Editorial: Bought but Bound

It stood there tethered to the post. If it had a memory it would have been able to remember a day when, according to the law (Exo 13:13), a lamb had been sacrificed to allow it to live. A life of usefulness and service was only possible if a lamb died; and the lamb had died and this colt was now free.

But it was bound! “Bound where two ways met,” and unable to loose itself (Mark 11:4). There it stood at a crossroads, a testimony to an unfulfilled existence. But then they came, two men sent from the Master. The command was simple but eloquent: “Loose him and bring him” (Luke 19:30).

What followed is known to all. From being bound, it now had the privilege of making Christ visible to the throngs as He entered into the city. The colt itself was covered, hidden by the garments (Luke 19:35), but Christ was seen by all. What a fulfilled existence!

Many are “bought but bound”; hindered from serving by the things that tie us all to the demands of day-to-day life. The stress is real and inescapable. To serve effectively demands not only time for communion with Christ, but the commitment to serve as doors open. Many are at a place where “two ways meet,” a crossroads in life.

It is only fitting that, as the year draws to a close, we recognize those who have served so faithfully, many behind the scenes, to make the publication of Truth & Tidings possible. The high standard set by our esteemed brother Norman Crawford has been maintained by a cast of many who are doing the work he once did almost single-handedly. The collection and collating of news done by Phil Broadhead, the overseeing of subscriptions by Paul and Linda Glenney, the art work of Don Draper, and the work of Phil Rockey in preparing for publication are all done efficiently and professionally. The Q and A section by David Oliver continues to be the flagship of the magazine, exemplifying Scriptural insight and balance. Proofreading by Rita Dennison is invaluable. Although no longer active on the staff, Gene Higgins continues to supply gospel articles which are valued by all.

The advice and support of the associate editors, Robert Reilly, Albert Hull, Marvin Derksen, Peter Ramsay, John Dennison, and Shawn St. Clair are deeply appreciated and a benefit to the magazine. A special thanks is due to Paul and Tal Welinga for not only handling the mailing of monthly magazines, but for looking after numerous other details. Thanks as well to Elwood Russell for his assistance with the UK magazines. Finally, thanks to all those who contribute by writing and to all who read and take time to comment (for good or bad) on the contents. Do continue to pray for the magazine and its usefulness.