British Columbia

Vancouver: During the 2010 Olympic Games, a number of assemblies in the area assisted in the distribution, at various venues, of 25,000 attractive gift packets prepared by the International Bible House, and the offer of a free Gospel of John. They seemed to be well received. Please pray, not only for the Easter conference, but also for a short gospel series to follow with Marvin Derksen and John Grant in the Michael J. Fox Theatre.

Newfoundland and Labrador

L’Anse au Loup: Gospel meetings concluded February 14 with Marvin Derksen and Frank Sona. Large numbers were out each night, but no one trusted Christ yet, as far as we know. Brother Sona stayed for a ministry meeting on the following night. Interior construction work continues on the new Gospel Hall over the winter months.

English Point: Andrew Bergsma ministered the Word, February 16-19. A full day of meetings February 21 went well with meals at the hall. Brother Bergsma gave a report on the work among the Hutterites.

Red Bay: The assembly appreciated three nights of ministry from Andrew Bergsma who also visited the saints in Charlottetown, returning here for the Lord’s Day, February 28. Mrs. Ellen Earle passed away on February 2. She was in the assembly for many years. The funeral was held in the hall with Randell Layden, Francis Barney, and David Swan sharing the service. She leaves behind her husband, Ted, and a large family that needs salvation.


Deseronto:During the past months, appreciated help was received from N. Burden, M. McLeod, E. Badgley, and T. Kember. Brethren Kember and McLeod have given help in Bible readings.

Lambton Shores: The Lakeshore assembly was encouraged with recent ministry and with new converts attending. In early February, Al Christopherson paid a weekend visit with an extra night for teaching. Later, Alex Dryburgh visited, and had a short series on the assembly as a flock, field, fellowship, and family.



San Diego: The conference was a time of encouragement. The Word was ministered by Tom Baker, A.J. Higgins, Ken Taylor, Joel Portman, and Gordon Williams. Brother Williams had three nights of ministry after the conference.


Saugus: The conference in December was well-attended, with many young believers able to attend. Brethren Beattie, Cain, Dryburgh, Higgins, Hull, MacLeod, Meekin, Oliver, Paisley, and Shutt shared in ministry, and the gospel both evenings was preached by brethren Higgins, Cain, and Paisley. The meetings of Eugene Higgins reported on last month concluded in February after four weeks. Many unsaved attended. The assembly rejoiced in receiving three young believers who were recently baptized. Frank Sona is expected for the Sunday School treat, Saturday, April 10, followed by four ministry meetings, April 11th-14th, on the Book of Ruth.


Jackson: Please pray for a series of gospel meetings beginning April 11, with Albert Hull and Bill Seale.

New Jersey

Barrington: Andrew Ussher and Scott MacLeod had a weekend of ministry, Feb 20 and 21st, on topics relevant to younger believers.

North Carolina

Hickory: The assembly enjoyed a visit in February from Bill Lavery who led a series of Bible studies on Ruth. Jim Smith had a ministry series as well, covering themes in Hebrews.


Arlington/Marysville: The saints had the great privilege of hosting nearly 300 young people over the President’s Day “Weekend to Remember.” Faithful ministry was given by Dan Shutt and Lindsay Parks. In early March, Stanley Wells was present for a week of ministry. Please pray for upcoming gospel tent and youth meetings beginning June 13 with Brandon Doll and Dan Shutt.


Chihuahua:The assembly mourns the loss of an aged and appreciated brother called Demetrio, firstfruits of the work here. Local brethren are helping with nightly preaching in his widow’s home, and are encouraged with excellent attendance.

Ciudad del Carmen:The assembly was uplifted with many new contacts made and blessing in salvation seen during five weeks of gospel meetings. An older believer, Jorge, was added to the fellowship at this time, and was overjoyed to see over 20 of his relatives attend the gospel series in which two adult children and a son-in-law professed faith.

Ciudad Obregón: The ongoing special series here has been richly blessed of God with about 12 souls trusting Christ as Savior. Meetings are now in their third month. Duncan Beckett and Shad Kember expect to conduct baptisms at the end of March.

Santiago: The series of gospel meetings has ended. On February 28, the assembly appreciated the visits of David Alves Jr. and Marcus Cain. Four believers obeyed the Lord in baptism after the gospel meeting.


David Jones wrote at the time of the earthquake: “As each hour passes and news coverage increases, the magnitude of the devastation caused by the earthquake is more alarming. Here is an update as of March 1:

“The earthquake registered 8.8 on the Richter scale at the epicenter which was north of Concepción and under the sea at more than 50 kms. below. It was caused by the collision of the Nazca tectonic plate with the South American plate. Experts say the earthquake was a result of force being released by the Nazca plate moving eastward under South America.

“The earthquake is considered to be the fifth severest since records have been kept in the history of humanity. The seismologists tell us it was 50 times more violent than the Haitian earthquake. Although fear was raised about a tsunami, the warnings were cancelled. However, a sort of tidal wave did affect part of the coast and devastated some ocean front communities north of Concepción as far as Constitución. A wall of water swept away houses, buildings, cars, and people. In some cases 80% of the communities were affected.

“The government says half a million homes have been damaged and two million people have been affected. These figures are also liable to increase. Damage can be understood as minor with cracks in the walls and plaster falling, to the most severe where structures have collapsed into rubble. Some large buildings in Concepción, one as high as 14 stories, are in shambles.

“Some communities are still without water and light. This has made communications with some of our brethren difficult. Last night in Santa María a brother brought the battery from his vehicle into the hall and powered one light bulb so we could have a meeting. In other places, they were unable to hold meetings.

“When widespread looting started in Concepción the government declared a State of Catastrophe, meaning the army was sent in to control the situation and a curfew was imposed from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. In many of these places, it is difficult to get food and water. Social unrest continues to escalate in some places and the government is using the military to keep order. Communications by telephone, both cellular and fixed, continue to be difficult so the following news items are still incomplete.

“There is only one report of loss of life of known believers from the assemblies. Don Isidoro Mendoza passed away. The circumstances of his death are not known but it has been confirmed by his son who went to see him where he was living south of Lota.

“GOSPEL HALLS – Some halls were damaged. Two are unuseable at the moment until there is an assessment made of what will be required to repair them. The ceiling in the Talca hall fell down and some of the benches were damaged. In Santiago, the hall where the oldest assembly is located is unsafe and for the moment the plan is to use another hall where they have a branch work. Halls in Valparaíso, Gualleco, Peñaflor, and Los Angeles have structural damage.

“WORKERS – Dennis and Gloria Hanna live southeast of Concepción within the disaster area. They live outside the city of Los Angeles. Their well caved in and the propane gas tank sprung a leak so cooking has to be done on a wood stove along with their neighbors. David and Ruth Ann Rodgers in Rancagua, Andrew and Martina Kluge in Valdivia, Margaret Ronald in San Felipe, and Ernest and Kay Moore are all well with no significant damage to report. Anne Reid is in the south of the country and will know better when she returns later on this week how her house fared, although she knows the ceiling in the guest room has been affected. I continue to do cleanup in our old adobe house for the walls in each room are cracked. However, it is nothing compared to the kind of loss suffered in the south. The Chilean workers tell of items falling, but no severe structural damage to their dwellings.

“Chilean believers – In Valparaíso where three sisters live, the ceiling in the large kitchen has fallen in. One of the elders is making enquiries of others who might have been affected.

“In Peñaflor where a lot of poorer folk live, many who attend the meeting lost their homes. A priority is to get some shelter and, in theory, the government hopes to give them some basic help. However, this will take time as a new president is to take over on March 11. The outgoing socialist government and the incoming right wing president are cooperating with each other for the benefit of the people.

“In Talcahuano, the city was not only affected by the earthquake but by the ‘tidal wave’ that came roaring in. The wave of water engulfed many homes ripping some of them from their foundations. The hall is a few blocks from the port, but the water did not get in as far as the building. We are still unable to get a report on damage done due to communication problems.

“In Talca two single sisters whose home is adjacent to the hall report damage to their home making the rooms unlivable. An elder and his brother-in-law next door also report damage.

“Long lineups at gas stations show there is fear of scarcity. Supermarkets in the more affected areas are not open, some waiting for hydro to be restored. Plans are being made by Christians here in San Felipe and also in Valdivia to take foodstuffs and water to the Christians in the affected area. The road system is affected but the government is doing what it can to keep the routes open, even if it means taking alternate roads.

“A relief fund has been established under the name of the CHILE EQ (EarthQuake) Fund 2010, and the brethren have agreed that I serve as administrator, using those very same brethren to help in getting help to where it is needed. Any designated funds will be used entirely to help in the weeks and months that lie ahead. For those who have kindly written and enquired about Chile, thank you for your interest and your prayers. Even as I write and bring it to an end, I feel a slight aftershock reminding me that small adjustments are still being made by the tectonic plates.”

St. Lucia

Brian Owen writes: “Ed and Millie Miller, and Carolyn and I arrived in St. Lucia, December 28th, in order to be available for their New Year’s Day Conference which was held at Soufriere. Back in 1977 there was one very small assembly in Castries. It was a real thrill to see such a large number of believers present from six of the seven assemblies at the conference. Unfortunately the bus in which the Castries believers were travelling, had mechanical difficulties en route; hence their non-attendance.

“Following the conference, gospel meetings were held at Soufriere. By Thursday of the second week, the hall was almost full, with several unsaved present. The Millers had to return to Toronto as Ed was committed to help in Zambia, leaving near the end of January. Local brethren shared with me the third week. A gentleman who is a regular attender professed to be saved on Wednesday of the final week. We have much for which to praise God!”


Fredericton, NB

April 23-25, with Prayer Meeting on Friday, 7:30pm at the Gospel Hall, 109 McAdam Ave. All other meetings in the Royal Road School. Saturday: Prayer and Report on ESL Work in Halifax (Matthew Cain) 10:30am. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:30am. Afternoon meetings will be from John 14-16: “Service for the Master – Sanctification, Fruitfulness and Support” (J. Smith, D. Oliver and L. Cain) Corr: Rob Griffin, Tel 506 472-5512; RDLGriff@nb.sympatico.ca.

Livingston, NJ

April 30-May 2, with Prayer Meeting on April 30 at 7:30pm. Saturday: Ministry 10:30am and 2pm, Gospel 6pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry 2:30pm, Gospel 5pm. All meetings will be held at the Livingston Gospel Hall, 405 E. Mt. Pleasant Avenue, Livingston, NJ; Tel 973 535-1485. Directions are on the web site www.livingstongospelhall.org. Corr: Allan Valvano; Tel 973 377-7839, or 201 404-5611; Email allanvalvano@livingstongospelhall.org. Accomm: David Valvano; Tel 973 884-2484; Email dvalvano@optonline.net.

Peterborough, ON

May 1, in the Park Street Gospel Hall, 592 Park St. N., Peterborough. Meetings are at 2pm and 6:30pm, with supper served at 5pm. Corr: Alan Hale, Tel 705 745-1007.

Cumberland, MD

May 15-16, with Prayer Meeting on Friday, May 14 at 7:30pm in the Cumberland Gospel Hall, 700 E. First St. All other meetings at South Penn Elementary School, 500 E. Second St. Saturday 10am. Breaking of Bread Lord’s Day 10am. An exercise concerning “assembly truth” will be appreciated. Accommodations, directions, or local hotel numbers for those making their own arrangements, contact Harold Harrison, Tel 301 689-2432, or Tim Harrison, Tel 301 689-0152; E-mail sonnyh60@aol.com.

Toronto, ON

May 14-16, Seventh missionary conference at the Langstaff Gospel Hall, Toronto. Sessions will include missionary reports, missionary-related ministry, personal accounts on the calls to full-time ministry, and a panel discussion. The planned speakers for this year are Shawn St. Clair (El Salvador), Shad Kember (Mexico), Phil Coulson (Burma), Crawford Brown (Brazil), and Jack Nesbitt (St. Lucia). Meals will be provided in the hall. There is limited accommodation available in the homes of believers in the area. For information and assistance in locating a place to stay, please contact Irving Payne at 905 773-3822 or E-mail sheryl.p@sympatico.ca.

Ottawa, ON

May 21-23, in the Gospel Hall at 1087 North River Rd., with Prayer Meeting at 7:30pm, Friday. Saturday: Bible Reading 9am., Prayer/Ministry 10:30am, Prayer/Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 9am, Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Open Sunday school 1pm, Prayer/Ministry 2:30pm, Gospel 7pm. Bible reading subject for both mornings – “Living a Life Well-pleasing to God,” as illustrated in 2 Timothy. Corr: M. Cottrill, Tel 613 225-4708; E-mail mervyncottrill@yahoo.ca.

Prince Edward Island

May 22-23, at Bluefield High School in Hampshire, PE. Saturday: Prayer and Ministry 10am and 2:15pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Sunday: Bible Reading 8:30am, Breaking of Bread 10am, Sunday school 1:15pm, Prayer/Ministry 2:15pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Corr: Glen McKenna, 41 Andrews Dr., Kensington R.R.6, PE, C0B1M0; Tel 902 836-3073, or Brian MacDonald, 25 MacRae Dr., Cornwall, PE, C0A1H0; Tel 902 566-3831. Accom: Neil Thompson, Tel 902 892-7216, or E-mail: neilthompson@pei.sympatico.ca.

Calgary, AB

May 22-23, in the West Hillhurst Gospel Hall, with Prayer Meeting on Friday at 7:30pm. Accomm/Inquiries: D. Hanna, Tel 403 236-4126, Email djhanna@shaw.ca; or K.Armson, Tel 403 285-8185, Email karmson@efirehose.net.

Byfield, MA

May 28-30. Friday: Prayer Meeting 8pm. Saturday: Ministry 10:30am and 2:30pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Sunday school 12:15pm, Ministry 2:30pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Corr: John H. Short, 145 Main St., Byfield, MA 01922; E-mail: johnhshort@comcast.net; Tel 978 465-2207.

Hickory/Denver NC

The Denver and Hickory, NC assemblies invite you to our annual conference on May 28 – 30 at the Hickory Gospel Hall, 253 17th Avenue NE, Hickory, NC 28601, 828 324-2118. For accommodations contact Philip Moore at 828 324-1532 or Kurt Petterson at 704 489-2314. Order of meetings: Friday 7:30pm Prayer. Saturday 10:30am and 1:45pm Prayer/Ministry, 4:15pm Gospel; 6:30pm sing. Sunday 9:30am Breaking of Bread at Denver and Hickory, 11:30am; Sunday school at Hickory (11:15am at Denver), 1:45pm Prayer/Ministry, 6:00pm Gospel at Denver and Hickory.

Welland, ON

May 29-30, Spanish Conference in Welland Gospel Hall, 405 Lyons Creek Rd. Saturday: Prayer/Ministry 10am, Bible Reading 1:45pm, Ministry 3:15pm, Gospel 7pm. Sunday: Lord’s Supper 9:30am, Sunday School 11:30am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. All meetings except Lord’s Supper and SS will be in Spanish. Speakers expected: Jack Saword, John Thropay, Shawn St. Clair and Tom Baker. Accomm: Fernando Rodriguez, Tel 905 938-9646, E-mail fernando.rodriguez149@yahoo.com

Bancroft, ON

June 5, with Bible Reading at 10am (Subject: The Last Three Churches of Asia), Ministry 2pm and 7pm. All meetings in the Lakeview Gospel Hall, 644 Maxwell Settlement Rd. Corr: Mark Freymond, RR#1 Bancroft ON, K0L 1C0, Tel 613 332-4317.

Eden Grove, ON

June 6, in the Gospel Hall, with Prayer Meeting, Saturday, June 5 at 7:30pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Directions: 1 mile west of Bruce County Rd. #3 (Elora Road), on Bruce Rd. 15 (#111). Corr: John W. Boddy, Sr., RR # 4, Walkerton ON, N0G 2V0; Tel 519 366-2302; E-mail boddysyrup@xplornet.com.

Saugus, MA

June 5-6, Bible Reading Conference, with Prayer Meeting on Friday, June 4. The subject will be “Fellowship with God and Christ,” and “Awareness of The Holy Spirit Within Us.” D. Vallance, D. Shutt, and G. Williams will be responsible for the readings. The schedule of meetings and the outline will be posted on our website www.walnutstreetgospelhall.com.

North Bay, ON

June 12-13, in Nipissing Junction Gospel Hall, 1340 Lakeshore Drive. Friday: Prayer 7:30pm. Saturday: Bible Reading 9am (Parables of Matt 13, 22, 25). Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Bible Reading 11:30am (Parables contd). Corr: C. Black, 63 Massey Dr., North Bay, ON, P1A 3Y3; Tel 705 497-1284. Accom: T. Hurd, Tel 705 752-2058.

Portage la Prairie, MB

June 11-13, sponsored jointly by the assemblies meeting at First Street Gospel Hall and Fifth Avenue Gospel Hall. Prayer Meeting in the Fifth Avenue Gospel Hall, 502 – 5th Avenue NW on Thursday, June 10, 7:30pm. All other meetings will be in the William Glesby Centre, 11 – 2nd Street NE. The conference will continue three full days with ministry, Bible readings, missionary reports, gospel, and the Breaking of Bread. Revelation 1 will be the subject of the Bible readings. General inquiries: Philip Ronald, Tel 204 857-9339, E-mail pronald@xplornet.com. Accom: Malcolm Stanley, Tel 204 857-9074, E-mail mj@thestanleyshouse.com.

Conference Reminders:

Clarksville, IA – April 4

Manchester, CT – April 2-4

Nineveh, NS – April 3-4

Vancouver, BC – April 2-4

Toronto, ON – April 2-4

Newbury, ON – April 10

Stout, IA – April 10-11

Winnipeg, MB – April 9-11

Waterloo/Cedar Falls, IA – April 17-18

McKeesport, PA – April 23-25

Waukesha, WI – April 24-25

Newmarket, ON – May 2

Sarnia, ON – May 28-29

Change of Address/Phone Number

Jim Beattie: New phone number is 519 397-0515.

Harrys and Rebecca Rodriguez: 2236 Spring Creek Ave., Springdale, AR 72764; VOP 479-439-0387; E-mail: harrysrod@hotmail.com.

Change of Phone for Correspondent

Cass City, MI: Paul Battel’s new phone number is 810 414-2030.


Ellen MacFarlane of Sydney Mines, NS, on December 31, 2009, age 84. Our dear sister was saved in February 1950, and was a faithful supporter of the assembly. Given to hospitality, she was loved by all and is dearly missed. Ellen was predeceased by her husband, William, “Bill,” on November 30, 2001, and one son, William C. She is survived by her daughter Christine, sons Robert “Bob” (Mary), James (Cynthia) of Riverview, NB, David (Alana), daughter-in-law Barbara of Kingston, ON, sister Eileen Charvat of Bancroft, ON, seven grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. The gospel was faithfully preached at the large funeral at the Gospel Hall, with Wayne McQueen, Fred Bartlett, and David Swan officiating.

Mary A. Barnard of Marysville, WA, on February 2, age 77. Mary was born on February 1, 1933 to Gerrit and Carrie (Klein) Terhorst in Marysville, WA, and married Robert Barnard on Aug. 14, 1952. She was saved at the age of 29 during a gospel series with Arnold Adams and Herb Harris. Mary was part of the Arlington assembly until 2004 when she and Bob moved to Marysville where she gathered with the Christians at the Shoultes Gospel Hall. Mary was tremendously talented, and will always be remembered as a hard worker, consistently dedicated to meeting the needs of others. She was truly the woman of Proverbs 31. Her greatest love was for her Lord and Savior, and her desire was that all of her friends and family would know Him too. Her steadfast devotion to the assembly and the work of the gospel, as well as her prayers for the saints and for the unsaved will be missed immeasurably. Mary is survived by her husband Bob, three daughters and sons-in-law, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Donald “Bud” Kazen of Arlington, WA, on February 8, his 72nd spiritual birthday. He was born July 19, 1924 to Peter and Mary Kazen who were part of the Arlington assembly 100 years ago. At 13 years of age, Bud trusted Christ under the preaching of James Rae and Hector Alves in Everett, WA, while reading Romans 5:6 and John 3:16. He has been in the Arlington assembly for well over 60 years. He was always a faithful brother in helping, encouraging, ministering to the saints, and using every opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to others. After many years of dairy farming, Bud started a towing business in the early 70’s, and used it as an opportunity to help others and to share the gospel. Their home has been an oasis near I-5 at the Arlington freeway exit to many travellers. He is survived by his wife of 64 years, Gertrude, four children, 14 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren. At the funeral, several family members shared memories, as did Doug Kazen who also spoke of being in Christ, with Christ, and like Christ. Ed Rollins spoke at the graveside. Pictures of Bud and comments can be seen at mem.com.

Helen Smid of West Union, IA, on February 24, age 74. She was saved November 9, 1949 during gospel meetings held by the late Oliver Smith and Paul Elliott. She rested on the words of John 20:31 “But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through His name.” Helen was baptized and received into the fellowship of the West Union assembly where she was faithful in attendance. She will be sorely missed by her husband, Robert, three sons, one daughter, and seven grandchildren. Al Christopherson and Russ Nesbit shared the funeral service.