British Columbia

Burnaby: The South Burnaby assembly held a mini-conference the last weekend of September on “Assembly Truth.” The ministry was profitably shared by Tom Baker and three local brethren, Reddy Blair, David McKinley, and Ross Smyth. Stan Wells was expected, but took ill in N. Ireland.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Gander Bay: The saints enjoyed an appreciated visit by Gordon Williams on the second Lord’s Day of September.

Nova Scotia

Clementsvale: Shawn St.Clair and James McClelland had five weeks of well-attended tent meetings in Cornwallis Park. All were greatly encouraged with God working in the salvation of souls.


Hamilton: Two-and-a-half weeks of well-attended gospel meetings by Gene Higgins, using his large illustrated chart, “The Impact of the Bible and Christianity on World History,” resulted in blessing in salvation and encouragement to the believers.



Anchorage: The Anchorage and Valley assemblies were very encouraged with the visits of David Booth and Jack Gould for the annual conference at the end of September and a few ministry meetings following. One young man who attended the tent meetings in the valley in July professed to be saved during the conference.


Hampton: The saints enjoyed visits from John Nesbitt and Craig Saword in August.


Byfield: Please pray for gospel meetings which are planned to commence December 4 with Eugene Higgins.

Saugus: We were privileged to have Dr. Clark Logan of Botswana visit for two nights of ministry. He spoke of his conversion and his calling, and gave encouraging and challenging ministry to the saints.
The gospel outreach at the rehab center continues. We are thankful for this opportunity which we have had for the past five years. Pray that the Lord will bless in salvation, and that this door will remain open for us in the spread of the gospel.


Cass City: The assembly appreciated visits in the past month from Jack Nesbitt, Bruce Cottrill and Eugene Badgley.

Deckerville: Bill Metcalf gave encouraging ministry on the “Holy Spirit in the Believer.” Jim Beattie visited and gave searching and challenging ministry on the “The Life and Godliness of a Believer Living for Christ.”

Saginaw: The bimonthly ministry meeting on October 2 was well-attended. Ministry from Stuart Thompson and Eugene Badgley was greatly appreciated and both gave an excellent word in the gospel. Brother Badgley continued with ministry meetings in Saginaw and Cass City.


Fridley: Helpful ministry was given by George Patterson and Eric McCullough in September. A series of gospel meetings is planned to begin October 30 with Dan Shutt and Bruce Rodgers speaking.

New Jersey

Barrington: Malcolm Radcliffe was here September 26-29 with four nights of excellent ministry on “The Person of Christ.” Denis O’Hare was in Hatboro on October 4, in Barrington on the 5th, and in Bryn Mawr on the 6th, with reports of the work of God in France.

Pennsauken: Clark Logan was in the area and visited Hatboro on September 19, Bryn Mawr September 20, and Pennsauken September 21-22 with reports of the work in Botswana. He also gave encouraging ministry.

New York

Flushing: The believers were greatly encouraged when Denis O’Hare visited on September 26. He ministered the Word and spoke about the work of the Lord in France.


Salem: Phil Howard and James McClelland were in their fourth week of gospel meetings here with a number of young people showing a good interest.


Arlington: The saints of the Arlington and Marysville assemblies welcomed their 99th annual Labor Day weekend conference. The meetings were well-attended, and the saints encouraged, exhorted, and lifted up in faith by the ministry of Tom Baker, Duncan Beckett, Bryan Funston, Blair Martin, Doug Reid, Dave Richards, and Stanley Wells. Brethren Shutt and Martin gave appreciated ministry in the area following the conference. Please note that the Youth Conference will be on February 18-19, 2012, when Peter Ramsay and Dan Shutt are expected to share the ministry. Continue to pray for, and encourage, our young people who are the legacy of our assemblies.


Chihuahua: There was much joy in the first conference held here on September 16-18. Shad Kember, Moses Roseyon, Paul Thiessen, and Jason Wahls helped in the ministry and preaching of the Word. Two believers obeyed the Lord in baptism. Believers from El Barril, Ciudad Obregon, and Hermosillo were able to attend. Marcus Cain also visited the assembly here in September with appreciated ministry.

Ciudad del Carmen: There were tears of joy as a good number of people witnessed a 60-year-old fisherman obey the Lord in baptism on September 27. He is the much prayed for husband of a sister in the assembly.

El Barril: Marcus Cain paid an appreciated visit here during his return from the Pachuca conference.

Emiliano Zapata: About 70 adults and children from this small fishing village on the Gulf of Mexico came to the first meeting in a hall that is being built. There are seven baptized believers here anxious to see an assembly established. About 30 believers and unsaved people from the island of Carmen were also present. Amid incredible swarms of mosquitoes, a very good meal was served and there was much joy expressed in the public prayers of the brethren.

Hermosillo: Timothy Woodford and several believers from the assembly here distributed 1,500 texts and VIA magazines in the center of this large city on the eve of a national holiday.

Pachuca: The assemblies of Matilde and Nezahualcoyotl hosted a conference on September 16-18. Two believers obeyed the Lord in baptism. Marcus Cain, Chucho Gomez (Zamora), John Nesbitt, and Ross Vanstone helped in the ministry and preaching of the gospel.

Puerto Vallarta: The Coapinole assembly was blessed by a week of well-attended ministry meetings by Paul Thiessen on the subject of Authority.

Tepic: Saints here and in Santiago appreciated a recent visit by Marcus Cain.

N. Ireland

Belfast: David Williamson and David McGarvey have a portable hall erected in Dixon Park in association with the Bloomfield assembly. Ian Jackson (England) is in the Windsor Gospel Hall starting October 9.

Broughshane: Marvin Derksen and John Fleck had four weeks of well-attended meeting in the Community Center, with encouragement in seeing a number saved.

Cookstown: Sammy Maze and son Graeme concluded tent meetings at the end of August.

Dromore, Co. Down: Robin McKeown and Mark Turkington commenced here in the gospel.

Galgorm: John Rogers and Malcolm Radcliffe commenced in a portable hall on the outskirts of Ballymena.

Limavady: Stephen Gilfillan and Andrew Steele continue in a gospel series in a portable hall with a number of local people attending.

Lisburn: Brian Currie and David McAllister are presently in the Plantation Gospel Hall with the gospel.

Lurgan: Jim Smith (USA) and David Gilliland concluded six weeks of gospel meetings in a tent erected on the outskirts of the town. One feature of the meetings was the remarkable number of local people who attended and heard the gospel preached. The Lord blessed in salvation.

Martray: Noel Fleck is with Samuel Nelson here where a number of unsaved are attending these meetings.

Milford, Co. Armagh: Mark Campbell and Clifford Law are having gospel meetings in a barn.

Moneydig: Wesley Martin and his father, Jim, concluded gospel meetings in a portable hall. Encouraging numbers attended and the Lord was pleased to bless in salvation.

Portglenone: John Fleck and Gardner Logan have a portable hall erected near here where they are preaching the gospel. A number from that locality have attended.


Special Notice

It is the intent of T&T to publish a list of 2012 conferences in the December issue which will include dates only. The purpose is to facilitate long-range planning for individuals and assemblies. Assembly correspondents are asked to notify the news editor (see inside cover) to confirm the dates of their conferences by November 4. Detailed conference notices will continue to be published on a monthly basis when submitted. It is recommended that these be received three months in advance of the conference by the 4th of the month.

Pennsauken, NJ

January 7-8, 2012, in Haddonfield Middle School, Lincoln and Chestnut Aves., Haddonfield, NJ. Prayer Meeting on Friday, January 6, at 7:30pm in the Gospel Hall, 6530 Caroline Ave. at Rte. 38 near Rte. 70, Pennsauken, NJ. Tel: 856 662-1201.  J. Dennison, A. Hull, D. Oliver, D. Petterson, and P. Ramsay are expected. Corr: David A. Curran, 326 Windsor Ave., Haddonfield, NJ 08033-1142. Tel: 856 429-4443; E-mail: dacurran@aol.com.

Conference Reminders:

Alpena, AR – November 5-6

London, ON – November 5-6

Newington, CT – November 5-6

Saskatoon, SK – November 5-6

Blues Mills, NS – November 11-13

Bryn Mawr/Hatboro, PA – November 12-13

Oil Springs, ON – November 12-13

Oshawa, ON – November 12

Brampton, ON – November 19-20

Maberly, ON – November 26

Phoenix, AZ – November 24-27

Saugus, MA – December 3-4

Change of Address

James McClelland: E-mail address is mj.mcc@eastlink.ca.

Change of Correspondent

Ottawa, ON (River Road Gospel Hall): Raeburn MacDougall, 3471 Greenland Rd., Dunrobin, ON, K0A 1T0. E-mail: rae.lill@gmail.com.

Pugwash Junction, NS: Merlin Russell, 12501 Sunrise Trail, RR#3 Wallace, NS, B0K 1Y0. Tel: 902 243-3197;
E-mail: m.russell462@gmail.com.

Change of Address of Correspondent

Barrington, NJ: A. J. Higgins, 42 Tenth Ave, Haddon Heights, NJ 08035. Tel: 856 547-5730; E-mail: ahigginsmd@msn.com (phone and E-mail unchanged).


Myrtle Pickering of Arborfield, SK, on May 13, age 95. Our dear sister in the Lord was saved as a young girl of 13 when she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior while kneeling by her bed. Shortly after she was received into the fellowship of the Taylorside assembly where she continued until 1938 when she married Howard Pickering and moved to Arborfield. There she continued in the fellowship until her health caused her to move into a home for the aged. Her greatest ambition in life was to be at the meetings, as well as to always have her home ready for any who called in to enjoy her hearty meals and dainties. She was given to hospitality and served the Lord in any way she could. She is survived by her four children and their spouses, ten grandchildren and their spouses, 17 great-grandchildren, her brother Arthur, one adopted sister, and one sister-in-law. She was predeceased by her husband Howard, one grandson, and many of her brothers and sisters and their spouses. The funeral was taken by David Taylor; Bryon Myers spoke at the committal.

Frieda Sawatsky of Calgary, AB, on June 15, age 92. She and her husband David moved from Manitoba to Calgary many years ago. Frieda was part of the assembly at West Hillhurst, but poor health kept her from the meetings for the past few years. She is survived by three of her children, with two children and her husband passing on before her. She was a quiet, kind Christian lady with a love for the Lord. Funeral was taken by a local brother. Please pray for unsaved family members.

Aurele Robert of Calgary, AB, on June 25, age 93. Our dear brother was saved as a boy and remained faithful in the Lord’s service until his home-call.  He spent his early life in Switzerland and migrated to Canada in 1953. For the last number of years he was a part of the assembly at West Hillhurst. He was a faithful brother and a true help to the assembly. He was a kind man who left behind a testimony of devout Christian faith. He leaves behind his wife Marguerite, one son and family. Funeral service was taken by local brethren. “The memory of the just is blessed” (Prov 10:7).

Wilfred Neil Johnston of Strongville, ON, on July 9, age 94, beloved husband of Jane (nee Bell) and the late Dorothy (nee Carruthers). Wilfred was born on March 4, 1917 and came to know the Lord as his Savior as a young boy. At the age of 24, he was blinded in both eyes due to a chemical burn. He lived in Collingwood for many years and was a lighthouse keeper and a commercial fisherman, then later took over his parents’ cottage business. He loved to play the saxophone and attended the Midhurst sings with his beloved wife, Jane. One of his favorite hymns was “Rock of Ages” which he had committed to memory. He was lovingly cared for by his dear wife and family. Please pray for his large family with 12 grandchildren, several great-grandchildren, and some great-great-grandchildren. The funeral service was taken by Bill Shaw, with Mike LaChance speaking at the graveside. His seat is vacant and he is dearly missed.

Lewis MacKenzie of O’Leary, PE, on July 10, age 87. He left Prince Edward Island at age 26 to get away from the gospel and went to Saskatchewan. While there he decided to go to just one more meeting – the prayer meeting prior to the Taylorside conference. During the singing of the closing hymn, “Just as I am,” Lewis came to know the Savior whom he would faithfully serve the rest of his life. “God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.” Left to cherish his memory are his wife Jeanette, and children, Esther, Trenna, Andrew, Sharon, and Katherine, along with grandchildren and great-grandchildren, each of whom was his “favorite.”

Lewis was a teacher by trade and this was evident in the Springfield West assembly in which he served the Lord faithfully for 50 years as a shepherd and elder. He was characterized by a deep understanding of Scriptures, spiritual wisdom, and balance. When rebuke was necessary, it was with gentleness and compassion. His exhortations were frequent and timely and his worship was always fresh and warm. He didn’t succumb to meaningless disputations. He walked with the Lord; he worked for the Lord; he witnessed for the Lord; he waited on the Lord; and he worshiped the Lord. His final year on earth was filled with much sickness and difficulty, yet his dependence on God was never more evident as he lived by “God knows best.”

The funeral service was well-attended. Opening remarks and prayer were offered by his nephew. Robert McIlwaine, and Albert Hull spoke a fitting message in the gospel and also related some history of the gospel work in western PEI, and how Lewis was instrumental in this pioneer work. Memories contributed by the children and grandchildren were read by grandson David Arbing. Lewis’ personal testimony was read by grandson Andrew Kelly, and graveside remarks by nephew, David Hierlihy. He is lovingly remembered by all who had the privilege of knowing him.