Go Ye Into All the World: Campeche, Mexico

Her outward appearance and the way she conducted herself was in accordance with the life she had lived. Adalia experienced a life marked by sin and difficulties. Her granddaughter, a sister in the assembly, had described many things about her to us. Walking into a house to meet her for the first time I wondered how marvelous it would be if the Lord would save her in her last days. Her personality was not an obstacle for her family to love her and also have a deep interest in her salvation. She was clearly opposed to the gospel and evidently interested in maintaining her catholic beliefs. We had prayed and yet her attitude and deteriorating health made us fearful for her eternal destiny. Prayers were powerfully answered when the loving and caring Spirit of God began dealing with her. This was evidenced by her coming to two gospel meetings.

The last meeting she attended, she sat in her wheelchair and listened to her great-grandson clearly preach the gospel. After that meeting, she was troubled for a number of days. On a Saturday afternoon, after her granddaughter and another believer witnessed to her, she obeyed the gospel. You and I have a God Who is mighty and merciful. Little did we know that two weeks later she would be admitted to the hospital where, at the age of 85, she would depart with the assurance “to be with Christ” (Phil 1:23).

We are thankful that the Lord reached Adalia and others, for His glory, in the state of Campeche. On the other hand, our hearts are sensitive to the ones who are currently directing their steps to eternity without eternal life. Maybe you are reading this from a land that is distant from us and yet you are like these dear people who are without Christ. Trust him today.

Perhaps, instead, you are saved and have heard the voice of God calling you to share His Word with lost souls; may you be encouraged to join us. Others have the privilege to stay home in order to maintain the local testimony of the Lord. May the description of this work encourage your soul with the goodness of the Lord and create within you the desire to commend us in prayer into the hands of our Almighty Father.

Disappointment, frustration, and disillusionment are not foreign while we labor in the southeast of Mexico. An opened hall with arranged meetings does not guarantee multitudes of unsaved ones attending or steadfastness in all believers. At times some may have a surreal perspective of the mission field. Be aware that discouragement commonly inundates our hearts. Masses are not being converted to God, growth in some believers is delayed, and spiritual shipwreck is made by those who make unwise decisions. Oh how the deceitful and wicked enemy delights when we are found only contemplative of that aspect of the work! We do not wish to magnify the hardships or praise our involvement, but rather exalt the power of God in the blessing that exists.

“The church of God” (2Cor 1:1) in Ciudad del Carmen, marvelous that it is His, has been a testimony to the city for over a year. A few have been received and others are interested in forming a part of the “temple of God” (1Cor 3:16). In the teaching meetings during the week, we are presently considering Genesis, Mark, and Romans. Pray that this will be profitable.

It is encouraging to view the Christians as they gather with much enthusiasm every Sunday to evangelize the area near the hall. The first series of gospel meetings was recently hosted in the new hall in which new contacts were made and a few professed to be saved under the preaching of my father and others. The descriptions previously mentioned of an assembly in the New Testament are a faithful reminder that the Lord is in control of the assembly which He has purchased and possesses. We take this opportunity to thank those who financially, physically, and prayerfully, were involved in the construction of the hall on this island.

The loneliness and some limitations in my life on the mission field were removed when the Lord kindly granted me a good wife. Penelope has proved to meet that tremendous need as an encourager, supporter, and helper in the work of the Lord. She has received divine help to learn the language and become accustomed to the new culture. The seven months we have labored together have been most enjoyable. Penelope is translating the hymn book we use and books of the Bible into braille with the use of a brailler. This is to help a young girl in the assembly who has been blind since a few months after birth. I am thankful to the Lord for Penelope and deeply appreciate the many prayers that brought us together.

In the state of Campeche, one hour northwest from Ciudad del Carmen, there is a town of about one thousand people called Emiliano Zapata. A group of us drove there last summer. Without having any contacts in this area, we shared the gospel and were encouraged to meet people who had an interest. Since then, the gospel has been proclaimed weekly in the home of a lady who kindly allowed us to preach there. A number have professed and have an interest in baptism. Lord willing, we plan to purchase a lot, build a simple hall, and have a series of gospel meetings. Pray that, with the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit, a second assembly in Campeche would be established in this town.

May this simple account from a human perspective of the Lord’s infinite and wondrous dealings in our midst, be a reminder of the need for supplication for this region of the country. Let it also expose the vast need throughout Mexico and this perishing world.