British Columbia

Vancouver: The Deep Cove, South Main, and West Richmond assemblies hosted the 94th Easter Conference at the end of March. The Lord gave help in ministry and gospel to speakers J. Baker, M. Derksen, J. Gould, B. Joyce, and N. Mellish. The Bible readings on 1 John 3-4 were ably led by J. Baker and were profitable.

New Brunswick

Sussex: Murray McCandless and some local brethren are continuing gospel meetings three nights a week in a rented building in Anagance near Sussex. They have been encouraged to have a good number of visitors in from the locality and to hear of some who have professed.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Corner Brook: The saints appreciated the helpful and encouraging ministry of B. Rodgers on Romans 12 on February 3-8. His ministry was also appreciated in Parsons Pond and McIvers. Andrew Bergsma had a visit in March which was both instructive and encouraging.

Gander: A six-week series of Monday night children’s meetings commenced on April 8.

Gander Bay: The assembly enjoyed encouraging ministry from A. Bergsma March 7-8, and a little insight into the Lord’s work in Manitoba.

L’Anse au Loup: A. Bergsma was in the area for a couple weeks from March 11-26. He gave encouraging ministry in the assemblies along the coast. He spent the weekend of March 17 in L’Anse au Loup and the following Sunday in English Point, with two nights in Red Bay and one night in Charlottetown in between.

Nova Scotia

Clementsvale: The assembly has been encouraged recently with a teenage girl and a woman being received into the fellowship. On March 25, M. Cain and J. McClelland finished five and half weeks of gospel meetings. A good number from the area came in, some with a measure of regularity. The saints were encouraged by two adults professing faith in Christ.


Beachburg: E. Fowler and M. Pratt are thankful for a few new contacts who attended recent gospel meetings here. One couple continue to attend the regular Sunday gospel meeting, and a young woman professed to be saved, having been brought to hear the gospel from about three hours away. In early January, M. Pratt commenced a Monday evening gospel meeting in the senior’s residence across the road from his home. Also, there is a Thursday night gospel meeting in the town of Deep River, one hour west, where a middle-aged man has attended some of these meetings, having expressed a desire to be saved. Your continued prayers are highly valued.

Kapuskasing: The assembly enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship and ministry during their 31st Annual Easter Conference. Ministry and teaching by J. Beattie, B. Crawford, A. Dryburgh, F. Krauss, M. Pratt, B. Rodgers, and K. Taylor were appreciated. The gospel was taken by M. Pratt and B. Crawford. J. Beattie also ministered on the Thursday evening meeting prior to the conference.

Victoria Road: Over the last several months, the saints have been encouraged and blessed by visits from B. Crawford, F. Krauss, B. Owen, E. Miller, L. Langfeld, and B. Snippe. G. Sharpe was expected in April for the monthly young people’s meeting.

Prince Edward Island

Crapaud: The weekly children’s meetings are in progress and will continue until the end of May. The work on the new gospel hall is continuing with varnishing, painting, and finish work being the priorities. The assembly is thankful to God for His provision thus far and look to Him for continued blessing.

Rosebank: The gospel meetings with J. Meekin and B. Thibodeau continued into their tenth week with continued good attendance and more encouraging blessing in salvation. On the Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday prior to the submission of this report, there was a profession of faith each day. Please pray for these newly saved souls that they will be preserved. (A more recent report is that a few others have been reached since.)



Culver City: The conference on March 29-31 was encouraging and helpful. Bibles readings were on the resurrection and ascension of Christ. Ministry and gospel responsibilities fell to Stan Wells, John Fitzpatrick, and A J Higgins.

Los Angeles: On March 22-24, the East Los Angeles, Panorama City, and Montebello assemblies held their yearly Spanish Bible conference in the ELA Gospel Hall. There were 300 in attendance with 200 participating in the Breaking of Bread. The ministry was very profitable and several young people were concerned about salvation. Ministry and gospel were faithfully preached by Marcus Cain, Tony Flett, and Salvador Zurita (Chile). Glen Baker preached to the gospel in English to about 50 children. M. Cain and T. Flett ministered to about 30 teenagers and young adults who preferred the English language on a rotating basis with the Spanish.

San Diego: The assembly enjoyed two weeks of gospel meetings with M. Derksen and another brother in February. It was the first bilingual effort with Spanish in one room and English in another. Good numbers attended and one young man professed to be saved. Two others who professed previously were strengthened.


Manchester: All-day meetings have been very good and thanks to all who have helped in this ministry. J. Smith and G. Sharp had a four-week gospel series with the clear and plain messages going forth nightly. There were 42 out from the community, some several times. The young people and others worked hard to accomplish this, and prayer is that the seed sown will bring forth fruit for His glory and honor.


Ferndale: The assembly appreciated visits from Jim Smith and Jack Nesbitt.

Saginaw: J. Smith and S. Thompson gave excellent ministry and gospel messages at the bimonthly meeting April 7. Brother Smith purposed to continue with gospel meetings in Cass City assembly for the following two weeks.


Tylertown: Jerry Jennings was with the assembly for just over a week in February in gospel and ministry. Attendance was good and one man professed to be saved. The man’s wife had professed shortly before the series began. The couple have asked to be baptized and continue to attend meetings well. Prayer is requested for them and their two young children.


Cleveland: The Ohio assemblies enjoyed the winter ministry meeting on the Epistle of James when Bill Seale gave practical teaching. In January, the meetings were in Monticello, February in Clyde, and March in Mansfield.


Indiana: The assembly suffered devastating loss to the hall in July, 2012, when the sewer lines backed and flooded the basement with almost everything lost. The only choice was to excavate new lines, move both bathrooms upstairs to ensure a dry basement, and completely rebuild and re-stock. We met in homes for three months… The expenses for a small assembly were overwhelming, but we have an awesome God. While the 100th assembly anniversary conference went ahead, the hearts of the Lord’s people were opened to us from the US and Canada – assemblies, trust funds, and individuals – so that fully 80% of our need was met by the generosity of wonderful believers. Two handicapped-accessible bathrooms, a new kitchen, two SS rooms, a study/library/computer/printing room, a large dining area, and code upgrades to a 75-year old building, have all given testimony to the goodness of God. The assembly gratefully thanks all who have helped, given, visited, and prayed. God truly IS faithful, and we proved Him to be so. Pray for us that we will use this for His glory. Gary and Bonnie Sharp will be with us for our VBS and picnic, June 17-22.


Cancun: In early March, six meetings were held on the truth of “The Universal Church.” Please continue to pray for this new work. D. Alves, Jr. tries to keep a schedule of five meetings a week in a rented house, despite the pressing needs of the work on the island of Carmen, some 400 miles away.

Ciudad Obregón: The believers here had a very moving send-off on March 21 for Duncan and Anna Beckett, who have relocated to the city of Iguala, Guerrero, 1000 miles to the south. A visit from Abisai Vieyra was much appreciated by the assembly, during which time God blessed with the salvation of a soul, and a lawyer was helped with the assurance of salvation. Emily McCandless and Sarah Stickfort (Cedar Falls) were also a real encouragement to the assembly, as they spent time visiting believing and unbelieving women.

Coscomatepec: Michael Rogers and Philip Lampkin of Canada came to visit the family of Marcos Heredia in this small town in Veracruz; he was saved in gospel meetings among Latino workers in Ontario in 2008. Angel Baez and Monica, and others from the Veracruz assembly, visit here monthly and it is encouraging to see the interest in the Word of God.

Cotaxtla: After the start of the work here six years ago with the help of Dr. H. Rodríguez, the work continues with good attendance and regular meetings two days weekly with the help of brethren from the Veracruz assembly. Pray that God will continue to guide and that there will be a local church established in this village.

Emeliano Zapata (Xalapa): J. Nesbitt reports that there is good interest in monthly house meetings in the home of Sergio and Elizabeth, and it gives much joy to see God at work

Guasave: On March 27, S. Kember went on a marathon mission 180 miles south from home, leaving at 6 a.m. and returning at 1 a.m. the next day. He visited a town outside of Guasave where eight souls listened to the preaching of the gospel; then he had another gospel meeting in this city where four women heard the good news. He had another meeting at a school where another six souls listened to the gospel. Please pray for the exercise to use the school for a full week of gospel meetings.

Hermosillo:The conference in mid-March focused on the “The Local Assembly,” with D. Beckett, J. Dennison, and S. Kember helping in ministry and gospel. God blessed when three souls professed faith in Christ. Tim Harvey spoke to the children. On the Lord’s Day afternoon there was a special session devoted to the commendation of Abisaí and Carmen Vieyra to full time service in the work of the Lord. Abisaí and Carmen plan to soon relocate to Iguala, Guerrero, and yoke up with Duncan and Anna Beckett in that new work. Please pray for this young couple and their two small children (Keren and Abisaí, Jr.) as they launch out in dependence of God. Marco Sauceda (East LA) had a busload of relatives and friends from the Mazatlan area, 500 miles south of Hermosillo.

Iguala: After displaying the replica of Noah’s Ark in Guadalajara and Zamora, Dave Smith, John Barnhardt (Barrington) and Heriberto Gomez (Zamora) came here. The plan was to remain just two or three days, but due to the need of a major overhaul to the engine of their vehicle, they remained for several weeks. Nevertheless, God worked through them and they had the joy of making several new contacts and to point souls to Christ. Duncan and Anna Beckett have arrived safely, and look forward to soon consolidating the various house meetings into one rented venue.

Merida: Timothy and Jenna Stevenson canvassed the area around their home with hundreds of tracts and invitations. This is a large city of a million souls, with rich Mayan Indian history predating the arrival of the Spaniards. At the time of writing, Timothy is in the third week of gospel meetings. A few neighbors have come in to listen, but our brother and sister have felt the loneliness of pioneer work, as some nights only the two of them were present. Please pray that God will encourage them as they sow with tears.

Reynosa: R. Vanstone and R. Sawatsky, and others, continue to labor among Spanish speaking people here and in Pharr (McAllen) and Brownsville, TX, 60 miles east of Reynosa. Please pray as well for their physical safety, as recently they found themselves at almost the time and place of a terrible shootout that took place.

San Luis Rio Colorado: The new assembly here enjoyed ministry in late March, on Church truths for three nights. Abisai Vieyra and family were a joy to have also. Local brethren are active in the preaching of the gospel in rehab centers as well.

Veracruz: The assembly had the joy of receiving a sister into fellowship in February, and continues with regular gospel meetings three times a week with several people attending for the first time, including a couple. The assembly is praying for wisdom and guidance for building a hall on property recently found two blocks from the current location.

Zamora: The Easter Conference was a blessing to some 250 believers that attended from as far as El Barril, Veracruz, and Mexico City. J. Dyck, J. Nesbitt, P. Thiessen, J. Thropay, and J. Wahls shared in the teaching and preaching of God’s Word. The Bible reading dealt with “Sound Doctrine.” Ten local believers obeyed the Lord in baptism.

Zapopan: J. Seed is very encouraged with a gospel outreach work on the south side of Guadalajara. Several new contacts have been made, and some are showing great interest.

Republic of Ireland

Longford: S. Patterson was with the assembly for one week of gospel meetings in February when there was a good local response to the invitations. While visiting the homes in the area, he got many opportunities to share the gospel and pray with some aged friends that are no longer able to attend meetings. S. Gilfillan was with the assembly at the end of March for the monthly children’s meeting and continued for two nights in the gospel. The children’s work continues to prosper with the children learning of the Miracles of Jesus as a home study each month. Pray for these young people that they will be preserved from the world.

Dublin: The third monthly Saturday afternoon Gospel meeting was held in March in the Rathmines Gospel Hall and was well attended. D. McAllister preached the message in a simple, heart-warming fashion to children and parents. Please pray for this new gospel effort.


Toronto, ON

May 10-12, Missionary Conference at the Langstaff Gospel Hall, 1350 Langstaff Rd., Thornhill, ON. Expected speakers are J. Hay (Armenia), K. Flett (El Salvador), R. Rangarajan (Nepal), P. Poidevin (Zambia), and M. Penfold (Teaching on missionary-related topics). Meeting times are as follows: Friday: 7:30pm; Saturday: 10am, 1:30 and 7pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am; and 2pm. For more information, contact Harry Clingen at 905-889-1556 or harry@eventuredesign.com , Andrew Ussher, Tel: 905 737-8627, E-mail: andrewussher@rogers.com. Accom: Irving Payne, Tel: 905 773-3822, E-mail: sheryl.p@sympatico.ca. Downloadable flyer available at www.langstaffgospelhall.com.

Cumberland, MD

May 18-19, with Prayer Meeting, Friday, May 17 at 7:30pm in the Cumberland Gospel Hall, 700 E. First St. All other meetings at South Penn Elementary School, 500 E. Second St. Saturday: First meeting 10am. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am. Accommodations, directions, or local hotel numbers for those wishing to make their own arrangements, contact: Harold Harrison, Tel: 301 689-2432; or Tim Harrison, Tel: 301 689-0152, E-mail: sonnyh60@aol.com.

Hickory, NC

May 24-26, in the Gospel Hall, 253 17th Ave NE. Friday: Prayer/Ministry 7:30pm; Saturday: First meeting at 10:30am, Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:30am. Meals will be served between meetings. For information or accommodations: Philip Moore, Tel: 828 238-1520, E-mail: pemchile@charter.net.

Sarnia, ON

May 24- 26, in the Sarnia Gospel Hall. Speakers expected are L. Craig, J. Meekin, P. Ramsay, D. Shutt, and S. Vance. Further details can be obtained at www.sarniagospelhall.com, or contact John Prins. E-Mail: prinsj@sofsurfaces.com.

Garnavillo, IA

June 8-9, with Prayer Meeting on June 7 at 7pm. All meetings will be held in the school gymnasium. Saturday: Ministry starting at 10am, Gospel 6:30pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 4:50pm. Invited speakers are G. Goff and S. Wells. Corr: John Kregel, Tel: 563 880-0520, or E-mail: j_kregel@yahoo.com.

North Bay, ON

June 8-9, in Nipissing Junction Gospel Hall, 1340 Lakeshore Drive. Friday, June 7: Prayer Meeting 7:30pm. Saturday: Bible Reading 9am (The Church Called Out). Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Bible Reading 11:30am. (Importance: Breaking of Bread Mtg.). Gospel both nights 7 pm. Contact: Glenn Pratt, E-mail: pratt144@hotmail.com, Tel: 705 474-9473. Accom: Terry Hurd, Tel: 705 752-2058, E-mail: terlis@sympatico.ca.

Portage la Prairie, MB (updated details)

June 7-9, with Prayer, Thursday, June 6 at 7:30pm in the First Street Gospel Hall, 102 First Street. All other meetings will be in the William Glesby Centre, 11 2nd Street NE. The conference will continue with three full days of ministry, two Bible readings (1 Peter 5 and 2 Peter 1), missionary reports, gospel, and the Breaking of Bread. General inquiries: Philip Ronald, Tel: 204 857-9339, E-mail: pronald@xplornet.com. Accom: Malcolm Stanley, Tel: 204 857-9074, E-mail: mj@thestanleyshouse.com. The conference is sponsored jointly by the assemblies meeting at First Street Gospel Hall and Fifth Avenue Gospel Hall.

Glen Ewen, SK

June 14-16, with Prayer Meeting, Thursday, June 13 at 7:30pm. Friday: Bible Readings 10:30am and 1:30pm (1 Corinthians 11), Ministry 3:30 and 7pm. Saturday: Ministry 10:30am, 1:45 and 3:45pm, Gospel 7pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Sunday School 1pm, Ministry 2 and 3:45pm, Gospel 7pm. Contact Sidney Griffin Tel: 306 925-2248; or E-mail: sgriffin@sdcwireless.com.

Victoria Road, ON

June 15-16, in the Gospel Hall, with Prayer Meeting on Friday at 7:30pm. Saturday: Breakfast 8:30am, Bible Reading to follow (Holiness – Doctrinal and Practical), Ministry 11am, 2 and 7pm. Lord’s Day: Breakfast 8:30am, Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Corr: Ken Stone, Tel: 705 374-4688; or E-mail: ken-stone@hotmail.com.

Augusta ME

June 22-23, at Gospel Hall, 421 Old Belgrade Road. Prayer Meeting on June 21 at 7:30pm. Expected speakers are Mathew Cain, David Hierlihy, A. J. Higgins (Epistle of Titus), Shawn St Clair (Cuba Report). Corr: Jim Thompson, Tel: 207 512-2636; E-mail: jptbooks@gmail.com.

Corner Brook, NL

June 22-23, with a Prayer on Friday, June 21 at 7:30pm in the G.C. Rowe Junior High School, St. Marks Ave, Corner Brook. Saturday: Ministry 10am, Bible Study 1:30pm, Ministry 3:30pm, Gospel 7pm; Young Peoples’ Sing 8:30pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am, Sunday School 12:45pm, Ministry 2 and 4pm, Gospel 7pm. Bible study subject to be announced. For information: Edward Payne, E-mail: epayne@nf.sympatico.ca. Accom: Roy Foster, Tel: 709 634-5022; or Bernie Payne, Tel: 709 634-1843.

Taylorside, SK

June 21-23, in the Taylorside Gospel Hall, with Prayer Meeting on Thursday, June 20 at 7:30pm. Meetings begin on Friday at 2pm. Corr: John Parker, Tel: 306 752-4079.

Englehart, Kirkland Lake, Charlton, Earlton, ON

June 28-30, in the Englehart High School. Prayer meeting on Friday, June 28 at 7pm (Supper served at 5:30pm in the school). Times of meetings both days are 10am, 2pm and 7pm. Corr: Jeff Taylor (Earlton), Tel: 705 563-8131; or Doug Yade (Kirkland Lake), Tel: 705 567-5951.

Kamloops, BC

June 29-30, with Prayer/Ministry, Friday, June 28 at 7pm. Saturday: Ministry 9am, Bible Reading (Acts 2) 2pm, Ministry 4:15pm, Gospel 7pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Open Sunday school 11:15am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. All meetings in Westsyde Gospel Hall, 849 Wawn Rd. Meals served June 29, 30. Accom: John Eggers, Tel: 250 579-8814, or E-mail: jfeggers@telus.net. Please give advance notice. Schedule and Bible reading outline: www.westsydegospelhall.com.

Conferences Previously Published:

Newmarket, ON – May 5

Ottawa, ON – May 18-19

Prince Edward Island – May 18-19

Byfield, MA – May 25-27

Goodwood, ON – May 25

Welland, ON – May 24-26 (Spanish)

Bancroft, ON – June 1

Burgessville, ON – June 1

Eden Grove, ON – June 2

Saugus, MA – June 1-2

Change of Address of Correspondent

Waukesha Gospel Hall: Cory Peppler, W312 S6570 Willow Springs Dr., Mukwonago, WI 53149. Tel: 262 392-4124 (new); E-mail: mrpeppler@gmail.com.

Change of Meeting Times:

Indiana, PA: Lord’s Supper 9:45-11am, SS/ Bible Study 11:30-12:15pm, Gospel 12:30-1:15pm


Rilla Marie Cottrill of North Bay, ON, went home peacefully to be with her Lord on October 15, 2012 at 78 years of age. She was a kind and courteous sister in Christ, and was loved by all. She gathered for many years with the Lord’s people in the Nipissing Junction assembly. Rilla’s husband, Bev Cottrill, predeceased her on August 6, 2012 after 57 years of happy marriage. They are together again in God’s presence in heaven. The funeral and burial services, with a gospel message, were taken by Clarence Black.

Phyllis L. Burton (Dode) of the Nipissing Junction assembly, North Bay, ON, on January 7, age 85. She was saved by God’s grace on March 16, 1953. She boarded Christian college girls from out of town for a number of years. She was a “mother in Israel” to young Christians and one who loved her Lord. She and her husband Reg were very hospitable in entertaining the Lord’s people. She was a faithful attender of the meetings and a good example to her family. The funeral and burial services with a gospel message were taken by Clarence Black.

Margaret Ann Steffensen of Akron, OH, on February 6, age 82. Our sister was saved as a teenager through John 6:37, baptized, and received into the fellowship of Akron assembly. For 67 years she proved her love and devotion to the Savior. Married to Robert in 1960, they were blessed with a lovely family. Margaret had the joy of seeing her children and grandchildren saved. Robert predeceased her in 2001. In recent years she faced many medical challenges and was unable to attend the meetings, so it was a happy occasion when she was present on the last Lord’s Day of 2012. The funeral was held in the Gospel Hall where David Vallance preached the gospel and spoke words of comfort.

Elmer Jasperson of Barrie, ON, on February 17, in his 94th year. Our dear brother was steadfast, always abounding in the work of the Lord. He was saved in Barrie over 70 years ago when a faithful believer took an interest in him. After being saved, our brother felt convicted of a certain habit, and being told by a Christian that he could pray about it, Elmer was surprised to find he could cast every care upon the Lord. Two days later the habit was gone and he never went back to the world. He was in fellowship at Barrie for over 60 years and was faithful to the Lord and His assembly, even when it was small for many years. He opened his house to the homeless and many times families found shelter while at the same time hearing the gospel. In the last three years, our brother suffered from advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease. After having his dinner on Lord’s Day evening, our brother passed peacefully into his Savior’s presence.

Thomas Flanagan of N. Ireland, on March 2, age 100 years (1913 – 2013), three days after receiving the Queen’s 100th Birthday Greeting. He was saved on January 3, 1927 and shortly afterwards received into the Keady assembly where he remained until his home-call. He was correspondent from 1939 to 1999, and was wholly committed to maintaining the assembly according to the scriptural pattern. He became an ardent Bible student and was an able gospel preacher as well as a minister of the Word. He had the ability to empathize with all ages. For many years he was responsible for opening the assembly Bible-reading and continued doing so until three months before his home-call. On March 30th, 1938 he married Ethel Boston who was also greatly given to hospitality until her home-call in 2007. He is survived by his daughter, Emma, a nurse and wife of T. W. Wright, missionaries to Brazil, his son Thomas, and daughter Ruth. After hospitalization following a heart attack he returned to the home of his daughter, Emma, where he had resided from 2007 and was cared for until his home-call. A large company attended his funeral conducted by David Gilliland and Samuel McBride at the home, and W.J. Nesbitt and John Fleck at the grave.

Mildred A. C. French of Port Sydney, ON, on March 8. She was born on December 15, 1925 in the Port Sydney area and saved at the age of 16. She married the late Bert French in 1945 and they were associated with the Deer Lake assembly. Milly died at a local nursing home with family around her. She considered herself blessed to have such a great family (seven children), but in reality she was a blessing to all around her in this life. A large number attended the funeral service with many unsaved present. Some of the family related memories of her life, and Lorne Langfeld spoke a word in the gospel using verses she had underlined in her Bible.

Richard Orr of Waterloo, IA, on March 8th, age 77. He was born May 21, 1935 and was saved at the age of 15 in meetings conducted by Mr. Patterson in the Waterloo Gospel Hall. Sometime later he was baptized and received into fellowship in the Waterloo assembly where he remained until his home call. He took an active part teaching the Word of God and preaching the gospel. He is survived by his wife Nancy, four children, ten grandchildren, nine great grandchildren, and one brother. He suffered patiently with many medical issues over a 25-year span but always had a smile on his face. Robert Orr gave a warm tribute on behalf of the family. John Orr preached the gospel and Ronald Wessels gave an encouraging word at the graveside. He will be greatly missed by both his family and the assembly.

Joyce E. Cross, of Jackson, MI, on March 12, age 78. Joyce was saved in November, 1951, after the sudden passing of her father. It was through John 14:15, “I lay down my life for the sheep,” during a series of gospel meetings by Norman Crawford and the late Lorne McBain, that she was saved. She was received into the fellowship of the Jackson assembly shortly thereafter where she continued faithfully until her passing peacefully into the presence of the Lord. She is survived by her nephew, Ramsey (Michelle) Cross, as well as a number of cousins, many of whom are in assembly fellowship.

Lois E. Crawford, of Jackson, MI, on March 14, age 83. She was born August 14, 1929 to beloved servant of the Lord, Lorne McBain and his wife Kathleen, in Jackson. She was saved at age 14 and enjoyed the fellowship of the assembly for over 65 years. She married our well-known servant of the Lord, Norman Crawford, on June 24, 1950. Lois cared deeply for the assembly and was faithful in her labors; always there with food, encouragement or anything else she could offer to help meet the needs of others. She consistently displayed the beautiful character of the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31 and was a true helpmeet to her husband throughout his many years of laboring in the gospel and ministry. In her physical trials, she displayed patience, grace, and a spirit of joy, and we trust her testimony in these trials will still result in blessing to others. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her. Praise God that “death and darkness, and the tomb, only whisper, ’till He come.” Please pray for our brother Norman, their son Rodney, his wife Nanette, and granddaughters Lindsay and Meaghan. The gospel was faithfully preached, with A. J. Higgins speaking at the funeral and James N. Smith at the graveside.

Hannah Eva Goosney of Parsons Pond, NL, on March 20, age 94. Mrs. Goosney came to know Christ as her Savior at the age of 41. She was faithful to the Lord for 53 years and to the assembly of God in Parsons Pond since near its beginning. The Lord granted her a lengthy period of good health and soundness of mind. This past fall she suffered a broken left hip; then a few weeks ago she fractured the right hip. She was a fondly loved mother, a fruitful believer, and a faithful sister. She will be missed. The funeral on March 22 was taken by Gaius Goff and Stephen Joyce. She had a large family of children (9), grandchildren (25), great grandchildren (47), and great-great grandchildren (14).