Edmonton: The believers had a very profitable weekend of ministry on the assembly, with Jack Gould. The sisters provided the meals during the weekend and a blessed time was had by all.

British Columbia

Vancouver: Kyle Wilson, and his little family from Nicaragua, paid a short visit to the Carleton and West Richmond assemblies.

Newfoundland and Labrador

West Coast: The assemblies in Corner Brook and McIvers appreciated the visit and ministry on the “Upper Room Ministry” of the Lord Jesus by Bryan Joyce in the second week of March. He was at home visiting with his parents (Bert and Emily Joyce) who are both feeling the effects of advancing years.

Nova Scotia

Prayer would be appreciated for two servants of the Lord in this province, Albert Hull and James McClelland, who are both receiving medical treatments for cancer.


Arnprior: Gospel meetings with Murray Pratt and Murray McLeod commenced above the restaurant of the Antrim Truck Stop on March 30. This is a new endeavor in this area. Pray for this work.

Cambridge: Very profitable Bible readings on 1Timothy were held the first week of March, led by David Petterson, with help from Jim Jarvis, Frank Sona, and brethren from surrounding assemblies.

Chatham: The assembly enjoyed a visit from Jim Smith, at the end of March, who gave teaching on the subject of Priesthood.

Lambton Shores: Larry Steers was with the Lake Shore assembly in March, speaking on the wonderful person of Christ, which was very encouraging. For prayer, the Lake Shore assembly, in cooperation with believers meeting in Grand Bend, plan a gospel tent series in Thedford in June. Peter Ramsay is expected to join in the labor.

Timmins: Al Cook was with the assembly in late March and spoke at the baptism of a teenager.

Toronto: The Langstaff assembly celebrated its 75th anniversary with a special dinner on Saturday, March 29, followed by a brief history of the assembly, presented by Michael Da Silva, Jr.  For any interested, the slides and audio of this presentation are available for viewing on the assembly website at www.langstaffgospelhall.com. The assembly enjoyed a visit from Phil Coulson on April 2. He gave excellent ministry from John’s gospel.

Wallaceburg: The believers were encouraged with a Lord’s Day visit from Jim Beattie, and also with a Friday month-end ministry meeting, with Bruce Cottrill, which was very well attended.

Windsor: The assembly recently had the joy of witnessing the baptism of two young believers after a Sunday evening gospel meeting. Many visitors were present to hear the gospel faithfully preached and an explanation of baptism by Andrew Robertson. The assembly also enjoyed a recent visit by Jim Smith, whose ministry was encouraging and appreciated.


Taylorside: David Booth and Jim Jarvis preached the gospel for three weeks; there was blessing in salvation.



Phoenix: The Orangewood assembly had a weekend of meetings, March 29-30, on the topic “Raising a Family for God.” John Dennison and Lindsay Parks gave timely ministry to a large audience. A second series of meetings in Palo Verde saw fruit in the salvation of a young man. John Fitzpatrick and Matthew Vanderhart (Orangewood) preached in a local schoolhouse. The assembly has recently enjoyed visits from Shawn St. Clair and Robert McIlwaine.


Manchester: Gospel meetings, conducted by Murray McCandless and Brody Thibodeau, commenced March 9 and continued for a number of weeks. It is reported that the Lord richly blessed in salvation.


Saugus, MA: Robert McIlwaine gave an encouraging and needful reminder one evening concerning prayer in view of the gospel series with Jon Procopio and Frank Sona. As of the second week of the series the attendance was encouraging. Please pray for the outcome of these meetings.

Worcester: The saints enjoyed and were encouraged by recent visits last month from Ken Taylor and Larry Buote.


Battle Creek: The assembly welcomed the recent arrival of Carlos and Carol (nee Turkington) Gascon from Venezuela.

Cass City: Dan Shutt and Matt Smith (Jackson) will commence gospel meetings April 7 – 18, D. V.

Saginaw: Jim Smith visited the assembly March 23 to encourage the saints and preach the gospel in the evening. His help and encouragement were deeply appreciated. Fred Krauss spent three nights in early April in ministry on “Jerusalem and the Temple in Prophecy.” On April 6, he was joined by Dan Shutt for the bimonthly ministry meeting.


Fridley: The two excellent weeks of teaching mentioned in the April issue was given by Stan Wells. Apologies for that unintentional omission of our brother’s name last month.


Kansas City: William Lavery was here March 30 to April 3, bringing much needed ministry to the saints.

New Jersey

Barrington: John Dennison was with the assembly March 7-9. He had a Spanish gospel meeting on the Friday. On Saturday, several assemblies were represented at his meetings concerning Sunday school work. On Sunday he had an afternoon ministry meeting.


Crandon: The assembly in Crandon profited spiritually from a ministry series March 31-April 4 with David Petterson on the “Life of David.”


Waukesha: The assembly recently enjoyed a day of ministry with Sandy Higgins on the subject of “Sonship,” referencing the six accounts of the phrase, “The Child Grew.” God gave help and the large crowd was challenged in their service and love for Him.


Cancun: Timothy and Amy Turkington (daughter Sofia, 2 years old) have arrived. There are over 20 believers meeting in this large tourist resort and they gave the new missionaries a very warm and glad welcome. Please pray for this adjustment process, coming from a busy field like Venezuela, to a very isolated area of Mexico, and for the establishment of an assembly. The closest missionaries, David and Penelope Alves, are a nine hour drive away. Our brother plans to begin a Sunday school right away in the rented house that is used for the meetings.

Chihuahua: Rolando Acosta, an elder from one of the Valencia, Venezuela assemblies gave appreciated help for 10 nights in the two halls in this large city.

Ciudad del Carmen: Ryan Langley, an overseer from the Vancouver area, has been giving appreciated help in the work in this area, interpreted by David Alves Jr.

Ciudad Obregon: The assembly enjoyed two nights of ministry in March by Shawn St. Clair.

Cuernavaca: Duncan Beckett and Abisai Vieyra visit here regularly for meetings with about two dozen in attendance. This large, beautiful city is about 60 miles northeast of Iguala, about halfway to Mexico City, and has a population of almost one million. It is the capital of the small state of Morelos.

El Barril: Jason Wahls concluded four weeks of gospel meetings, encouraged with attendance and the fact that one woman professed to be saved. Eleonor Mosquera helped the Wahls with house visitation here for two weeks in March.

Hermosillo: God blessed the assembly with a very encouraging conference in mid-March. Over 240 people attended the conference. John Dennison, Shad Kember, Harrys Rodriguez, David Sluiter, Shawn St. Clair, and Abisai Vieyra gave appreciated help. Brother St. Clair gave two nights of appreciated ministry after the conference.

Iguala: Andrea Gomez, of Venezuela, has come for an extended stay to help the Becketts with language study and to help in other aspects of the work.

Irapuato: Brethren from the Zamora assembly do their best to visit the work here and in Purisima. Both places are in the state of Guanajuato, central Mexico, where there is need for permanent help. This field is ready for harvest.

Pachuca: The Matilde assembly was greatly helped with recent visits by Harrys Rodriguez and Paul Thiessen. While in the area both brethren also visited the Nezahualcoyotl assembly, a one-hour drive away, to profit.

Santiago: Please continue to pray for the James Dyck family who remain in Canada while their young son, Josiah, is being treated for leukemia.

Zapopan: The assembly had the joy of seeing another believer baptized here in March. At the south end of Guadalajara, Jonathan Seed and Paul Thiessen preached to about 55 people in a rented building. A young woman obeyed the Lord in baptism after the meeting.

Republic of Ireland

Monaghan: The annual conference in Monaghan on March 17 was well attended and the ministry was appreciated. The speakers were Robin McKeown, Stan Wells, Garry Woods, Elton Fairfield, and Samuel Nelson.

Dublin, Rathmines: Following the commencement of a new outreach work in February, a second gospel meeting was held in March. There were a good number gathered in, including quite a number of unsaved. The speaker was Elton Fairfield. Please pray for this outreach.


Date changes:

Chapman Valley/Parry Sound, ON – September 20-21, 2014.

Victoria Road, ON – Conference usually held June 14 and 15, has been moved to September 27 and 28, 2014.

Gander Bay, NL

May 17-18, in the Gospel Hall, with Prayer and Ministry, Friday, May 16 at 7:30pm Corr: Lindsay Earle, E-mail: learle@wheygroup.com.

Byfield, MA

May 25-26, with Prayer Meeting on Friday, May 24 at 8pm. Saturday: Prayer, Praise & Ministry 10:30am and 2:30pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Sunday School 12:15pm, Prayer, Praise & Ministry 2:30pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Corr: John H. Short, 145 Main St., Byfield, MA 01922; E-mail: johnhshort@yahoo.com, Tel: 978 465-2207.

Kitchener, ON

May 24-25, Spanish Conference in the Kitchener Gospel Hall, 218 Bleams Road. The speakers are Andrew Kluge, Shawn St. Clair, and Craig Saword. Friday: Prayer (English) 7:30pm. Saturday: Prayer and Ministry 10am, Bible reading 1:45pm, Ministry 3:15pm, Gospel 7pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread (English) 10am, Sunday school (English) 12 noon, Ministry 2:30pm, Gospel (English) 6:30pm. Accom: Jose Ramirez, Tel: 226 336-1309; E-mail: jose.ram1342@gmail.com.

Sarnia, ON

May 24-25 in the Sarnia Gospel Hall, 1791 London Line, Sarnia. Prayer meeting Friday evening at 7:30pm. Saturday: Ministry 10am. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry 2:30pm. Invited speakers: Sandy Higgins, Michael Penfold, Marvin Derksen, Bruce Rogers, and Andrew Robertson. Corr. John Prins, 2998 London Road, Sarnia, ON, N7T 7H2. Cell: 519 381-3416. E-mail: prinsj@sofsurfaces.com.

Saugus, MA:

May 31-June 1, Bible reading conference. Brethren David Petterson, Andrew Robertson, and David Vallance are responsible for the readings. The outlines are posted on the website: www.walnutstreetgospelhall.org. Corr: Tony Grillo, E-mail: tonygrillo@netzero.net.

North Bay, ON

June 7-8, in Nipissing Junction Gospel Hall, 1340 Lakeshore Drive. Prayer Meeting, Friday, June 6 at 7:30pm. Saturday: Bible reading 9am (God’s Assembly – Without). Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Bible reading 11:30am (God’s Assembly – Within), Gospel both nights 7pm. Contact: Glenn Pratt, Tel. 705 474-9473, E-mail: pratt144@hotmail.com. Accom: Terry Hurd, Tel. 705 752-2058, E-mail: terlis@sympatico.ca.   

Garnavillo, IA

June 14-15, with Prayer Meeting on June 13 at 7pm. Saturday and Sunday meetings start at 10am. Speakers this year are John Dennison, Marvin Derksen, and John Meekin. Corr: John Kregel, Cell: 563 880-0520, E-mail: j_kregel@yahoo.com. 

Englehart, Earlton, Charlton, Kirkland Lake, ON

June 27-29, in the Englehart High School. Prayer Meeting on Friday at 7pm. Meetings Saturday and Sunday at 10am, 2 and 7pm. Contact: Jeff Taylor (Earlton), Tel: 705 563-8131, E-mail: jdtaylor1996@live.ca; Doug Yade (Kirkland Lake), Tel: 705 567-5951, E-mail: doug_yade@hotmail.com.

Kamloops, BC

June 27-29, in the Westsyde Gospel Hall, 849 Wawn Rd. Friday: Prayer 7pm. Saturday: Ministry 9am. Bible reading (2Corinthians 4) 2pm, Ministry 4pm, Gospel 7pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Open Sunday school 11:15am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Meals provided June 28 and 29. Corr: John Eggers, 3664 Westsyde Rd., Kamloops, BC, V2B 7H6; Tel: 250 579-8814; E-mail: jfeggers@telus.net; website: www.westsydegospelhall.com.

Taylorside, SK

June 27-29, with Prayer Meeting on Thursday, June 26, at 7:30pm. Meetings begin Friday at 2pm. Corr: John Parker, Tel: 306 752-4079.

Conferences Previously Published:

Newmarket, ON – May 4

Thornhill, ON – May 9-11 (Missionary)

Cumberland, MD – May 17-18

Ottawa, ON – May 17-18

Prince Edward Island – May 17-18

Goodwood, ON – May 24

Grants Pass, OR – May 24-25

Hickory/Denver, NC – May 23-25

Bancroft, ON – May 31

Burgessville, ON – June 7

Change of Address

Mrs. Sadie Noble: Bethany Manor Unit #286, 25 Second Street, Unionville, ON, L3R 5K5.

Change in Meeting Times

Sault Ste. Marie, MI: Sunday: Breaking of Bread: 10:30am, Sunday school: 12 noon, Gospel: 12:45pm.


Frank Sona, Sr., formerly of Midland Park, NJ, in November 2013, in his 77th year, passed into the presence of his Lord and Savior. He was saved in a gospel series in 1994. He was a quiet man who in his last years suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. Due to health issues, he and his wife Jeanette had recently moved to Texas where they lived with their daughter Michele Barnett and her family. His son Frank Sona Jr. serves the Lord in full-time capacity. Michele, her husband, and family are unsaved at this time and prayer is appreciated for them.

Mrs. Millie Storey of Pickering, ON, on January 11 age 83. Our beloved sister was saved April 9, 1962 after being troubled at a gospel meeting at Pape Avenue Gospel Hall the previous evening. She was soon baptized and received into the fellowship of the assembly there. For over 50 years she continued in happy fellowship at Pape Avenue and Victoria Park, but was unable to attend meetings in recent years because of a very serious illness, patiently borne. Millie was kind, cheerful, tenderhearted, loving, and compassionate. She will be sorely missed by all her family, especially her husband, Ernie, and by all her friends. The large funeral service was conducted by Norman Lorimer.

Miss Jean Stuart of Moncton, NB, on January 20, age 87. She was saved at 16, and soon after was baptized and broke bread for the first time at Pugwash Junction conference, 1943. Due to employment transfers, she was in fellowship in St. John and Fredericton, and later made her home in Moncton where she remained in the assembly for the rest of her life. She was known by her nieces and nephews as “Auntie Happy,” and bore testimony to a consistent, happy life until her home-call. She is greatly missed. Her funeral was officiated by Albert Hull and Robert McIlwaine. Prayer would be appreciated for many unsaved relatives who heard the gospel faithfully preached.

June Evelyn Partridge of Sault Ste. Marie, ON, on February 25, age of 80. She was saved at Creemore, ON. She was the beloved wife of Norman for 54 years, mother of Neil (Susan), Vince (Nancy), and grandmother of five. The funeral service on March 1 was taken by Tim Savage, and a clear and loving gospel message was presented. June was in fellowship for many years at the Gospel Hall in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada. She will be missed by all.

Jeff Uhlenhake of West Union, IA, on March 11, age 52. Our brother was saved in September, 1996, when he, along with his wife and young family, heard the gospel for the first time during a series held by Eric McCullough and Alan Davidson. Not long after he was baptized and added to the local assembly in West Union, where he was a faithful and consistent brother to the end. His funeral was held in Ossian, Iowa, the town he called home his entire life, and a large number from the area came to pay their respects. The services were conducted by Steve Walvatne and Victor Collins. Jeff is survived by his loving wife Nancy; two sons, Bryan (Sheila) and Travis; two daughters, Julie and Rachel; and one grandchild, Emma.

Fern Krumme of Cedar Falls, IA, on March 24th, age 92. She was saved in 1938 through the truth of John 3:36 during special nightly gospel meetings being conducted by the late Oliver Smith. She was received first into the fellowship of the Stout assembly, and then relocated to Western Avenue assembly in Waterloo where she was a Sunday school teacher for 36 years. Widowed in 2002, she spent her final years in fellowship in the Cedar Falls assembly which is located near to the nursing home where she resided. She is survived by several nieces. Robert Orr and Russ Nesbit shared the funeral service.