Ft. McMurray: Since the assembly was formed on June 8, God has blessed with two professing faith in Christ. Three others have been baptized and two of these added to the fellowship. The assembly currently meets in the Waterways Community Center. Appreciated visits for ministry have been made by Claude Dudley of South Africa in July, and S. Wells and J. Gould, both in October. A mini-conference was held September 5-7 with believers from Edmonton and Grande Prairie attending and sharing in the meetings. Through the holiday season the assembly is making a special effort to build up its children’s work.

British Columbia

Castlegar: J. Fitzpatrick and C. van de Wetering finished two weeks of gospel-ministry meetings as follow up from the tent meetings last summer in fellowship with the Westbank assembly. Between 15 and 24 coming to every meeting. At the end, a mother of 81 and her son, 58, were baptized.

Delta: A Monday night children’s work has commenced here in a school. Two brethren from the Victoria Drive assembly have been joined by others. Encouraging numbers are attending as a start for the work.

Abbotsford: B. Funston and K. Taylor conducted three weeks of gospel meetings in the Parkview Gospel Hall ending December 5. A Seed Sower distribution was held a week prior to the meetings.

Burnaby: The new South Burnaby Gospel Hall, home of the former Woodland Drive assembly, opened with the city-wide monthly ministry meeting on November 2. A. Kelly, J. Jarvis, and J. Smith ministered the Word.

Vancouver: Bruce and Rhoda Cumming, who have served the Lord for 56 years in Venezuela, are visiting their home area.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Burgeo: Gerald Burton, David Flynn, and David Hunt, along with some of their children, went to this south coast community to distribute calendars.

Corner Brook: E. Fowler was with the assembly on November 16 and gave appreciated help in ministry and gospel. L. Cain planned to be with the assembly for ministry on November 27-30, with a Bible Study on the Saturday.

Fogo: M. Derksen visited the assembly on October 27 and gave helpful ministry.

Gander: M. Derksen was with the Gander Bay assembly on October 28 and the Gander assembly on October 29 for ministry.

Lance Au Loup: The annual conference in October went well, with a good number of preaching brethren, including N. Burden, M. Derksen, A. Dryburgh, E. Fowler, J.A. Joyce, B. Joyce, and M. McCandless. The Bible reading on 1 Cor. 11, was opened by brother McCandless, and was helpful to the saints. There was a large number out to the funeral of Mrs. Rose Linstead on the Monday after the conference.

New Harbour: The small assembly has appreciated help from the St. John’s believers during the fall. M. Derksen was with the assembly for ministry on October 30.

Parsons Pond: Present at the annual conference October 24-26 were F. Bartlett, W. Buckle, N. Burden, L. Cain, M. Derksen, A. Dryburgh, E. Fowler, J.A. Joyce, B. Joyce, P. Mathews, C. Payne, and D. Wardell. Continue to pray for brother Carl Payne and his family in the loss of his wife Annie prior to the conference. Sandringham: Marvin Derksen had an appreciated visit with the assembly for ministry on October 23.

Seal Cove: The annual conference on the second weekend of November was an encouragement to the believers. Help was given by a number of the Lord’s servants and local brethren.

St. Johns: On October 12, B. Joyce was with the assembly for the day and shared the Thanksgiving program with E. Fowler. The annual conference November 1 went well, with help given by M. Derksen, E. Fowler, J.A. Joyce, P. Mathews, D. Oliver, J. Procopio, S. Vance, and D. Warden. The very profitable Bible study on the Believer’s Armour was led by D. Oliver who stayed for three nights of ministry following the conference.


Clinton: Visits for ministry in October by Wm. Skates and in November from Jim Martin (N. Ireland), were appreciated by the saints.

Deseronto: The assembly is encouraged by a number of local children attending Sunday School. One mother is showing an interest and an unsaved older man is attending gospel meeting. We appreciated visits from B. Owen and L. Steers for a Lord’s Day in May, and more recent visits by T. Kember, M. McLeod, and E. Badgley. B. Crawford was present for ministry in July, and G.P. Taylor helped throughout the summer months.

Hamilton: G. Higgins was here for a Lord’s Day and an evening of ministry. The attendance and interest were excellent.

Newbury: Recently, the saints of the assembly enjoyed profitable visits from B. Rodgers, P. Poidevin, and D. Thomson (Columbia).

Niagara Falls: The assembly enjoyed two weeks of children’s meetings in October with F. Krauss. The Word was taught simply and with power from God.

Oshawa: The recent conference was larger than usual with ten of the Lord’s servants present to minister the Word. Most believed the ministry was timely and edifying. A week later the assembly enjoyed the weekend and two nights ministry with Bruce Rodgers.

Sarnia: The assembly was instructed and encouraged by a series of meetings on Egypt to Canaan by G. Higgins. The special focus of these meetings was to give follow-up ministry and teaching to those who professed salvation earlier at the summer gospel series at the Dow People Place.

Sudbury: The believers appreciated three nights of ministry by B. Rodgers in early October. B. Owen was with the assembly for the monthly ministry meeting in November and remained for the Lord’s Day.

Thunder Bay: J. Webb gave a week of helpful and appreciated ministry in November.

Unionville: Gene Higgins was here for five nights of ministry. Believers from the Goodwood and Langstaff assemblies gave excellent support.

Wallaceburg: The conference on the last weekend of October was well attended, and practical ministry was given. Afterward, Wm. Metcalf commenced two weeks of ministry meetings using his chart on “The Journeys of the Children of Israel from Egypt to Canaan.” These meetings were helpful and appreciated by the believers.

Welland: A week of children’s meetings with B. Crawford saw a number of local young people and some from Port Colborne enjoy well-presented gospel messages. Jim Smith faithfully visited us for a Lord’s Day in November. The Spanish outreach continues with a December supper and gospel. A young Spanish lady was received into fellowship in December, a testimony to the diligence and faithfulness of our Hispanic brethren.

Prince Edward Island

Summerside: A conference sponsored by the PEI assemblies was held November 1-2 in the Wyatt Center. The theme, “Foundational Truths in Formative Years,” was targeted to younger folks but very timely for all. Dr. A.J. Higgins and P. Ramsay shared in these sessions. As an added blessing a young man from Nova Scotia professed faith in Christ. Monday night gospel meetings and children’s meetings are being held in a rented building. This is the fourth session that has been held and many new people have been coming out. Local brethren from the different PEI assemblies have been helping as well as commended preachers that happen to be in the area. The prayers of the saints are valued.


Taylorside: The saints appreciated four nights of ministry with R. Boyle and J. Webb. E. Armson gave an interesting report on his work at Laloma, Zambia.



Phoenix: The Thanksgiving weekend conference was an encouragement to the saints. Servants of the Lord present to give ministry were Wm. Lavery, P. Harding, J. McColl, E. Doherty, J. Slabaugh, A. Dryburgh, and G.P.Taylor. Several stayed for a week of ministry following the conference and an all-day meeting on the Lord’s Day.


Springdale: J. Portman is still working full-time here and in Huntsville. He has rented an apartment so he can maintain regular meetings in both areas. He has been encouraged by encountering some believers from Central American countries, and hopes to see their interest in the meetings deepen.


Fresno: The assembly appreciated visits early in November from S. Thompson for a week night, and from H. Paisley for a weekend. Both were also at a Saturday mini-conference at Turlock, with help from Chico and Fresno.

San Diego: H. Paisley had three nights of helpful ministry in November. The saints are encouraged with the baptism of a young believer.


Newington: R. Surgenor visited the assembly for ministry meetings. E. Parmenter also visited and gave help in ministry and the gospel. A woman who was saved in the recent tent meetings was baptized in November.


New Lenox: God blessed in the salvation of six souls during five weeks of gospel meetings with T. Baker and L. Perkins. The meetings were held in a rented building in Joliet. Many unsaved came, for whom prayer is requested.


Cedar Falls: During November, the assembly had appreciated visits from J. Stubbs and J. Slabaugh, the latter giving ministry from some of the Lord’s parables in Matthew.

Stout: The Thanksgiving Day meeting was very encouraging with a nice number attending. A. Christopherson, L. DeBuhr, J, Jennings, R. Orr, Wm. Skates, J. Stubbs, and A. Ward gave very practical ministry. We’ve also had appreciated visits recently from Wm. Metcalf, J. Webb, A. Dryburgh, J. Slabaugh, C. Saword, and A. Christopherson. Prayer is requested for a series of gospel series, commencing January 4 with L. Perkins and D. Shutt.


Watertown: The saints at Mt. Auburn Gospel Hall recently held another gospel/dinner meeting with unsaved in attendance. Mark Procopio (Saugus) was there for the day. Also, a saved couple who have been baptized are interested in assembly fellowship. On November 4, the Christians here and from Cambridge enjoyed a visit from E. Parmenter.

New Jersey

Midland Park: The month began with the distribution throughout the town, of calendars and invitations to gospel meetings. The saints were encouraged by help received from the Korean assembly in Corona. Gospel meetings with P. Orasuk and F. Sona began November 12 and were continuing into December. The numbers have been good, with some unbelievers out every night, and some evidence of the Lord’s working in the meetings. On November 30, there was a bilingual gospel meeting in Korean and English, with brother Joseph Chung speaking in Korean. Following the gospel, a young Korean brother and sister obeyed the Lord in baptism, rejoicing the hearts of the saints in both assemblies.

New Mexico

Albuquerque: The Christians appreciated a week of ministry from Wm. Lavery in November, on the life of David. Please pray for a gospel series to begin in early January, 2004, with D. Hunt and S. Wells, following a Seed Sowers distribution.


Akron: Recent visits by A. Leblanc and J. Smith were times of encouragement.

Clyde: T. Baker was with the assembly for two nights of profitable ministry.

Mansfield: M. McClain visited for a Lord’s Day.


Bryn Mawr: The November conference was a time of joy and encouragement by the increased attendance, the spirit of cooperation among those who ministered, and the timely and uplifting ministry by J. Chung, W. Gustafson, A. J. Higgins, E. Higgins, M. McCandless, E. Parmenter (England), M. Penfold (England).


Matoaca: The assembly enjoyed a visit from D. Oliver for a Lord’s Day. The ministry was much appreciated and the gospel was exceptionally good, with a large number of unsaved present.


Marysville: The Shoultes assembly plans gospel meetings January 11-February 1 with D. Booth and S. Thompson.

Tri-Cities: Ken and Doris Taylor were here for a visit. Brother Taylor gave ministry and a report of their continued work in Haiti and Dominica. G. Goff was here for a few days and gave much appreciated ministry regarding new work and planting an assembly.

Other Countries


Nezahualcoyotl: The saints were encouraged by the visit of brethren Kelly, Roseyon and Thiessen on November 29, the second anniversary since the formation of this assembly on the outskirts of Mexico City, a city of over twenty million people.Tepic: Over 200 believers gathered from various areas of the country for the annual conference here on November 20. It was their first conference in the new hall, and a time of much joy.

N. Ireland

Ballintoy: J. Martin and W. Martin have concluded a series of gospel meetings and were encouraged with some professing faith in the Lord Jesus.

Ballyclare: S. McBride and B. Glendinning are preaching the gospel in this area outside the town where some unsaved have been in to hear the gospel.

Ballymoney: W. Fenton and W. Martin have had an encouraging start to the meetings here.

Belfast (Matchett St.): T. McKeein and R. Fairley have been preaching for a number of weeks and visited the surrounding houses with gospel tracts.

Chapman’s Store (near Porta-down): D. Gilliland and A. Hull are preaching the gospel with good numbers attending and blessing in salvation. Albert Hull was invited to tell his testimony to all the employees of a large Honda Dealership; it was a most respectful audience.

Drumlough: A. Aiken and J. Rogers have commenced a gospel series in the newly renovated Gospel Hall.

Dungannon: S. Ferguson and W. Boyd have been preaching the gospel for a number of weeks in the town.

Kilmore: The small assembly here have erected a new hall and opened it with gospel and ministry meetings from October 19-22 beginning with gospel and followed by three night’s ministry. A good number of local people were in to hear the gospel preached by W.J. Nesbitt. N. Turkington, D. Kane, J. Lennox, S. McBride, R. Armstrong and S. Nelson ministered the Word of God faithfully and helpfully. W.J. Nesbitt and S. Nelson intend to commence gospel meetings here on Jan. 4, 2004, D.V.

Lisbellaw: Robin McKeown is preaching here where the assembly is small but encouraging numbers are attending.

Lurgan: The annual conference was well attended. The ministry and Bible Readings were helpful and the gospel faithfully preached. The Bible Readings were conducted by J. Currie, T. Bentley, D. Gilliland, and J. Baker. Wm. Bingham and J. Lennox preached the gospel on Lord’s Day and Wednesday when many unsaved heard the gospel.

Omagh and Clough held their annual conferences with good numbers attending; appreciated ministry was given by various speakers.

Portadown: J. Rogers and A. Aiken have concluded a well-attended series of gospel meetings outside the town with quite a good response from neighbors.

Randalstown: D. McKillen and A. Caldwell (Kells) are getting good numbers as they preach the gospel nightly with neighbors attending.

Straidarran: Two local brethren are preaching the gospel and distributing tracts in the district.

Republic of Ireland

Bridgetown, Co. Donegal: G. Stewart and J. Fleck have been encouraged here as they preach the gospel. The Lord has blessed in salvation.

Stonewell, Co. Cavan: T. Topley and H. Milliken (Kingsmoss) have been encouraged here with a little blessing.


Dave Richards has been in Russia since February and will soon be returning to Canada. He writes that the Lord is continuing to open doors of opportunity. He has been able to visit a children’s institution in Sredne-uralsk twice a week, and requests prayer for the children to whom he has been speaking. He has also been leading three adult Bible studies. Tom Cooper visited here recently, giving help.

St. Lucia

For five months of the past year, Jack Nesbitt has had meetings at La Gare, Forestierre, and Ciceron, and has been able to visit Castries, Soufriere, and Laborie since last report. On his recent visit, following the conference at Forestierre, he had a four-week series in Ciceron, then one week of ministry on Spiritual Blessings from Eph 1:8. He writes: “The work here brings us a lot of joy. It is most encouraging to witness the hard work of the believers at La Gare as they build their new hall. They appreciate the guidance of brother Jerome Joseph from Trois Piton on this project.”

Conferences D.V.

Tampa, FL

February 8 in the Gospel Hall, 12704 Marjory Avenue, Tampa. Breaking of Bread 10 a.m., Dinner, Ministry 2 p.m., followed by gospel. Corr: Oronzo Dalfino, Tel: (813)265-2757; Hall: (813)932-9530.

San Diego, CA

February 14-15 in the Gospel Hall, 4646 Twain Ave. with Prayer Meeting on Friday at 7:30 p.m. Saturday: Bible Reading 10 a.m. (Romans 12 ), Ministry 2 p.m., Gospel 7 p.m. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10 a.m., Ministry 2 p.m., Gospel 7p.m. Corr: William Smith; Tel: 619-582-2109; Hall 619-280-7021.

Tylertown, MS

February 16. There will be an all-day meeting in the Tylertown Gospel Hall . Corres: Keith Young, Hattiesburg, MS. Tel: 601-268-6802.

Conference Reminders:

Pennsauken, NJ – January 10-11
Seattle, WA – January 17-18
Deland, FL – January 31-February 1

Change of Correspondent

Okanogan, WA: Mr. Wolter Abbink, 140 Pleasant Valley Road, Okangogan, WA 98840; Tel: 509-422-2526.

Address Change, Correspondent

Kitchener, ON (Kitchener Gospel Hall): P. McKinley, 73 Bent Willow Drive, Kitchener, ON N2N 2L1; Tel: 519-570-1976; email: philipsherri@yahoo.com.

Change in Meeting Times

Toronto, ON (Victoria Park Gospel Hall): Wednesday night meeting now commences at 7:45 p.m.

With Christ

Amy E. MacDonald of Crapaud, PEI on June 3, 2003 age 89. Our dear sister was born into the Oakes family in 1914. She was saved in 1934 and later added to the assembly here. She was a true help-meet for her late husband William, who was a respected elder. Amy loved the saints and enjoyed the children’s outreach over the years. After the death of her beloved husband, Amy moved to the South Shore Villa where she enjoyed seeing the Christians who came to visit. She is survived by her brother Cecil of St. Catherines, ON, her sister Doris of Crapaud, and numerous nieces and nephews. Her funeral service was shared by R. McIlwaine and her nephew Gary Oakes.

Rosie Linstead of L’Anse au Loup, LB on October 17, 2003, age 83. Aunt Rose was one of the first to hear the gospel preached when the gospel boat, MGM, first came in 1956. She and her husband, Uncle Pearce, were saved shortly after and were in the fellowship of the assembly from its commencement. Uncle Pearce predeceased her in 1981 and she continued faithfully until a severe stroke took her home to be with the Lord. She leaves behind two sons and six daughters, half of whom are in assembly fellowship. Please pray for family members not saved. The large funeral in the Gospel Hall was shared by J.A. Joyce and A. Dryburgh, with a grandson giving a tribute.

Doreen Stewart of Dunmurry, N. Ireland on October 25, 2003, age 85. Saved as a girl of 13, our sister faithfully served with her husband, the late Jim Stewart, as missionaries in Trinidad and Tobago for 21 years. Predeceased by her beloved husband ten years ago, she was in fellowship in Bleary and latterly in Dunmurry, being lovingly cared for in Faith House. She is sadly missed by her family, sister, and brother, Mr. Harold Warnock of Vancouver. D. Ussher and A. Davidson shared in the well-attended funeral services with local brethren.

Margaret Tack of Aplington, IA on October 25, 2003, age 94. She was saved on October 18, 1929 through the labours of Oliver Smith and others in the gospel. She was a faithful sister and respected by those who knew her. She and her husband Harvey were in the Hitesville assembly for many years. He preceded her in death in 1992. The past six years she resided in a Care Center. She is survived by two sisters, a brother, along with a number of nephews and nieces. R. Orr and R. Nesbit shared the funeral service in the Gospel Hall.

Bill Stout of Arlington, WA on November 3, 2003, age 83. Bill was saved as an adult while observing a remembrance meeting as a visitor. He was a faithful member of the assembly until recently moving to California (to be near his family), where he suffered a massive heart attack and went to be with the Lord. He was buried in southern California on November 7. Please pray for his dear wife Eileen and also for some family members still unsaved.

Clifford Paul of Taylorside, SK on November 8, 2003, age 96. Our dear brother was born at Hiawatha (Drake), SK. He was saved August 21, 1921, and in 1929 moved to the Taylorside district. Our brother was a quiet-spoken man who bore a consistent testimony and was a godly example to all. He was the correspondent for many years and had a lovely singing voice. He is survived by his wife, Emily, of 66 years, one son, and two daughters and their families. Prayer is requested for any not saved among them. The funeral was taken by D. Taylor and H. Wright with M. Meyers at the grave.

Myrtle Anderson of Terryville, CT on November 8, 2003, age 100. Our sister was saved in her teen years and noted for her kindness and hospitality. She was the wife of the late Edward Anderson, an elder in the Waterville assembly. She leaves a son, Clayton (Bud), a daughter, Nancy Loescher, seven grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren, many of whom are saved. Her nephew, Alvin Elsdon, took the funeral service in Terryville.

Mrs. Doris Aldred of Charlton, ON on November 10, 2003, age 69. Our dear sister was saved at age 15 in 1949. She was in assembly fellowship for over 50 years in Kirkland Lake and Charlton. Our sister was very much like Dorcas of Acts 9 – full of good works. Her kindness and good testimony were evident by the large funeral. E. Dellandrea, who was having meetings in Charlton when she was saved, shared in the funeral service with M. Pratt and B. Rodgers (both nephews). Lawrence, her husband of almost 50 years, will sorely miss her. She also leaves behind six children and their spouses, along with 12 grandchildren. It was a special comfort to our sister to know that all her family were “in Christ.”

Lionel Shepherd of Niagara Falls, ON on November 11, 2003, age 95. Our brother was saved at 80 years of age, baptized, and received into the fellowship. He bore a good testimony before his unsaved family. The gospel was preached at his funeral by Wm. Smith.

Georgina Goldsmith Baldwin of Indiana, PA on November 13, 2003, age 83. Georgie was saved in 1938 during gospel meetings conducted in Bryn Mawr by George Gould, Jr. and Robert Crawford. In 1953 she married George Baldwin and lived in Hickory, NC for three years before moving to Indiana. Her husband was called home in 1973 after a lingering illness. In thirty years of widowhood Georgie continued consistent to the mutual exercise she and George held. She did visited, sought to bear witness in the gospel, and was an encouragement to His people. A viewing was held in Indiana with Harold Clark speaking words of comfort. The funeral was conducted in Ardmore, PA with words of comfort and the gospel spoken by Wm. Oliver and Wm. Seale.

Lillian Woodrow of Orillia, ON on November 13, 2003, age 83. She was saved as a young teenager in Toronto and in fellowship at the old Swanwick Gospel Hall until she married and moved to Orillia. She taught Sunday School from the age of 18 and continued in faithful testimony until her homecall. She was in every way marked by Christ-likeness. Pray for some grandchildren who are not yet saved. The funeral service in Dominion Gospel Hall was taken by Andrew Adams.

Virginia Paine of Madison, ME on November 14, 2003, age 69 after many years of struggling with diabetes. She was born again in January 1957 in the town of Madison where she spent her entire life, and was one of only six left in the fellowship. Her singing voice will be greatly missed. She is survived by her husband of 51 years, Gerald, and eight children, four of whom are save. Please pray for the large farm community andrelatives who heard the gospel faithfully preached by R. McIlwaine. Robert and his father, L. McIlwaine, had brought the gospel to the Paine family in the winter of 1957. Mrs. McIlwaine cared for their four small children so Virginia could attend the meetings.

Mrs. Margaret Clark (nee Chiarello) formerly of Sault Ste Marie, ON on November 15, 2003, age 84. Our dear sister was saved in 1932 at the age of 13 during a gospel series by evangelist George Shivas. She was in the assembly here for over 70 years. The last two years of her life were spent with family in Mississauga and she enjoyed the fellowship of the Lord’s people in Milton when able. Her husband, Edmund, predeceased her in July 2002 after 63 happy years of marriage. She is survived by her sister, Annie, a son and two daughters, eight grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. She was generous with her hospitality. The funeral service was shared by her son, Alan and, son-in-law G. Ross Clark, with son-in-law Ben Gardiner speaking at the grave side.