Editorial: In His Own Time

As creatures of time we plan our schedules, filling our iPhone calendars and Blackberries with appointments and time slots. For many of us, the “tyranny of time” is not an abstract concept but an enslaving principle. There are a few creatures, much envied, who walk our globe with absolutely no concern about time. But they are rare and you usually cannot find them when you are looking for them as they have no schedule.

Our concern and adherence to time and schedules has value, fostering productivity and a wise stewardship of time. Unfortunately, however, we transpose that same “schedule” mentality to spiritual things and begin to demand that God work on our timetable. Unanswered prayer leads to frustration. Trials which do not end when we think they ought to end cause doubt and confusion. Events that do not come to fruition at the time we have decided would be most for His glory cause us to wonder if we are merely playing at spirituality. We learn painfully that God’s time is not always our time. Joseph must wait 13 years to begin to see his dream fulfilled; Moses must wait 40 years to see his burden answered.

Paul writing to Timothy reminds him that a day is coming when God will vindicate His Son. The Lord Jesus has waited two millennia, and continues to wait, at God’s right hand. Paul says that God will “in His own times” (1Tim 6:15 Newberry) show Who is the true Potentate and King of kings and Lord of lords.

Heaven had been silent for four centuries when in the fulness of time (Gal 4:4) God sent His Son into the world. Not only was God speaking after 400 years, but He spoke as He had never spoken before. It was worth waiting for!

One day God will again break the silence of centuries and intervene in our world. He will, “in His own time,” bring back His Son and vindicate Him before the eyes of the universe. No longer will it be Pilate as the potentate and Caesar as the king. But His Son will gather to Himself all the titles of royalty and glory, wearing them and affording them new luster and meaning by His person. He will speak again as He has never spoken before. That will be a day worth waiting for, as well!

As your trial, your unanswered prayer, your waiting for God amidst life’s circumstances drag on, He will answer “in His own time.” And it will be well worth waiting for.

God answers “in His own time” and in keeping with His infinite wisdom. Someone has said that even when God is late, He is right on time.