Men Ought Always to Pray: Prayers of the Apostle

Marvel of the Prayer in Ephesians 1:17-23

1. Encouraging: the hope of His calling. Something expected but not desired is dread. Something desired, but not expected is despair. Here something both expected and desired is divine. Christ is the sum of all history and the focus of all prophecy; everything is fulfilled in Him.

2. Enriching: The riches of the glory of the inheritance in the saints. Riches suggests wealth; glory suggests abounding wealth. Christ is rich in us, because of what we have become through Him and for Him.

3. Energizing: The exceeding greatness of His power. Without this power we could see nothing. It is one thing to see His purpose and derive high hopes, but if it were not fulfilled, hope deferred would make the heart sick. We might even exult in wealth, but if marked by base carnalities and tragic defeats, what would it mean? Thankfully the vital answer is “the exceeding greatness of His power to usward who believe.” We measure that power by resurrection power (raised Him), ascension power (seated Him), dominion power (put all under His feet), sovereign power (made Him Head over all to the Church).

The four words for power used here confirm full accomplishment: 

(i) Power (5 times in Eph) denotes the ability to achieve.

(ii) Working and wrought (3 times and 4 times respectively in Eph) suggest activity in achieving.

(iii) Mighty (2 times in Eph) acclaims the authority that subdues in achieving.

(iv) Power (2 times in Eph) displays absolute inherent power in all His achievements.

This encouragement, enrichment, and energy enables us to apprehend the purpose, appreciate the possession, and appropriate the power to acknowledge Him Who will ultimately, eternally effect it all.