Edmonton: The Christians are looking forward to a weekend mini-conference on March 1-2. There will be meetings all day Saturday and Sunday, with meals provided. Jack Gould will be covering different aspects of assembly truth during the weekend. Pray that we may be strengthened in truth as a result of these meetings.

British Columbia

Burnaby: The South Burnaby assembly purposes three weeks of gospel meetings commencing February 16. Please pray for this effort.

Kamloops: During January, the assembly enjoyed a report from Bruce Poidevin on the work in Zambia, focusing on the Flight Service.

Vancouver: The Carleton assembly concluded three weeks of gospel meetings with Tom Hoy and Peter Ramsay on January 24. There was good interest and support. Pray that souls will respond to the gospel call as did a young man from Langley. The South Main assembly enjoyed a week of ministry meetings with David Richards in January on the “Metaphors of the New Testament Assembly.” Bruce Poidevin gave reports of the work in Zambia in several assemblies in the area in January and February.

North Vancouver: Andrew Mellish gave five nights of profitable ministry in Deep Cove on the four chapters of Philippians. The meetings were supported by the Fourth Street assembly.

New Brunswick

Moncton: The assembly, along with the assembly in Langley, BC, has jointly commended Charles and Ruth Brunner to the grace of God as they labor in Bangladesh. Charles, trained in translation and linguistics, saw a new work established in 2012. Ruth is a Bengali believer and will be an asset to the work. See Updates for contact details.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Gander Bay: The annual Sunday school program was held on December 20, with a number out from the community. Sandy Feltham from the neighboring assembly had a short gospel message at the end of the program.

L’Anse au Loup: Gospel meetings started on January 26 with John Meekin and Jon Procopio. Good numbers were coming out the first week. Continue to pray for many who are not saved.

Nova Scotia

Berwick: The assembly is planning gospel meetings in the South Berwick Community Centre, where the assembly gathers, with John Meekin and Brody Thibodeau starting April 27, DV. Contact Paul Potter at 902 765-2988 or paulpotter@eastlink.ca for further information or if there are individuals you would like contacted. 

Blues Mills: The Christians hosted the first of four monthly Saturday afternoon Cape Breton Bible studies on the book of James the third Saturday in January. The second reading was held in Sydney Mines February 15, and the remaining ones are scheduled for Baddeck in March and Sydney in April. The schedule is available at www.thegospel.ca.


Brampton: The assembly plans to hold their March Break VBS on March 10-14, with gospel meetings, starting March 16, with Jim Jarvis and Bert Snippe. Pray that the Lord would use these efforts for His glory.

Chapman Valley: The assembly recently commended Steve and Heidi McCandless to full-time service. Their exercise is to labor among the indigenous people of Northern Canada. See Updates for contact information.

Chatham: The saints enjoyed several meetings with Stephen Vance in January on local church truths from the book of Acts. The ministry was thought provoking, refreshing, and practical.

Kirkland Lake: John Meekin had a week of soul-searching Bible readings on “The Seven Churches” (Rev 2-3), in January. Peter Ramsay and Matthew Cain are expected for a series of gospel meetings beginning March 23.

Mississauga: The Applewood Heights assembly was encouraged with the response to the week of children’s meetings in January. Stephen Vance gave a clear gospel message each night and we look to the Lord to further bless this effort.

Sault Ste. Marie: The assembly enjoyed two meetings with Lorne Langfeld on January 22-23 on the book of Titus.

Sudbury: The believers were encouraged at the December conference by the practical ministry of Bert Snippe, Bruce Rodgers, and other visiting brethren. The IBH gospel calendars were distributed and were warmly received.

Toronto: The Langstaff assembly held a community supper on January 12 with en­couraging attendance, including some repeat visitors. Bryan Joyce gave a clear presentation of the gospel. The assembly plans another supper on February 9 to coincide with the commencement of three weeks of special gospel meetings. It is hoped that these suppers will be a means to get contacts from the community in to hear the gospel. The assembly enjoyed a visit from Stephen Vance for the Lord’s Day on January 19, including the monthly young people’s ministry meeting after the gospel meeting that evening.

Prince Edward Island

Springfield West: The saints were thrilled to see seven new Christians from the Philippines baptized in February, most of whom were saved in the last year. Please pray for their families and friends, that many more may be saved.



Anchorage: The saints enjoyed a week of challenging ministry with Sandy Higgins on Romans 12-16. The meetings were very well attended and appreciated.


Phoenix: During the month of January, the Garfield assembly had the privilege of hearing ministry from Bill Lavery, Stan Wells, and John Fitzpatrick. The ministry was appreciated and encouraging. Jim Smith also gave helpful ministry in the Orangewood assembly on Romans 5–8. A good number of saints gathered for wholesome teaching and heartwarming fellowship at their second annual conference. On Friday, more than 100 gathered for prayer, and the Lord heard and answered. Thirteen of the Lord’s servants were present to help. Among them, Colin Raggett gave a stirring report on the work of the Lord in Botswana. The two Bible readings were on Psalm 22.


Newington: The assembly recently enjoyed a visit from J and R from India for 11 nights of gospel meetings for the Nepali families in Hartford. The saints were encouraged with a number professing and three teenagers were also baptized. There is an ongoing work among these families and prayer will be valued that the Lord would protect the Word that has been sown as well as those who are making regular visits in the community. There are numerous cults attempting to confuse the clear gospel and strong cultural and religious influences are at work. The assembly also plans gospel meetings in April with Gene Higgins and Albert Hull, DV, and would value prayer.


Saginaw: Dan Shutt encouraged the saints in ministry and in the gospel the last Lord’s Day in January. Stuart Thompson and Jack Nesbitt were present for the February ministry meeting. While a heavy snowfall limited attendance, the Word was ministered to strengthen and encourage the saints. The unsaved heard searching gospel messages. Brother Thompson continued with three nights of ministry.


Akron: In January, a large number attended the first area ministry meeting for 2014. Andrew Ussher gave excellent devotional ministry on the “Levitical Offerings,” with special attention to the burnt offering.


Cancun: Jack Zhang and Michael Thomson from Vancouver gave appreciated help and encouragement here and in Paraiso on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Chiapa de Corzo: Dr. John Thropay, David Alves, Jr., and Vicente Alvarez (an overseer from El Salvador) were with the Grijalva assembly in southern Mexico when Francisco and Hilda Rosales were commended full time to the work of the Lord. Our brother and sister found Christ in El Salvador where she is from, and soon returned to Mexico to witness to several family connections. God blessed and a number of souls were saved, baptized, and gathered unto the Name of the Lord Jesus.

Chihuahua: A gospel series began on February 2, and the saints are encouraged with the attendance of several who had not been to the hall for some time.

Cotaxtla: John Nesbitt has again obtained permission to use the commodious building of the Farmer’s Association in the center of this town. Marcus Cain helped for over a week in a series of very well-attended gospel meetings. Local brethren help in the ongoing series. One young woman has professed salvation.

Cuernavaca: Abisai Vieyra and Duncan Beckett, following up on contacts of a very faithful sister from El Barril, have started weekly house meetings in this large city between Mexico City and Iguala. There is some interest.

El Barril: Please continue to pray for Jason and Shelley Wahls in this rather isolated work. They are being encouraged of late with several men attending the meetings. Our brother plans to start a series of gospel meetings on February 16.

Iguala: We recently enjoyed a visit from Shad and Debi Kember. Timely ministry was given. Sister Andrea Gomez arrived from Venezuela for a one-year stay to help the Becketts with language studies, and with other needs of this new work.

Irapuato: Ross Vanstone, helped by Jamer Rodriguez, Carlos Castaño (both from Columbia), Ricky Sawatsky, and Paul Thiessen, has had several weeks of very well-attended gospel meetings in a rented venue. A number attend from the nearby work in La Purisima. Brethren from the Zamora assembly are also supporting the effort. This is a large city in Guanajuato central Mexico. Some have found salvation in Christ.

Monterrey: Jason Wahls, Ross Vanstone, and Ricky Sawatsky visited this large city in northern Mexico to look up contacts from the work in El Barril and from the McAllen, Texas area. The brethren remained for a few house meetings.

Saltillo: Ross Vanstone and Ricky Sawatsky visited a believing couple in this large city in northern Mexico who are very anxious to hear sound doctrine.

Santiago: Please pray for the family of James and Nelly Dyck (Levi, Simon, Andrew, Natalia, Maquela, and Josiah). Doctors said that Nelly needed a rest and medical tests done in Canada. Since then, their youngest son, Josiah (2 years, 8 months), was diagnosed with some type of leukemia and is undergoing treatment. Pray for their coworkers, Jesse and Emily Klein, and for the assembly.

Xalapa: Timothy Stevenson is having gospel meetings here, helped by some brethren from the Veracruz assembly. A young man who went with the Stevensons to the Carmen conference in December professed faith in Christ after hearing the gospel preached. His parents, who thought they were already believers, have given up their profession and are attending this present series. Pray for their salvation.

Republic of Ireland

Longford: Jack Hay was with the assembly for ministry on January 25 followed by a report of his visits to Sri Lanka. The evening concluded with a children’s meeting. Brother Hay continued with the assembly for four nights of ministry on The Church of God. The assembly appreciated those who travelled to support the meetings.


Antioch, IA

April 6, at the Antioch Gospel Hall, 18929 Vail Ave, Clarksville, IA. Ministry 10am, Breaking of Bread 11am, Sunday School 1:15pm, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 6pm. Corr: John Wessels, 25284 Sinclair Ave., Allison, IA 50602; Cell: 319 269-3493; E-mail: jwfarms@netins.net.

Nineveh, NS

April 19-20, in Park View Education Centre, 1485 King Street, Bridgewater. Prayer meeting on Friday April 18 at 7pm in the Gospel Hall, Route 208, Civic # 2495 Nineveh. Supper will be served on Friday at 5:00 pm at the Gospel Hall. Bible reading Saturday at 8am (John 19), Ministry meeting on Saturday at 10:00 am. Corr. Robert Kaulback, 19 Medway Street, Bridgewater, NS, B4V-1J8. Tel: 902 543-5530; E-mail: robert012@ns.sympatico.ca. Accom: Clark Hubley Tel: 902 543-3268.

Manchester, CT

April 12-13, 96th annual conference, with Prayer Meeting on Friday at 7:30pm in the Gospel Hall, 415 Center St, Manchester. All other meetings will be held in the Bolton Center School, 108 Notch Rd., Bolton, CT. Saturday: Ministry 10:30am and 2pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry/Gospel 2pm. Contact Ted Kaulback, Tel: 860 742-0002; or E-mail: kaulted@aol.com for communications and accommodations.

Cedar Falls/Waterloo, IA

April 19-20, with Prayer Meeting on Friday, April 18, at 7pm in the Cedar Falls Gospel Hall, 1302 Walnut St., Cedar Falls. All other meetings at Cedar Falls High School, 1015 Division St. Cedar Falls.  Saturday: Ministry 10am. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 9am (Psalm 69), Breaking of Bread 10:15am. Corr: Waterloo – Delmer Stickfort, 317 N 3rd St. Raymond, IA 50667; Tel: 319 235-7452; Cedar Falls – Mike Palmer, 18502 X Ave., Dike IA 50624; Tel: 319 989-0869; E-mail: mjpalmer89@gmail.com. Preceding the conference, the Cedar Falls, Waterloo, and Stout assemblies will share four nights of Bible studies on “The Christian’s Mind in Philippians.” The 7pm meetings are: April 14-15 at Cedar Falls Gospel Hall, Chapter 1 The Happy Mind; Chapter 2 The Humble Mind. April 16-17 at Stout Gospel Hall, Chapter 3 The Heavenly Mind; Chapter 4 The Holy Mind.

Kapuskasing, ON

April 18-20, 32nd Annual Conference. Friday Prayer/Ministry 7:30pm at the Gospel Hall, 154 Mill Street, Kapuskasing. All other meetings at the Kapuskasing Education Center, 61 Devonshire Street, Kapuskasing. Saturday Ministry 10am and 2pm; Ministry/Gospel 7pm. Lord’s Day Breaking of Bread 10:30am; Sunday school 1pm; Ministry 2pm; Gospel 7pm. Contacts: Gerald Labelle, Tel: 705 335-3712, E-Mail: gllabelle1@gmail.com; or Michel Larocque, Tel: 705 335-5223, E-mail: mtvs@personainternet.com.

Vancouver, BC

April 18-20, with prayer on Thursday, April 17 at 8pm in the South Main Gospel Hall. All other meetings in the South Burnaby Secondary School for Bible readings, ministry, missionary reports, and gospel. Visitors welcome. Contact Earl Ritchie at earlrit@aol.com for more information.

McKeesport, PA

April 26-27, in the McKeesport Sr. High School, 1960 Eden Park Blvd, McKeesport, PA. Please visit www.mckeesportgospelhall.org for full conference information. Accom: Rob Oliver, Tel: 412 664-1004, or E-mail: rob@oliverpages.com.

Newmarket, ON

May 4 in the Gospel Hall. Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Bible Study 11:30am (Titus 2), Ministry 2pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Contact: Tim Scheer, E-mail: tescheer@netzero.com.

Cumberland, MD

May 17-18, with Prayer Meeting Friday, May 16 at 7:30pm in the Cumberland Gospel Hall, 700 E. First St. All other meetings at South Penn Elementary School, 500 E. Second St. First meeting Saturday 10am. Breaking of Bread Lord’s Day at 10am. For accommodations, directions or local hotel numbers for those wishing to make their own arrangements contact Harold Harrison, Tel: 301 689-2432; or Tim Harrison, Tel: 301 689-0152, E-mail: sonnyh60@aol.com.

Conferences Previously Published:

Matoaca, VA – March 1-2

Mount Sterling, WI – March 22-23

Tampa, FL – March 22-23

Stout, IA – April 12-13

Culver City, CA – April 18-20

Toronto, ON – April 18-20

Waukesha, WI – April 26-27

Change of Address of Correspondent

Luke Winkels (Burgessville) – new E-mail address: opastruck2010@hotmail.ca

Change of Address of Workers

David and Mabel Swan, PO Box 151, Stn. C, Happy Valley Goose Bay, NL, A0P 1C0. E-mail: davidswan333@gmail.com.

Jim and Muriel Webb, c/o D. Oshust, 7 Garrioch Park Drive, Portage la Prairie, MB, R1N 3R9.

Addition to Address Book of Commended Workers

Charles and Ruth BrunnerBangladesh. E-mail: crbrunner@mta.ca.

Steve and Heidi McCandless, 573 Midlothian Rd., Burks Falls, ON, P0A 1C0. Tel: 705 787-5966; E-mail: smccandless66@gmail.com, shmccandless@hotmail.com.

Elim Homes

Elim Homes in Waubaushene, ON would like to announce they have recently launched their new website. Please visit www.elimhomes.ca to learn more.


Don Gamester of Owen Sound, ON passed into the presence of His Savior peacefully in his sleep July 21, 2013 at the age of 69 years. He was saved in 1981 as a result of gospel meetings held in the Eden Grove area by George Patterson and Lorne Mitchell. Don was an excellent witness, speaking the gospel to all he met, resulting in several being saved. The funeral was held in Owen Sound with his sons-in law and local brethren sharing in the service. He leaves his loving wife Sandy, two daughters Kathy and Kelly, along with six grandchildren.

Agnes (Doris) Cocklin of Akron, OH, on November 29, age 86. Our dear sister was born in Paisley, Scotland and immigrated to the USA with her parents. Saved as a young lady, she was baptized, and in the fellowship of the assembly until her homecall. Doris always had an interest in the gospel and was diligent in bringing others to hear the good news of salvation. Predeceased by her husband, Virgil, she leaves one son and a number of grandchildren who profess Christ as Savior. The funeral was taken by Paul Glenney who spoke words of comfort and a clear gospel message. David Netti reminded all of the great hope of the believer at the graveside service.

John Mulholland of Forest Grove, OR, on December 16, 2013, age 90. John trusted Christ as his Savior at age 17, and was in fellowship in Los Angeles, CA, then in Salem and Forest Grove, OR. He was predeceased by his wife Isabel in September 2012. John faithfully attended the assembly meetings as able until health problems hindered a short time ago. He was lovingly cared for by his family. The funeral was conducted by George Goff and Gaius Goff. Please pray for his two sons, two daughters, and their families; also many nieces and nephews.

Mrs. Fannie Leerhoff of Hitesville, IA, on December 29, 2013, age 101, went home to be with her Lord from the Rehabilitation Center in Allison. Born in Emden, Germany, she and her family immigrated to the USA when she was seven months old. After landing in Baltimore, MD, they moved west to Iowa where by the grace and goodness of God her family heard the gospel. She was saved at the age of 17 on October 23, 1929 through John 3:16 and Luke 19:10. God used these in leading her to assurance of salvation. For over 84 years she served the best of Masters faithfully in the community, the assembly, and in her final years at the nursing home. She is survived by two daughters, four grandchildren, six great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren. Russ Nesbit took the funeral service.

Irene Tracey of Westbank, BC, November 29, 2013, age 93. Irene was born on the family farm near Viscount, SK on September 9, 1920. After training as a teacher in Saskatoon, she taught for 11 years in one-room country schools. In 1952, she moved to Abbotsford where she married Bill Tracey (who predeceased her in 2006), taught in the Abbotsford School District for the next 25 years. They raised their three children in Abbotsford, then in 1991, moved to Westbank to be near family and were in the fellowship of the assembly there. She leaves to mourn Beverley, Alison, Doug, and their families. The funeral service was held December 6 in Clearbrook.

Jean E. Stuart of Moncton, NB, on January 24, age 87, passed into the Lord’s presence from the Moncton Hospital. The funeral service was on January 29 and shared by Albert Hull and Robert McIlwaine.

James E. Miller of Niagara Falls, ON, on January 29, age 93. He was saved under the preaching of Richard Roberts as a young teenager, baptized and received into fellowship in Niagara Falls, where he remained for 78 years. As a respected and faithful elder for many years, he loved the assembly of God’s people, and was always at the meetings until two weeks before his home call. He will be missed. He leaves behind a dear wife and three children. The service was conducted by Fred Krauss.