Lethbridge: The assembly had the privilege of baptizing seven teens in September, six of them children of Hutterite background, and one being the daughter of Joe and Penny Clark.

British Columbia

Kamloops: The assembly has been encouraged with some blessing in salvation during meetings in a rented building. John Fitzpatrick and Cap Van de Wetering shared in preaching the gospel.

Squamish: Bruce Cumming and Bryan Funston had an encouraging visit with the assembly in September. Brother Cumming was born in Squamish and was glad to be with the small assembly for a brief visit. Andrew Bergsma made an appreciated visit to the assembly September 22.

Vancouver: The Gospel Booth was set up again for 17 days in August at the Pacific National Exhibition. Believers from city assemblies supported the work well, and good contacts were made and literature was distributed. Ian Irvine ministered to the saints in Victoria Drive for two nights in October preceding the conference, while Marcus Cain visited the West Richmond and Fairview assemblies.

New Brunswick

Fairisle: Larry Buote and Leslie Wells had tent meetings in this small community 30 miles from Tracadie from August 7 to September 2. Our brethren were encouraged by the attendance of a few from the community, one of whom professed faith in Christ.

Shdiac: After the gospel meeting on August 7, a sister was baptized. A number witnessed her obedience to the Lord’s command.

Tracadie: The assembly had their annual conference during the last weekend of July. Leslie Wells, Larry Buote, Grard Roy, and local brethren took part in ministry and in the preaching of the gospel. The Bible reading on Colossians 3:1-17 was lead by Leslie Wells and was most profitable.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Corner Brook: G. Goff was with the assembly for the first week of October.

Fogo: The annual conference held on Labor Day was smaller than usual, but the ministry was very encouraging. Noel Burden, Marvin Derksen, Gaius Goff, and Peter Mathews shared in the ministry of the Word.

Gander Bay: Noel Burden and Carl Payne started gospel meetings on September 4.

New Harbour: G. Goff had four nights of ministry in late August. Kevin VanAlstine and Tom Hoy shared gospel meetings for three weeks beginning September 21.

Parsons Pond: The saints appreciated a visit from Gordon Williams for a Lord’s Day and two evenings of ministry. The funeral for the daughter of a sister in the assembly was taken by Bert Joyce, Steve Joyce, and Carl Payne on a Lord’s Day afternoon, with a large number of unsaved in attendance. The assembly in Rocky Harbour and McIvers appreciated the encouragement received from Andrew Fletcher and his wife over two weekends.

Red Bay: The saints enjoyed a week of ministry from G. Goff. While in Labrador, Mr. Goff had a week of ministry in English Point, a week in Charlottetown, and a week in Lance Au Loup.

St. Johns: Gaius and Linda Goff plan to be in the province for three months. Helping are two young brethren, Kevin VanAlstine and Alex Hoalth. Brother Goff had a few nights of ministry with the assembly.

Nova Scotia

Yarmouth: Correction: The report in the September magazine was not correct. The brother who shared meetings with J. McClelland was Holger Verlage.


Barrie: Gospel meetings with Eugene Badgley and Eric Fowler closed after four weeks with signs of some being concerned, and also restoration. Our brethren realized help each night to faithfully preach the gospel. At the close of the meetings, a young woman and a man were baptized. The meetings were a combined effort of the Parkside and Strongville assemblies.

Clinton: A week of children’s meetings during September proved encouraging in attendance, with some new children for the Sunday School. Lorne Langfeld’s two visits to the assembly in September, while operating his Gospel Booth at the International Ploughing Match, encouraged the saints.

London: A gospel series with Larry Steers and Art Ward commenced on October 2.

Sarnia: For the last three years the assembly, aided by Gene Higgins, has engaged in a community outreach effort at the Dow People Place. We are thankful for God’s blessing, the increasing community attendance, the support of the surrounding assemblies, and the excellent weather that we enjoyed during this series of meetings. In the will of the Lord we are seeking to continue this work into 2006.

Sault Ste. Marie: Our recent conference held over the September 10-11 weekend was considered to be one of the best for some time. Seven of the Lord’s servants gave excellent ministry of an encouraging nature. Lord willing, a week of children’s meetings will be held, starting September 25 with Brian Crawford and Gary Sharp as the speakers. Special gospel meetings are anticipated later in the Fall.

Sudbury: The saints enjoyed a two-night visit from Fred Krauss in September and the ministry given was appreciated. Peter Simms was with the assembly for a Lord’s Day gospel meeting and four nights of helpful and encouraging ministry.

Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown: On November 1, Robert McIlwaine and David Hierlihy hope to begin gospel meetings. Prayer will be deeply appreciated.


Longueuil: Leslie Wells and Grard Roy were with the assembly for the third weekend of September. Helped by the local believers, they continued a gospel text distribution in the village of Saint-Lazare.

Nouvelle: For the third consecutive summer, Grard Roy had tent meetings in this area. Several brethren from New Brunswick gave help in visiting the villages of Maria and Nouvelle, and shared in the meetings.

Saint-Donat: In July, local brethren gave help during a short series of gospel meetings in the tent. They held these meetings in fellowship with the Sainte-Flavie assembly.



Wasilla: A new assembly meets in the home of John and Jill Bang. It is a hive-off from, and in full and happy fellowship with, the Dimond Blvd. Gospel Hall in Anchorage. See Updates for more information.


Newington: The assembly requests continued prayer for Bob Rosania who is battling cancer.


Cedar Falls: Eric McCullough is recuperating from arthroscopic surgery on his left knee due to a fall. He will need to be on crutches and have physical therapy for several weeks.

Evansdale: Jerry Jennings and Roy Weber continue in the tent here.

Manchester: After the conference William Skates and Stan Wells remained for a week of Bible readings on assembly principles for younger believers.

Stout: We appreciated recent visits from Jerry Jennings, Harrys Rodriquez, Marvin Derksen, and Jim Webb. William Lavery had a week of ministry on the “local assembly.” Prayer is requested for gospel meetings to begin November 6 with Stanley Wells and Roy Weber.


Madison: Ernie Dyck and Sam Maze had three weeks of tent meetings in Norridgewock in early September. A number from the community attended and the Lord graciously granted blessing in salvation.


Kansas City: The Labor Day conference was very good with helpful and needed ministry. J. Webb, E. McCullough, A. Ward, J. Fitch, and Gary Hayes shared in the ministry and gospel.

New Jersey

Barrington: Albert Hull was with the assembly for two weeks, September 11-23. The gospel meetings were supported as well by the Pennsauken assembly. Preaching was both solemn and soul-thrilling. Blessing was seen among both the unsaved and the believers.

Midland Park: In August, the assembly appreciated a visit from Eugene Higgins. In September, Ernie Dyck gave helpful ministry, and spoke in the gospel with Sam Maze. The 64th annual conference was well attended, with good ministry, although numbers were somewhat less than in previous years. David Oliver, Joseph Chung, Peter Ramsay, and Albert Hull spoke at the conference. Brethren Ramsay and Hull stayed for gospel meetings which started on the Lord’s Day evening of the conference. The believers have been encouraged by visitors coming to the meetings. The meetings were preceded by a distribution of invitations and tracts locally and in nearby towns. We appreciated the help of believers from the Corona, New York assembly in this distribution.

New Mexico

Albuquerque: Jim Webb was with the assembly for a week of encouraging ministry meetings the last week of August.

North Carolina

Denver: During a week in September, area Christians held well-attended children’s meetings in a tent at a trailer park. Several children and a family have continued coming to the weekly gospel meeting. Over 4000 texts and magnets were given out at a booth set up at the Apple Festival in Lincolnton in September.


Akron: Dan Shutt gave excellent ministry regarding the Word of God, the preservation of the assembly, and the prospect of the Church.

Clyde: Recent visits were enjoyed from John Slabaugh, Norman Crawford, Dan Shutt, and William Skates. Each gave helpful ministry regarding the person of the Lord Jesus and local assembly testimony.

Mansfield: The conference was an enjoyable and encouraging time with a good number present. Seven of the Lord’s servants gave excellent ministry with a real sense of the leading of the Holy Spirit. Dan Shutt was with us at the end of September for the SS picnic and gave help on gospel presentation.


Salem: Elton Fairfield and Stan Wells conducted a gospel series here in the month of September with a little blessing in salvation.


San Antonio: The August conference was a time of encouragement with local brethren ministering. Several children and unbelievers were at the meetings. One man shows some interest in salvation.


Hardwick: The assembly enjoyed their recent conference. Although the conference was smaller than usual, the believers were encouraged with ministry that was fitting and timely for all. Ernie Dyck, Walter Gustafson, William Lavery, Sam Maze, Ken Nicholson, William Oliver, Larry Steers, and Jonathan Webb shared the ministry and gospel preaching.

West Virginia

New Creek: Joel Portman and Robert Surgenor concluded ten weeks of tent meetings. A number of adults and youths professed faith in Christ. There was no break until the end of the seventh week. Brother Surgenor stayed on for a few more nights in ministry and purposes to return in November, for three weeks of ministry using an Egypt to Canaan chart.


Palapye: Colin Raggett reports that Jack Hay from Scotland was expected to start with a short series in the gospel in September, and then help with Bible teaching in different assemblies. Quite a number came in during the last series in the gospel in July when John Grant came from Scotland to help, and at that time, many heard the gospel clearly and faithfully preached. Philip Harding has been helping these past few weeks in gospel and ministry. It has been a great privilege to listen to his preaching, and he has been a wonderful example to the brethren in how to present the truth of the gospel.


Prayer is requested as Hans Bouwman and Jim McCandless (NC) plan for a series of Bible Readings in Lottstetten, located near the German/Swiss border from November 4–9, with subjects concerning the testimony of the local assembly. Rob DeVries, a Canadian brother living in Switzerland, will be of help as well. Hans Bouwman will follow with meetings in assemblies in Holland and Belgium.

N. Ireland

Co. Antrim

Ahoghill: J. Rogers and L. Craig have commenced here in the gospel.

Ballymena: The assembly at Cambridge Ave. had a 60th anniversary meeting for Mr. H. S. Paisley, when a number of the Lord’s servants took part. Brother Paisley had ministry meetings throughout the province during his visit.

Larne: The conference was very well attended and many of the Lord’s servants ministered. The Bible Readings were conducted by J. Flanigan, F. Tornaquindici, D. Gilliland, and J. Baker. The new venue proved very suitable.

Co. Armagh

Drumnacanver: T. Meekin and A. Bingham have commenced here in the Gospel Hall. A number of unsaved are attending.

Hamiltonsbawn: A. Davidson and A. Colgan have concluded a series of meetings in a tent.

Tassagh: The assembly opened their new hall with a few nights of ministry and gospel.

Co. Down

Castlewellan: J. Martin and W. Martin continue here in a portable hall outside the town.

Dromore: S. Ferguson and W. Boyd had seven weeks tent meetings outside this town, which were well-attended. Many unsaved were in to hear the gospel.

Whitehouse: W. Fenton and M. McKillen are preaching in a community hall in a large housing development, with good interest.

Co. Fermanagh

Currien: The annual conference convened by the small assembly brought much encouragement to the saints.

Co. Tyrone

Aughnacloy: B. Glendinning and A. Redpath had meetings in this village where the gospel has not been preached for many years.

Dungannon: T. Topley and C. Law have had a well-attended series of gospel meetings in the town with blessing in salvation.

Killycurragh: The assembly enjoyed a profitable conference with good attendance.

Fintona: The large hall was filled and a number of brethren ministered the Word to profit.

Kilmore: Conference attendance was good and various speakers ministered the Word.


Blues Mills, NS

November 12-13 – Correction: Phone number of correspondent John Bain is 902-625-2409.

Anchorage, AK

November 18-20 in the Dimond Blvd. Gospel Hall. Prayer and ministry on Friday, November 18 at 7:30 p.m. Meetings on Saturday start at 10:30 a.m., and Lord’s Day at 10 a.m. Corr: Donald Bang, Tel: 907-258-4804, or E-mail: donpbang@cs.com.

Pennsauken, NJ

January 7-8 in Haddonfield Middle School, Lincoln Ave. and Chestnut St., Haddonfield. Prayer meeting on Friday, January 6 at 7:30 p.m. in the Gospel Hall, 6530 Caroline Ave. at Route 38 near Rte. 70, Pennsauken, NJ; Tel: 856- 662-1201. Our brethren M. Derksen, J. Grant, A. Hull, D. Oliver, and Jack Saword have committed to be with us, DV. Corr: David A. Curran, 326 Windsor Ave., Haddonfield, NJ 08033-1142; Tel: 856-429-4443; E-mail: dacurran@aol.com.

Conference Reminders:

London, ON – November 5-6
Saskatoon, SK – November 5-6
Newington, CT – November 5-6
Blues Mills, NS – November 12-13
Bryn Mawr, PA – November 12-13
Oil Springs, ON – November 12-13
Oshawa, ON – November 12
Brampton, ON – November 19-20
McKeesport, PA – November 19-20
Phoenix, AZ – November 24-27
Maberly, ON 
– November 26
Saugus, MA – December 2-4


Keith and Gayle Bailey, Box 16 Chitokoloki, Zambezi, Zambia; E-mail: bailey@zamsat.com

Hans Bouwman: E-mail, hbouwman@telus.net.

Change of Address

Mark Bonnell, P.O. Box 10509, Linton Grange, Port Elizabeth 6015, South Africa

Wallace and Olive Buckle, 5 Hazel Place, Conception Bay South, NL A1W 5W9.

Clarification of Address

John and Michelle Dennison, Cerrada San Diego #35 Sec. 2, Col. Capistrano, 83249 Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico; Tel: 1-623-537-4874 (US phone number, VOIP)

New Assembly

Wasilla, AK: Valley Christian Assembly, 2701 N Cottonwood Loop Road, Wasilla, AK 99654. Meetings on Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10 a.m., Sunday School 11.30 a.m. and Gospel 5:30 p.m. Wednesday: Prayer and Bible Study 7 p.m. Corr: John Bang, Tel: 907-373-2701.

Change of Meeting Time

Squamish, BC (Highlands Gospel Hall): mid-week meeting night changed from Wednesday to Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

Change of Correspondent

Ferndale, MI: Mr. Douglas Metcalf, 2309 Cumberland Dr., Troy, Michigan 48085; E-mail: metcald@gmail.com.

Hurricane Katrina Relief

Keith Young writes: Since we have had numerous inquiries, the Tylertown assembly feels a report and a heartfelt “thank you” to many is proper. None of the Christians here was injured during the storm and the Gospel Hall received no damage, for which we are grateful. The Christians in Tylertown itself received no structural damage to homes, but some were out of work and out of power for at least two weeks. Two of the Christians’ homes in Hattiesburg and Biloxi were damaged, as the storm was more severe in these areas and both were declared Federal disaster areas.

In response to the need, a significant number of brethren came from the North and Northeast to repair structures, much at their own expense, especially for travel. Also, a significant number of Christians and assemblies have sent financial aid, either directly, or through Truth and Tidings. This has required the assembly to get a Federal tax number and to follow through with a process to be recognized by the government as a charitable organization. To all of you, many thanks in the Lord’s Name. The funds are more than are needed for the immediate assembly here, but in speaking with several brethren from afar, there is a desire to help others with legitimate needs, and also to support a purposed gospel outreach on the coast when the situation there will allow. This was already on our minds before the storm and we plan to continue with that need on the coast.”


Phyllis DiBella of Methuen, MA on June 18, age 90, after many years of faithfulness to God, the assembly, and her family. She was saved as a young woman of 25 after hearing the gospel on the radio, and later she came into the fellowship of the local assembly. The last seven years, she was a resident in a nursing home where she left a shining testimony and lasting impression. She looked ahead weekly to the one meeting she was able to attend on Lord’s Day morning, and she came with a perpetually cheerful disposition. She is survived by one son and his wife, two sisters, and several grandchildren. The funeral was shared by Mark Quitadamo and Dan DiBella, with Robert Rosania speaking at the graveside.

Martha Elizabeth (Lily) Millar of N. Ireland on August 5. She was saved May 25, 1949, and along with her husband Jack, was in fellowship in the Ballyhay assembly, Co. Down. She was a quiet sister, always busy and widely known for her hospitality. It was a very large funeral from Ballyhay Gospel Hall where Mr. C. Williamson, Mr. J. Martin, and Mr. R. Eadie conducted the service which she had arranged herself over a year previously. Prayer is requested for her husband who was enabled to attend the funeral and is still in hospital.

Mr. Stanley Zwecker of Co. Armagh on August 15, age 69. Both he and his dear wife, who were complete strangers to the gospel, attended meetings in a portable hall conducted by T. McNeill in early 1983, and were awakened to their need of salvation, and saved. Following their conversion they were baptized, received into fellowship with the assembly at Drumacanver, and showed a real interest in spiritual things. Our brother was an outstanding visitor among his neighbors with tracts and calendars, often shared in gospel meetings over the province on a Lord’s Day evening, and was known as a Christian gentleman. The funeral was one of the largest seen in the district with almost 700 present. T. McNeill spoke words of comfort at the home, and at the graveside M. Campbell, a close friend of Stanley’s, preached the gospel. Brethren McKinley, Rodgers, and Dickson shared in hymns and prayer. Prayer is valued for his dear widow and family, some of whom are not yet saved.

Mrs. Olive Taylor, Portadown, N. Ireland on August 22, age 89, after a long illness. She was saved as a girl of 14 while attending gospel meetings conducted by the late Robert Hawthorne in Drumacanver area. Soon afterwards she was baptized and received into fellowship there and was in fellowship in assemblies for 75 years until her health no longer permitted her to attend meetings. With her late husband, who was a member of R.U.C., they were moved to different areas, and were in fellowship at Ahorey, Larne, Drumacanver, and finally Portadown. She was a good woman who loved the Lord, and was a real supporter of the gospel. Funeral services at home and at the graveside were taken by T. McNeill, with T. Wright, T. Hanna, and M. Campbell sharing in hymns and prayer. Prayer is valued for the family, some of whom are in Vancouver.

Betty Geddes (Lamb) of Saginaw, MI on August 29, age 90. Our dear sister was born in New Stevenson, Scotland in 1915 where she was saved at a young age. She came to the U.S. with her family in 1928, residing in Saginaw since 1929. The daughter of Thomas and Margaret Lamb, she had her place in the Saginaw assembly for many years. Betty’s life was marked by love and generosity to the Lord’s people. She and her late sister, Margaret, were affectionately known to all the saints as the “wee Lambs.” She is survived by one sister, Sarah Patterson. Her funeral was taken by Wm. Lavery, R. Dennison, and D. LeCureux, who honored her desire that the gospel be faithfully proclaimed.

Nick Bodnaruk of Portage la Prairie, MB on September 13, age 89. Our beloved brother is survived by his wife, Medora, daughter Grace Dyck, and sons Bob and David. Nick was saved in 1961 in meetings held by Arnold Adams and James Ronald, Sr. and for many years was a faithful elder in the assembly in Togo, SK where he and Dora were a bright gospel witness to their neighbors and friends. They moved to Portage la Prairie in 1994. He loved the assembly and valued scriptural principles.

Arvada Pickering of Stout, IA on September 14, age 86. Our dear sister was saved on July 7, 1967 while she and her husband were attending gospel meetings in the Cedar Falls area with Mr. William Warke and Mr. Harold Paisley preaching in the large tent. She and her husband were received into fellowship with believers at Stout, where she continued faithfully until her homecall. Her husband preceded her in death in 1990. She is survived by one son, one brother and wife, and one sister. The funeral service was shared by Richard Van Mill and Roy Weber at the Stout Gospel Hall.

Phyllis E. Stoehr of East Aurora, NYon September 22, age 89. She became aware of her lost condition while attending meetings held by G. P. Taylor. She was saved on January 18, 1949 when, in her own words, “God granted me just a glimpse of Calvary.” A deeply exercised and eminently faithful sister, she taught a Sunday school class for decades. She has left behind children, many of whom are in assembly fellowship, as well as numerous grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren. Her three sons, Bud, Gene, and John, her son-in-law, Art Hawley, and Gene Higgins conducted her funeral.

Bernie E. Anderson of Steubenville, OH, on September 11, age 81, went home to be with the Lord whom he loved and longed to see due to severe health conditions which he endured for several years. He was saved in 1957 during meetings held by Herbert Dobson. He and his wife had been in fellowship with the saints in the former Toronto, OH assembly since 1958. He and his family moved to Brandon, Florida in November 2004 to be near his son, though too poor in health to attend the assembly in Tampa. He is survived by his wife, Majore, a son and daughter, two grandchildren, two sisters, and a brother. His brother-in-law, Richard Westlake, spoke at the funeral.

Elizabeth A. (nee Burrows) Black of Pennsauken, NJ on October 2. Betty was born in Philadelphia on August 1, 1933, and was saved at the age of 16 in 1949. Through many sorrows, difficulties, and physical infirmities she consistently honored God in her life. She is survived by her son Allen and a daughter Holly, one sister, and one brother, all in Christ. The Pennsauken assembly will sorely miss her cheerful presence. Her funeral was taken by David Curran, Eugene Higgins, with David and Bill Oliver helping at the graveside.

2005 Gifts through Gospel Trusts

If you wish your receipt from either Truth & Tidings Gospel Trust USA or Gospel Trust Canada to be dated 2005, your letter to the Trust must be postmarked 2005 by the Post Office. Government regulations stipulate that the trusts cannot date a receipt prior to the postmarked date on the donor’s envelop. When letters are postmarked 2006, the receipts must also be dated 2006. To ease the burden of a large year-end distribution,please mail your letters to either trust in late November or as early as possible in December. The addresses for these trusts are on this page at the bottom of the right column each month.