Tribute: Albert Grainger (2)

An Able Preacher & Teacher

Our first acquaintance with “Bert” Grainger, as he was known by everyone in this area, was when he was still living in Quebec Province and came to North Bay for a visit and to look at homes in this area. Mrs. Grainger (Isabel), whom we have know since that time, is a lovely example of a godly Christian wife and mother. She was a great help-meet for her husband and family.

Our brother took a keen interest in the work at Nipissing Junction by participating in home Bible Readings. When we built the first Gospel Hall, he also encouraged us both financially and spiritually.

Mr. Grainger and our brother Murray McLeod had the first gospel series in the little 20 by 28 foot Gospel Hall in Nipissing Junction. He was instrumental in getting our brother-in-law out for the first time. In the words of my brother-in-law, “He chased me around my car, asking me when I was coming out to the gospel meetings, and in order to get him off my back I said, ‘Friday.’” He came out Friday and kept coming until during the next series he was saved. He had previously said, “You will never get me into that little joint!”

Mr. Grainger was a steady supporter of the Lord’s work in these northern parts of Ontario. He was not only a good gospel preacher, but he was also a very able and accurate teacher of the Word. He would readily challenge anyone whom he felt was off-track in a Bible Reading.

We feel as if we have lost an “anchor” to the work in these parts, even though he has been unable to take part for some time. Thank God we have an abiding anchor, our Lord Jesus Christ. Mr. Grainger and others like him have passed the brightly burning torch to another generation.

2 Timothy 2: 2 comes to mind: “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.” May this continue until He comes!