Editorial: The Constancy of Change

With advancing age comes an increasing resistance to change. We become comfortable in certain patterns of behavior and in routines. Life becomes predictable and we can devote our grey matter to other issues. Yet change is vital and to be embraced as an opportunity for growth. One of Jeremiah’s condemnations of Moab was that he was “at ease from his youth; And he settled on his lees, and hath not been emptied from vessel to vessel … and his scent is not changed” (Jer 48:11).

While we resist change, God has built it into the rhythm of life; the constancy of change is seen against the background of predictability. The seasons change regularly. The calendar changes in its predicted sequence. Day gives way to night with the unerring promise of a new dawn. And we change. Growth and development is the expected norm for a believer’s life. As Peter lays down his pen at the close of 2 Peter 3, his admonition to the reader is to “Grow (and continue to grow) in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (v18). Such knowledge cannot but change us!

Changes have also occurred with Truth and Tidings. This past year has seen the loss of able and trusted contributors. David Oliver, the value of whose contributions cannot be measured, no longer answers the Q and A section regularly. Mr. Norman Crawford, due to health reasons, is no longer able to take an active role in the magazine. Peter Ramsay has felt the pressure of other demands and has withdrawn.

Two new names appear this month on the masthead and we welcome their support and contributions as we move forward.

One final change needs to be noted, as well, for the sake of our U. K. readers. Elwood Russell who, with his wife Mae, have served for many years to coordinate subscriptions for the U. K. will no longer serve in that capacity. The demands of assembly life and other commitments require that he hand this responsibility to someone else. Mr. Simon Brown from the Whitehouse assembly has consented to aid us in this aspect of the work. We deeply appreciate his help.

Amidst change, we have One Who is the Same and Who knows no change (Heb 13:8). How thankful we can be.

Brethren and sisters, pray for us!