Editorial: Only

The need is overwhelming. We think of the need in the gospel with souls all around us perishing; the need of assemblies in weakness, many struggling to maintain testimony for God; the need of families which are being battered by the norms of society and all its social ills; the financial needs of the work of God and of those who serve Him; and even our own personal spiritual needs. The needs are tremendous and our own resources are so limited and feeble.

Faced with the immensity of the need, our tendency is to think we need a great demonstration of God’s power and resources. Our prayers, at times, reflect something of this mind set. Yet, consider how “little” of Him we actually need.

Only a Crumb from His Storehouse: The Potential of His Power –  Matthew 15:27

The theme of bread can be found throughout the chapter, moving from the hands which eat it, to the crumbs which fall from the Master’s table, and then enough to feed 7,000 at the end. The woman of Canaan, realizing she deserved nothing, was content with only the crumbs. Yet, she realized that crumbs from His table would be enough to meet the need. Just a crumb of His power could banish the oppression of her daughter.

Only a Word from His Lips: The Wonder of His Word – Matthew 8:8

The centurion, who commanded Rome’s military might, asked for only a word from the lips of the Lord Jesus. He recognized the authority behind His words. He realized, as well, the ability which those words carried with them. The commands of Rome not only carried Rome’s authority, but all the might of the legions of the Roman army. All of heaven’s authority and power were linked with the words of this Blessed Man. “Speak the word only” was all that was needed.

Only the Touch of His Hand: The Tenderness of His Touch – Matthew 9:18

The need could not have been greater nor the occasion more of an emergency. The little girl was at the point of death. Her father pleaded for just a touch from His hand. His touch is unique. It raises the dead and it restores to life. His touch releases from the grip of sin as well as the guilt of sin. The faith of a father called for just a touch.

Only the Hem of His Garment: The Greatness of His Grace –  Matthew 14:36

“And they besought Him that they might only touch the hem of His garment.” There was grace to all, for we read that as many as touched were made whole. There was grace sufficient for every disease which was present. This grace was effective for we read that they were made perfectly whole! No one left disappointed, infirm, or recovering. They were perfectly whole!

He has the ability to meet every need: the hunger of the human soul, the hurt of heavy hearts, the harvest of waiting souls, and the hindrances which impede us. Only a crumb, a touch, a word, or the hem of His garment is all we need. He is a great God!