British Columbia

Surrey: Please pray for gospel meetings sponsored by the Fleetwood assembly which commenced April 15 with Marvin Derksen and Peter Ramsay. Over 30,000 copies of the Gospel Messenger were delivered to the Fleetwood and
broader Surrey community.

Richmond: The West Richmond assembly had the joy of baptizing four believers on April 1. Jack Hay ministered from Luke’s gospel at three meetings over this weekend. Our brother also encouraged the saints with character sketches of the gospel writers at South Main for two nights and at Deep Cove for one night preceding the Easter Conference.

Vancouver: The Easter Conference was a time of blessing for the Lord’s people. Speakers who shared in ministry and/or gospel were Jack Hay, David Jones, Malcolm Radcliffe, Robert Thomson, and Gordon Williams. Jack Hay ably led the two Bible Readings on Ephesians 5 and 6.


Brandon: The Brandon winter fair was well-attended with good conversations and gospel literature distributed. There were good contacts made for Postal Bible Studies. The weather was pleasant which helped the attendance.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Corner Brook: The assembly enjoyed immensely the four-week gospel series with Gaius Goff and David Swan. There were a good number of people that attended and contacts were made. The good hand of God was seen in salvation with a continued interest that we trust will yet bear fruit.

Parsons Pond: Gaius Goff and David Hierlihy began a gospel series on March 25.  Please pray.

Sandringham:  Wallace and Olive Buckle visited for the Lord’s Day, March 25, and Marvin Derksen had three nights of ministry commencing April 3.

Nova Scotia

Hubbards Point: Meetings concluded in March with Eric Fowler and Bruce Barkhouse. They were encouraged with the interest and with the blessing of three who confessed Christ.

Tatamagouche: The assembly was encouraged with recent ministry meetings in March by Scott MacLeod. Practical and timely ministry was given and appreciated.


Clinton: In February and March, the saints appreciated visits from Don Nicholson, Brian Owen, and Mitch Parent. The assembly is thankful to the Lord for the addition of eight believers to the fellowship. Please pray for gospel meetings to begin July 8, D.V., with Peter Ramsay and Mark Bachert.

Sudbury: The saints were encouraged by ministry from David Booth in January at their monthly ministry meeting. In February, Mitch Parent gave a very interesting report of the work in Nicaragua, and in March the assembly appreciated a visit and ministry from Don Nicholson.

Victoria Road: Over the last several months, the saints have been encouraged and blessed by visits from Brian Crawford, David Booth, Bruce Rodgers, Ed Miller, Larry Steers, Lorne Langfeld, Alvin Cook, Alan Clark, and Alex Dryburgh.

Windsor: The assembly recently finished three weeks of gospel meetings with blessing in salvation. The first week was on the campus of the University of Windsor, followed by two weeks in the Gospel Hall. Attendance and interest were exceptional at both locations. There was a happy and united spirit of fellowship, and valued help was given by young Christians from other assemblies in the distribution of invitations. Stephen Vance and another brother helped with clear gospel preaching and their ministry was appreciated.



Whitehorse: John Fitzpatrick and Pete Smith held gospel meetings here April 8-16 as well as children’s meetings daily. This is a welcome report of gospel work in one of Canada’s three northern territories.


Alpena: Melvin Mendez visited in March and gave timely help here as well as in Springdale. The assembly is happy that two who requested fellowship earlier this year have been received.


Los Angeles: The Spanish-speaking assemblies of East Los Angeles, Panorama City, and Montebello, along with the English-speaking Norco assembly, united for their yearly conference March 30-April 1 with 230 in attendance. Five professed to be saved and eleven were baptized. The gospel was preached by Tony Flett (Nicaragua), Tom Baker (USA), and Eriberto Gomez (Mexico).


New Lenox: Prayer is requested for gospel meetings which commenced April 1. There is a burden on the hearts of the saints for many unsaved ones. Another brother was expected to join Albert Hull for this series.


Ankeny: Al Christopherson continues with the gospel in this new work, and holds a Sunday school and ministry meeting each Lord’s Day. There are a few believers living in this area.

Stout: The gospel meetings with Murray McCandless and John Meekin resulted in very large attendances every evening and God blessing in salvation.

West Union: Please pray for gospel meetings that Bill Lavery and Eric McCullough purpose to have here in June, D.V.


Saugus: A good number of parents and children attended the annual Sunday School Treat where the gospel was faithfully presented.


Battle Creek: The Christians were refreshed by a visit from Brian Owen at the end of March.  Brian gave ministry and a report of the work where he labors in Canada.

Saginaw: Brian Owen paid a visit here and also to the Cass City assembly at the end of March with encouraging ministry. Stuart Thompson and Dan Shutt gave excellent ministry to challenge our Christian experience and living for the Lord at the April 1st bi-monthly ministry meeting. An excellent spirit of fellowship and support came from surrounding assemblies and the gospel was clearly preached to the unsaved.

New Jersey

Barrington:A week of meetings on the Tabernacle, March 25-30, were held here. The ministry was excellent, as reflected in the attendance.


Egg Harbor: Please pray for gospel meetings Eric McCullough and William Skates commenced in April.


Chihuahua: Eight weeks of gospel meetings ended on April 1. Four thousand texts and invitations were delivered in the area, and several new contacts were made. God blessed in the salvation of souls.

Ciudad Obregón: Shad Kember is giving weekly ministry on Egypt to Canaan. Marcus Cain visited here for a weekend as well.

Emiliano Zapata: David Alves, Jr. has had three difficult weeks of gospel meetings in this fishing village, about an hour’s drive up the coast opposite to the island of Carmen. In spite of many hours of daily door-to-door work, very few new contacts attended with any regularity. However, the eight baptized believers in this place were helped by the meetings and need our prayers.

Hermosillo: The annual conference was held in March with very helpful ministry on Biblical covenants and dispensations. Shad Kember also gave appreciated help. Duncan and Anna Beckett have settled here and are studying Spanish with Eleonor Mosquera. She also continues giving Spanish classes to Jesse and Emily Klein.

Iguala: John Dennison and Shad Kember made another visit here in March, and are encouraged to see sustained interest in this new work.

Pachuca: Harrys Rodriguez made an appreciated visit here, as well as in Veracruz, Cotaxtla, and Ciudad del Carmen. Believers in these places remember him fondly and were greatly encouraged to see him again.

San Luis Rio Colorado: The work here continues with good interest both among believers and new contacts. Appreciated visits have been made by Marcus Cain and John Dennison, giving relevant teaching in this stage of the work.

Zapopan: Timothy Stevenson and Paul Thiessen ended three weeks of well-attended gospel meetings on April 6. Several new contacts were made. A man contacted in Vancouver, BC two years ago by the family of Jonathan Seed has been living in this area and professed to be saved during this series. Several thousand texts and tracts were distributed, and our brethren have started preaching in the open air as well.


Marcus Cain was with the assembly in Barranca GrandeSan Marcos, for their large conference under canvas in March.

N. Ireland

Ballycastle: The assembly enjoyed one week of ministry by David Gilliland at the end of March.

Ballyclare: W.J. Nesbitt had three nights of instructive and fortifying ministry after a Lord’s Day with the assembly.

Ballywatermoy: Brian Currie is expected here for ministry at the end of April. Elton Fairfield gave helpful ministry and enlightening reports of Japan here and in Cambridge Ave, Dromore, and Craigyhill, Larne.

Bangortown: Aaron Colgan and Stephen Harper have the use of vacant premises to commence gospel meetings in late April.

Belfast: John Rogers and Paul McCauley are to start in Cregagh Street Gospel Hall, and Robin McKeown in Bloomfield.

Bleary: Willie Fenton and Andrew Steele were expected to start gospel meetings in the Gospel Hall on April 15. This will be the first series of gospel meetings in the new hall.

Broughshane: Wesley Martin and Elton Fairfield are to commence a gospel series on the Ballygarvey Road.

Craigavad: John Fleck was having meetings here.

Portstewart: Robert Plant and Sam Moore are engaged in preaching the gospel.

Moneyreagh, Co Down: S. McBride and Noel Fleck have use of a disused shop in the village, and expect to commence a gospel series here in association with the assembly.

Kells: The assembly had one week of well-attended Bible readings at the end of March, opened and led by Stan Wells. David Gilliland conducted four nights of ministry during the first week of April.

Whitehouse: John Dennison (Mexico) had three nights of ministry with the assembly and was expected at the Belfast Easter Conference. Lindsey Carswell has been with a number of assemblies, and his practical ministry has been helpful.


Calgary, AB

May 19-20, in the West Hillhurst Gospel Hall. Prayer meeting Friday 7:30pm. For accommodation or inquiries: D. Hanna, Tel: 403 236-4126, djhanna@shaw.ca; or: Kevin Armson, Tel: 403 285-8185; E-mail: karmson@me.com.

Cumberland, MD

May 19-20, with Prayer, Friday, May 18 at 7:30pm in the Cumberland Gospel Hall, 700 E. First St. All other meetings at South Penn Elementary School, 500 E. Second St. Saturday: First meeting 10am. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am. Accommodations and information: Harold Harrison, Tel: 301 689-2432; or Tim Harrison, Tel: 301 689-0152, E-mail: sonnyh60@aol.com.

Gander Bay, NL

May 19-20, with Prayer meeting on Friday, May 18 at 7:30pm. All meetings will be held at the Gospel Hall in Main Point, Gander Bay, NL. A warm welcome is extended to all.

Sarnia, ON

May 26-27, in the Sarnia Gospel Hall. Speakers expected are John Dennison, Michael Penfold, Frank Sona, and Andrew Ussher. Further information is available at www.sarniagospelhall.com. Corr: John Prins, E-mail: J.Prins@sofsurfaces.com.

Burgessville, ON

June 2, at Burgessville Gospel Hall. First meetings at 10am. Expected speakers are Andrew Robertson, Scott MacLeod, and Frank Sona. Corr: Ernie Dyck, Tel: 519-469-3097; or Luke Winkels Tel: 519-424-2796, Cell: 330-231-0159.

Garnavillo, IA

June 9-10, with Prayer meeting, June 8 at 7pm at the Gospel Hall. All other meetings will be at the school gym. Saturday: Meetings begin at 10am, with Gospel 6:30pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10am, afternoon Ministry/Gospel. Invited speakers: Phil Coulson, Shad Kember, Bruce Rogers, and Andrew Ussher. Corr: John Kregel, Tel: 563 880-0520, E-mail:  j_kregel@yahoo.com.

North Bay, ON

June 9-10, in Nipissing Junction Gospel Hall, 1340 Lakeshore Drive. Friday, June 8: Prayer 7:30pm. Saturday: Bible Reading 9am. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Bible Reading 11:30am. Corr. C Black, 63 Massey Drive, North Bay, ON, P1A3Y3, Tel: 705 497-1284. Accom: Terry Hurd, Tel: 705 752-2058.

Victoria Road, ON

June 16-17, in the Gospel Hall, with Prayer on Friday at 7:30pm. Saturday: Breakfast 8am, Bible Reading, Ministry 10:30am., 2 and 7pm. Lord’s Day: Breakfast 8am, Bible Reading, Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Bible readings: Redemption (Sat) and Sanctification (Sun) focusing on practical aspects and how they affect our lives. Supper served at 6pm, Friday June 15.  Corr. Ken Stone, Tel: 705374-4688, E-mail: ken-stone@hotmail.com.

Cornerbrook, NL

June 23-24, with Prayer on Friday, June 22 at 8:30pm. Meetings in the G.C. Rowe Junior High School, St. Marks Ave., Cornerbrook. Saturday: Ministry 10am, Bible Study 1:30pm, Ministry 3:30pm, Gospel 7pm, Young Peoples’ Sing 8:30pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am, Sunday School 12:45, Ministry 2 and 4pm, Gospel 7pm. Bible study subject to be announced. Contact: Gordon Hollett, E-Mail: gmhollett@nf.sympatico.ca.

Augusta ME

Conference June 23,24, Prayer 7:30 pm June 22. Gospel Hall, 421 Old Belgrade Road, Augusta ME 04330. Jim Thompson E-mail: jptbooks@gmail.com. Tel: 207 512-2636.

Kamloops, B C

June 30-July 1, with Prayer on Friday, June 29 at 7pm. Saturday: Ministry 9am, Bible Reading 2pm (Colossians 3:1-25 Stan Wells), Gospel 7pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Open Sunday school 11:15am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. All meetings in the Westsyde Gospel Hall, 849 Wawn Rd. Meals provided Saturday and Lord’s Day. Accommodations provided with advance notice. Corr. John Eggers, 3664 Westsyde Rd. Kamloops, BC, V2B 7H6. Tel: 250 579-8814. E-mail: jfeggers@telus.net. Web: www.westsydegospelhall.com.

Kirkland Lake, Englehart, Earlton, Charlton, ON

June 30-July1, in the Englehart High School. Prayer meeting on Friday, June 29 at 7:30pm. Times of meetings both days are 10am, 2pm, 7pm. Supper served at 5:30pm Friday in the school. Corr: Jeff Taylor (Earlton), Tel: 705 563-8131; or Doug Yade (Kirkland Lake), Tel: 705 567-5951.

Clinton, ON

July 21 (One week earlier than previously listed), ninth annual summer conference at Joseph St. Gospel Hall. Saturday 9:30am with breakfast served at 8:30am. Peter Ramsay and Mark Bachert are expected for ministry. For more information, Friday evening supper reservation or accommodations, please contact Marvin and Wendy Bachert, Tel: 519 887-9791, or E-mail: mwbachert@yahoo.com.

Conference Reminders:

Peterborough, ON – May 5 Cancelled

Livingston, NJ – May 5-6

Newmarket, ON – May 6

Toronto, ON – May 11-13 (Missionary)

Ottawa, ON – May 19-20

Prince Edward Island – May 19-20

Byfield, MA – May 25-27

Goodwood, ON –May 26

Hamilton, ON – May 25-27

Hickory, NC – May 26-27

Bancroft, ON– June 2

Eden Grove, ON – June 3

Saugus, MA – June 2-3

Portage la Prairie, MB – June 8-10

Taylorside, SK – June 22-24

Change of Address of Workers

Helen Griffin: Current E-mail address is hgriffin0@gmail.com.

Bert and Michelle Snippe: New E-mail address is bandmsnippe@rogers.com.

Change of Address of Correspondent

Amherst, NS: Charles Hurley, E-mail: c.hurley@eastlink.ca.

Change of Correspondent

Salem, OR: Wayne Perkins, 5890 Lake Labish Rd. N.E., Salem, OR 97305; Tel: 971 218-0956.


Esther Irwin of Salem, OR, on January 7, age 84. Our beloved sister was born in Co. Donegal, Ireland and saved as a young girl of 10 through the truth of 1 Peter 2:24. She was part of the assembly in Maghercorran and afterwards in the Merion Hall assembly in Dublin. In 1947, she immigrated with her family to California and was in the Long Beach assembly for several years. Due to employment she relocated to Seattle, WA where she married Albert Irwin in 1965. They were in the assembly there until 1978 when they moved to Salem where she remained in happy assembly fellowship until her home call. She was predeceased by her husband, Albert, in June 2010. Esther was a godly sister who bore a bright and consistent testimony throughout her long life and will be remembered as one who showed warm hospitality to the Lord’s people and His servants. Her large funeral was a testimony to the high esteem in which she was held. The services were shared by Verlin Perkins, Maurice Scandrett, and Phil Howard.

Nan (Vallance) Decker of Livonia, MI, on February 11, age 78.  Our sister was born in Scotland in 1933 and was saved at the age of 19. Her family immigrated to the United States in the late 1940’s where they were in fellowship in the West Chicago and Stark Rd. Gospel Halls. She and her husband, Elton, were in happy fellowship in Deckerville, and then again in Stark Rd. during their 54-year marriage. She lived a life of service, dedication, and devotion to the Christians and to her family, and she will be greatly missed. After several years of poor health, the last week of her life brought much joy to those who cared for and visited her. Her well-attended funeral service was taken by David Vallance, Jim Beattie, and Jim Vallance where the gospel was clearly, lovingly, and plainly preached.

Elmer Ballhagen of Stout, IA, on March 6, age 101. He was saved December 1940 after hearing the gospel for the first time from Charles Fuller on the radio. He finally got peace through the words of John 3:18: “He that
believeth on Him is not condemned.” He loved the assembly and was in fellowship for 65 years. Gary DeGroote and Eric McCullough shared the funeral service.