Edmonton: The saints enjoyed ministry on Assembly Truth by Joseph Chung and Gordon Williams on the weekend of September 19. Fourteen Korean brethren and sisters came from Korea, as well as two Korean brethren from California. Gordon gave the teaching and Joseph translated for the benefit of Korean believers. Fellowship with the Lord’s people was wonderful and uplifting for all. Remember our Korean brethren and sisters in your prayers.

In October, the annual conference was attended by Jack Gould, Jack Hay (Scotland), David Richards, James Ronald, Wm. Skates, and Jim Webb. The conference was preceded by a week of ministry by Jack Hay on John the Baptist, followed by a week of ministry by William Skates on prophecy. The ministry was well received by all. Pray for continuing results.

Fort McMurray: Jack Gould was with the Wood Buffalo assembly October 14-16, and William Skates from October 20-26 for profitable ministry. Brother Skates used his chart “Return from Babylon,” which was very interesting.

British Columbia

Vancouver: The Thanksgiving Conference was a blessing to the saints, and the exercise of the Lord’s servants to be present was appreciated. Those who participated in ministry were Jim Currie, John Dennison, Jack Hay, A.J. Higgins, Wm. Skates, Jim Smith, and Neal Thomson. The Bible Readings on Philemon and Jude were handled ably by brethren Higgins and Hay. Lord’s work reports were given by John Dennison on the work in Hermosillo, Mexico, and Jack Hay on his visits to Sri Lanka, Botswana, and Armenia. John Dennison and Jim Smith preached the gospel to a large gathering on Sunday night.

West Richmond: David Alves, Jr. was in the city briefly, and gave an interesting report at the monthly Missionary Meeting of the Lord’s working in Ciudad del Carmen in Mexico.


Brandon: Children’s meetings were planned for the week of November 9-14 with Gary Sharp. Prayer is requested.

Portage La Prairie: Please pray for gospel meetings with Al Christopherson and Jonathan Procopio which started November 2. Gary Sharp expected to be with the West Fifth Ave Assembly for a Sunday School Teacher’s Seminar, November 8.

Winnipeg: The saints of the West End Gospel Hall are rejoicing in God’s help and blessing in the gospel series by Bill Seale and Gary Sharp.

New Brunswick

Moncton: On November 23, Matthew Cain and Peter Ramsay will start a gospel series in the Moncton Gospel Hall. Prayer would be appreciated. Also remember Fernand Savoie who is dying from cancer and has showed interest in the gospel.

Newfoundland and Labrador

English Point: Murray McCandless and Scott MacLeod had a ministry meeting here following the L’Anse au Loup conference.

Fogo: Bryan Funston visited October 21 for the assembly’s 35th anniversary, and also gave ministry in Gander and Gander Bay.

L’Anse au Loup: The conference October 16-19 was well attended with profitable and edifying ministry. Participating were Wallace Buckle, Paul Cockfield, John Fitzpatrick, Eric Fowler, Tom Hoy, Jim Jarvis, Murray McCandless, Scott MacLeod, Dave Patten, and Carl Payne. Following the conference, brethren Jarvis and Fitzpatrick, and McCandless and MacLeod gave ministry on two week nights. Work continues on the new hall with windows and siding now installed.

Red Bay: The assembly had a few nights of gospel meetings in mid-October before the L’Anse au Loup conference with Paul Cockfield from Vancouver, helped by local brethren. After the conference there was a ministry and gospel meeting on the Monday.

Sandringham: Eric Fowler, Bryan Funston, and Ken Taylor gave profitable ministry during October.

St. John’s: The saints enjoyed visits from Bryan Funston and Ken Taylor in October.

Nova Scotia

Berwick: Gospel meetings commenced November 5 in the Community Center with Joseph Potter (Sussex) and Murray McCandless. Joseph was originally from this area.


Niagara Falls: Brian Crawford and Jim Smith commenced a gospel series here on November 2. The assembly has been conducting a community supper and meeting once a month for the last six months. Some from the neighborhood have attended, and we would appreciate prayer that these meetings may be a time of reaping.

North Bay: Jim Beattie, Alvin Cook, Brian Owen, and Walter Gustafson made recent visits with appreciated ministry.

West Lorne: The assembly has been encouraged over the past few months with visits from Tim Woodford, Bruce Cottrill, Bryan Joyce, James and Ernie Dyck, and Gary Sharp. David Oliver paid an appreciated visit in ministry with believers from six area assemblies showing support for the work in this area. The help given from brethren in nearby assemblies has also been an encouragement to the small assembly.

Sudbury: Brian Owen was with the assembly for a Lord’s Day in October and had five nights of children’s meetings. A few parents of the children also attended nightly.

Toronto: The Unionville assembly enjoyed five meetings on the Book of Ruth with Frank Sona. “We can thank the Lord for the clarity of detail he brought out and the practical application to assembly life he made.”



Alpena: Joel Portman gave help with Spanish meetings in Huntsville and Springdale, AR, during a short visit in the early part of October. A good number of believers from several assemblies attended the annual Bible Reading. The assembly is very thankful for the help given by visiting servants William Lavery, Eric McCullough, John Slabaugh, Gaius Goff, and Jerry Jennings. Gaius Goff kindly used the opportunity to preach the gospel to Hispanic listeners in Huntsville and Springdale, with Jack Saword translating. On behalf of the assembly, a warm “Thank you” is extended to all who attended and gave support.


Newington: During the month of October, the assembly had ministry from Marcus Cain, Dan Shutt, Robert Surgenor, Eugene Higgins (three nights on “Choices”), and for the week before the conference, Albert Hull from his chart on the Dispensations. The saints were encouraged and strengthened in it all, and are thankful to God for His continued grace.

The conference held November 1-2 was a time of blessing with help from the Lord in the gospel and ministry. Brethren Gustafson, Hull, Meekin, and Oliver were with us to help.


Cedar Falls: Stu Thompson had two weeks of children’s meetings on the subject of creation, then was joined by Bruce Rogers for two weeks in the gospel on October 26.

Hitesville: Tommy Thompson gave a report of Alaska here and in Stout after the Blue River conference.

Manchester: In September, two young people were baptized, and two others added to the assembly. A two-week gospel series was held by Stan and John Wells, with around 30 unsaved attending which was very encouraging. Our Fall conference was a very profitable time with seven of the Lord’s servants with us: Eric McCullough, Robert Orr, Larry Perkins, William Skates, John Slabaugh, John Stubbs, and Stan Wells.

The week following the conference local brethren held a week of children’s meetings in Ryan with a number of children and adults attending. The same week brother Stan Wells spoke from his dispensational chart which was very informative and helpful. The following Monday a young college student professed to be saved.


Augusta: Walter Gustafson spoke on “Worship in the Local Assembly” on October 15 on his return from Maritime conferences.


Methuen: The assembly had its annual VBS in mid-August, with about 50 children attending a week of Bible lessons and activities. Tony Bussolini (Newington) spoke to a number of parents on the last Friday night. In September, the believers were encouraged when two parents professed during a gospel series with Jon Procopio and Frank Sona. Over the course of more than three weeks, attendance was very good, with several unsaved in each night. Mark Procopio helped out for two nights, which was appreciated. Please pray for a number who attended very consistently, but are still without Christ.

Saugus: A visit was enjoyed from Robert McIlwaine who gave helpful and uplifting ministry, and also presented the gospel in its solemnity. It was a refreshing time for the assembly.

We have commenced our third year with the outreach work at the Rehab Center. We trust that this door will remain open for us, and that the Lord will continue to give help in this effort.

West Springfield: The assembly finished its third season with a booth at the local 17-day “Big E” fair. Tens of thousands of texts, tracts, bookmarks, and calendars were distributed to the public and the response was very encouraging. Many good personal conversations were had with unsaved people. Please pray for blessing on the seed sown. A short series of gospel meetings held after the fair with Robert Surgenor was poorly attended, with only two attending out of the thousands invited.


Deckerville: Wm. Metcalf commenced meetings November 5. The Lord has encouraged the hearts of the saints with fruit in the gospel over the past year. One young sister was recently baptized, giving joy to the assembly.

North Carolina

Denver: The assembly held three weeks of tent meetings in town with Dan McDonald and Peter Ramsay. The series ended Friday, October 3, with cause for thanksgiving. God has reached a new couple from the community with salvation and the assembly is greatly encouraged. Please pray that this couple will take further steps of obedience to our Lord.


Akron: John Slabaugh ministered on Matthew 5, “Ye are the salt of the earth,” and “Ye are the light of the world.” Robert Surgenor also visited for ministry, taking up “Revival in the Days of Samuel.”

Clyde: Two weeks of clear gospel preaching with Al Christopherson and Matt Smith were enjoyed by the saints. The Lord blessed with the salvation of two precious souls. One is the husband of a dear sister, and has been prayed for since the founding of the Clyde assembly 50 years ago.

Mansfield: Seven speakers gave help at the October conference. The ministry was exhorting, searching, and challenging, and the brethren were encouraged by the support of surrounding assemblies.


Indiana: The assembly enjoyed a visit from Walter Gustafson for a Lord’s Day in September. He gave appreciated and practical ministry, and, in the gospel, had an appropriate message for the younger children who were there.

South Dakota

Prayer would be appreciated for a purposed visitation of the 54 Hutterite colonies in South Dakota by William Skates. The Lord has worked among Hutterite communities in Canada and the U.S., and can do so again.


Los Angeles, CA

January 3-4, second annual Monrovia-Downey assemblies conference, with Prayer Meeting, Friday 7:30pm. Scheduled speakers, Walter Boyd and David Oliver, will focus on the subject of “Adorning the Doctrine of God” from the book of Titus, using primarily a Bible Reading format. All meetings held in the Monrovia Gospel Hall, 211 S. Magnolia Ave, Monrovia, CA 91016. Meetings Saturday begin at 10am, Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9am. Contacts: Frank Robles 626 962-4181, or Reuben Thropay 626 826-8777.

Pennsauken, NJ

January 10-11 in Haddonfield Middle School, Lincoln Ave. and Chestnut St., Haddonfield. Prayer Meeting on Friday 7:30pm, January 9 in the Gospel Hall, 6530 Caroline Ave. at Route 38 near Rte. 70, Pennsauken; Tel: 856 662-1201. Our brethren J. Dennison, A. Hull, J. Meekin, D. Oliver, J. Procopio, and J. Smith anticipate being with us, DV. Corr: David A. Curran, 326 Windsor Ave., Haddonfield, NJ 08033-1142; Tel: 856 429-4443; dacurran@aol.com.

Jackson, MI

February 13-15, in the Jackson Gospel Hall, 910 Benett Street. Prayer meeting on Friday, February 13 at 7pm. Saturday: Prayer and Ministry begins at 10am. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Sunday School 11:30am, with Prayer and Ministry in the afternoon. Six brethren have responsibility for the Conference Ministry meetings. Corr: R. Douglas Losey, Tel: 517 787-9169; E-mail: rdlosey@juno.com.

Conference Reminders:

Saugus, MA – December 6-7

Change of Address

Timothy Kember: E-mail address has changed to Timothy.kember@gmail.com

Stephen Vance: Cell phone number and E-mail address, goodnews@gospeloutreach.ca, are no longer for personal use. Please delete from T & T address information.

Change of Address of Correspondent

Halifax, NS: Arthur Harnish, 1558 Hwy 329, RR # 1, Hubbards, NS, B0J 1T0; E-mail: arthurharnish@eastlink.ca.

Change of Correspondent

Toronto, ON (Victoria Park Gospel Hall): Keith Potter, 8 Allangrove Cres., Agincourt, ON M1W 1S5 Tel: 416 497-8478; keithpotter@sympatico.ca


Marie Anderson of Arlington, WA, on August 24, age 45. She was born in Vancouver, BC, the daughter of Bill and Gwyneth Hague. Her family moved to Brandon, MB, when she was four, and then later moved to Richmond, BC. At 13 she trusted Christ as her Savior while at a Bible Camp in 1974. She was baptized at 15 and received into fellowship at West Richmond. Early in her Christian life it became very important for her to live for the Lord. At age 20, she married Mark Anderson, son of Dr. Bill and Sharol Anderson of Arlington. They have four children, Stephen (wife Stephanie), Jeff, Jordan, and Jennifer. Marie’s home was always open to others, especially young people who found in her a true hostess who loved their company. She was faithful to the assembly, always ready to give a helping hand. Many of her fellow employees from Costco came to her funeral, and their comments were very telling of her character and witness. At her funeral service with about 600 present, Tom Hoy gave a tribute to her life, and Gaius Goff preached the gospel. Please remember her husband, children, and her parents in prayer. Marie will be missed by all.

Mayme E. Decker of Deckerville, MI, on September 2, age 79. When she was 14, Mayme was saved through the truth of Isaiah 53:5 during meetings with Sam Hamilton and Archie Stewart. She worked as a teacher before being married to the late Bruce Decker in 1951. For many years Mayme was in fellowship with the saints meeting at the Mills Gospel Hall in Deckerville. She was a very faithful sister who taught Sunday School and could be counted on to be at the assembly meetings if at all possible. The large funeral was shared by Kelly Sailor, William Metcalf, and Larry Perkins.

Charlotte McCammon of Winnipeg, MB, on September 18, age 88, surrounded by her loving family as she was escorted into the presence of her Lord. Charlotte was born in Witten, Germany, and came to Canada at the age of 10, also accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior that year. Charlotte lived in Kenora, ON, before moving to Winnipeg, where she has been for the last 36 years. Her love of the Lord was evident by trying to see others saved, her extensive prayer list, and showing hospitality to the Lord’s people, especially the sick and shut-in. Mark 14:8 is a fitting tribute: “She hath done what she could.” Charlotte will be missed by her three children and their respective spouses, six grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, plus the West End assembly. Her very well-attended grave side and memorial services, both of which were presided over by Jack Gould, were fitting tributes to her memory and testimony.

Brown McMonagle of Winnipeg, MB, on September 23, age 92, passed peacefully into the presence of his Savior in his sleep. Brown came to know the Savior in Ireland through 1 John 5:11. He came to Canada in 1948 and was in fellowship at West End Gospel Hall for 60 years. Brown loved his Bible, especially the Old Testament with how Christ was portrayed. Brown is survived by three sons and two daughters, and their respective spouses. His funeral was taken by Jack Gould.

Mrs. Elizabeth Smyth of N. Ireland, on September 23, age 95. She was saved at 14, and some time after her marriage to Samuel Smyth, she and her husband were received into the Newtownhamilton assembly, of which they were very faithful members. Having been predeceased by her husband for 19 years, she remained faithful to the assembly until failing health and advancing years prevented her attending. She and her husband were held in high esteem, lovers of the gospel, and had the joy of seeing quite a number of the family circle saved and in assembly fellowship. The very large funeral was shared by S. McBride, and N. Tinsley in the home, and W.J. Nesbitt and J. Preston at the grave side. Words of comfort were given, and many of the unsaved heard tidings of salvation. Prayer would be valued for all the bereaved family, some still needing salvation.

Mr. R. L. Jordan of Northern Ireland, on September 24, age 87. He was saved at 17 and soon after received into the Albertbridge Road assembly, Belfast. From early Christian life he had a deep interest in the things of God, especially gospel work. After his marriage in 1945, he was in fellowship in the old Oldpark assembly. Such was his manner of life and interest, that the assembly, with Dundonald, was very happy to commend him to full time service in 1948. At this time he went to Canada, where for three years he was busy in the gospel with John and Robert McCracken, I. McMullen, R. McClurkin, and D. Leathem. He came back to Ireland in 1951, fully intending to return, but so many doors opened for him that he stayed in Ireland and was busy in the work he so dearly loved until three weeks before his death. He labored with D. Craig, S. Lewis, S. Thompson, J.G. Hutchinson, and J. Wishart, seeing the hand of the Lord in salvation of sinners and up-building of believers. He made brief visits to Scotland, Wales, and England. All who labored with him spoke of his integrity, knowledge, and concern for the perishing. When free, he gave help in Dundonald, Albertbridge and Ballygigan in Bible readings, etc. He was apt to encourage the younger members and will be greatly missed. The very large funeral from Dundonald Gospel Hall was conducted by J.G. Hutchinson, G. Hall, and J. Wishart when the gospel was clearly presented and words of comfort and challenge were given.

Morris Avery of Arnstein, ON, on October 2, age 89. Morris first heard the gospel at the age of 18 in cottage meetings held by the late George Shivas on the Foreshew farm. He was saved through John 1:12, then baptized and soon after received into the Arnstein assembly where he was faithful and steadfast to the end. In 1941 he married Frances Dellandrea, and together they raised four children, of whom three are in assembly fellowship. He was predeceased by his wife in 2007. Since that time he lived with his son Wade and wife Joan, but for the last few months was in a nursing home near Callander. He also leaves to mourn his loss nine grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. He will be remembered by all who knew him as a Christian gentleman. The funeral was taken by Clarence Black and Doug Stubbs, his son-in-law.

Mrs. Viola Payne of Huntsville, ON, on October 3, age 84. Our dear sister was saved at the age of 16. She was predeceased by Harvey, her husband of 56 years, and her stepson, John Payne. Harvey was saved in 1969 and shortly thereafter they were both baptized and received into the fellowship of the Huntsville assembly. They attended all the meetings as long as their health permitted. Viola spent much of her life cooking at resorts, camps, and other venues. She will be long remembered for her cooking for the Huntsville conference and her satisfied look when the last meal on Lord’s Day evening was served. Viola is lovingly remembered by her daughters, June (Jim) Tebby, and Joyce (John) Cottrill, and many grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Her daughter June and grandson Jeremy shared fond memories and paid tribute on behalf of the family. Clarence Black conducted the service and preached the gospel in Huntsville, and the truth of the resurrection and the hope of the believer at the committal service.

Mr. Dan Hoy of Arlington, WA, on October 5, age 88. Our beloved brother trusted Christ in May 1939 at the age of 19 when Mr. Herb Harris was having gospel meetings. Shortly after he was received into assembly fellowship at Arlington where he and his wife Evelyn attended faithfully for 69 years, with their home always open. Dan dedicated his life to serve the Lord and His children, and whenever work was to be done for the assembly, he was there. He had a loving and quiet spirit and was a true leader, and will truly be missed. His children and grandchildren rose up at the memorial and witnessed about his honesty and integrity. He was a man of faith and dignity. He is survived by his loving wife, Evelyn, and four children, Priscilla (Steve) Baker of Arlington, Bob (Nancy) Hoy of Surrey, B.C., Elaine (Bruce) Copp of Surrey, B.C., and Tom (Ruth) Hoy of Arlington. He leaves nine grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. Gaius Goff spoke at the grave side service, and Tom Hoy and Bryon Meyers spoke and presented the gospel to the many that attended the memorial service.

George Hill of Orillia, ON, on October 6, age 94. Born in Sault Ste. Marie, as a boy of 15 he went to the first night of a six-week series of gospel meetings held there by Herb Harris and found salvation through faith in Christ. He moved to Orillia, married a young woman in fellowship at Dominion Gospel Hall, and spent the rest of his life here. His life-long deafness hindered him from participating in the meetings, but he learned to lip read and attended the meetings faithfully until age and weakness prevented him. The funeral was taken by Andrew Adams, who asks prayer for the family, as they are either not saved or not associated with the assemblies.

Anthony (Tony) Orsini of DeLand, FL, on October 14, age 97. He was saved at the age of 12 in 1923 and was in fellowship for many years in Waterbury, CT, before moving to Florida in 1974. He was a faithful brother to the end and loved to share the gospel with any who would listen. Tony gave out thousands of gospel tracts and calendars, and spoke to countless strangers about their need of God’s salvation. He was an inspiration and an encouragement to all who knew him, and a tremendous help to God’s assembly in DeLand, of which he was a founding member. We will miss our brother greatly, his happy countenance and friendly ways, but we are happy for him that his suffering is over and he is at home with the One he loved to honor and serve. The funeral was shared by Alan Creed and Fred King.

Mrs. Shirley Baker of Willmar, MN, on October 20, age 72.Our sister, knowing for three months that her illness was terminal, faced this with peace and assurance. She was saved at the age of 19, after hearing the gospel through Leonard DeBuhr and others. Along with her husband, Arthur, she has been a part of the assembly for many years, faithful in attendance, and respected. Her husband, six sons, two daughters, their families and her mother, Martha Reigstad, survive. The large funeral was taken by Robert Orr, with Luther Septon sharing a part.