wish to direct funds for this purpose can forward gifts earmarked for Philippine Disaster Relief.

For Canadian donors who wish to participate, Gospel Trust Canada has arranged to forward such designated funds to an appropriate assembly organization with contacts in the Philippines, ensuring that they will be used appropriately. The addresses of both Trusts are found on the inside front cover of this issue.