British Columbia

North Vancouver: The Deep Cove assembly enjoyed the ministry of Jack Gould for three nights, September 19-21.

Vancouver: The Thanksgiving Conference was blessed with the ministry of Robin McKeown, John Meekin, Norman Mellish, Paul Thiessen, and Andrew Ussher. The Bible Readings in Ephesians 3 and 4 were ably led by brethren Mellish and McKeown. Robin McKeown ministered the Word to profit in Victoria Drive for two nights preceding the conference. Following the conference, the ministry of Norman Mellish was appreciated in Carleton, Deep Cove, Fairview, Langley, and West Richmond.

Gospel meetings in Victoria Drive, from October 16 through November 2, were well-attended when Eugene Higgins faithfully preached the gospel. The meetings were appreciated and an encouragement to the assembly.

Surrey: The October monthly meeting in Fleetwood was shared by Eugene Higgins and Norman Mellish.

Newfoundland and Labrador

L’Anse au Loup: The conference went well with Wallace Buckle, Alex Dryburgh, Eric Fowler, Bert Joyce, Scott MacLeod, Robert McIlwaine, and Jon Procopio sharing in the ministry.  The Saturday afternoon meeting marked the opening of the new hall when two local brethren took part and Bert Joyce gave a review of the gospel work over the years. Supper was served in the new hall, whereas traditionally conference meals were served in the homes of Christians. The gospel meeting in Red Bay on Monday night was well-attended. After the conference Scott MacLeod stayed for seven nights of ministry on the “New Testament Church.”

West Coast: The saints on the West Coast (Corner Brook, McIver’s, Rocky Harbour, Parsons Pond, Flowers Cove) appreciated the visit of Alex Dryburgh and the helpful and encouraging ministry over the past month or so. His attendance at the fall conferences was also a tremendous help.

Nova Scotia

Barss Corner: John Meekin and Joe Potter concluded three weeks in the gospel in the local community center, preaching three nights each week. The attendance was good, but the response from the community was disappointing. There is encouragement, however, in the fact that the community was again visited with the gospel.


Clinton: The saints were blessed with excellent ministry and good attendance at the summer conference in July on the theme, “The Fruit of the Spirit,” and also at the fall conference in October. The Lord graciously gave help in the ministry and Bible Readings. The saints were also cheered in October when four members of one family obeyed the Lord in baptism. The assembly is looking to the Lord for blessing in gospel meetings with Marvin Derksen and Larry Perkins in November.

Grand Bend: Appreciated ministry was given by Andrew Robertson in October at the first monthly ministry meeting held in fellowship with the Lake Shore and Clinton assemblies. Larry Perkins was expected for the November meeting. The assembly has again been able to work with area migrant laborers. As their work schedules permit, Mexicans attend a Sunday Spanish gospel meeting in a community hall, held with the help of brethren from London and Kitchener, while Jamaicans attend the gospel meeting in Grand Bend. This decade-long exercise has resulted in salvation particularly among Mexicans. Please pray for these men as they return to their homes and families.

Lindsay: The conference on October 2 was a little larger than usual and four preachers took part in the afternoon. The Christians went home very encouraged.

Sarnia: The assembly was encouraged recently with a good tent series in the summer with John Meekin and John Procopio. The location and attendance from the community were excellent. Please pray for a short gospel series on “Future Events” coming up in December with David Petterson. Cause for thanksgiving to God has been seen in the spiritual development, exercise and participation of young brethren and sisters in the assembly.

Sudbury: Bryan Joyce had a week of children’s meetings with the assembly in October. There was good interest with encouraging numbers of children and parents.

Victoria Road: Over the last several months, the saints enjoyed visits from Bruce Rodgers, Lorne Langfeld, Ed Miller, and Al Cook. The saints were encouraged by gospel tent meetings in Kirkfield, with a number from the village attending and one lady receiving assurance of her salvation. The speakers were Ed Miller and Brian Crawford.



Terryville: The annual October conference meetings were shared by Paul Barnhardt, Joseph Chung, Walter Gustafson, Murray McCandless, David Oliver, and Robert Surgenor. Young people gathered at the Gospel Hall for a hymn sing Saturday evening. Robert Surgenor remained for ministry on “The Holy Spirit.”


Worcester: Larry Buote was with the assembly for two weeks of gospel meetings at the end of September. The saints were encouraged with some personal contacts attending.


Jackson: The assembly appreciated a weeklong visit by John Grant (Scotland) who ministered on the subject of “Discipleship as Seen in the Gospels.”

Livonia: The Stark Road conference was well-attended and the believers received profitable ministry from John Dennison, Marvin Derksen, John Grant, Andrew Robertson, and Shawn St. Clair. John Grant then conducted a week of helpful ministry meetings on the life of Jacob.


Fridley: The saints enjoyed recent visits by Eric McCullough and William Skates. Gospel meetings with Bruce Rogers and Daniel Shutt commenced on October 30.

New Jersey

Midland Park: The assembly enjoyed a visit from Walter Gustafson in August. Larry Perkins spoke at the Sunday school picnic and stayed for the Lord’s Day. In September there was a baptism of two new believers from the Flushing, NY assembly following a bilingual gospel meeting taken by Daniel and Joseph Chung. Malcolm Radcliffe had three evenings of ministry on “Old Testament Places Associated with Divine Names,” and spent a Lord’s Day with the assembly with further profitable ministry. Tom Hoy shared in the gospel with brother Radcliffe.

At the September conference the ministry of the Word was rich and faithfully ministered by A. J. Higgins, Clark Logan, Denis O’Hare, and Malcolm Radcliffe. Brethren Logan and O’Hare gave reports of the work of the Lord in Botswana and in France respectively. Denis O’Hare had two nights of ministry following the conference. In October, a sister was baptized and received; she was contacted through her son coming to the Sunday school and saved through the testimony of a family in the assembly was baptized and received. Gospel meetings with Murray McCandless started October 12 and continued into the first weeks of November. Attendance was good, with some of the relatives of the believers showing interest as well as some visitors.

North Carolina

Hickory: The assembly concluded three weeks of gospel meetings October 16 with Albert Hull and Marvin Derksen. There was some interest and the results of the seed planted are left with God who can give the increase.


Grants Pass: Jim Beattie and John Fitzpatrick had four weeks of gospel meetings with the assembly and were encouraged to see several souls profess salvation.

Salem: The gospel meetings which began September 11 with Phil Howard and James McClelland ended after five weeks, with three souls confessing Christ and others showing interest. The assembly has been encouraged.


Bryn Mawr: The assembly enjoyed visits from two of the brethren who were in the area for the Midland Park conference: Dr. Clark Logan before the conference and Denis O’Hare after. In both cases our brethren gave ministry and a report of their work in Botswana and France, respectively.


Arlington: The assembly has commended Jessie and Emily Kline to the grace of God for full-time service in Mexico. A commendation meeting was held on the last day of their Labor Day conference. They will make their home in Ciudad Obregón in the state of Sonora.


Chihuahua: Cottage meetings in the capital of Mexico’s largest state continue to be encouraging.

Ciudad del Carmen: A sixty year old well-known fisherman on the island learned of a serious illness and understood the urgency of salvation. He trusted Christ in August, was baptized in September, and was called home to heaven in October. His wife, a very faithful sister in the assembly, is among the firstfruits of gospel work on the island. The gospel has been preached in her home several times since the funeral.

Ciudad Nexahualcoyotl (Mexico City): Sid Emberly (Portage) has been having special ministry meetings for several Saturdays that have been a blessing to the saints.

Ciudad Obregon: Dr. A. J. Higgins was with the assembly October 7-9 with excellent teaching on how to study the Scriptures, based on the epistle of Titus. Marcus Cain, and Timothy Woodford also helped with ministry and gospel preaching. About eighty people filled the rented venue for this special event. Dr. Justin Pratt (Kirkland Lake) visited at the end of October and, with the help of Shyla Yade and others, was a great help to the community in doing dental work on 54 persons.

Cotaxtla: There was much joy here as a lovely couple (both school teachers) was baptized in the river. They are fruit of gospel meetings held last April in the Farmer’s Auditorium.

Hermosillo: Two believers recently obeyed the Lord in baptism here. One of them is a sister who is fruit of the effort in Tirocapes, an outreach at the south of this large city.

San Luis Rio Colorado: Milton Jaime (San Diego) was a great help in the meetings in this new work. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Dennison (Detroit) had a helpful two-day dental clinic.

Veracruz: The assembly was blessed by a visit from David Oliver. Two young sisters obeyed the Lord in baptism, bringing much joy to the saints.

N. Ireland

Armoy, Co. Antrim: Brian Glendinning and Robert Eadie were engaged in the gospel here.

Ballymoney: Aaron Colgan and Tom Meekin preached the gospel in the Town Hall during October. At the end of the third week, brother Meekin suffered a suspected stroke and was taken to the hospital. Please pray for his complete recovery.

Bloomfield: In association with the assembly, brethren McGarvey and Williamson concluded well-attended meetings in October, in a portable hall located at Dixon Park, Grande Parade.

Dromore: Robin McKeown and Mark Turkington commenced in the Gospel Hall on October 23.

Fortwilliam, Belfast: Paul McAuley was expected to commence here November 6, and D. McGarvey in Enniskillen.

Galgorm: Malcolm Radcliffe and John Rogers continue in a portable hall outside Ballymena with a good interest and excellent numbers attending.

Lurgan: The annual Conference and Bible Readings were held October 8-13. Very helpful exposition was given in the Bible readings from 1 Corinthians 1-4, “Basics of Assembly Testimony.”

Omagh: David Gilliland and Stephen Gilfilen commenced October 16 in a portable hall outside this town.

Parkgate: Sam McBride and Noel Fleck commenced gospel meetings on October 30 in association with the Burnside assembly.

Plantation, Lisburn: As of the end of October, Brian Currie and David McAllister had been preaching the gospel here for six weeks.

Portavogie, Co Down: Walter Boyd and J. Bingham were continuing here in the gospel.

Windsor, Belfast: Ian Jackson (England) preached the gospel here and a number of students attended from the nearby university. Their visits have been appreciated. Pray for our highly esteemed brother, Mr. Jim Hutchinson, who fell while attending a hospital appointment, fracturing his femur. He will be in the hospital for a number of weeks.


DeLand, FL

February 3-5, in the Gospel Hall, 109 E. Rosehill Ave., east off N. Woodland Blvd. Friday: Prayer Meeting 7pm. Saturday: Ministry 10:30am & 3:45pm, Bible Reading 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Bible Reading 2pm, Ministry 3:45pm; Gospel 7pm. Bible Readings: “The Believer’s Mind” in Philippians. Lord willing, there will be two nights of ministry following the conference on Tuesday and Wednesday (February 7 & 8). Corr: Fred King, 215 Lake Talmadge Rd., DeLand, FL 32724. Tel: 386 943-4000.

Conference Reminders:

Saugus, MA – December 3-4

Sudbury, ON – December 10-11

Monrovia/Downey, CA – Dec 31 – Jan 1

Pennsauken, NJ – January 7-8

Change of Address

Jerry Jennings: PO Box 3632, Bernice, OK 74331-3632. Tel: 608-343-0779.

John McCann, Jr: New address is Caixa Postal 5087, 97105-900 Santa Marie RS, Brazil.

Bryon & Joni Meyers: 20520 – 66th Drive N.E., Arlington, WA 98223.

Change of Correspondent

Fridley, MN (Fridley Gospel Hall): Dave Knutson, 3432 Wisconsin Ave., No. Crystal, MN 55427. Tel: 763 732-3350; E-mail: daveknutson7@gmail.com.

Change of Address of Correspondent

Ottawa, ON (River Road Gospel Hall): Correction of E-mail address in last issue – Raeburn MacDougall, E-mail: rae.lillm@gmail.com.

Sussex, NB: Jim MacIntosh, 25 Neill Drive, Hampton, NB, E5N 0K4. E-mail: j1947m@rogers.com.

Newly Commended Workers:

Jessie and Emily Kline: E-mail: jaklein05@gmail.com (Other permanent contact information pending).


Barbara Aubertin (Berry) of Clementsvale, NS, on March 31, age 66. Our dear sister was born September 2, 1945 and born again January, 1965 while attending meetings held by Robert McIlwaine and Albert Hull. Shortly after, she was received into assembly fellowship at Clementsvale where she was very faithful in attending all the assembly meetings. Barbara had a real burden for her family and will be missed very much by her husband, two sons and three daughters and their families, for whom prayer is requested, and also by the assembly. The funeral service was taken by James McClelland.

Mr. Thomas Bentley, late of Malaysia, was called home on June 9, 2011. He was saved as a boy of eleven, baptized, and received into fellowship at Ebenezer Gospel Hall, Belfast, in January 1939 at 14 years of age. In February 1956, the assembly at Ebenezer Gospel Hall and a number of surrounding assemblies commended him to the service of the Lord. He, with his late wife and two young children, left for Malaysia in November. He saw a number of assemblies planted in that land and served the Lord faithfully for 55 years, both in the gospel and ministry of the Word of God. He endeavoured with the help of the Lord to live out what he had gleaned from the Scriptures, both at home and abroad. Wherever he went, his love for the local assembly and his appreciation of its unique position in this dispensation were foremost in his preaching and practice. His acceptability in teaching the Lord’s people was evidenced by his frequent and extended visits to Australia, Canada, and the USA. His ministry provided a wide ranging diet of wholesome spiritual food for believers as a result of his deep interest and study of the OT types: NT epistles, the life of the Lord Jesus, OT prophets, prophecy, the Rapture, and millennial studies. He was a prodigious student of the Word of God; his pen contributed detailed and edifying articles to assembly magazines and the well known NT commentary series, What the Bible Teaches, by John Ritchie Ltd. In 2010, illness, for the first time, prevented him and his devoted wife Grace from attending the annual Malaysian conference that meant so much to him. He bore that illness with dignity and courage for over a year. His large funeral service from Harryville Gospel Hall was conducted by David Gilliland in the hall and Walter Boyd at the graveside, with brethren taking part in prayers and tributes, including written tributes from brethren in Malaysia.

Anne Armson of Calgary, AB, on August 6, age 76. She was born in 1935 in Kinistino, SK to Harold and Evelyn Wright, and was saved as a teenager. At age 18 she began training at the Children’s Hospital in Winnipeg. After meeting Earl there, they were married in 1957, then moved to Calgary in 1965. Her love of children and desire to provide care for those in need led to 20 years of caring for foster children. She loved her own children (8), grandchildren (30), and great-grandchildren (7), and showed this in many ways. She made many garments and blankets for her family as well as for children in Africa. In 2000, she and Earl went to the Loloma Mission in Zambia where she spent seven years. She loved the Zambian people and provided food and support for many elderly women raising orphaned children. She also helped sponsor many children to attend school and supported some through college as a means of providing them with better opportunities in life. She was a beautiful singer and loved singing with others to celebrate her love of Christ.  She was known for her entertaining and had many assembly sings. Diagnosed with metastatic bowel cancer in 2007, she accepted it without complaint and dealt with it quietly and with patience. Her stalwart behavior during this period of her life was a godly example to her family.

Timothy Camarra, Sr. of Worcester, MA, age 69, on September 25. Saved August 19, 1953 following a conference gospel meeting at the East Orange, NJ, Gospel Hall. He was received into the Worcester assembly where he continued 56 years until his death. Our brother was a faithful shepherd and fervent witness to the truth of God. Survivors include his wife, Carol; sons Joseph (Sarah), Timothy Jr. (Jill), Thomas (Esther), and Jonathan (Kirsten); daughters Rebekah Dancy (David) and Deborah; and six grandchildren. Please pray for Tim’s only brother David and wife Doreen who are not saved. Steve Walvatne preached the gospel at the viewing in Worcester, with Ted Kaulback closing in prayer. The funeral was shared by Matt Brescia and David Oliver who mingled heartfelt tributes with earnest gospel messages. David Oliver spoke briefly at the grave and Frank Tornaquindici closed in prayer.

John Potter of Earlton, ON, on September 27, age 89. He was saved as a young teenager through believing Romans 10:9. Shortly after, he was baptized and received into the assembly at Earlton where he remained a faithful and helpful brother until moving to a retirement home in New Liskeard for the last couple of years. The large funeral was conducted by two friends of the family, Stan Fergusson and Keith Edwards. A number of French Catholic and English neighbors heard the gospel faithfully presented. John was highly respected and had shared his testimony with many in the farming community where he spent his life.

(John) Martin Kerr of Hamilton, ON, on October 21, in his 85th year, after a series of health issues. Martin was saved at the age of 12 through the truth of Isaiah 53:5, and for all his assembly life gathered with the saints at Kensington Ave. Gospel Hall (now Nash Road) in Hamilton. Consistency, commitment, and faithfulness marked our brother’s life. He was an elder for many years and was appreciated and respected by the believers. The large funeral was attended by many who heard a clear gospel message. Martin will be missed by his wife Helen, his daughter Jane, sons John and Rob and their families, as well as the Christians at the Nash Road Gospel Hall.