Go Ye Into all the World: Post-Communism, Post-Modernism Romania

Following the revolution of December, 1989, which saw the overthrow of communism, many thousands of people were genuinely saved as the gospel was widely preached in conditions of liberty. The influx of many cults, the pursuit of material gain, and the influence of so many worldly pleasures are major factors which make gospel work much more difficult today. Added to this is the fact that approximately 85% of Romania’s 22 million people adhere, at least nominally, to the Romanian Orthodox Church. People are not generally as open to the gospel as they were in the post-revolution years and we are finding increasingly that personal contacts are vital in reaching people with the message of life and salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Most believers in this country are in the major evangelical denominations. We know of only a few companies of the Lord’s people who gather simply to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ as autonomous assemblies. The sphere of our work lies within such assemblies.


Together with my wife, Iulia, and our five children, I live and serve mainly in this large city with a population of over 300,000. The Lord was pleased to establish a small assembly here at the beginning of 1998 and I have labored among the saints over the years in consecutive Bible teaching. As well as caring for the general spiritual development of the saints, several brothers share in the preaching and are actively engaged in gospel outreach. We rejoice that some have been saved, baptized, and added to the assembly. There are currently 18 believers in assembly fellowship. Gospel outreach includes regular visitation to an old people’s home in the city, which has borne fruit in the salvation of several souls during 2007, and to a local hospital, where there are many opportunities for sharing the gospel with patients on an individual basis.


An assembly was established in this city in the mid 1980’s. Many souls have been saved, baptized, and added to the assembly over the years, which is now some 65-strong. Daniel Enea is a faithful servant of the Lord from this assembly, who since the beginning of 1999 has devoted his full time to the Lord’s work. As well as his labors in the local assembly, he also regularly helps a smaller nearby assembly in the town of Plopeni. Since the end of 2006, he has given spiritual input to an orphanage in a village not far from the city. He is a beloved fellow-servant and we have labored together over the years not only in the assemblies that we are part of, but also elsewhere in Romania, and across the eastern border in the Republic of Moldova.

Work commenced on the renovation and extension of the assembly’s building during 2006. Major problems with the construction company caused the work to cease before the end of that year. Further complications arose the following year. Although the local authorities initially authorized the project, they requested modifications to the original plans and documentation. Work finally recommenced at the end of December, 2007, but there is still very much to be done.

Bible Class

This work commenced in July, 2004, and is held every second Saturday afternoon at Ploiesti. Around 30 regularly attend, with ages ranging between 10 and 19. On many occasions over the past year, some of the older children from the orphanage (ages between 10 and 13) have also attended. This has been a fruitful work, with some 20 of these young people having professed faith in Christ. Of these, nine have been baptized and added to the fellowship of the assembly in their respective localities. Each year we hold a six-day Bible Class camp for those who regularly attend.

As well as giving fundamental Bible teaching and dealing with many subjects particularly relevant to teenagers, I am finding that more and more time is necessarily being spent in personal discussions and counseling, particularly among the older teenagers. We feel a real spiritual battle raging for the lives of these young people. We so much need to pray for them that the Word of God will do its effectual work in them and that they will be led into God’s glorious will and purpose for their lives.

Green Pastures

Since 1994, I have been involved in publishing this magazine for believers. It consists mainly of articles translated from assembly magazines in the English-speaking world. Some assembly brethren in Scotland collaborate in its bi-monthly publication. We distribute it free of charge to all who request it. Over 3400 copies of each issue are currently distributed throughout Romania and in parts of the Republic of Moldova. My part in this work is to do the initial translation, correction, and final proofreading, as well as some administration and distribution.

Republic of Moldova

Since 1999, Daniel and I have made many visits to this country. Although it is one of the former Soviet states, the official language is Romanian. An assembly was established in 1999, which is made up of believers from the town of Cahul and the village of Rosu. We have sought to give help as the Lord has guided and enabled in Bible teaching, gospel work (often in schools and student dormitories), and in visitation of saints. Gabi and Misa are two young brothers upon whose shoulders the main burden of responsibility falls as they faithfully seek to serve the Lord in the work He has committed to them.

We give God the glory for all He has done and is continuing to do. Please pray with us for every aspect of the work He has called us to do in this region.