Out of Every Kindred, and Tongue, and People, and Nation: Wales

Patient, Persistent Children’s Work Pays Off!

In my early years my mother and I lived in two rooms in another family’s house, as my father was in the Merchant Navy. Dad was invalided out of the Navy and died when I was only seven years of age. He was a professing Christian, but I cannot remember his ever talking to me about the Lord.

When I was four years of age, the two daughters in the house invited me to the Sunday School at Ebenezer Gospel Hall, Cardiff. I told them I would go if they let me play with one of their toys. They did, and I went. There were several hundred at the Sunday School in those days. As I progressed through the classes, I became increasingly mischievous and was regularly thrown out – even by the most patient of teachers!

God was very gracious to me despite my rebellious ways. On one occasion, at 15 years of age, I went camping. Four of us were in a tent; and this particular night, while two were asleep, another lad and I lay awake. The other lad was a Christian and began to quietly sing some hymns. As I listened to the strains of “Have You Been to Jesus for the Cleansing Power?” it dawned on me that, although I knew the gospel and could quote many gospel verses, my head knowledge was not enough. I needed a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus, Who died on Calvary’s cross to pay the penalty for my sins. I decided that on the next Sunday I would approach the Bible Class teacher and tell him that “I needed, and wanted, to be saved.” That was August 14th, 1949.

On arrival, I saw five rough-looking lads who had come into the hall from the other side of the city. Not liking the look of them, I decided to put off salvation until the following week. As I walked out, a voice seemed to say, “You may never have another opportunity. Now is the time.” I went back into the hall and told Mr. Davies about my burden. He was sitting on the back of the chair with his feet on the seat sorting out his notes. He literally fell off the chair; the mischief-maker wanted to be saved! That day at 3:35 p.m. I turned from my sin and in simple faith, while on my knees, trusted the Lord Jesus Christ. The marvel was that God spoke powerfully to the five rough lads and they were also saved that afternoon. Three months later, on the 20th of November, we were all baptized together. It was a lasting work of grace. By the grace of God, all six of us have continued in happy fellowship ever since.

I heard the Savior calling
In accents sweet and low;
Forever calling, calling,
And yet I would not go.
And strange to say, I turned away
From the One Who loved me so.

I heard the Savior calling
With pity so divine;
Forever calling, calling,
It reached this heart of mine.
And glad to say, I turned that day
To the One Who loved me so.