Edmonton: In the first week of July, 65 young people distributed close to 65,000 John 3:16 Seed Sower texts, covering a large portion of the city. Following that we had ministry with Jim Webb. In August we had ministry from Alex Dryburgh, Ed Doherty, Walter Gustafson and Jack Gould.

Fort McMurray: The conference, August 27-29, was judged to be very good by those who attended. The visiting speakers were Walter Gustafson, Jack Gould, John Fitzpatrick, Gordon Williams, and Alex Dryburgh. Walter Gustafson was here for a week of ministry prior to the conference. Very suitable ministry was given before and during the conference and the saints were refreshed. Visitors came from Taylorside, Paradise Valley, Edmonton, and Wisconsin. Unsaved ones were in for the gospel meeting, for which we thank God.

British Columbia

Castlegar: Gospel tent meetings with John Fitzpatrick and Cap van de Wetering were held from August 8-20. God blessed in salvation last summer, and there was an increased interest this year with 20-30 out each night. One lady professed salvation. There is no assembly testimony here. Our brethren plan to return in the Fall for ministry for the benefit of a number of believers there.

Vancouver: The Gospel Booth at the 17-day Pacific National Exhibition in August was erected for its 31st year. The overall attendance was lower this year due to inclement weather, but literature was distributed and good conversations were held. A number of souls have been saved over the years through this work, with many in assembly fellowship.


Portage la Prairie: Please pray for Daisy Hanna who served the Lord in Zambia for the past 38 years. She has returned home to face cancer surgery in August.

Stonewall: Gospel meetings shared by Jack Gould and Jack Nesbitt here, 20 miles northwest of Winnipeg, proved very encouraging. Weather for early August was very cold, with temperatures dipping to an incredible low of 28 F. Yet they had the joy of seeing over 135 people attend from the region. It was evident that God was working amongst families not saved. New converts also expressed appreciation for having been strengthened by the gospel preached.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Red Bay: Bert Joyce and his wife gave the assembly a very needed and appreciated visit on the weekend of August 29.

St. John’s: Bryan Joyce was with the assembly for an unexpected visit on September 15 and enjoyed being with the believers for the day.

Templeman: George Whey took the funeral of Manuel Stokes and was helped by God to present the gospel to a large crowd.

Nova Scotia

Byers Corner: Bill Bingham and Eddie Wong (Vancouver, BC), preached the gospel for six weeks, during which time about 40 visitors attended.

Sydney Mines: The assembly was encouraged by four weeks of gospel meetings, July 11-August 6, by Albert Hull and Matthew Cain (Sussex, NB). The power of God was evident in this series and there was blessing in salvation. Aubrey Kelly visited for a Lord’s Day and weeknight in August which was encouraging and uplifting for the saints. John MacQueen, age 46, very suddenly departed to be with the Lord on May 18.


Clinton: Three weeks of gospel tent meetings at Holmesville by Gary Sharp and Mark Bachert ended August 22, with encouraging attendance and blessing in salvation. A week of children’s meetings also had good attendance with some parents coming along . On August 14, a mini-conference was held with a large number present to hear ministry by B. Foreshew, S. Vance, M. Bachert, and G. Sharp.

Collingwood: The Christians were pleased with a visit by Ed Doherty in July and Fred Krauss in August. Five young people have come to Christ in the last few months. Two young teenagers have been baptized. Please pray for the Sunday School, monthly track band, and a Moms and Tots gathering which the sisters have on Tuesday mornings twice a month.

Lake Shore: Eugene Badgley and Larry Perkins labored in the gospel for four weeks July-August. A teen-aged girl from the neighbourhood professed. Others expressed a desire for salvation. We are encouraged with some young people being received into fellowship lately.

Manitoulin Island: Lorne Mitchell and Brian Owen shared in gospel meetings for two weeks from August 8. The meetings were held in an old historical church building located on Highway #542, west of Spring Bay. There was good interest, with unsaved out every night. Some came several times. We continue to look to the Lord for His blessing in salvation.

The Providence Bay Fair was held August 20- 22 at which there was a Seed Sower’s booth set up. Chad Foreshew of the Victoria Road assembly and Addison Harrison of the Nipissing Junction assembly manned the booth this year. There were interesting conversations and contacts were made.

Port Sydney: In August, we had appreciated visits from Lorne Langfeld and Don Nicholson. We have commended Keith and Gayle Bailey to the work of the Lord in Zambia. They are returning to Chitokoloki where they spent last fall and winter helping out. They will be missed here.

Sudbury: The saints were cheered by a visit by Bruce Rodgers in July. In August the assembly enjoyed a visit by Brian Crawford for a Lord’s Day and by Lorne Mitchell for a mid-week meeting. The ministry given was encouraging.

Straffordville: The Lord is blessing here after many years of praying for help. Dave and Yvonne Patton, who moved here from London two years ago, are working the area with five weekly home Bible studies and visitation. Numbers have increased to the point of needing larger quarters, so a former Baptist church has been acquired to serve as a new Gospel Hall. In July we had three weeks of tent meetings with Ross Parker (London), Steve Brand (Portage la Prairie), and Dave Patton taking part in the gospel. Our ex-German Mennonite brethren were exercised to tell their testimonies at the meetings. Two professed salvation and attendance was very good with a full tent most nights. Kevin Dyke (Burgessville), along with many willing helpers, was responsible for children’s meetings in an adjacent tent.

Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown: Please pray for Robert McIlwaine who is very weak following major surgery.


Mervin: D. Robertson and Jim Webb had a week of gospel meetings in the evenings and children’s meetings in the morning. Though the town is very small these meetings have always been well attended. This year we had 21 children in the morning as well as two or three mothers. The children came back for the evening meeting and brought their parents, grandparents, and siblings. In the evening we had up to forty-one in attendance. This is excellent when you consider the size of the village. Some live out of the area but return each summer during the holidays to attend the meetings. A few have been saved over the years and now bring their children.

Taylorside: The saints appreciated short visits from Jim Webb and Alex Dryburgh during the summer.



Cedar Falls: In mid-August the assembly had a Sunday and three nights of ministry with Wm. Lavery. His visit and “Upper Room” ministry were appreciated. The assembly had a city-wide Seed Sowers distribution by mail in anticipation of gospel meetings starting September 19 with Al Christopherson and Jack Nesbitt.

Marion: Al Christopherson and Shad Sluiter followed up a Seed Sowers distribution in a large area of Cedar Rapids with a short series in the gospel. We thank God for the few who heard the truth for the first time.

Stout: The assembly has decided not to hold a meeting on Thanksgiving Day this year. Recently, a week of children’s meetings were held with brother Dan Shutt. Gospel meetings were later held by Roy Weber and Jerry Jennings in the Veteran’s Memorial building in Parkers-burg. The attendance was good with a few in from the community. These meetings were sponsored by the Stout and Hitesville assemblies.


Madison: For the town’s bicentennial parade, the assembly had a literature table on Main Street, an open house, and dinner at the Gospel Hall where Jeff Mills gave an excellent word.


Battle Creek: Matthew Smith is pitching a tent in September. Norman Crawford has promised to help in the meetings.

Jackson: Dan Shutt, with the help of local brethren, preached the gospel for a week in the hall as a follow up to a gospel booth at the county fair. Children’s meetings were also held each afternoon with good attendance at all the meetings.

Sherman: The assembly was encouraged in early August by the baptism of a young man saved in gospel meetings held two years ago by John Mark Slabaugh and Stu Thompson. Some who had never been to a gospel meeting in the Hall came for the baptism, for which the saints were very thankful. On August 28 and 29, the assembly celebrated its 50th anniversary with a conference. Eight brethren were present to minister and preach the gospel. In 1954, Mr. F. W, Mehl preached in the area, saw souls saved and baptized and the assembly formed. The assembly is growing and the hall has been remodeled. Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Thompson make their home here, and our brother has labored much in the surrounding area with help from other brethren.


Twin Cities: Eric McCullough was with the assembly for two weeks of ministry meetings on the Tabernacle.

New Mexico

Albuquerque: The assembly was encouraged by a week of meetings with Jim Webb as he ministered from 1 Corinthians and 2 Timothy.


Akron: Seven brethren gave profitable ministry at the conference at the Labor Day weekend. It was encouraging to see the large number of younger believers present.

Cleveland: Help was give by James Smith and Tom Baker during August.

Clyde: We were encouraged by a visit from Jim Smith when he spoke on the double-types of Christ that describe the efficacy of His death and resurrection for us.

Lorain: Four brethren were present for conference in August. The Bible readings and ministry of the Word were appreciated by the saints.

Mansfield: Practical teaching was given by James Smith during a recent visit.


Bryn Mawr: The assembly enjoyed the help of David Oliver on a Lord’s day, with practical ministry from James 4.

Hatboro: The saints enjoyed the visit to the assembly of David Oliver for a Lord’s Day. His ministry was practical and enjoyable.


San Antonio: The August conference was appreciated with profitable ministry by local brethren from other assemblies. A number of unbelievers were at every meeting. One woman professed faith in Christ and another is concerned. Please pray for a middle-aged man who is coming to the meetings and is not saved.


Matoaca: Robert Surgenor was here for a week and a half of ministry. The assembly was recently encouraged by the baptism of three sisters. David Oliver and David Petterson were also here for two different weekends in August.


Arlington: Four weeks of tent meetings with Gaius Goff and Peter Ramsay ended July 18. There was Vacation Bible School during the mornings of the first two weeks, with over 100 children attending each day. The gospel meetings were very well attended with two professing. The Labor Day weekend conference was blessed with good ministry and gospel from a number of brethren. A young man obeyed the Lord in baptism on the Saturday evening.

Granite Falls: The two-week series of tent meetings ended August 29. There were a number of different individuals and families from the community that attended. We hope that the contacts made through the children’s meetings and the gospel meetings will increase numbers in the Monday night children’s work.


Montfort: Jim Frazier and Art Ward commenced a gospel series here on August 22. They thank God for a 60 year-old-man showing interest and some others who have attended.

Platteville: Jim Frazier and Art Ward finished three weeks of tent meetings on August 10. A few souls showed a measure of interest.

Waukesha: The assembly and a good number of visitors enjoyed another profitable conference at the end of July, with ministry given by Jim Smith, David Oliver, Stuart Thompson, Al Christopherson, Joel Portman, A.J. Higgins, and Tom Baker. Stuart Thompson, Art Ward, and Al Christopherson also preached the gospel during the weekend.


Guadalajara: Marcus Cain and Paul Thiessen preached to 65 people in the Zapopan hall on August 29. One sister obeyed the Lord in baptism.

Pachuca: A good conference was held in the Matilde hall on July 10, with four believers baptized after the gospel meeting.

Tepic: Harrys Rodrguez spoke to about 135 children and adults at a special event here on September 5.

Zamora: Paul Thiessen and local brethren had children’s meetings in the Galvantepec hall, with about 140 present on the last day.

Conferences D.V.

Edmonton, AB

October 15-17 in the Connor’s Hill Gospel Hall, 9302 – 95 Street. with a Prayer Meeting on Friday evening at 7:30 p.m. Saturday and Lord’s Day will commence with meetings at 10 a.m., and close with the gospel at 7:30 p.m. Meals will be served and accommodations provided. For details please contact, Joseph Bowman, 1325 Knottwood Road East, Edmonton, AB T6K 2K5; email: josephjbowman@hotmail.com.

Straffordville, ON

October 16. Meetings to commemorate the Grand Opening of a larger hall at #35 Plank Rd. S. (On Hwy #19). Ministry at 10 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., Gospel 7 p.m. Meals will be provided. We thank God for His goodness for more than 120 years.

St. John’s, NL 

October 29-31 with Prayer Meeting on Friday at 7:30 p.m. at the Gospel Hall, 47 Smith Avenue. Corr. Gary Tarrant; Tel: 709-745-5886, e-mail gtarrant@rogers.nl.com

Wallaceburg, ON

October 31 at the Gospel Hall, 121 Gillard Street, with Prayer Meeting Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10:30 a.m., Sunday School 1:15 p.m., Ministry 2:30 p.m., Gospel 7 p.m. Lunch and supper will be served. Contact Charles Workman, 1027 James Street, Wallaceburg, ON N8A 2P9; Tel: (519)627-8743, Hall: (519)627-7637.

Arborfield, SK

November 12-14 in the Arborfield Gospel Hall beginning Friday evening. For more information contact Floyd Pickering at 306-769-8608, or Leroy Miller at 306-769-8671.

Oshawa, ON

November 13 in the Gospel Hall, 150 Albert Street. Ministry at 2 and 7 p.m. with supper served between. Corr: Ken Nicholson, Tel:(905)579-7540.

Maberly, ON

November 27 at the Wheeler Pancake House and Sugar Camp. Directions: Hwy. 7 to Maberly, take County Rd. 36 North to McDonalds Corners, turn right and follow the signs to Wheeler Pancake House. Meetings are at 2:30 and 7 p.m. Corr: Gordon McLeod, Tel: (613)268-2616.

Phoenix, AZ

November 25-28 in the Garfield Street Gospel Hall, 1246 E. Garfield Street, with prayer meeting on Wednesday 24th at 7:30 p.m. Bible Readings on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 10 a.m. (1 Peter 1, 2 and 3). Ministry each day at 2:30 p.m., Gospel 7 p.m.; Lord’s Day: Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Breaking of Bread 10:30 a.m. Corr: Clarence Van Der Hart, 8525 W. Northern Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85305, Tel: 623-872-1007, Hall 602-253-4932.

Conference Reminders:

Clinton, ON – October 2-3
Roseile, MB – October 1-3
Manchester, IA – October 2-3
Sussex, NB – October 2-3
Brandon, MB – October 11
Cape Breton, NS – October 9-11
Maidstone, Mervin, SK and Paradise Valley, AB – October 9-10
St. Thomas, ON – October 9-10
Vancouver, BC – October 9-11
Blue River, WI – October 16-17
Niagara Falls, ON – October 16-17
Terryville, CT – October 16-17
La Crosse, WI – October 30-31
Livonia, MI – October 23-24
Picton, ON – October 23
Alpena, AR – November 6-7
London, ON – November 6-7
Saskatoon, SK – November 6-7
Bryn Mawr, PA – November 13-14
McKeesport, PA – November 20-21

Change of Address

Marcus Cain: email: mlcain@prodigy.net.mx or mlcain110@earthlink.net

Alvin Cook: Box 46, Site 3, RR 2 Clover Valley Road, Manitowaning, ON P0P 1N0; Tel: 705-859-2560

Shad and Debi Kember: 14227 W. Indianola Ave., Goodyear, AZ 85338; Tel: 623-266-7609.

Larry Perkins: email: perkinslawrence @sbcglobal.net

Change of Assembly Address

Straffordville Gospel Hall, 35 Plank Rd. S., P.O. Box 366, Straffordville, ON, N0J 1Y0.

Change of Correspondent’s Address

St. John’s, NF: Gary Tarrant, email: gtarrant@nl.rogers.com

With Christ

Ronald D. Baum of Jackson, MI on April 28, age 90. Our beloved brother was saved at the age of 23, and his life for the next 67 years gave powerful proof of the reality of his salvation. He was a careful student of the Scriptures and never lost his desire to learn more about the Lord Jesus. He leaves to mourn his loss his devoted wife of 60 years, Myrna (Dixon) Baum, two daughters, Yvonne (Robert) Hewson, and Rebecca Baum; also a son, Mark (Sofia) Baum. He leaves four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, along with two sisters, Marian Mullins and Helen Brandt. Ron was saved through the preaching of Lorne McBain in the early thirties and was soon baptized and received into assembly fellowship in which he continued steadfastly throughout his life. Along with his wife and loving family, the Christians of the Jackson assembly sorely miss him. Norman Crawford took the funeral service.

Mrs. Rosemary Black of Kansas City, MO on August 1, age 87. Our sister professed a faith in Christ at an early age and was in fellowship with the Kansas City assembly. She was a faithful and beloved sister who will be missed by the assembly and her family. Gary Toombs and Leroy Scott took her funeral service.

Marjorie Richards of Phoenix, AZ on August 4, age 87. She was saved on December 15, 1946 as a result of being brought under the sound of gospel testimony of a sister and neighbor in the Phoenix assembly. She obeyed the Lord in baptism, and was received to the local assembly soon after. She saw her husband saved a few years later, as well as family members. She continued in devotion to the assembly the rest of her days. She will be missed by all in the assembly. Pray for relatives still unsaved. The funeral was taken by Bill Lavery and was well attended.

Nicholas E. Sarlo of Jackson, MI on August 6, age 74, our dear brother was suddenly called to Heaven. He was saved in Sault Ste. Marie as a boy and came to live in Jackson in 1954. He was a wonderful blessing to the assembly for 50 years, and functioned as an elder until the Lord took him Home. During the last few winters, he has been a help to the assembly in Deland, Florida. Nick bore a faithful testimony to all with whom he came in contact to a degree that was greater than most Christians we have known. He leaves to mourn his loss his beloved wife of 52 years, Barbara, and his son, Philip (Diane) of Zephyrhills, FL, and his daughter, Ruth Ann Sarlo, of Jackson. He will be missed by his four grandchildren, six great-grandchildren, one sister, Mary (Norman) Hicks, and two brothers, Guido Cedolia and Joe Sarlo of Sault Ste. Marie. He was preceded in death by four brothers: Edmund, Albert, Armand, and Alfred. Norman Crawford took the funeral with help from Guido Cedolia, Jesse Sarlo, Don Clark, and Fred King.

Fannie A. Lubben of Manchester, IA on August 11, age 88. Our beloved sister was born on a farm in Hansel, IA July 2, 1916, daughter of Albert and Anna Kampman. Fannie was saved August 22, 1933, and was in the Hitesville until her marriage to Ben Lubben of Manchester on January 17, 1948. She had been in happy fellowship here since that time. This dear couple often kept the Lord’s servants in their home during special meetings. She is survived by two daughters, Geneva Collins and Joyce Lubben, four grandchildren, and one great grandchild. The funeral service was taken by Eric McCullough, her son-in-law Bruce Collins, and Robert Orr.

Mr. Samuel T. McNeill of Antrim, North Ireland on August 15, age 37. Saved at meetings in Antrim hall in 2001 conducted by A. Aiken, he was soon baptized and received into assembly fellowship. Our brother showed much promise as a young believer and had a keen interest in the activities of the assembly, anxious, too, to spread the gospel. He was a cross-channel lorry driver and bore testimony for his Lord among these men. At the exceptionally large funeral hundreds heard the gospel at the hall and grave, the services being conducted by A. Aiken and D. Gilliland. S. McBride, J. Mitchell, and D. McKendry shared in prayer and tribute. Remember his wife, two young children, and the family circle in prayer.

Marie L. Zemlicka of Boscobel, WI on Aug. 22, age 95. Our dear sister was saved on August 30, 1932 at 23 years of age. She and her mother, Anna, were early converts of the work in Blue River, WI. Faithful and helpfulin gospel testimony, they were a real help as part of the original company that gathered there. They moved to Madison, WI in 1956 where Marie was part of the Black Earth, WI assembly for 40 years. Upon moving to Boscobel in 1996 she was in fellowship at Blue River until her homecall. Bodily afflictions restricted her attendance at meetingsat the close of her life, but she carried a good testimony to the end. Arthur Ward took her funeral service.

Mr. David McCrum of Dromore, North Ireland on August 31, age 91. He was saved on February 14, 1944 while attending meetings being conducted by J. Stewart and T. Wallace in a loft in his father’s yard at Ashfield. Shortly afterwards he was baptized and received into Mullafernaghan assembly. A few months later, he and his wife, who was saved a few days before him, were received into the Dromore assembly where they had gone to reside. He was a godly overseer for many years, was loved and respected by all who knew him, a most consistent man in every way, he had a great interest in the spread of the gospel and the spiritual progress of the assembly. He will be greatly missed amongst the saints, by his widow, son, two daughters, their spouses, and families. His large funeral, a token of the esteem in which he was held, was from the Dromore Gospel Hall and conducted by R. J. Tinsley, T. Beggs, W.J. Nesbitt, and W. Lee.

New Book

Babylon to Jerusalem with Five Great Men

By Robert Surgenor

The return from Babylon as it is described in the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah has so many parallels to our experiences as assembly believers that we never cease to learn from it. Brother Surgenor has written a very practical commentary on this period.

This book is available from the author: Mr. Robert Surgenor, 4527 W. 226th Street, Cleveland, Ohio USA 44126, Phone (440) 734-1942

All proceeds from the sale of this book are used for the support of widows of the Lord’s servants.

Subscriptions for 2005

We thank the Lord that we are able to keep the subscription rates the same as in 2004: $14.00 in US funds; $20.00 in Canadian funds and 10 pounds for the UK.

Subscriptions are due in advance. Please note the addresses in the right column on this page.