From You Sounded Out: Testimony Techniques

We live in a busy culture and our connections with others can often be rushed and distant. Establishing good relationships is essential to reaching people for Christ. One area that is very effective, is our HOMES. With children in school, it is a prime opportunity to have their friends and even families over, whether for dinner or some activity. When unsaved people are in our homes, they hopefully can see a little of what true Christianity is; they can see the Word of God on the walls, praying at meal time, etc. This may or may not lead to further conversation, but it certainly will get them thinking.

In time, a measure of closeness is established and invitations to children’s meetings and gospel meetings are not so awkward and unproductive. Having these types of meetings in an area where believers live and have contacts is even more effective.

One other suggestion is not only utilizing our homes but our HALLS. Most assemblies use their buildings less than 10 hours a week (on the high side), and it would be prudent and effective to open our doors for purposes other than the regular assembly meetings. This might take a little trial and error, but each assembly could try what it feels would be appropriate. Langstaff has an annual children’s community day which has been very profitable in getting visitors to come in. Perhaps having community suppers periodically, or used clothing sales or a give-away once or twice a year would afford contacts for the gospel. These things get people into the hall and acquainted with the believers, all with the purpose of drawing them to Christ.

Whatever methods we use, we must be willing to be in it for the long haul. Quick conversations and dropping invitations in doors have their place, but we must be willing to build relationships and see development over time. Above all we recognize that all our methods are just that, and we need God; therefore we need to water all that we do with lots of earnest prayer.