Edmonton: The believers of the Connor’s Hill assembly enjoyed a week of ministry with Stan Wells on the “Feasts of Jehovah.” It was practically applied and well received.

Fort McMurray: The annual conference was attended by a number of new people. Jack Gould, James Ronald, and Stan Wells all spoke. It was an encouraging time, and a happy spirit prevailed.

British Columbia

Vancouver: The area assemblies pooled their efforts for the 42nd year at the Pacific National Exhibition in late August, where the Gospel Booth was the only Christian witness at this 15-day event. Many Christians who visited expressed their appreciation and availed themselves of good quality literature for their own use. While the majority passed by on the other side, many unsaved folk came in to see the display and engage in conversation. The theme this year was “The Bible,” and featured a working scale model of the Gutenburg Press. The booth always has a section for the interest of children to promote area Sunday Schools. Bryon Myers gave much appreciated help for several days.

Vancouver: Stan Wells visited a few area assemblies in August, and Elton Fairfield visited the South Burnaby, Fleetwood and Victoria Drive assemblies in September, each giving encouragement and help to the believers.


Brandon: The assembly here appreciated a visit by John Fitzpatrick in July.


Earlton: Believers from the four area assemblies stood beside the lake in late August to witness the baptism of eight believers. Pray for other contacts that have been stirred, that they also will soon be saved.

Huntsville: The first annual Muskoka gathering in June at Pitman’s Bay was a big success with over 85 people attending. There were two ladies and two teens baptized on September 13. Please pray for gospel meetings which commenced September 14 with Bryan Joyce and Bert Snippe.

Ottawa: Gospel meetings commenced here on September 7 with Gaius Goff and Shawn St. Clair.

Sarnia: In July, three weeks of tent meetings with Peter Ramsey and Andrew Steele were very well attended by the community and were most encouraging to the assembly.

Straffordville: In August, the assembly had the joy of receiving a young sister to the assembly, saved as a result of her older sister’s testimony, and Bible studies held in her home. Please pray that God will save their parents. Another young sister obeyed the Lord in baptism. The summer Sunday night barbeque and gospel meetings in the park have also been an encouragement. At the local Watermelon Festival, several believers had a tent where they distributed framed texts, bookmarks, magnets and invitations to the upcoming “Pathfinders” children’s meetings, which run from September to December. They also distributed bookmark invitations to the weekly Youth Outreach Program. The assembly here continues to be encouraged by the warmth of fellowship and spiritual growth in the believers.

Thunder Bay: The saints enjoyed a week of ministry on Romans 12 with Bruce Rodgers.

Wallaceburg: In July, the Christians were encouraged by a visit from Brian Owen with excellent ministry and gospel. John Nesbitt and his family were present for a Lord’s Day, and John gave a good report on the Lord’s work in Mexico, as well as excellent ministry and a word in the gospel. Bill Metcalf gave encouraging ministry on a Wednesday night on “The Lord Jesus Christ as our Great High Priest.”



Alpena: Fervent prayer support will be cherished for upcoming gospel tent meetings with Jerry Jennings and Joel Portman in Carrollton, AR commencing, Lord willing, October 20 and running at least until the conference weekend, November 1-2. The tent is be set up at a roadside park just off Highway 412. Invitation distribution will take place October 19 throughout the local area.


Methuen: The assembly hosted the 26th year of Vacation Bible School in early August with the much-appreciated help of Paul Barnhardt and a number of other believers from local and distant assemblies. About 25 children and many parents were in on Friday night for the Award Night.

Saugus: Vacation Bible School was held the first week in August with a favorable response to the invitations by many children and parents. Bill Seale presented the gospel during the week. In October, the outreach work at the rehab center will continue for the ninth year. The privilege has been extended recently to include an opportunity to speak to a group of women in the same facility, so there will be a meeting with men on Monday evenings and with women on Wednesday evenings.


Battle Creek: The Christians in Battle Creek enjoyed a week of ministry on the “Levitical Offerings” with Jim Smith of Jackson, MI, and also a visit from Bill Metcalf of Sarnia, ON.

Sherman: The Christians enjoyed well-attended gospel meetings from August 10-22, with some attending who have been the subject of prayers for many years. The meetings were shared by Dan Shutt, Brian Crawford and Gary Sharp. During the first week, Stu Thompson spoke to an unusually attentive group of youngsters at a morning VBS series. Since this effort there have been new attendees at the gospel meeting and Sunday school, an encouraging outcome for the present time.


Fridley: A 51-year-old man who has known the gospel message all his life professed salvation in the second week of meetings held by Bill Lavery and Robert Orr. A good number of unsaved were in to listen, many of whom traveled over an hour to get to the meetings.


Indiana: The assembly has had visits from a number of the Lord’s servants over the past year, all greatly encouraging. Missionary reports were given by Craig Saword (El Salvador), Paul Thiessen (Mexico), and Timothy Sloane (Ukraine). Their wives accompanied them, and the Christians enjoyed their visits. Jordan Kember (Sarnia) gave an excellent presentation of the work of the Lord in Nicaragua, after he had spent a year working with Mark Bachert. In addition, David Petterson, Dan Shutt, and Bill Seale paid visits with timely ministry. Rob Oliver (McKeesport) visited often, encouraging the believers. Bill Seale spoke to the children at the well-attended summer VBS held in the hall. The assembly recently had their 2nd annual distribution of 15,000 Seed Sower texts to every home in the county that gets the local newspaper. Printed locally under the direction of Bill Seale, they included assembly information on the back. The assembly was also greatly encouraged by the addition of two young men from assemblies in Bangalore, India, who are here studying and working. They have been a help to the testimony.


Arlington: The Arlington and Marysville assemblies enjoyed hosting the conference on Labor Day weekend which was blessed with a large number of visitors. They are thankful to Elton Fairfield, Kevin and Stephen Flett, Gaius Goff, Lindsay Parks, Dan Shutt, Brody Thibodeau and Stan Wells for their valued ministry and their desire to encourage and exhort the saints to live Christ-centered lives.



Ciudad del Carmen: David Alves, Jr. had four weeks of gospel meetings in the hall. Attendance was poor, but God gave encouragement, with two men in their forties professing salvation.

Emiliano Zapata: There were 10 meetings held on the references in the New Testament to believers and things termed “spiritual.”


Chihuahua: Anderson Hernandez had a much appreciated series of ministry meetings considering the “Seven Churches of Asia.” The assembly also had a series of prayer meetings, seeking God’s blessing on their conference in mid-September.


Irapuato: Ricky Sawatsky continues to preach, both here and in Purísima, and is encouraged with good attendance. Brethren from Zamora help in both places on a weekly basis.


Iguala: It was with great joy that a group of believers gathered here for the first time on August 24 to obey the commandment, “this do in remembrance of Me.” The small assembly consists of nine women and six men in addition to commended workers, Abisai and Carmen Vieyra, Duncan and Anna Beckett, and Andrea Gomez, a sister recently commended to the work of the Lord from Venezuela. They were also joined by several visitors, including John Dennison, Shad and Debi Kember, and Tim and Stephanie Woodford. John Dennison remained for four nights of helpful ministry on the subject of “Wisdom in the Behavior and Service of the Believer.”


Matilde: Harrys Rodriguez returned for an encouraging visit to the assembly here, and also in Nezahualcoyotl.


Zamora: Local brethren worked hard at a series of children’s meetings with over 200 children in attendance that culminated with the annual Sunday School program. The brethren also reflected on the faithfulness of God over 19 years of assembly testimony. These brethren continue to visit Los Reyes for a weekly gospel meeting.


Santiago Ixcuintla: Carlos Cliche, Jamer Rodriguez (both from Colombia) and Jesse Klein held an excellent week of meetings and craft activities with the children during the holiday season. Local believers were much encouraged.

Quintana Roo

Cancun: Timothy Turkington began gospel meetings in mid-August. A neighbour woman, whose nine-year-old son took his own life some time ago, has attended with much interest.

Nicolas Bravo: On their way home from the Pachuca conference, the Turkingtons stayed in this small town for two nights of gospel meetings. There is good interest on the part of contacts of a family in Cancun.

San Luis Potosi

El Barril: Paul Thiessen held the fort here for three weeks while the Wahls were in Iowa for a much-needed family visit.


Veracruz: After their journey from Hermosillo to Iguala, Timothy Woodford and his family crossed over to the Gulf side of the country and paid the saints here a much appreciated visit.


Paraiso: The believers were much encouraged during Bible readings held by Timothy Stevenson. One of the local brethren helped for the first time in open-air preaching in the town of Maxcanu. Brother Stevenson also followed up on contacts in Progreso and Merida.


Bridgetown, Donegal: The assembly was much encouraged and thankful to God for the ministry of the Word given early in August. A large number attended on Saturday, many of whom remained for the Lord’s Day and for the ministry on 1 Peter by Sandy Higgins, which continued through Thursday. Particularly heartening was the large number of young people who attended, and who also helped with tract distribution in the towns of Ballybofey and Stranorlar. Next year, the meetings are scheduled for August 1-6, in the will of the Lord.


Sudbury, ON

The conference previously listed for December 13-14, 2014 has been cancelled.

Brandon, MB

October 13 (Canadian Thanksgiving), in the Brandon Gospel Hall. Bible Reading: 10am (1Timothy 2), Ministry: 1:30 – 5:30pm. There is no evening meeting. Tel: 204 726-1509.

La Crosse, WI

October 25-26, with Prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30pm in the Gospel Hall, 1928 George Street. All other meetings in the Logan High School, 1500 Ranger Drive, La Crosse, WI. Saturday: 10am, 2pm and 6pm. Lunch and supper will be served. Lord’s Day: Devotional Ministry 9:15am, Lord’s Supper 10:30am, Lunch, Ministry 2pm. There will be a children’s meeting each day at 1pm. Accom: David Hardie, Tel: 608 783-4067, E-mail: daveloishardie@gmail.com; or Cal Erickson, Tel: 608 790-7724; E-mail: cberickso@hotmail.com.

Wallaceburg, ON

October 26, in the Wallaceburg Gospel Hall, 121 Gillard St. Tel: 519 627-7637. Saturday: Prayer 7:30pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10:30am, SS 1:15pm, Ministry 2:30pm, Testimony/Gospel 6:30pm. Contact: C.A.Workman, Tel: 519 627-8743, Email: clworkman@kent.net.

Alpena, AR

November 1-2, in the Alpena Gospel Hall, 401 Lane Street. Saturday: Bible Reading 1pm (Hebrews 9), Ministry 2:30pm, Gospel 7pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am, Sunday School 11:30am, Ministry 1:30pm. For information or accommodations: Fred Stevenson, Tel: 573 201-1282, E-mail: fstev153@embarqmail.com; or Tim Trowbridge, Tel: 870 423-8484.

London, ON

November 1-2, in the Gospel Hall, 1196 Highbury Ave. Friday: Prayer Meeting 8pm. Saturday: Ministry 10am, 2pm, and 7pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Ministry 2:30pm, Gospel 7pm. Corr: Philip Lampkin, 98 Moraine Court, London, ON, N6G 4Z1; Tel: 519 472-8747; E-mail: felipe524@execulink.com; Hall: 519 451-8233.

Newington, CT

November 1-2. First meeting for ministry at 2pm on Saturday. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:45am. Brethren walking in and teaching the “old paths” are welcomed to minister as the Lord leads. Corr: Matthew J. Brescia, 81 Cobblestone Way, Windsor, CT 06095. Tel: 860 688-2388. Gospel Hall: 860 666-4342.

Saskatoon, SK

November 1-2, in the Lawson Heights Gospel Hall, 131 La Ronge Road, with Prayer and Ministry on Friday, October 31, at 7:30pm. Saturday: Ministry 10:30am and 1:30pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Ministry 11:15am and 1:30pm, Gospel 7pm. Inquiries: Murray Buckingham, Tel: 306 477-9117, E-mail: buckinghamms@sasktel.net; Hall: 306 249-5044.

Blues Mills, NS

November 8-9, in the Gospel Hall, 34 Mountain Rd. Saturday: Ministry 2pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Corr: John Bain, Tel: 902 625-2409, E-mail: john@thegospel.ca. See www.thegospel.ca.

Bryn Mawr/Hatboro, PA

November 7-9 , with Prayer meeting on Friday, November 7 at 7:30pm at Hatboro Gospel Hall, 23 W. Moreland Ave., Hatboro. Other meetings at the Colonial Elementary School, 230 Flourtown Road, Plymouth Meeting, PA, one mile east of the intersection of routes 476 and 276 (Norristown exit of the PA Turnpike or exit 19 from route 476); take Germantown Pike East; turn left on Colonial Road just beyond the Plymouth Whitemarsh High School. Saturday: Ministry 10:30am and 2pm, Gospel 6pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10am, Sunday school 11:45am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 6pm. Brethren expected are Jack Hay, Jon Procopio, Timothy Sloane, Frank Sona and Stanley Wells. Accom: Alan Oliver, Tel: 610 399-3199; E-mail: ado535@juno.com; or Jack Coleman, Tel: 215 675-7253; E-mail: JackColeman125@aol.com.

Oil Springs, ON

November 8-9, with Prayer meeting, Friday, November 7 at 7:30pm in the Gospel Hall on Victoria St. All other meetings in the Youth Center, cor. Hwy. 21 and Victoria St. Saturday: Ministry 10:30am, Bible Reading 1pm (1 Thess. 5), Ministry 2:30pm, Testimony/Gospel 6pm. Lords Day: Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Sunday School 1pm, Ministry 2:30pm, Gospel 7pm (Gospel Hall). Corr: Arthur Whitton, RR3 Oil Springs, ON, N0N 1P0; Tel: 519 882-1686.

Oshawa, ON

November 8, in the Gospel Hall, 150 Albert St. Oshawa. Ministry at 2pm and 7pm, with supper served between. Corr: Ken Nicholson, Tel: 905 579-7540, E-mail: kencnicholson@live.com.

Brampton, ON

November 15. Friday, November 14: Prayer 7:30pm in the Gospel Hall, 6 Beech St. All meetings on Saturday starting at 10am will be at the Brampton Fairgrounds, Junior Farmers Hall, 12942 Heart Lake Road, Caledon. Lord’s Day: Ministry at the Gospel Hall. Invited speakers: William Banks (Scotland), Jim Jarvis, Frank Sona and Dan Shutt. Corr: John Selesnic, 18 Dorchester Dr., Brampton, ON, L6T 3C6; Tel: 905 793-5450; E-mail: john.mar.slsnc@sympatico.ca.

Maberly, ON

November 29, at Wheeler’s Pancake House and Sugar Camp. Directions: Hwy 7 to Maberly; take Maberly-Elphin Rd. north to McDonald’s Corners, turn right and follow the signs to Wheeler’s Pancake House. Meetings are at 2pm and 7pm. Lord’s Day (at Gospel Hall): Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Sunday School 11:15am, Ministry after lunch. Corr: Gordon McLeod, Tel: 613 268-2616.

Conferences Previously Published:

Clinton, ON – October 4-5

Manchester, IA – October 4-5

Roseisle, MB – October 3-5

Sussex, NB – October 4-5

Brandon, MB – October 13

Cape Breton, NS – October 11-12

Paradise Valley, AB/Mervin, SK – October 11-12

St. Thomas, ON – October 11-12

Vancouver, BC – October 11-13

Blue River, WI – October 17-19

Edmonton, AB – October 17-19

L’Anse au Loup, LB – October 17-19

Lindsay, ON – October 19

Terryville, CT – October 17-19

Livonia, MI – October 25-26

Change of Address

Bert Snippe: E-mail address is bandmsnippe@gmail.com.


Hazel C. Moose of Indiana, PA, on May 11, age 93. Our dear sister and husband, Glenn (deceased 1999), were mainstays in the assembly here. She was saved as a girl of 12 when Albert Klabunda and Robert Crawford had gospel meetings in a rented schoolhouse near her parent’s summer farm. A number in her family were saved at that time, left the Presbyterian church, and bolstered the fellowship of the assembly, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012. She was a humble and gracious sister, and dearly loved by all who knew her. She was a woman who knew her Bible amazingly well, not only reading it, but studying it every day. In her later months, she required painful eye injections just to preserve what sight she had left. She was loved by a very large family, including 11 great-grandchildren. Until she suffered a stroke, being at the meetings of the assembly was her priority. The large funeral was taken by her two sons, David and Dennis Moose, grandson Brian Parks, and her son-in-law Lindsay Parks, with an excellent word of comfort at the grave by Bill Seale, Jr. Testimony to her godly life and amazing Christian faithfulness was declared, as well as a clear call in the gospel. She will be greatly missed by the small assembly.

Mr. Donald Ramsay of Charlottetown, PE, on June 19, age 100. Donald was predeceased by his wife, Eva, in 1980. He is survived by four daughters and three sons, 14 grandchildren, and 20 great-grandchildren, many of whom are saved and in assembly fellowship. Donald was saved on January 28, 1928 at the age of 14. For many years he was a well-respected elder in the Charlottetown assembly. His consistent, godly walk was an encouragement to all. In the early years, when the weather was too poor to travel, Donald and Eva walked several miles from their home in North River to the hall in Charlottetown, carrying the emblems for the Breaking of Bread. The early beginnings of assembly work on PEI can be traced to Donald’s parents, Gordon and Victoria Ramsay, who in 1932 became exercised about starting gospel work on PEI. They invited brethren Hugh Thorpe and Joe Pearson to come for a few weeks of gospel meetings. The doors opened, and soon Russell Harris, John Spreeman, Herb Harris, and Albert Joyce came to preach. Over the next few years, a great number were saved and baptized. The first local assembly was planted in Crapaud in 1934, and Donald was among the group that met that first Lord’s Day. In 1941, the assembly in Charlottetown was planted. That same year, Donald and Eva moved to the west coast of Canada, but out of a care and concern for the small, new assembly at home in Charlottetown, they returned after only a few months. Donald’s interest and care for the assembly continued to the end of his life, and he will be sadly missed. The funeral service was taken by Robert McIlwaine, with a eulogy given by his son, Donald. Doug MacLeod spoke a brief word at the graveside.

Ina Lampkin of Ottawa, ON, on August 4, age 92. Ina was born in Simcoe, ON on December 6, 1921 and born again in Ottawa on August 4, 1967. Her husband, Paul, predeceased her in 2000. She continued, faithful to the assembly meetings, until ill health hindered her from attending. She was a woman of prayer, and prayed daily for the assembly, her family and friends. A funeral service was held in Ottawa on August 20, with Murray McLeod, Doug Patten and Stephen Mereu taking part. There was also a service in Simcoe taken by her son Philip, Doug Patten and her grandson, Joshua Lampkin. Stephen Rodgers spoke at the graveside. She leaves to mourn her two sons, Philip and Kevin, and their families, some of whom are not saved.

Mr. Marvin Underhill of Straffordville, ON, on August 23, age 85. Marvin was saved as a young man during gospel meetings held by Harold Wagler. His saved wife, Margaret, encouraged him to attend, along with an aunt who wanted to hear the gospel. Attending regularly, he came to understand his need and trusted Christ. Thus began Marvin’s lifelong interest in seeing others won, and he was very active in children’s work, gospel meetings and tract distribution. In earlier years, he was diligent in placing Gospel Text Mission signs on barns, fences, and highways all over Ontario of which hundreds remain to this day. Over the last nine years, Marvin framed approximately 90,000 beautiful gospel texts, many in French, Spanish and German, which have been distributed widely. He was the mainstay in the assembly for many years, and was able to worship and continue his service until almost the very end. Marvin was loved in the assembly and will be greatly missed. Please pray for his wife and five remaining children, as well as grandchildren and great-grandchildren, many of whom are still not saved. The funeral was officiated by Dave Patten, and the graveside service was taken by Jim Bergsma.