Gospel: Five Words from God: “Christ Died for the Ungodly”

The Bible verse, “Christ died for the ungodly,’’ found in Romans 5:6, would immediately bring to our minds a number of questions which will have to be answered. The death of the Lord Jesus Christ stands out as the greatest historical act that has ever transpired. It stands between eternity past and eternity future as the only hope for mankind to have the forgiveness of sins and to know acceptance with God. Let us take a few minutes for a closer look at our text.

Who is the Person Who died? Christ died. The Bible makes it crystal clear that the One Who died was not just an ordinary person. He is God’s eternal Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. God sent Him into our world through the virgin birth. He was totally sinless and incapable of sinning. Yet, it was He Who was crucified outside the city gates of Jerusalem. It is Christ Who died.

But our Bible verse tells more of this story of salvation and deliverance. For whom did Christ die? He died for people, the ungodly. The term “ungodly’’ may appear to many as unkind and disrespectful. However,we must understand that this is what God calls us. It describes our spiritual condition of being unlike God. God is holy and righteous; we are unholy and unrighteous. Understanding Who it is that died and for whom He died, will quickly raise the next question.

What is the Purpose of Christ’s death? The heart of the gospel story is the truth of replacement. There is One, Christ, Who died in the place of others, the ungodly. The middle word in our text must not be overlooked. To some it might seem insignificant or unimportant. The word is “for.” In Christ’s death on the cross there is a universal provision. You make this provision personal to yourself when you recognize that you are the ungodly one for whom Christ died, and you take Him personally as your Savior. He, the Sinless One, took the punishment due to me, the sinful one, and God was satisfied with Christ’s sacrifice on my behalf. This is God’s way of righteously dealing with our sin and offering us forgiveness, acceptance with God, and a home in heaven.

As we have pondered this tremendous statement of just five words, we could not close this article without stating the fact that, thank God, just as surely as Christ died for the ungodly, He rose again. In the gospel story of the Bible, salvation and forgiveness of your sins is offered to you based on the fact of Christ’s death and resurrection.

Considering such love, how could you turn your back on God and on Christ Who died? Trust Him now and know your sins forgiven.