Editorial: T&T Year End

End of year editorials are normally devoted to thanks and appreciation to the readership and to those who have contributed throughout the year to the publication of a periodical. In the case of Truth & Tidings, there are many whose names do not appear on the masthead or in print, who are vital to the magazine you hold in your hands.

Philip Rockey does an excellent and dependable job in finalizing the format and getting it to the printers on time each month. He patiently works with a handicap known as an editor, yet never displays frustration or annoyance. His grace is a display of the Spirit of God’s work in a soul. Rita Dennison and Joanne Rockey aid in the painstaking work of proofreading. Their devotion to detail and carefulness is reflected in the quality of what is printed. Don Draper helps with graphics and patiently puts up with his editor’s comments about them being too dark or light, too big or too small.

Paul and Tal Wielenga are worthy of special note as they sacrifice time and schedules to be sure the magazines are mailed out promptly; they attend as well to a myriad of other governmental details concerning the magazine. Holidays and other family plans are all scheduled around the mailing of the magazine. Their help is invaluable and it is not an exaggeration to say that without them, there would be no magazine.

Several thousand miles away, Simon and Katherine Brown handle the UK subscriptions for us in a timely and accurate manner. Their integrity and care in handling funds and subscriptions is deeply valued.

Names which are more familiar include that of Paul Glenney who, with his wife Linda, devotes many hours to compiling and updating subscriptions, and managing the finances of Truth & Tidings. Phil Broadhead compiles the tidings each month and also helps in soliciting missionary articles. Board members John Dennison, Marvin Derksen, Bryan Joyce, Albert Hull, Bert Reilly, and Shawn St. Clair all contribute, both by written articles and by wise and helpful advice.

What the above should indicate is that spiritual character and devotion are needed even in producing a magazine. Spiritual people are vital for handling spiritual things. I feel blessed of God to be surrounded by those who have a deep interest in the commitment the magazine has made to “disseminate truth based on the Word of God, and to foster inter-assembly fellowship.”

The coming year will see some changes as well as continuity. We covet the prayers of the Lord’s people for the usefulness of Truth & Tidings.