New Brunswick

Fredericton: Meetings at the end of October and early November by Jim Smith on the “Garment’s of the High Priest” were enlightening and inspiring. The assembly benefited greatly, and the visit of our brother and his wife was very much enjoyed.


Deer Lake: A young mother who was saved last summer was baptized on November 13. She and her husband have both made their desire known for assembly fellowship. Their joy is evident to all. Brian Owen was present for the occasion and stayed through the weekend giving timely ministry. The week following, Lorne Langfeld visited for a Saturday night ministry meeting, stayed through the weekend, and gave some searching ministry.

Lambton Shores: Three weeks of gospel meetings which the Lake Shore assembly held with Marvin Derksen and Andrew Robertson finished December 5. One young man seemed interested and attended nightly. Others travelled a distance to hear. The labors of these brethren were appreciated. Andrew also helped in the Thedford work with a series of well-attended youth meetings with lessons from Genesis.

Oshawa: The one-day conference was one of the largest in the last 25 years. It was encouraging to see a large crowd of young people. Timely ministry was given by eight full-time servants and a brother from a local assembly. The guidance of the Holy Spirit was evident. The assembly also enjoyed ministry and a report on the work in Zambia by Keith Bailey for the Saturday night ministry meeting in December.

Milton: The assembly has commended Doug and MaryAnn Hanna to the Lord and to full-time service for Him at Sakeji School in Zambia, where they have travelled with their daughter Ellie. Doug is from a family of missionaries; his grandparents labored in Chile and an aunt and uncle also serve there today. His parents are also missionaries in Zambia. As a result, Doug spent much of his childhood years in Zambia and attended Sakeji School. More recently both Doug and MaryAnn have made short term trips there where their service was appreciated by the local assemblies and other missionaries. Please pray for them in their service for the Lord. See Updates for contact information.

Sudbury: The assembly appreciated a mid-week visit from Brian Owen in October. Brian Crawford had a special week of children’s meetings in November. A number of newcomers and some parents faithfully attended. Please pray for children who continue to come as a result. Paul and Eunice Poidevin visited the saints for a weekend in November. A very interesting report was given on Saturday night, and ministry and help in the gospel on the Lord’s Day were appreciated. It was a joy and encouragement to the assembly when a sister of one of the saints was baptized recently. A number of family members and a friend were present to hear a very solemn gospel message.



Alpena: A number of believers from several assemblies attended the annual Bible Reading in November. It was a time of profitable ministry for all. Appreciated help was given by Jesse Fitch, Jerry Jennings, William Lavery, Larry Perkins, Joel Portman, and Jack Saword. A warm note of thanks is extended to all who attended and gave support. In connection with the work in Springdale, a young Hispanic man professed salvation. Continued prayer for the work among Hispanics in the area is greatly appreciated.


Phoenix: The Thanksgiving weekend conference was enjoyed by a good number of the saints again this year. Servants of the Lord present to minister the Word and preach the gospel were Alan Davidson, John Fitzpatrick, Bill Lavery, and Stan Wells. Bill Lavery and Alan Davidson remained for a week of ministry after the conference.


Stout: Scott Macleod was with the assembly for ten nights giving appreciated ministry on Church truth. Interest by many of the saints in this area was very encouraging.


Worcester: The believers were encouraged by a visit from Robert Surgenor for two days in November.


Fridley: An all-day meeting was held November 7 with John Slabaugh, Al Christopherson, and William Skates. The ministry given was a reminder that our lives and God’s assembly are the spiritual superstructure built upon the great foundation which is Christ.

New Jersey

Midland Park: The 69th annual conference was held at the end of September. Brethren who ministered the Word were David Gilliland, Jack Hay, David Jones, and John See (Malaysia). Eugene Higgins spoke in the gospel on the Saturday evening. The ministry was excellent, and helpful to the saints attending, and the gospel was solemn and searching. Eugene Higgins returned in October for three weeks of gospel meetings, using the chart on the “Impact of the Bible and Christianity on American History.” Several visitors attended, some more than once, and heard a plain, earnest message of salvation through faith in the Lord Jesus. One young boy professed faith in Christ. Please pray for the children’s treat to be held January 22, DV.


Akron: David Petterson labored here in gospel meetings. A good number attended and the gospel was plainly presented. During the meetings, two believers were baptized and the annual children’s treat was held. Robert Surgenor and Fred Bartlett also gave help recently.

Mansfield: The assembly appreciated visits from Fred Bartlett, Al Christopherson, and Stuart Thompson.


Marysville: Marvin Derksen and Bryon Meyers concluded three weeks of gospel meetings on November 7. The meetings were well attended by the assembly and students from the Youth Bible Hour. Two teenage girls professed faith in Christ. A number of the believer’s children showed good interest. Please pray that others will come to know Christ and those who professed will be sustained and a testimony to their families.


Egg Harbor: Lorne Mitchell and Eugene Badgley had two weeks of gospel meetings with the assembly. One man professed salvation in the second week. This was a joy and encouragement to the saints.


Chihuahua: The assembly that meets in the Valle de la Madrid hall rejoiced in receiving two believers into fellowship.

Ciudad del Carmen: D. Alves Jr. and Moses Roseyon (of Puerto Vallarta) have been preaching nightly for several weeks in two locations. In the afternoons they go to the mainland to a village called Zapata, where five believers were recently baptized, and in the evenings they are having well-attended house meetings on the island.

Ciudad Obregón: D. Beckett has returned to the country and continues to appreciate the prayers of God’s people. A new work in an area known as Nueva Palmira has opened up in the home of a sister in fellowship here. Response by people in the neighborhood has encouraged our young brethren Ben Kember (Obregón) and Jonathan Seed (Vancouver).

Cotaxtla: After the devastation caused by hurricane Karl, J. Nesbitt has increased the number of weekly meetings here and is encouraged with the response.

El Barril: J. Wahls has settled, with his family, in Zacatecas, a one hour drive from El Barril and is working with dozens of contacts here and in the neighboring towns of La Concepción, Chaparrosa, and Zancarrón.

Hermosillo: The assembly enjoyed four nights of ministry by J. Dennison on the subject of family life and raising children.

Mexico City: A. von Zeschau and other brethren from the Nezahualcoyotl assembly are helping S. Emberly (Portage) in special gospel meetings in a home.

Pachuca: H. Rodriguez is helping in the preaching of the gospel in a rented building. Close by, the assembly rejoiced in the baptism of one brother and the restoration of a sister. The assembly was also greatly encouraged to see H. Rodriguez again.

Tepic: Over 250 believers from 11 assemblies around the country attended the conference and listened to ministry given by J. Dennison and H. Rodriguez. After a difficult bout of dengue fever, Allison Cain was able to make it to the last meeting of the conference and saw her youngest son and another teenager baptized. After many years of faithful service here the assembly tearfully bid farewell to the Cains, who are now settled in Hermosillo.

Santiago: The assembly appreciated meetings with P. Thiessen on the subject of leadership in the assembly. J. Dyck continues to work on the construction of a new hall.

Veracruz: The assembly rejoiced to have H. Rodriguez while on a visit to Mexico. One sister obeyed the Lord in baptism. J. Dennison gave helpful ministry on the subject of marriage.

Zapopan: The assembly was blessed by 13 meetings conducted by P. Thiessen on courtship, marriage, and raising children.

N. Ireland

Ardmore: David Gilliland and Tom Castles are preaching in the gospel hall.

Ballinloob: David McGarvey commenced in the gospel here November 14.

Ballymoney: Robin McKeown and Tom Meekin had four weeks of gospel meetings in the Town Hall.

Buckna: Tommie Wright and Elton Fairfield started gospel meetings here November 7.

Cardy: Malcolm Radcliffe and Jonathan Procopio were encouraged with blessing in meetings here.

Lurgan: The annual conference and Bible Readings were attended by large numbers for another helpful and encouraging conference. Bible Readings on Revelation 19-22 were taken by J. Allen, J. Hay, T. Wilson, and D. Gilliland. Many other brethren participated over the six days, sharing in ministry, gospel, and reports of the Lord’s work.

Dervock: Willie Fenton and Matthew McKillen commenced gospel meetings here outside of Bushmills.

Donemana: Brian Glendinning and Norman Coulter commenced here November 14 in the gospel.

Dromore: Jim Martin and Wesley Martin were preaching in a portable hall outside of this town.

Drumacanver: Howard Milliken and Mark Campbell commenced gospel meetings here November 7.

Dunmurry: John Fleck and John Rogers saw blessing here in a gospel series.


Lviv City: In 1995, Flora Kancer, wanting to bring the gospel to relatives of her deceased husband, went to Lviv with her son Timothy and Gilles Plourde. Since that time, she and others have brought Bibles and the gospel to schools, orphanages, senior’s homes, and many needy people. Clothing is sent from North America and distributed to the needy. There are many younger and older people who help in the work. As a result of continued gospel work souls have been saved, and in October 2010, an assembly began. Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Jonson from Ireland now reside in Lviv as missionaries.

Lutsk City: Timothy and Rhoda Sloan visited Ukraine in 2002 as the result of a contact made in 1994. Contacts were made and as a result an assembly began in 2002. In 2007 an existing building was purchased which is presently being renovated. Approximately 100 street children are given a gospel message and fed daily. The focus of the work in Lutsk and the surrounding area is ministry and the gospel. Souls have been saved and just in the past months, two have been added to the assembly. Over the years they have printed, in Ukrainian, 120,000 Seed Sowers, 200,000 gospel tracts, and books – The Role of Women in a Local Church (D. Gilliland), Going on for God(D. Hinton, D. Newell), Autonomy and Authority (Michael Browne), and Reception to God’s Assembly (W. Bunting). At present nine new gospel tracts (Leslie Craig) are being translated and printed, as well as the 10 booklet series of Focus On (John Ritchie). About 10,000 calendars have just been received for 2011. Your continued prayers are appreciated.

Ivano-Frankivsk City: A contact was made in 2003 which was followed up in the spring of 2004. Since then visits for five or six weeks have been made each spring and fall by a number of Christians, with another group usually following after the first group leaves. An apartment is rented where workers can stay and meetings are held. Up to 30 attend the meetings. Clothing is distributed as well as medicine and other help. There is still freedom to distribute Bibles and speak in schools and orphanages. A number have been saved and it is hoped that an assembly will eventually be formed in this city in the Lord’s time. Please pray for this most needy country. For more information look at the blog “God’s Work in Western Ukraine.”


San Diego, CA

February 19-20, in the Gospel Hall, 4646 Twain Ave., with Prayer Meeting on Friday, February 12 at 7:30pm. Saturday: Bible Reading 10am (Hebrews 13), Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Corr: Wm. Smith; Tel: 619 582-2109; Hall 619 280-7021.

Newbury, ON

April 30, in the Newbury Gospel Hall. Ministry: 2:30-5pm; Ministry and Gospel 6:30-7:30pm. Contact Chris Snooks at Tel: 519 695-5779, or snooks90@hotmail.com.

Conference Reminders:

Monrovia/Downey, CA – December 30 – January 1

Pennsauken, NJ – January 8-9

DeLand, FL – February 4-6

Jackson, MI – February 18-20

Commended Workers

Doug and MaryAnn Hanna: Sakeji School, P.O. Box 20, Ikelenge, Northwest Province, Zambia. E-mail: hanna.doug@gmail.com.

Change of Address

John Fitzpatrick: New E-mail address is johnfitz2011@gmail.com.

David Rodgers (Chile): Current E-mail address is dvrodgers@gmail.com.

Change of Address of Correspondent

Lake Shore Gospel Hall: Russell Fuller, 8638 Vance Dr., Lambton Shores, ON, N0N 1J7.

Change in Meeting Times

Eden Grove, ON: Sunday night gospel meeting time is now 7pm, preceded by prayer at 6:30pm.


John Robert Webb of Cambridge, MA, on October 28, 2010, after a long and painful battle with cancer. He was born on August 13, 1932, in Quincy, IL. He was saved in July 1952 while in the Armed forces in Korea. He and his wife Marilyn (who predeceased him in 2008) had ten children (Robin, Timothy, David, Karen, Philip, Juanita, Joel, Lisa, Rebecca, and Jonathan). He is also survived by 13 grandchildren, three sisters, and two brothers. Please remember in prayer some who are not saved. He was a respected elder in the Cambridge assembly and a brother beloved by all the saints who knew him. Godly, humble, and warm-hearted, John loved the Lord and His Word. His funeral was taken by his son Tim, Frank Procopio, Jim Vincent, Ken Taylor, and Gene Higgins. James Thompson and Rick Lawson took the graveside service.

Irvine Brooks of Fredericton, NB, on November 19, 2010, age of 70, after a short battle with aggressive cancer. He was saved in his late teens through the kindness of a dear Baptist lady who took him in off the street, and through the effective witness of Baptist evangelists in Burtts Corner, NB. In 1964, through the influence of the Haine’s family and others at the York County Home, he came into assembly fellowship. Since 1970 Irvine was a dedicated Christian and a devoted husband and father to his dear wife Rachel and their five children. He cared much for his family, neighbors, and fellow believers. He was known for his hard work and help to many and for his phone calls to let you know that he was thinking of you and praying for you. He will be missed by more people than we realize. One of his favorite verses was “We know that all things work together for good to them that love God.” The funeral service was taken by Rob Griffin and an excellent gospel message was presented by Shawn St. Clair.

Dr. Ernesto E. Moreno of Clyde, OH, on November 29, 2010, age 95. He was born in 1915 in Holquin, Cuba. While in Cuba he taught at Candler College and Havana Military Academy. He married Ida Mae Messer of Olivia, Minnesota, on July 14, 1957. After leaving Cuba in 1960, he received his Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Minnesota, and taught at Oxford College and MacAllister College. He moved to Toledo in 1966 where he taught Spanish at the University of Toledo until his retirement, and then served as a linguist for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He always had an encouraging word for the saints regarding his enjoyment of the Scriptures and will be greatly missed.

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