British Columbia

Kamloops: The assembly appreciated a visit by Timothy Sloan to give a touching and interesting report on the work in Ukraine.

Vancouver: The Thanksgiving Conference was a profitable time with a good number visiting from other areas. Brethren who shared in ministry or gospel were Jim Currie, Alan Davidson, David Gilliland, Dave Richards, Timothy Sloan, and Gordon Williams. Brethren Gilliland and Williams led two readings in John’s first epistle. Brethren Davidson and Sloan gave reports of the Lord’s work in Russia and Ukraine. Several of these brethren had ministry meetings and reports in area assemblies before and after the conference.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Gander: The assembly started Monday night children’s meetings at the hall on September 10, and plans to continue for seven weeks. Everyone is encouraged thus far by the largest number of young people to these meetings over the last few years. Gospel meetings are planned with Jon Procopio and John Meekin in October just after the St. John’s conference.

Gander Bay: The assembly was very pleased to have Mr. and Mrs. Gaius Goff spend the Lord’s Day with them and stay for three nights of ministry by brother Goff from the book of Ephesians on spiritual blessings that all Christians have and can enjoy.

L’Anse au Loup: Kevin VanAlstine had a ministry meeting in English Point on September 5, and an afternoon meeting in L’Anse au Loup September 9 on the “Truthfulness & Trustworthiness of the Bible.” Gaius Goff had three nights of ministry in English Point September 26-28 before going on to Charlottetown for the weekend.

Sandringham: The saints enjoyed having Gaius Goff for four days in September. Profitable ministry was given by our brother and the saints were encouraged.

Nova Scotia

Truro: Brody Thibodeau (PE) and Albert Hull had two weeks of gospel meetings in the Truro Recreation Centre from September 17-27. They were encouraged by some who attended a number of nights for the first time. Some also came from a distance with their unsaved families. Pray that the seed sown will produce fruit for eternity.


Brampton: The assembly purposes to have gospel meetings in the hall following the conference, starting November 18 with Bryan Joyce and Andrew Robertson. Please pray that the Lord’s hand may be seen in blessing.

Deseronto: The assembly enjoyed recent visits by E. Badgley, K. Taylor, M. McLeod, T. Kember, and Randy Rodgers (Ottawa). Your prayers would be valued for the saints here.

Hamilton: Bryan Joyce and Marvin Derksen concluded two and one-half weeks of well-attended gospel meetings with the Nash Road assembly with good numbers attending nightly, some for the first time. We continue to pray that the Word sown will bring forth fruit in salvation.

Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown: The believers in Charlottetown would appreciate the prayers of the Lord’s people for gospel meetings scheduled to start Sunday November 4 and continue for the month as the Lord leads with our brethren Marvin Derksen and Peter Ramsay.

Crapaud: The assembly is looking forward to the start of weekly children’s meetings on October 18 in the local Community Centre on Thursday nights, and is thankful for younger Christians who have a real burden for this work. Work continues on the new gospel hall, with the exterior in the final stages and things continuing to progress on the interior. The assembly is praying for the topical conference to be held in Summerside on the weekend of November 3-4 with Sandy Higgins and Shawn St. Clair.



Anchorage: Alex Dryburgh had profitable ministry meetings here in early October. Pray for the outcome of gospel meetings which commenced October 7 with Isaiah Frazier and John Fitzpatrick.


Deckerville: Bill Metcalf came for an appreciated visit on a Lord’s Day in September, and Stu Thompson came for three nights of ministry on John 17 which were well attended by surrounding assemblies.

Saginaw: Jim Smith and Bill Lavery had appreciated visits in September. Andrew Robertson and Dan Shutt  encouraged the saints in ministry and gospel at the bimonthly ministry meeting on October 7. These ministry meetings are supported by surrounding assemblies.

Sherman: In mid-September, the assembly appreciated a four-night visit from Fred Krauss. His ministry was focused on prophetic subjects related to the temple in Jerusalem.

New Jersey

Midland Park: The assembly conducted a vacation Bible school in August and saw a good response with several repeat students from previous years and some new attendees. Frank Sona spoke in the gospel at the Sunday school picnic on August 11.

The assembly held its 71st conference on September 29-30, with Phil Coulson, Shad Kember, David Petterson, and Bill Seale taking part in ministry and gospel. A good number of visitors attended, and many expressed appreciation of the ministry and of the new venue for the conference. Recordings of the messages are available from the assembly website: midlandparkgospelhall.org.

Pennsauken: Phil Coulson was with the assembly Oct 1-3, and in Barrington Oct 4-5 for ministry, tracing Babylon through the Scriptures. His ministry was appreciated and practical.


Crandon: The assembly was encouraged with at least 25 different visitors from the community who attended the recent tent meetings conducted by Jon Procopio and Frank Sona. Some attended more than once. It was the first tent series held by the assembly which commenced last October. Please pray for this area and those associated with the testimony.


Tacoma: The assembly was encouraged by a recent visit from Walter Gustafson, a gospel series by Bryon and Scott Meyers, and ministry by Joel Portman.


Borrego: Jonathan Seed, Timothy Stevenson and Paul Thiessen make weekly visits to this little village on the road between Guadalajara and Tepic, where a large family connection continues to show interest in spiritual things.

Chihuahua:A group of Venezuelan brethren and sisters visited in Chihuahua for several weeks and gave appreciated help. The children’s meetings in the Porvenir hall now have 75 children and several unsaved adults attending. House meetings in brother Blas’ home were well attended. The visiting crew was also involved with the physical work in preparation for the second annual conference held in the Valle de la Madrid hall. Paul Thiessen opened and led an interesting Bible reading on 3 John. Brian Array, Duncan Beckett, Alberto Cervini (Venezuela), Chucho Gomez (Zamora), and Timothy Woodford also helped in the ministry. Guillermo Barreto (Venezuela), and Diego Alves spoke at two children’s meetings. Heinrich (Ricky) Sawatsky spent a few days in Cuauhtemoc, his birth city, looking up unsaved relatives.

Ciudad del Carmen: Timothy Turkington and family have come up from Venezuela for a three-week visit to help in the work in this needy part of the country. Along with a lot of home visitation, our brother is preaching the gospel in the Carmen hall, as well as in Emiliano Zapata.

Ciudad Obregón: Shawn St. Clair had five ministry meetings on practical truths from the minor prophets. The ministry was well received by the believers.

El Barril: Please pray for this isolated work in north central Mexico. Jason Wahls continues to labor in the gospel, especially longing to see more men turn to Christ.

Hermosillo: The saints enjoyed hearing Shawn St. Clair on the subject of the humility of Christ. The Woodfords, Eleonor Mosquera, and local believers, carry on with the work in the Tirocapes hall.

Guasave: Shad Kember and Marcus Cain were encouraged to see new people in to hear the gospel. Because of exposure they have had to various denominations, there are a lot of questions.

Iguala: In late September, John Dennison and Shad Kember made another visit here, preaching the gospel in several different homes.

Nezahualcóyotl: There was much joy among the saints here, as a sister, who had previously been forbidden by her unsaved husband to get baptized, has finally been able to honor the Lord in this important step of obedience.

Nogales: Shad Kember and Marcus Cain had a house meeting in this large northern Mexican border city. One lady who professed a few days after the first meeting in her home in mid-August invited two friends to hear the gospel on this occasion, along with two teenagers.

San Luis Río Colorado: A week of meetings was held dealing with misconceptions regarding divine healing, the gift of tongues, and tithing, and was very encouraged with the interest and attendance. Although several hundred posters were put up in various areas of the city, it was the number of contacts brought by the believers that was most impressive. Several cases of conversion have been a real source of joy lately. Please pray that these new believers will prove to be genuine.

Santiago Ixcuintla: Jesse and Emily Klein plan to move into this area in December, Lord willing. James and Nelly Dyck look forward to having their help in the work.

Xalapa: John Nesbitt was very encouraged to hear a young woman recount how she had trusted Christ in April during a gospel meeting in her parents’ home. Please pray for this large city, the capital of the state of Veracruz.

Zapopan: The assembly had very helpful Bible readings on the subjects of prayer, friendships, vocation, gathering center, and worship in the believer’s life, during the first week; the meetings of the local assembly were considered in the second weeks of meetings.

Republic of Ireland

Longford: The assembly was encouraged to see a good number of children at the prize giving meeting in September, including four children for the first time. A clear gospel message was preached by Stephen Harper. Please pray that these young people will continue to attend the monthly children’s meeting.

Rathmines, Dublin: During September, a week of Bible Readings was conducted by Wesley Martin on the first six chapters of Zechariah. The meetings were well-attended and encouraging. Prayer is requested as the assembly prepares for a short series of gospel meetings planned for the end of October, God willing. The speaker expected is Elton Fairfield (Japan).


Special Notice

T&T purposes to publish a list of 2013 conferences in the December issue which will include dates only. The purpose is to facilitate long-range planning for individuals and assemblies. Assembly correspondents are asked to notify the news editor (see inside cover) to confirm the dates of their conferences by November 4th. Detailed conference notices will continue to be published on a monthly basis when submitted. It is recommended that these be received two to three months in advance of the conference, by the 4th of the month.

Blues Mills

November 10-11, in the Gospel Hall, 34 Mountain Rd. Saturday: Ministry 2pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Corr: John Bain, E-mail: john@thegospel.ca; Tel: 902 625-2409. See www.thegospel.ca.

Brampton, ON

November 17, at the Brampton Fairgrounds, Junior Farmers Hall, 12942 Heart Lake Road. Prayer Meeting on Friday, November 16 at 7:30pm at the Gospel Hall, 6 Beech St. The conference meetings start at 10am.  Speakers invited are Bryan Joyce, Murray Pratt, Andrew Robertson, and Bruce Rodgers. Corr: John Selesnic, 18 Dorchester Dr., Brampton, ON L6T 3C6;  Tel: 905 793-5450; E-mail: john.mar.slsnc@sympatico.ca.

Sudbury, ON

December 8-9, in the Sudbury Gospel Hall. Saturday: Ministry 3pm and 6:30pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10am, Sunday School 11:45am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 6:30pm. For information contact Don Carlyle, Tel: 705 983-2428; or Walter Foreshew, Tel: 705 855-3996.

Pennsauken, NJ

January 5-6, 2013, in Haddonfield Middle School, Lincoln and Chestnut Aves., Haddonfield, NJ. Prayer Meeting on Friday, January 4, at 7:30pm in the Gospel Hall, 6530 Caroline Ave. at Rte. 38 near Rte. 70, Pennsauken, NJ; Tel: 856 662-1201.  Expected speakers are James Baker, J. Dennison, M. Derksen, F. Sona, and S. St. Clair. Corr: David A. Curran, 326 Windsor Ave., Haddonfield, NJ 08033-1142; Tel: 856 429-4443; E-mail: dacurran@aol.com.

Conference Reminders:

Alpena, AR – November 3-4 (Bible Reading – Heb 12:1-17)

Newington, CT – November 3-4

Saskatoon, SK – November 3-4

Oshawa, ON – November 10

Oil Springs, ON – November 11-12

Maberly, ON – November 24

Bryn Mawr/Hatboro, PA – November 17-18

Phoenix, AZ – November 22-25

Saugus, MA – December 1-2

Change of Address

Bryan Funston: new E-mail address is bryan.funston2517@gmail.com

Joel and Janet Portman: 1200 Forest Glen Ct. SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403. All other contact information the same.

Mrs. Sydney Maxwell: All correspondence should be sent to her daughter’s address at 522 Louise Road, Ladysmith, BC, V9G 1W7.

Gordon Williams: New E-mail address is williamg@telusplanet.net.


Cora MacDonald of Freetown, PE on August 6, age 90 years. She was saved in 1954 and later received into the fellowship of the Freetown assembly. She was a beloved sister in the Lord who faithfully attended all the meetings when health permitted. She will be greatly missed among the Lord’s people in Freetown. She was predeceased by her husband Preston on December 31, 2008. She is survived by her four sons and their spouses who are in assembly fellowship. She was also blessed with nine grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren, many of whom have been saved at a young age. The funeral was taken by Robert McIlwaine and Peter Ramsay; Noel Burden spoke a word at the grave.

Leland “Abe” Cuvelier of the Hitesville, IA, on September 3, age 88. Abe first heard the gospel at the age of 18, and was later stirred in meetings held by Mr. McBain. He was received into the fellowship of the Hitesville assembly many years ago, where he remained steadfast in attendance when health allowed. A friendly, kind brother, he, along with his wife, was given to hospitality. He suffered patiently with back problems in recent years. He is survived by his wife, LaVera, a son and a daughter, four grandchildren, and many other relatives. Eric McCullough and Robert Orr shared the funeral service at the Hitesville Gospel Hall.

Adelaide Batterton of Terryville, CT, on September 7, age 91. Our beloved sister was born on August 6, 1921 and born again on July 9, 1938. She trained as a nurse at Hartford Hospital, and married her husband of 53 years, James, in 1945. They were mainstays of the assembly for many years, and Adi was a wonderful helpmeet to Jim. They were both gospel-minded and their home was open to the Lord’s servants. She was a devoted mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, and a faithful sister who joyfully and devotedly served her Lord and Savior. After the passing of her husband, she continued on faithfully in the assembly for many years until unable to attend because of poor health. The words spoken at her funeral by family members and friends attested to the godliness of her life and legacy. She will be greatly missed by both her family and the assembly.

Mrs. Rachel McClelland of Bellaghy, N. Ireland, September 7, age 95. She was saved as a girl of 15 while attending gospel meetings in the Gospel Hall in Bellaghy, Co. Londonderry in 1932. Some time later she was baptized and received into fellowship, where for many years she and her late husband, William (1984), were very faithful members. They took an active interest in the spread of the gospel both at home and abroad, and had the great joy of seeing all their family of four sons and two daughters saved. Mrs. McClelland’s son James (Amy) serves the Lord in Nova Scotia, Canada, and her daughter, Rae (Uel) Ussher labors in Venezuela. A very large congregation attended her funeral services. In the home, her son James gave a warm tribute on behalf of the family, James Martin preached the gospel, and Tommy Craig closed in prayer. At the graveside the gospel was faithfully preached by Wesley Martin, with Samuel McBride sharing in prayer. The family appreciates the prayers of the Lord’s people.

Lillian Walters of Hitesville, IA, on September 14, age 77. She was saved December 12, 1959 during meetings conducted by Leonard Debuhr and Eric McCullough in the Stout Gospel Hall. As a lost and guilty sinner she realized the truth of Isaiah 53:6: “The Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all.” She was later baptized and received into the fellowship of the Hitesville assembly. She is survived by her husband Jake, three children, nine grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren for whom prayer would be appreciated. Russ Nesbit took the service in the Hitesville Gospel Hall, preaching the gospel from the verse she loved, Isaiah 53:6.

Ruby Anger of Highbury of London, ON, on September 19. Dear Ruby was saved as a young married woman at tent meetings held by John Gray and Sydney Maxwell in 1959. Although she lived a good distance from the hall, she attended  the meetings as often as possible. She had the ability to look on the bright side of any problems she faced. For the past ten years she had been confined to nursing facilities where she remained positive and happy. Her funeral was shared by David Warden, David Derksen, and Ross Parker. She leaves her three children to mourn her passing, all of whom need our prayers.

Mr. William Oliver of Bryn Mawr, PA, on September 19, age 82. Our esteemed brother was saved on February 11, 1946, and was associated with the Bryn Mawr assembly for most of his life, other than brief times in Matoaca, VA and in Midland Park, NJ. A large crowd of approximately 250 gathered to honor him. A review of his life was given by Jack Coleman; a message on the influence of his life by A. J. Higgins; and an excellent word in the gospel by Gene Higgins. Ken Taylor closed in prayer and Jon Procopio had a very fitting word at the interment. He was predeceased by his wife, Elizabeth. He leaves two sons, David (Melody) and Alan (Judy), four grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren. The testimony of all was that he was a Christian gentleman marked by kindness, consistency, and care for both sinners and saints. He was associated with the Longport Home for many years, serving as president, and later the GHH Trust, and Truth and Tidings Gospel Trust. He wrote tracts, helped in ministry, and had a world-wide knowledge of missionaries and their fields of labor. “He had done good in Israel, both toward God, and toward His house” (2Chron 24:16).

Marcia Barrett of Parkersburg, IA, on September 24, age 62. She was saved on November 11, 1973 while reading Psalm 103:12. Marcia and her husband, Ray, were in fellowship first at Hitesville, IA, then at Kansas City, MO for thirteen years, In recent years they gathered with the saints at Stout. She was a faithful sister, manifesting courage and confidence in the Lord in the acceptance of her health problems in recent months. Her husband, two sons, Rhett and Scott , their spouses and families survive, along with three sisters and a brother. A large number attended her funeral held in the Stout Gospel Hall. Allen Christopherson and Gary Toombs shared the service in the Hall, with Robert Orr speaking at the graveside.

James Grant Sluiter of Phoenix, AZ, on September 25, age 72. He was born in New Hartford, IA on September 9, 1940. He was born again on December 7, 1959 while speaking with Eric McCullough in Cedar Falls, and never lost the wonder of his salvation. Jim and Jan (Brandt) were in fellowship at Jackson, MI, West Union, Cedar Falls, and Marion, IA until Jan’s home-call in 2005. Jim married Kelly Shadbolt in 2007 and they were in fellowship at the Orangewood assembly in Phoenix. In 2009, Jim was diagnosed with Progressive Spinal Muscle Atrophy, an ALS subtype. Sharing in the Phoenix memorial were his son Shad Sluiter, Jonathan Vizzini, and Byron Blumentritt. The funeral in Marion was shared by Shad Sluiter, Scott Hayes, and Darrel Brandt. Eric McCullough spoke at the graveside. The words, “Whose faith follow,” can be said of this faithful and steadfast brother. Jim is survived by his wife Kelly, his daughter Heidi (Steve) McCandless, son Shad (Cynthia), sister Juliana (Gene) Snyder,  brother Alvin, grandchildren Brittany and Ian McCandless, and Cameron and Christy Sluiter.