British Columbia

Vancouver: Craig Saword (El Salvador) gave appreciated reports of the Lord’s work during visits to the West Richmond, Fairview, Fleetwood, South Burnaby, and Abbotsford assemblies in November.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Gander: A four-week gospel series with Jon Procopio and John Meekin concluded November 23. It was very encouraging with one young woman professing salvation just before the series ended. There were over 40 contacts out, a number of them for the first time, as well as some of the believers’ grown children. Several meetings had 60-70 people in attendance. The assembly held suppers just before the gospel meeting on three Sundays during the series.

L’Anse au Loup: Jim Jarvis visited here on November 18 and shared in a combined gospel meeting in English Point before going on to Goose Bay for a couple of weeks. From October 18-31, Bryan and Elizabeth Funston visited the assemblies in Sandringham (Eastport Peninsula), Gander, Fogo Island, and Gander Bay. In each place they had a number of good visits and were able to give out “What the Bible Teaches” studies to some interested contacts. The assemblies on the west coast of Newfoundland (Corner Brook, McIvers, Rocky Harbour, Parsons Pond, and Flowers Cove) appreciated very much the visits and ministry of Gaius Goff and Noel Burden this fall.


Lorne Langfeld, who has extensive experience in gospel outreach at fairs in Ontario over many years, has kindly submitted this information for the encouragement of others who may find similar opportunities in other areas. These efforts are often not linked with one particular assembly, but are supported by assembly believers with a view to speaking about the gospel and the importance of the Word of God and obedience to it, to people they would not normally have contact with, and also with people who identify themselves as believers. Not to be overlooked is the opportunity to work with believers to strengthen and encourage them to serve God according to their gift and ability.

“The work at various events actually starts in April with a gospel booth at three home shows. In June we have a booth at an automotive flea market where we have texts printed with pictures of old cars and hot rods with a gospel verse on them. We have a couple of new ones each year so that regular attendees and vendors come looking to see what is new. Later in August, we start a busy time with six events in as many weeks. After that, I usually have time for a series of children’s meetings before the last home show in October. Most of these events are four or five days. Each event has a different quality to it and we use a different display. At the International Plowing Match we have help from a number of retired couples, from various assemblies, who are exercised to come each year for a wonderful time of working together in gospel outreach.

In general, the fall fairs attract a wide age group, including young people coming for the midway rides. The people who come to home shows are mostly young families; older people also come with a curiosity to see what is new or different for the home or farm. There is usually a little better response from this group of people. We never know to whom we will have the opportunity to speak about our Lord Jesus Christ. Whatever the event may be, it presents an opportunity to reach out with the great gospel message to a needy society. Please pray for this continuing work.”

Some of the locations for gospel booths are at Massey, Perth (Maberly Gospel Hall), Barrie Auto Flea Market (twice per year), Niagara Regional Exhibition (Welland Gospel Hall), International Plowing Match, Woodstock Woodshow, Cottage Fest, Lindsay Home Show (twice per year), Earlton Farm Show (Earlton Gospel Hall), and Peterborough Home Show. Other assemblies working at fairs include most of the Toronto assemblies at the Royal Winter Fair, Ottawa, Unionville, Milton, Cambridge, Kitchener, Valens, Clinton, Collingwood, Orillia, Deer Lake, Kapuskasing, Englehart, Earlton, and Barrie. This may not be a complete list, and other events are being considered.

Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown: The assembly was encouraged with a gospel series with Marvin Derksen and Peter Ramsay from November 4-December 2 with blessing in salvation. A community supper was held on two Sunday evenings prior to the gospel meeting that saw over forty visitors in on each occasion.



Alpena: The assembly is very thankful for the help given during the annual Bible reading in November by William Lavery, Larry Perkins, Paul Thiessen, Gary Toombs, Alan (Leroy) Scott, and local servants, Harrys Rodriguez and Jerry Jennings. It was a time of profitable ministry, and a warm note of thanks is extended to all who attended and gave support. A short visit by Gaius Goff the following weekend was also appreciated when he gave valuable help in both Alpena and Springdale.


Montebello: The East Los Angeles assembly is happy to announce the formation of a third Spanish speaking assembly in the Los Angeles area, meeting in the Montebello Gospel Hall (La Sala Evangelica de Montebello). After five years of ministry, gospel preaching, and much prayer, about 30 brothers and sisters in the new fellowship will celebrate their inauguration with a fellowship meeting January 13, 2013 at 3pm at 111 W. Beverly Blvd, Montebello, CA. All are invited. Please pray for these new brethren in the Lord. More have been recently saved and baptisms are expected in the near future. For further information, contact Angel Salazar, Tel: 323 374-7608; or John (Lopez) Thropay, Tel: 213 819-0070.


Terryville: The assembly appreciated recent visits by Paul Barnhardt for the Lord’s Day, as well as James Smith for a night of ministry.


Manchester: The assembly was encouraged by six weeks of Monday evening children’s meetings held here in the Gospel Hall by younger brethren. A nice number were out, some coming to Sunday school and gospel meeting. The brethren gave very clear gospel messages.


Saugus: The assembly was pleased to have visits from Alan Davidson, Dan Shutt, and Gene Higgins for ministry and gospel. They were also encouraged by the attendance at their conference, perhaps one of the largest. Brethren Cain, Derksen, McCandless, McClelland, Perkins, Petterson, Procopio, Shutt, Smith, and Thibodeau gave profitable ministry to challenge and exercise hearts. The gospel was faithfully presented in the meetings and in the Sunday school.

Worcester: In November, the saints appreciated three nights of gospel meetings with Larry Buote, and were also encouraged by a visit from Alan Davidson.


Saginaw: William Metcalf and Robert Orr gave excellent ministry and searching gospel messages at the bimonthly ministry meeting on December 2; the meeting was well-attended by saints from four surrounding assemblies. Brother Orr continued with a week of ministry in Saginaw and Cass City assemblies on the “I AM’s” in John’s Gospel.


Kansas City: Robert Orr gave the saints four nights, including a Lord’s Day, of encouraging ministry from 2 Peter.


Bryn Mawr/Hatboro: The 2012 conference was held November 16-18 with good attendance, especially by believers from nearby assemblies. The Lord was pleased to give help in ministry and gospel by John Dennison, Tom Hoy, Albert Hull, Lindsay Parks, and Dan Shutt. The ministry at the Saturday meetings focused on the significance and relevance of the Word of God, with valued teaching and searching practical application. The gospel was preached in earnest with some in to hear, including a number of believer’s children.


Marysville: Bryan Joyce and Kyle Wilson will be having gospel meetings beginning January 6, 2013. Several young people from the Bible Hour will be attending. Pray that souls will be saved.


Cancun: A distribution of 30,000 texts is planned for the end of December, to be followed by gospel meetings in a tent. A number of believers from Canada and the USA hope to help in the distribution. Please pray that God will bless this new work.

Chihuahua: Alejandro Trias (Venezuela) is giving help in ministry in the assembly here. His wife, Dr. Dorothy Trias, helped by her sister Brenda Griffin, plans to have a dental clinic for two days as a means to reach out to the community with the gospel. While these believers are visiting from Venezuela, the plan is to deliver 4,000 texts in Cuauhtemoc, a city located about 100 km west of Chihuahua, an area where there are about 50,000 Mennonites.

Ciudad del Carmen: The passing of an 8 year old Sunday school boy and a 60 year old believer afforded the assembly the opportunity to host two funerals in the hall, enabling many to hear the gospel that otherwise would not likely attend the meetings.

Coscomatepec: Following up on a man reached with the gospel in Crediton, Ontario, Angel Baez (Veracruz) is making monthly visits here, a two-hour drive away from Veracruz.

Cotaxtla: The meetings here, an hour’s drive from the port of Veracruz, continue to be well attended as believers anticipate the joy of seeing an assembly established soon, D.V.

El Barril: Paul Thiessen had a week of helpful ministry on the book of James. The attendance was excellent with a number of unsaved out each night, several of them men.

Emiliano Zapata: Brother Isidro Avila was called home to heaven very soon after he was diagnosed with cancer. He was one of the two baptized men in this new work.

Guasave: A woman drives up to 40 kilometers to come here to listen to the gospel preached when brethren Shad Kember, Marcus Cain, and others are able to visit. A 94 year old man asked these brethren for literature to read in his home.

Iguala: Shad Kember and Andrew Zuidema (Midland Park) made another one-week visit here, preaching the gospel and confirming the faith of new believers.

Mazatlan: Following up on their interest and attendance at the Tepic conference, two couples appreciated a visit from one of the missionary couples. As well as spending several hours answering Biblical questions, they were also able to preach the gospel.

San Francisco: Four well-attended ministry meetings on “The Figurative Days in Scripture” were held here. This is a town along the Tepic-Puerto Vallarta road where there is a nice number of baptized believers.

San Juan: John Dennison had an excellent and a well-attended week of ministry meetings on the epistle to Titus.

San Luis Rio Colorado: John Dennison and his family visited here on November 11 to witness the baptism of three believers. Please pray for a city-wide Seed Sower effort here at the end of December, to be followed by a series of gospel meetings.

Tepic: Local believers worked very hard to host the annual conference on November 17-18. God honored their exercise. Marcos Sauceda, of the East Los Angeles assembly in California rented a bus in Mazatlan and brought 27 relatives and contacts from El Guamuchil, Culiacan, and Mazatlan, all in the state of Sinaloa. James Dyck, Chucho Gomez (Zamora), Shad Kember, Jesse Klein, Moses Roseyon (Puerto Vallarta), Timothy Stevenson, Paul Thiessen, and Jason Wahls helped in the ministry and gospel meetings. Paco Roseyon (Puerto Vallarta) spoke to the Sunday School.

Veracruz: John Nesbitt had two weeks of gospel meetings in this port city, helped by Chucho Gomez (Zamora) and Brian Array (Texas). Over 5,000 invitations were delivered in the area and there was excellent attendance, with one man professing faith in Christ.


Arlington, WA

February 16-17, Youth Conference. Saturday: Breakfast 8:45am, Ministry 10am and 1:30pm. Lord’s Day: Breakfast 8:15am, Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Ministry 11:30am and 1:30pm, Gospel 4pm, Evening Hymn Sing. Lunch and Supper will be served both days. Peter Ramsay and John Dennison are expected. Friday and Saturday evening activity will be at the home of Jim and Bev Klein. For further information, contact Jim Klein at kleinklan123@hotmail.com.

Jackson, MI

February 15-17, in the Jackson Gospel Hall, 910 Bennett Street, with Prayer Meeting on Friday, February 15 at 7pm. Saturday: Prayer and Ministry 10am and 2pm.  Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Sunday school 11:30am, Prayer and Ministry at 2pm. Several brethren have responsibility for the conference ministry meetings. Accom: Jason Wielenga, Tel: 519 917-0282; E-mail: jandtwielenga@gmail.com.  Corr: R. Douglas Losey, Tel: 517 787-9169; E-mail: rdlosey@juno.com.

San Diego, Ca

February 16-17, in the Gospel Hall, 4646 Twain Ave., with Prayer Meeting on Friday, February 15 at 7:30pm. Saturday: Bible Reading 10am (Rom 8:1 – 27), Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Corr: Wm. Smith; Tel: 619-582-2109.

Conference Reminders:

Pennsauken, NJ – January 5-6

Phoenix, AZ – January 26-27

DeLand, FL – February 1-3

Change of Address

Brian Owen: New E-mail address is brianeowen@gmail.com.

Change of Correspondent

St. Thomas, ON: John McCandless, RR#1 Port Stanley, Ontario N5L1J1. Tel: 519 769- 2119; E-mail: johnmccandless1@gmail.com.


Dorcas Dyck of the First Street assembly in Portage la Prairie, MB, on October 19, 2012, in her 90th year. Saved as a teenager, Dorcas was a quiet, consistent sister, well named as she was noted for her “alms-deeds” and the “coats and garments that Dorcas made” (Acts 10:39). She was predeceased by her husband about a year ago. She leaves a family of five, with several grandchildren for whom prayer is requested. The funeral was ably taken by Henry Dyck (not related), with David Vanstone at the graveside.

Donald L. LeCureux of Saginaw, MI, on October 29, 2012, age 90, following a brief illness. Our esteemed brother was saved early in life and commenced a lifetime of devotion to the Lord. Following military service in WWII, Don was associated with the assembly in Saginaw and was correspondent for over 40 years. In later years, he and his wife Lavon wintered in Florida and gathered with the saints in Deland. He was a worthy brother, an able teacher, and a devoted supporter of the gospel. His steady and godly influence in the assembly was a testimony to family, friends, and fellow saints. Jim Smith gave a clear gospel message at his funeral; also sharing in the funeral service were Jon Nicol and Bob Dennison. Don is survived by his wife of 68 years, Lavon (Mason), two sons, and five grandchildren. His place, prayers, and spiritual guidance in the assembly will be greatly missed.

Lillian Taylor of Taylorside, SK, on October 31, 2012, age 93. Saved in her teens, she moved from Bjorkdale to Arborfield for a couple of years where she was baptized and received into assembly fellowship. She then moved to the Taylorside district where she remained in happy fellowship for the rest of her life. On August 27, 1941, she married Myrven Taylor and they enjoyed 71 years together. Prayer would be valued for her husband, Myrven, four sons, and their families. Her son, Bernard (Bunny), and her great-great nephew, Riley Taylor, spoke faithful words at her funeral.

Vernon Rodgers of Port Sydney, ON, on November 16, 2012, age 88. Although raised in a godly Christian home, he was not saved until the age of 21 through the witness of a young Christian lady, Doris Wood, who later became his beloved wife for 55 years.  He was a faithful overseer in the Charlton assembly for many years until they retired from farming and moved to North Bay, ON. For a number of years they helped in numerous hall-building projects, as well as making Scripture texts and calendars for the work in Chile. Two years after his wife’s home-call in 2002, he relocated to a Christian retirement home in Port Sydney and was associated with the Huntsville assembly until he was called home to his eternal rest. Sons and grandsons shared in the funeral service, attesting to the blessing of a spiritual legacy of faith and faithfulness. A nephew, Murray Pratt, conducted the committal service.

Hazel Walvatne of West Union, IA, on December 2, 2012, age 85. She was saved in October of 1952 and later received into the fellowship of the West Union assembly. She was a beloved sister in the Lord who faithfully attended all the meetings. She was the next to the last surviving sibling of the large Walvatne family which has made its mark for God both in the community as well as the assembly. “The memory of the just is blessed.” Russ Nesbit took the funeral service. 

Gospel Trust Canada – New Website

Gospel Trust Canada (GTC) is pleased to announce the launch of our new website to enhance donor awareness of the Lord’s work at home and abroad, streamline the donation process, and to facilitate access to information for the Lord’s servants.  At the time this article was written, the launch date was scheduled for December 1st, 2012. Lord willing, we trust that the new site has been operating successfully now for several weeks.

We will explain in more detail why we have developed this new website.  As mentioned, we believe it will benefit the Lord’s people, the Lord’s workers, and GTC. Donors can enjoy a world map application designed to locate workers and easily navigate to pictures, profile information, and a convenient online donation page accepting PayPal and major credit cards. Workers can keep donors current by updating their own pictures, profiles, and work information. GTC can self-maintain this new site which will keep donors and workers current with real-time information and reduce the cost of on-going website development. We believe this website can become a valuable electronic bulletin board designed to educate believers about the Lord’s workers and their labors around the world and provide a convenient way to financially assist them.

The exercise of believers to be workers together and send fellowship to the Lord’s work at home and abroad is sometimes neglected for a number of reasons. We may be unaware of certain workers and what they are doing. We may forget those who are not visible due to age, sickness, location, etc. We may be exercised with good intentions but because of the effort of mailing a check, we don’t always get around to it. Our future generation of donors don’t have check books and don’t use “snail mail.” The site was designed to address these issues by providing information about the Lord’s workers in a single online location with the ability to conveniently send fellowship via PayPal or credit card.  GTC will absorb all PayPal and credit card fees so 100% of online donations go directly to the worker. We will continue to accept fellowship sent in by check via postal service.

We invite all believers to visit the new website at www.gospeltrust.ca. We welcome your feedback using the “Contact Us” feature on the site or by sending an email to info@gospeltrust.ca.  We would value your prayers that the Lord will use this site to help further His work and bring glory to His Name.

Yours in His Service, Gospel Trust Canada