British Columbia

Terrace: The assembly had one week of encouraging ministry in August with Paul Barber of Midland, ON. Two weeks of gospel meetings in September with Cap Van de Wetering and John Fitzpatrick saw a few visitors in each night with some blessing.

Vancouver: The Thanksgiving Conference was well-attended and a good spirit prevailed throughout. Brethren who shared in the ministry and gospel were Tom Baker, Al Christopherson, Bryan Funston, Wm. McBride, Norman Mellish, Grard Roy, and Wm. Skates. Wm. McBride ably led the two Bible Readings on 2 Thess. T. Baker gave a report on some of the Spanish work in the US and Guatamala, and G. Roy gave a account of the Lord’s work in RD Congo.

Following the conference, N. Mellish visited the Fleetwood and Deep Cove assemblies. Wm McBride ministered in Victoria Drive for one night and West Richmond for three nights. G. Roy visited the Fairview, West Richmond, and Port Alberni assemblies.

Al Christopherson and Wm Skates commenced in the gospel in Victoria Drive on October 10. The Deep Cove assembly plans in the will of the Lord to have a week of childrens’ meetings later in October with Peter Smith.

Williams Lake: Tom Hoy and Kyle Wilson shared in a tent series in this interior community where there is no assembly. A group of young believers from the Lower Mainland and Arlington assisted in children’s work and visitation. Between 25 and 30 children attended in the mornings. Unsaved were out each night as well as believers who appreciated hearing the clear gospel.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Fogo: The small assembly was very encouraged by the fellowship of believers and the Word of God ministered at the conference on Labor Day weekend. A number of preachers and some local brethren shared in the ministry.

Gander Bay: Gospel meetings with Wallace Buckle and David Swan ended September 24. The saints give thanks to God for the salvation of a teenage girl.

L’Ance au Loup: Eric Fowler spent an encouraging day with the believers on September 17.


Arnstein: The assembly was greatly encouraged in July when a man of 71 was saved after others prayed for him for 50 years. Also, three brethren and four sisters have been added to the assembly in the past six months. The ministry at the September conference was both edifying and timely, with five servants of the Lord present.

Barrie: Larry Buote had gospel meetings here in July helped by local brethren.

Burgessville: The assembly enjoyed visits from Jim Bergsma, Bert Snippe, and Murray Pratt. The saints have been encouraged recently with the baptism of five believers.

Clinton: On September 9, the Open House at our new hall was held to which the community was invited. It was gratifying to see more than 50 come in, especially two of the closest neighbors. Jack Nesbitt gave an excellent gospel message, after which some of the visitors asked questions. A number stayed for a meal.

London: Gospel meetings with J. Gould and B. Joyce were encouraging and we wish to thank all that helped in the Seed Sower distribution. A number from the community attended and the Lord was pleased to save one of these visitors.

West Lorne: Three weeks of tent meetings saw many visitors, with many returning every night. The meetings continue each Sunday evening in a building in this small town. The response has been encouraging, with visitors continuing to come every Sunday night. Commencing October, a teaching meeting will be held on Sunday morning along with a Sunday school for the local children. The Lord is working in this area and the prayers of God’s people would be valued as J. Bergsma and B. Snippe continue to labor here.


Longueuil: In August, Larry Buote, aided by local brethren, preached the gospel here.


Taylorside: Recent visits were enjoyed from B. Meyers, J. Gould, A. Bergsma, and James Ronald.



Monrovia: Shad Kember, Jr. and Stu Thompson commenced a gospel series October 1.


Cedar Falls: During September, the assembly had an appreciated visit from John Slabaugh for two nights and a Lord’s Day, giving ministry on the book of James.

Dunkerton: Gaius Goff and Peter Ramsay planned to join for a gospel series commencing October 15.

Garnavillo: The assembly enjoyed visits from Craig Saword who gave a report on the work in El Salvador, and Geoff Payne with a report on the work in Egypt.

Hampton: The assembly appreciated a visit from Craig and Corina Saword in August. They spent two weeks visiting homes in the area and had several nights of gospel meetings. God blessed in the salvation of several souls. The assembly also enjoyed a visit from Geoff Payne (Manchester, England) who gave a report on the work in Egypt. Jack Saword visited in September.

Postville: There is good progress on the construction of the new hall. The roof is on and the interior is ready for electrical work to start. Craig and Jack Saword both gave visits which were appreciated.

Waterloo: Please pray for gospel meetings starting November 12 with Roy Weber and Jerry Jennings.

West Union: Roy Weber and Jerry Jennings commenced gospel meetings on September 10.


Worcester: The saints enjoyed visits from Larry Buote and Alan Davidson (N. Ireland) during September. The assembly was encouraged when a young sister obeyed the Lord in baptism September 30.


Saginaw: The assembly celebrated its 120th anniversary on October 1. Local brethren presented the history of the assembly. Dan Shutt gave a history of the work of God in Michigan and joined with Norman Crawford in giving sound ministry. The hall was full with 97 in attendance. The assembly is most grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness over these years.


Kansas City: At the annual Labor Day conference, helpful ministry was given by Jim Webb, Wm. Skates, Joel Portman, Robert Orr, and Jerry Jennings. The gospel was shared by Joel Portman and Jerry Jennings, and Jim Webb and Robert Orr. Attendance was very good.

New Jersey

Midland Park: In September, the assembly had a baptism of two Korean believers in connection with the Korean assembly in Corona, NY. The 65th annual conference was held during September where the ministry was rich and profitable, and the gospel preached was clear and solemn. Brethren who spoke were Alan Davidson, Walter Gustafson, David McAllister, David Oliver, Michael Penfold, Gilbert Stewart, and Ken Turkington. M. Penfold had an evening of ministry at Livingston and one at Midland Park during the week following the conference. The assembly had a baptism in early October, and a gospel series started October 29 with Murray McCandless.

Pennsauken/Barrington: In conjunction with the Philadelphia area assemblies rotating monthly ministry meetings, a two-day mini-conference was held on September 30 and October 1. The subject was the awareness and effect of false teaching, and the confirming confidence that the truth of God will prevail. David Oliver and Dan Shutt shared in the handling of this subject from various aspects. A good interest was shown and help derived.

North Carolina

Hickory: Thousands of framed texts, magnets, and bookmarks were given out at the Lincoln Apple Festival in Lincolnton. Invitations to gospel meetings with David Petterson planned for two weeks in September/October at the Denver Gospel Center were also distributed. It was a blessing to observe two teenagers obey the Lord in baptism recently.


Akron: Helpful ministry was given by James Smith in September.

Cleveland: E. Higgins encouraged the believers during a visit.

Mansfield: The conference was an encouraging time with a real sense of the leading of the Holy Spirit in the excellent ministry given by eight brethren. A Seed Sower distribution was a help to the gospel meetings which followed the conference. Marvin Derksen and Dan Shutt are preaching the good news of salvation to a number of unsaved nightly.


Bryn Mawr: The assembly celebrated its 100th anniversary in September. Associated with this was a series of gospel meetings with David Oliver and Gilbert Stewart, both commended from Bryn Mawr. The assembly is thankful for new contacts made and some that attended these meetings. Eternity will reveal the results of the faithful presentation of the gospel.


Hardwick: The recent conference was attended by a number of believers from many assemblies. Larry Buote, Walter Gustafson, Larry Steers, Kenneth Taylor, Frank Tornaquindici, and Jonathan Webb gave help in the gospel and in ministry. Local and visiting saints were encouraged.


Granite Falls: Kyle Fairfield and Tom Hoy, with a team of committed helpers, pitched the tent in July. Good numbers of children attended, with some out from the community each night. Monday night meetings are being held in the school library each week.

Marysville: Norman Mellish visited for a Lord’s Day and a weeknight during the first week of October, as well as visiting the Arlington and Seattle (Clearview) assemblies.

Seattle: The assembly meeting at the West Woodland Gospel Hall has relocated to the Clearview community, approximately 20 miles to the northeast. Over a period of several years the majority of the saints settled in this general area, and gospel outreach has been conducted in a rented school and also a community building. For the near future the assembly will be meeting in Clearview Center, 17826 Hwy 9 SE, Snohomish, WA 98296. The property in the Seattle location has been sold and the saints are looking to the Lord for guidance to purchase either an existing building or land on which to build a new Gospel Hall.


Hermosillo: The saints here rejoiced in seeing two believers baptized. Land has been purchased for the building of a hall across the street from the present rented premises. John Nesbitt and Shad Sluiter continue with language studies and are able to help a little in the work. There will be a Seed Sower distribution here during the last week in December.

Puerto Vallarta: About 150 people attended a gospel meeting in the Coapinole hall and witnessed the baptism of two believers.

San Juan: Two weeks of encouraging gospel meetings were held in the home of an agronomist. The ex-mayor of the town attended twice and listened with interest. On the last night, twenty-eight unsaved adults witnessed the baptism of three believers who had been saved a few years previously. Years ago attempted meetings were interrupted when six Catholic nuns arrived and took the few listeners away.

Santiago: James and Nelly Dyck have moved here from Tepic and continue to labor in this encouraging new work.

Tepic: The conference last September 16th was attended by over two hundred believers, most of them young people, from six different states. Five servants of the Lord were asked to speak on subjects relating to “The Christian’s Convictions.”


Oshawa, ON

November 11, in the Gospel Hall, 150 Albert St. Ministry at 2 and 7 pm with supper between. Corr: Ken Nicholson, Tel: 905-579-7540.

Calgary, AB

November 25-26 in the West Hillhurst Gospel Hall. Prayer and Ministry 7:30 pm on Friday, November 24. The theme is “Coping with Challenges in a Christian’s Life.” Accommodations, contact 403-236-4126 or 403-285-8185.

Maberly, ON

November 25 at the Wheeler Pancake House and Sugar Camp. Directions: Hwy. 7 to Maberly, take County Rd. 36 North to McDonalds Corners, turn right and follow the signs to the Wheeler Pancake House. Meetings are at 2:30 and 7 p.m. Corr: Gordon McLeod, Tel: 613-268-2616.

Conference Reminders:

Alpena, AR – November 4-5

London, ON – November 4-5

Newington, CT – November 4-5

Saskatoon, SK – November 4-5

Arborfield, SK – November 10-12

Blues Mills, NS – November 11-12

Oil Springs, ON – November 11-12

Brampton, ON – November 18-19

Phoenix, AZ – November 23-26

Saugus, MA – December 2-3

Jackson, MI – December 9-10


Mr. John McCord of Longford, Republic of Ireland, on July 9, age 83. Our beloved brother was saved in 1952, and later baptized and received into fellowship in the Stonewall assembly. Subsequently he was a founding member of the assembly in Longford, where he continued in happy fellowship for over 30 years. John was a godly, sincere man and a much respected, faithful elder, present at all the assembly gatherings. His good testimony was shown in the large attendance at the funeral. Prayer is requested for his wife Miriam, two sons, their wives, and grandchildren.

Mrs. Sadie Possidento of Terryville, CT, on July 21, age 83. She was saved, baptized, and then received into the East Boston assembly where she remained for many years before moving to Connecticut and joining the saints in Terryville. She attended the meetings faithfully until her failing health made that impossible. She leaves two daughters, a son, one sister, and a brother, some of whom are saved. Please pray for others in the family. The funeral was shared by Matt Brescia and Frank Tornaquindici.

Chuck Klein of Okanogan, WA, on July 24, age 85. Our dear brother was born in Elizabeth, NJ. After serving in the Navy during WWII, he married Jean Hinde and raised a family in Okanogan. He was saved in 1948 after discovering that there is a difference between believing about the Lord Jesus Christ and believing in Him. He served the Lord for many years as a correspondent and an elder in the Okanogan assembly. He was predeceased by his wife Jean, whom he missed greatly. The funeral service was conducted by Gaius Goff. Please remember his unsaved grandchildren in prayer.

Gladys Simms of Sundridge, ON, on August 10, age 89, wife of Stanley Simms who predeceased her in 1980. She was saved at 18 during meetings in Brock Avenue Gospel Hall in Toronto under the preaching of Herb Harris. Stan and Gladys were married in 1938 and commended to the Lord’s work in 1948. Gladys was a true “help meet” to her husband, and as a “mother in Israel” was always interested in the needs of others, the Lord’s work, and the assembly of God’s people in Chapman Valley with which she was associated for the last 50 years. Gladys was always anxious to be at all the meetings, even with failing health. The final two months were spent in a nursing home. The funeral service was taken by D. Nicholson, with D. Booth at the graveside. Also three family members gave reflections on her life. She leaves a daughter, three grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

Edith Margaret (Paul) Taylor of Taylorside, SK, on August 21, age 97. Her husband Gordon predeceased her in 2004. They were married over 73 years and lived on their farm for 72 years until she moved into nursing care in 2003. She was saved at meetings held in Hiawatha Gospel Hall at age 13, and in fellowship at Taylorside for some 70 years. Edith was a kind, gentle, loving, gracious woman and she will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved her. The funeral service was taken by Murray Meyers, with a grandson, Brent Rawlings, at the graveside.

James R. Porter of London, ON, August 28, in his 87th year. He was saved as a boy at the family farm near Forest, ON, and spent the rest of his life learning more about the Savior Who had saved him. He was the assembly treasurer for many years and was a true shepherd whose love and concern was evidenced by all whose path he crossed. His wife of almost 60 years, Muriel, is left to mourn, as well as their two children and four grandchildren, all of whom need our prayers. This brother’s fear of God, deportment, insight, wisdom, and mechanical abilities will be sorely missed. His family and local brethren spoke at his large funeral.

Richard Stickfort of Stout, IA, on August 29, age 98. Our dear brother was saved January 26, 1928 while attending gospel meetings in Stout, IA. He was received into the fellowship with the believers there and continued faithfully for 78 years until his home-call. He was an elder and correspondent for the assembly for many years. Their home was always open for the Lord’s servants and fellow Christians. He is survived by his wife of 75 years, Elizabeth; also a son, Stanley, and daughter, Betty (Rodney) Kendrick and family. The funeral service at Stout was shared by his brother-in-law Roy Webber, Richard Van Mill, and Gary DeGroote.

Juanita Setzer of Hickory, NC, on September 1, after a long illness. She was saved July 14, 1950, in gospel meetings held by the late O. L. MacLeod. Juanita was baptized and received into fellowship in August 1950. She taught Sunday School for several years and was a great help and encouragement to many in the assembly, as well as in her neighborhood. She remained faithful to the assembly until unable to attend due to illness. She leaves behind her husband John, one son, and one brother.

Clarence Hodgson of Lakeshore, ON, on September 6, in his 79th year, after some months of declining health. He was saved on September 21, 1939, at tent meetings held by the late brethren L. McBain and J. Smith preaching. Occupied as a farmer and shepherd, he also faithfully tended the “flock” of the Lakeshore assembly for many years. He leaves his wife Clara, six children, and several grandchildren. Two sons shared the service with Wm. Metcalf when 250 heard the gospel.

Robert Tanis of Marysville, WA, on September 10, 2006, age 73. Our dear brother was saved at fifteen years of age during meetings held by brethren Frank Pearcy and Herb Harris in Arlington. He and his wife Naida were in the Arlington assembly for many years until the formation of the assembly in Marysville, in which they were in fellowship until his home-call. He is survived by his wife of 55 years. He suffered from Parkinsons disease but he pressed forward with a faithful and determined spirit right to the end. Tom Hoy conducted the large funeral and Steve Meyers spoke at the graveside. At the time of refreshment and fellowship, many shared how he had influenced their lives.

Emily Pickett of Clinton, ON, on September 13, age 84. She was saved at 13 in London, England. She met her husband, Roy Pickett, during WWII while she was serving in the British army and he in the Canadian army. They married in 1945. He had been saved in Clinton, his hometown, as a young lad in 1936. She came as a war bride to Canada, and both were received into fellowship in Mitchell, ON, in 1946. She and her husband were among the saints that first broke bread in a home in July 1947 when the assembly gathered for the first time in Clinton. She was faithful to her Lord, her family, and the assembly where she loved to be with fellow-saints. Her husband predeceased her in October 2005. The well-attended funeral was shared by Larry Schade and son-in-law Jim Bell. Prayer is requested for the eldest and youngest sons, still unsaved; also many grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Arthur E. Pile of Cleveland, OH, on September 15. He was born in Cleveland on October 8, 1906, and was saved on April 20, 1925. He married Mildred Coney on October 12, 1931. He was a retired chairman of Hough Bakeries, which his father had founded. A dearly loved brother, he served the Lord’s people and poured his life into the Monticello assembly. He is survived by a son Art (and Audrey) Pile and a daughter Nancy (and Jack) Donaldson, as well as a sister (Helen Pinches), five grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. The large funeral service was taken by Norman Crawford, Gene Higgins, and David Oliver. Mr. Pile was a kind, gracious, Christ-like man and he will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

Les Gohm of Arnstein, ON, on September 16, age 90. Les was born in the Bracebridge area and in 1937 moved with his family to Loring. He was saved in 1951 when Wallace Cudmore and Aubrey Dellandrea were having meetings in a local dance hall. Two years later he was baptized and received into the assembly here where he was a very faithful brother. In 2003 he and his wife Violet, because of failing health, moved to Orillia to be near to her daughters who lovingly cared for them. He will be sadly missed by his wife Violet, brothers Clifford and Grant, sisters Laura and Eva, and stepdaughters Myrtle and Edith. The large funeral in the hall was taken by Don Nicholson and Paul Glenney.

Mrs. Maria Plachta of London, ON, on September 18. She was born in Poland in 1924 and at age 10 lost her mother. The communists took the family farm, and in 1939 she was taken by the German army to work in the fields in Germany. It was there that she later met her husband. After the war they moved to England, then to London, ON, where the Lord blessed them with four children. When George Patterson and Howard Black visited the area for the Chelsea Sunday School, the four Plachta children came, resulting in the salvation of three of the children and their mother. In 1981 she was added to the assembly where she continued as a quiet, happy, and godly sister. Her funeral was taken by G. Patterson and H. Garnham. Please pray for one son and seven grandchildren who still need salvation.