British Columbia

Vancouver: Several believers distributed Chinese/English gospel calendars in Vancouver’s Chinatown in December. There was good reception for the the second distribution in this area. Other areas of the city were to be covered by year’s end.

Burnaby: The South Burnaby assembly hosted a series of sessions on November 19 on the subject of Creation vs. Evolution with Michael Penfold (UK). The interest was very good with attendees from assemblies as far away as Seattle and Arlington.

Langley: Michael Penfold (Bicester) gave five nights of very profitable ministry November 14-19, and also ministered the Word Sunday afternoon at Fleetwood before leaving the area.


Brandon: The assembly enjoyed a report from Allan Clark from El Salvador. Also, Jack Gould spent a Lord’s Day here recently.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Gander, NL: Eric Fowler was here on November 2 with an update on his trip to Ukraine. Six weeks of Monday night children’s meetings ended November 28. A total of 35 different young people attended these meetings over the six-week period.

Sandringham, NL: David Oliver was here for two nights of ministry following the St. John’s conference. Gordon Williams was here for a Lord’s Day in September. Ken and Doris Taylor visited in late August for a weekend.

Nova Scotia

Blues Mills: Cape Breton had a profitable conference in November with seven of the Lord’s servants present to give profitable and timely ministry. The gospel was faithfully preached both nights. It was a great cheer to witness so many young folks present; to them will pass the torch of testimony.

Halifax: Gaius Goff and Matthew Cain concluded four weeks of gospel meetings on November 13. Some younger ones confessed Christ and the gospel was a great encouragement to the assembly.

Pugwash Junction: David Hunt and Brody Tibitoe concluded seven weeks in the gospel on November 18. There was some blessing and a concern for others that were attending.

Truro: Gaius Goff visited for two nights of appreciated and timely ministry November 15-16. He also visited the Moncton assembly the following night.


Guelph: The assembly has been encouraged with recent visits for ministry by Clark Logan, Allan Turkington, and Bert Snippe. The baptism of two teenage girls in November was also a happy occasion.

Oshawa: The leading of the Holy Spirit was very evident at the recent conference. Eight of the Lord’s full-time servants and a visiting local brother gave timely ministry. The hall was full with many young people attending. The saints also enjoyed a night of ministry with David Richards. David Booth was expected for the Saturday night ministry in December.

Straffordville: As a result of home Bible studies and personal counseling, there was joy on November 6 in seeing five believers, raised as Mennonites, obey the Lord in baptism. Some of these have paid dearly to be identified with the Lord. Recently, three former Mennonites were received into the assembly and four more have requested fellowship. Others are regularly attending the meetings and showing interest in Scriptural gathering. The Youth Outreach Program continues to be a very useful means of reaching the young, and as a result, several have come to the regular meetings at the hall. The weekly children’s meetings that run from September to December have again been very well-attended by children and parents from the neighborhood. Also, the help given in ministry and gospel by several brethren from other assemblies is very much appreciated. Please pray for this work.

West Zorra: While the assembly meets in the Community Centre, which is quite satisfactory, a search continues for a permanent site. Gospel activity at the Embro Fair was very profitable. Over the past few months the assembly has been encouraged by visits from Ed Miller, George Patterson, Alex Dryburgh, Eric Fowler, Larry Steers, Larry Buote, and Ken Nicholson.



Alpena: The assembly is very thankful for the help given during the annual Bible Reading in November by visiting brethren Jesse Fitch, William Lavery, William Skates, Gary Toombs, Robert Weber, and local servant, Harrys Rodriguez. It was a time of profitable ministry, and a warm note of thanks is extended to all who attended.


Phoenix: The former Sunnyslope assembly has acquired a new location and is now meeting in the Orangewood Gospel Hall (see Updates for new address). A. J. Higgins was present for ministry on the inaugural weekend in November, Thursday through Sunday.


Manchester: A very good conference in October touched lives in many ways. Speakers were Al Christopherson, Bill Lavery, Scott MacLeod, Eric McCullough, Larry Perkins, Joel Portman, William Skates, and Roy Weber. The gospel was presented very clearly to a nice number. On December 13, Dan Shutt gave an encouraging word on the Christian’s responsibility to not only preach and teach the gospel, but to live the gospel.

Stout: Scott MacLeod visited the assembly for a Lord’s Day and four nights, speaking from the chart on God’s Times. It was a very encouraging subject with good interest from the Christians in this area.


Saugus: Special gospel meetings were held for two weeks in November by David and Michael Procopio. These meetings were out of deep exercise for some in the Sunday school who had expressed interest in God’s salvation. The assembly was encouraged by the conference, one of the largest on record, with a good number of younger believers present. At least ten young men worshiped at the Remembrance meeting, giving heartfelt thanks to God for His beloved Son. The Lord’s servants, who gave practical and challenging ministry, were M. Cain, W. Gustafson, G. Higgins, S. MacLeod, M. McCandless, J. Meekin, D. Shutt, and J. Smith. The gospel was faithfully presented by G. Higgins, M. McCandless, J. Meekin, and D. Shutt. M. Cain spoke at the Sunday school.


Saginaw: John Dennison visited the assembly October 24 with ministry and an interesting update on the work in Mexico and Arizona. The last bi-monthly ministry meeting of 2011 was held November 20 with appreciated help from Ken Taylor and Jim Smith. Brother Taylor had three nights of ministry in Saginaw and Cass City the preceding week.


Omaha: The believers are thankful for the recent sale of their existing hall, enabling the move to a new location (see Updates for new address).  R. Orr and L. Perkins visited this fall, giving encouraging and timely ministry.

New Jersey

Midland Park: Murray McCandless was with the assembly for five and one-half weeks of gospel meetings in October through November 20. Over 40 different visitors came by invitation of the saints, and the gospel was faithfully and solemnly preached. Four people professed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, two from families connected with the assembly. Walter Gustafson visited for the last Lord’s Day in November with profitable ministry, speaking on characteristics of the local assembly, and shared the gospel meeting with Piaw Huan (Phoenix).

New Mexico

Corona: John Fitzpatrick had opportunity for five gospel meetings in November in this town southeast of Albuquerque, and three nights in the town hall of another location.


Bryn Mawr/Hatboro: We are thankful for help given in ministry and in preaching the gospel at our recent conference.  The following brethren gave help: Jack Hay (Scotland), Michael Penfold (England), Jim Smith, Gene Higgins, Sandy Higgins, and David Oliver, with David Zuidema (Midland Park) speaking to the Sunday school.  Brother Hay gave very appreciated ministry before and after the conference in Bryn Mawr, Hatboro, Barrington, and Pennsauken.


Arlington: Peter Ramsay was incorrectly reported in the last issue to be expected at the Youth Conference, February 18-19. Dan Shutt will share in this conference with another brother, Lord willing.


Waukesha: After meeting in a rented storefront for the past 15 years, God has answered prayer in the provision of a former church building which has a large auditorium, dining hall, a few classrooms, and ample parking (new address under Updates). The saints have been busy updating the building to prepare for the first Breaking of Bread on January 15, DV, just in time for a series of children’s meetings followed by a gospel series with Brian Crawford and Stu Thompson. It has been a joyful and encouraging experience to see God working so mightily and clearly, and it is the sincere desire of the saints to see the new accommodations used for the glory of God.


Ciudad del Carmen: The assembly here rejoiced on November 27 in seeing two sisters obey the Lord in baptism. One of them is fruit from the beginning of the work in 2008, and the other was recently reached through house meetings held every Wednesday on this island.

Ciudad Obregón: The assembly enjoyed a week of devotional ministry on “The Life of Joseph” by M. Cain.

El Barril: Prayer is requested for a series of gospel meetings to begin January 15, for several weeks, DV.

El Borrego: T. Stevenson and P. Thiessen preached the gospel in this new work here on November 30 to about sixty people. After the meeting, the baptism of one of the local men made a real impression on the people.

Emiliano Zapata: About 50 children are attending classes in the unfinished hall. Moses Roseyon was over from Puerto Vallarta to do some of the electrical installation and to also help with the meetings. D. Alves, Jr. has begun weekly Bible readings in Romans, with local fishermen participating.

Guadalajara: The almost-finished hall in Zapopan seated about one hundred people on November 27 as two sisters obeyed the Lord in baptism. The gospel was preached.

Hermosillo: J. Dennison had four nights of appreciated and timely meetings on the subject of marriage.

Iguala: D. Beckett and S. Kember spent a week in this city in the southern state of Guerrero, visiting relatives of a couple in fellowship in the West Phoenix, AZ, Spanish-speaking assembly. Please pray that the encouraging visits and gospel meetings will result in the salvation of souls and the commencement of a new work.

Mazatlan: Marcos Sauceda, of the East Los Angeles assembly, was able to transport fifteen unsaved relatives from Mazatlan and nearby El Guamuchil to the Tepic conference. The schedule of meetings was altered a bit to accommodate an extra gospel meeting. Please pray that these souls will be reached and saved. One woman asked, as she left for home, how could an assembly be formed in Mazatlan?

San Luis Rio Colorado: A young woman saved a few months ago obeyed the Lord in baptism in November. There continues to be growth in the believers in this new work. There is now a weekly Saturday house meeting for the preaching of the gospel.

Tepic: The assembly here is deeply grateful to God for an excellent conference held on November 19-20. M. Cain, S. Kember, and P. Thiessen shared the platform.

Zamora: P. Thiessen had a week of well-attended and very encouraging ministry meetings with the assembly here at the end of November.

Republic of Ireland

Bridgetown, Co Donegal: The assembly convened a day of ministry on August 6. Speakers were Robin McKeown, Wesley Martin, Gary Woods, and Jim Smith (USA). The meeting was well-attended and the ministry was very encouraging. This was followed by five weeks of gospel meetings conducted by Robin McKeown and David McAllister when there were some unsaved in each night. Our young brother, James McAllister, asked to be baptized and to be received into the assembly, which gave the saints great joy.

Longford: During the summer, Leslie Craig had one week of children’s meetings in the home of one of the believers with some new children from the area attending. The assembly children’s meeting recommenced in September and the assembly is encouraged to see a number of children attending consistently each month. The assembly expects J. Rogers for a short gospel effort at the end of November.

Rathmines, Dublin: During the summer, weekly Bible studies held on the subject of “The Old Testament Judges” were well-attended by the children and young people during their school holidays. In September, the assembly welcomed a short, helpful visit from Josh Jacobs (Bicester), followed in October by a visit from Tom McNeill (Ballymena). At the end of October, Jim Flanigan visited for a short series of meetings on Psalm 22, 23 & 24. At Sunday school, he presented copies of his book “Christ in the Offerings” to the children and all who participated in the weekly study of the offerings conducted by Mark Sweetnam. In preparation for a series of gospel meetings in November/ December, invitations were distributed widely in the townland of Rathmines. The assembly appreciated help in this endeavor by young people from all over Ireland. Prayer is requested for the continued spread of the gospel in this district.


Arlington, WA

February 18-19, Youth Conference. Saturday: Breakfast 8:45am, Ministry 10am and 1:30pm. Lord’s Day: Breakfast 8:15am, Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Ministry 11:30am and 1:30pm, Gospel 4pm, evening hymn sing. Lunch and supper will be served both days. Dan Shutt and another brother are expected. Friday and Saturday evening recreation at the home of Jim and Bev Klein. For further information, contact Jim Klein at kleinklan123@hotmail.com.

Jackson, MI

February 17-19, in the Jackson Gospel Hall, 910 Benett Street. Prayer Meeting on Friday, February 17 at 7pm. Saturday: Prayer and Ministry 10am and 2:15pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Sunday school 11:30am, Prayer/Ministry 2:20 pm. Several brethren have responsibility for the conference ministry meetings. Accom: Jason Wielenga, Tel: 519 917-0282; E-mail: jandtwielenga@gmail.com. Corr: R. Douglas Losey, Tel: 517 787-9169; E-mail: rdlosey@juno.com.

San Diego, CA

February 25-26, with Prayer Meeting on Friday, February 24. Please note change of date. Subject of Bible Reading is 1 Corinthians 11. For further information please contact Bill Smith at rlet@ix.netcom.com.

Turlock, CA

February 25-26, in the Turlock Gospel Hall, 3446 N. Golden State Blvd. Saturday: Prayer/Bible Reading (1Cor 13) 10:30am, Ministry/Gospel 1:30pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Ministry 1:30pm. There are a number of motels in the area for lodging if required. Corr: Narendra Singh, Tel: 209 526-0910.

Conference Reminders:

Pennsauken, NJ – January 7-8

DeLand, FL – February 3-5


Change of Address

Al  Christopherson: 2942 Somerbrook Ln., Marion, IA 52302. Phone and E-mail remains unchanged.

Omaha, NE: Omaha Gospel Hall, 11510 N. 69th Street, Omaha, Nebraska, 68152. Tel: 402 661-4189.

Phoenix, AZ: (formerly Sunnyslope) Orangewood Gospel Hall, 7245 North 29th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85051.

Waukesha, WI: Waukesha Gospel Hall, 2641 Pebble Valley Rd., Waukesha, WI 53188.

Change in Meeting Times

Ontario, WI (Ontario Gospel Hall): All evening meetings are now at 7:30pm.


Joyce Turner of Saginaw, MI, on August 2, 2011, age 95. She was born in Barrow-In-Furnace, England and immigrated to Canada as a young child, and then to the US. Joyce and her husband Cecil moved to Jackson, MI where they were saved under the preaching of Lorne McBain. For the last number of years, Joyce was in happy fellowship in the Saginaw assembly. Throughout her lifetime, she and her husband were very active in working with children and young people, always generous and helping others in need. In recent years, it became her mission to spread the gospel using John 3:16. As a result, she had it painted on the back of her car as well as a large sign placed on her front porch. She is survived by her two adopted sons, Jonathan and David.  She was predeceased by her husband Cecil and adopted son William. The memorial service was taken by Jack Nesbitt and Jack Donaldson.

Ersel “Sam” Hayes of Kansas City, KS, on August 20, 2011. He was born in Forest Green, MO on February 14, 1929, and born again in Sioux City, IA on September 7, 1960, after the funeral of an uncle. For a period of time the believers from Sioux City gathered with the assembly in Omaha, NE where they learned the order of God’s assembly. The Sioux City assembly commenced in July 1977. Brother Hayes was used in a wonderful way to reach out and see God’s hand in souls being saved. His gift was indeed personal work. Sam was a meat inspector for the U.S. government for 50 years and worked in plants in Sioux City where he had a good testimony. Sam and his wife Betty loved God’s Word and were given to hospitality. They were blessed with four sons, three daughters and many grandchildren. They saw their family saved, as well as others. Sam’s closing years were not without suffering, and they went to Kansas City to receive the best of care from their daughter Debbie (David) Williams. Sam spent time in John Knox Village Care Center where he witnessed to all with whom he came in contact. During his last week, another professed faith in Christ. Each Tuesday evening the Kansas City assembly continues to hold gospel meetings that Sam Hayes got permission to have there. Prayer is coveted for Betty Hayes who remains with her daughter in Kansas City.

Helen Hildebrandt of Portage la Prairie, MB, on September 5, 2011, age 90. Our dear sister was saved at the age of 12 and enjoyed 78 years in Christ. She was predeceased by her husband Barney in 1992, and shortly afterwards moved to Portage la Prairie, where she was in happy fellowship until her home-call. She was very active in supporting the mission fields, using her sewing skills to produce many quilts, Bible bags, and pencil cases, as well as preparing hundreds of sewing kits for Haiti and Zambia. This was her labor of love until she was admitted to the hospital in May 2011. She leaves behind a large family, some not saved. The large funeral was taken by Pete Smith who presented the Word with compassion and faithfulness.

Henry Dyck of Portage la Prairie, MB, on September 22, 201, age 76, after a brief hospitalization as the result of a brain injury. Having been raised in a religious home, Henry heard the gospel in tent meetings as a boy of 11 and became aware of the glorious work of the cross. Two years later, two Christian women came from Ontario and held Daily Vacation Bible School in the country schoolhouse near to where Henry’s family lived. Returning from one of those meetings on his bicycle, Henry was overpowered with the burden of sin. Getting off his bicycle he cried to God for salvation. As the decades passed, Henry never lost the wonder of how God lifted his burden that day as a boy beside the dusty country road. Over the years, he enjoyed the fellowship of the assemblies at Pine Creek, Brandon, and First Street, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. Henry is sorely missed by his loving wife, Dorcas, five children, and their families.

Ronald Hollnagel of Blue River, WI, on November 1, 2011, age 68. Our dear brother was saved on June 30, 1997 after being invited to a gospel meeting by one of the Christians. He appreciated his salvation and the assembly meetings and was always present if possible. Complications from a diabetic condition resulted in the amputation of his leg a few days before his home-call. Prayer is requested for his unsaved sisters and their families who were a great burden to him.

Belle Gentz of Marion, IA, on November 15, 2011, age 92, went home to be with the Lord. Reached with the gospel at 34 years of age, she and her husband Reuben (deceased 10 years previous) were faithful and committed to the assembly all their lives. The majority of those years were in Manchester, and after retirement they moved to the Marion assembly. Belle loved the gospel and was a happy saint right to the end. She leaves 4 sons and 1 daughter, their spouses, 18 grandchildren, 33 great-grandchildren, and 3 great-great-grandchildren. Robert Orr and Al Christopherson shared in the funeral service.

Catherine Gordon of London, ON, on November 26, 2011. Catherine was born in Rodney, ON, on November 26, 1924. She was saved as a young woman and received into the assembly in Chatham, ON. She later met and married Sam Gordon and they moved to the assembly in Merlin, ON; then in August 1972, to Highbury. Their home was one where hospitality was practiced and many enjoyed a delicious meal around their table. Although brother Sam was totally deaf, they faithfully attended all the assembly meetings, and Catherine would write notes of what was being discussed. She manifested a quiet, faithful, devoted spirit to the Lord and to His people. The funeral service was shared by Gordon Brodie and Ross Parker.

Julie Anne Kluiter of Allison, IA (Antioch assembly), on December 2, age 57. She was saved July 24, 1967 through the truth of John 3:16 while attending gospel tent meetings being conducted by Harold Paisley and William Warke. Her cheerful disposition was admired by all, even in times of physical discomfort. Her seat is empty and she will be greatly missed by the Antioch assembly. She is survived by her husband, Allan, and two teenage children, Alex and Amanda. Her funeral service was held in the Hitesville hall to accommodate the large crowd, and was shared by Robert Orr, Russ Nesbit, and Alan Christopherson. “Whose faith follow.”