Calgary: The assembly benefited from a week of ministry by Peter Smith in October. David Hunt and Stan Wells also visited here and Grande Prairie in October. They also paid visits to the new company in Fort Mc Murray, Paradise Valley, and Mervin, SK.

Edmonton: During the annual conference, the Christians were encouraged with godly ministry and a good number of visiting believers. Ministry was given by Hans Bouwman, Jack Gould, James Ronald, Peter Smith, Cap Van de Wetering, George Patterson, Jim Webb, Stanley Wells, and Gordon Williams. There were a number out under the sound of the gospel both Saturday and Sunday. Please continue to pray for the work in Edmonton.

British Columbia

Castlegar: John Fitzpatrick and Cap Van de Wetering commenced two weeks of gospel meetings in the Kiwanis Hall on November 9. This is in response to interest and some blessing in the tent meetings this summer.

Squamish: The one-day conference on October 18 was smaller this year due to torrential rains and flooding conditions, such that the evening session was cancelled. Jim Smith, Jim Jarvis, Bryan Funston, and Aubrey Kelly shared in helpful ministry, and the local saints displayed their warm hospitality in spite of the weather conditions and associated concerns.

Surrey: Gospel meetings with the Fleetwood assembly concluded November 2 after three weeks. Bryan Funston and Jim Jarvis conducted the meetings. A number were in for the first time as well as saved contacts of the saints. A lady who had been previously saved received assurance and with joy confessed Christ.

Vancouver: The Thanksgiving Conference was a little larger this year. Eight brethren ably shared in ministry, Bible readings, and gospel. Sandy Higgins and Jim Smith lead the two Bible Readings on Hebrews 12 and 13. Gospel meetings in the area commenced immediately after in Fairview with Jim Smith and Aubrey Kelly . These are in their fourth week with several in from the district. On October 25, Peter Smith gave an informative report at Victoria Drive on Postal Bible Studies which he oversees in Canada. Several hundred children are now being reached in their homes with the gospel through this work.

Westbank: Peter Smith conducted a week of children’s meetings during the last week of October with up to 68 children attending.


Winnipeg: The believers derived a lot of teaching out of a two-week series recently with Gordon Williams on the Tabernacle, although it was intended primarily for the gospel. A few visitors attended, most the result of personal contacts, but the series ended with no known professions of salvation. Over 8,000 invitations were distributed in the area.

Steinback: Albert Hull had an appreciated visit in September and enjoyed meeting the Hutterite believers once again and visiting the colony. He also visited Winnipeg and Portage.

Nova Scotia

Cape North: The small assembly was encouraged recently with some professing salvation. One has obeyed the Lord in baptism.

Sydney Mines: The assembly was pleased to have Wm. Bingham for ministry and gospel September 28. The open-air gospel meeting downtown, preceding the gospel meeting in the hall during the summer months, concluded on the weekend of our Cape Breton conference, October 12.

The following believers are mentioned for continued prayer: Margaret Patterson (Oxford) recovering from a heart attack, Dale Robbins (Halifax) who is presently critical ill, Fred Russell (Pugwash Jct.) recovering slowly from recent heart surgery and the complications of infection, and Dallas Manicom (Truro) who had been critically ill but is slowly improving.


Clinton: Attendance was somewhat smaller during our conference this year because of very inclement weather. Timely and stirring ministry was given by Alex Dryburgh, Wm. Metcalf, Harold Paisley, Brian Crawford, and Shad Kember, Jr. Excellent Bible readings on Romans 8 were led by Harold Paisley. The saints enjoyed ministry from Peter Orasuk and John Meekin one night in September, and Bruce Rodgers for one night in October.

Clyde: The saints enjoyed recent visits and ministry from Brian Crawford, on August 24, and Fred Krauss September 21. Stephen Vance visited for a Lord’s Day in October.

Leamington: Tent meetings in August saw blessing both in salvation and the confirming of others who had professed earlier in the year. In September, three obeyed the Lord in baptism and another brother was added to the gathering. The assembly has appreciated the help lately of Jack Nesbitt, Bruce Cottrill, Murray Pratt, Shad Kember Jr., and Ben Prins.

London: The November conference was profitable with sixteen of the Lord’s servants present, a number of whom gave stirring ministry to edification. James Martin of Northern Ireland stayed on in the area for ministry meetings.

Niagara Falls: The conference was very well attended with eight of the Lord’s servants present. The ministry was appropriate, and God blessed the gospel on the Lord’s Day with the salvation of a young woman.

Toronto: In September/October, the Victoria Park assembly had one week of children’s meetings followed by three weeks of gospel meetings by Marvin Derksen and Stephen Vance. The Lord blessed in salvation and many new contacts have been made for follow-up. Jack Yocum’s week of meetings in Broadview Hall in October were very interesting. By using his unique chart on “The Heavenly City,” our brother was able to emphasize the gospel with suitable ministry for the saints. God’s voice was heard in this short series.


Maidstone: The saints were greatly encouraged when a young man was saved during the Thanksgiving weekend.

Melfort: Roy Weber and Stanley Wells plan, Lord willing, to start gospel meetings in a rented building on November 10. These meetings will be in connection with the Taylorside assembly.

Taylorside: A young sister was recently added to the assembly fellowship, bringing joy to the saints.



Brookfield: David Oliver concluded a two-week gospel series on future events. Although a large number of visitors did not attend, the saints were encouraged and some new contacts were made. Please pray for several unsaved children of the saints that became very concerned about salvation during this series.

Terryville: A good number attended the annual conference in October. Appreciated ministry was given by W. Gustafson, J. McClelland, D. Oliver, D. Petterson, R. Surgenor, K. Taylor, and F. Tornaquindici.


Deland: William Skates and Frank Sona will conduct a series of gospel meetings following our conference in February, Lord willing. Prayer would be much appreciated for these meetings.


Cedar Falls: The local brethren conducted two weeks of children’s meetings during the month of October with encouraging attendance including some parents that had never been in before.

Garnavillo: John Slabaugh was here for a meeting on a Friday evening and for Lord’s Day when one believer was baptized. Marcus Cain plans to be in the area for three weeks in November for gospel meetings in Postville.


Byfield: The assembly appreciated the exercise of James McClelland and Ken Taylor in conducting a series of gospel meetings. The meetings began on September 28th and continued for four weeks. The believers trust that the Word of God that was sown will soon bring forth fruit.


Ferndale: Wm. Lavery and Dan Shutt concluded three weeks of gospel meetings. The saints were encouraged by the preaching of the “good news” and by the number of unsaved out to hear it. A number of Sunday School students and adults were out to hear. Pray that God will bless the seed sown.


Akron: Bill Lavery gave help recently, taking up the truth of the Lord’s coming.

Cleveland: Dan Shutt was with the assembly for a Lord’s Day and also visited Akron, Clyde, and Mansfield. His ministry was timely and instructive.

Mansfield: The October conference was an enjoyable and encouraging time with a good number present to hear the Word. The ministry was excellent from six of the Lord’s servants and there was a real sense of the leading of the Holy Spirit in the exercise of our brethren.

South Dakota

Rapid City: Al Christopherson has been encouraged with three couples showing interest in the gospel.


Tri-Cities (Pasco, Kennewick, Richland): Gaius Goff and Craig Saword were the speakers during the summer outreach. The first half of each gospel meeting was conducted in English and the last half in Spanish. The Lord blessed with a number saved. Some have had an exercise to move to the area. Roy and Sarah Ficek came in February, and Dean and Janice Walker in August, both couples putting a lot of effort into the assembly. We have a large work with youth, not only at the hall, but often in the Juvenile Detention Center. The assembly had the joy of celebrating their first anniversary on October 5. There was a nice number of visitors for the weekend which included Tom and Ruth Hoy, and Gaius and Linda Goff. Please continue to pray for the work here.

Other Countries

N. Ireland

Chapmans: Prayer will be valued for a gospel series commencing November 2 with David Gilliland and Albert Hull.

St. Lucia

Ciceron: Jack Nesbitt recently finished two weeks of ministry meetings on “Behavior in the House of God” from 1 Timothy, and was asked to continue with gospel meetings.

Forestierre: The assembly hosted a Bible Reading on Thanksgiving Day, October 6. The three-hour session was guided by two elders, Webster Gadjadhar and Parker Ragnanan, on “Qualifications of Elders and Deacons,” and “The Character of the Church” from 1 Timothy 3. All of the island’s assemblies were represented and it was a happy occasion for all in attendance.

La Gare: The believers meet each Thursday evening and on Saturdays to build the new hall. The roof section should now be completed. Although there are only sixteen in the fellowship, they show a lot of heart for the gospel and New Testament principles.

Conferences. D.V.

Saugus, MA

December 6-7 with prayer meeting on Friday at 8 p.m. Meetings on Saturday at 10:30 a.m., 2:30 and 6:30 p.m. Breaking of Bread at 10 a.m. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 213 Walnut St. Corr: Joe Procopio, 11 Forest St., Saugus, MA 01906; Tel: 781-233-5780. Accom: Tony Grillo, 46 Grey Lane, Lynnfield, MA 01940. Tel: 781-334-6363; Gospel Hall: 781-233-5570

Pennsauken, NJ

January 10-11 in Haddonfield Middle School, Lincoln Ave. and Chestnut St., Haddonfield. Prayer meeting on Friday, January 9 at 7:30 p. m. in the Gospel Hall, 6530 Caroline Ave. (at Route 38 near Rte. 70), Pennsauken, NJ, Hall: 856-662-1201. Corr: David A. Curran, 326 Windsor Ave., Haddonfield, NJ 08033-1142; Tel: 856-429-4443; email: dacurran@aol.com.

Seattle, WA

January 17-18 with Prayer meeting Friday 7:30 p.m., and Sunday Gospel meeting 7 p.m. in the West Woodland Gospel Hall. All other meetings will be in the West Woodland Elementary School adjacent to the Gospel Hall. Bible Readings at 8:45 a.m. both days (I Timothy 2 and 3 – “Behavior in the House of God”). Saturday meetings: 10:30 a.m., 2:30 and 7 p.m. Sunday: 10 a.m., 2:30 and 7 p.m. Corr: David Hale, 16813 19th Ave. SW, Normandy Park, WA 98166, Tel: 206-243-0557; Hall: 206-783-1368.

Deland, FL

January 31-February 1 in the Gospel Hall, 109 E Rose Ave. (east off N. Woodland Blvd.) Friday: Prayer meeting 7 p.m. Saturday: Ministry 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Bible reading 2 p.m., Gospel 7 p.m. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10:30 a.m., Bible reading 2 p.m., Ministry 3:30 p.m., Gospel 7 p.m. Bible reading topics: “Lordship” and “Headship.” Corr: Fred King, 215 Lake Talmadge Rd., DeLand, FL 32724; Tel: 386-943-4000, Hall: 386-736-1009.

Change of Meeting Time

Ferndale, MI (Ferndale Gospel Hall): Prayer/Bible Reading changed to Wednesday 7:30 p.m. (Previously Thur.)

Change of Correspondent

McKeesport, PA: Tom Clark, Jr., 2420 Inglewood Dr. McKeesport, PA 15131; Tel: 412-751-5283

Peterborough, ON (Park Street Gospel Hall): A.R. Morrison, 700 Trailview Drive, Peterbor-ough, ON K9V 8P2

St. John’s, NF: Dr. G. M. Tarrant, 6 Point Verde Place, St. John’s, NL, A1E 5X1; email: tarrant@roadrunner.nf.net

Change of Address of Correspondent

Toronto, ON (Victoria Park Gospel Hall): Robert D. Reilly, 610 Bullock Drive, Suite 209, Markham, ON, L3R 0G1; Tel: 905-480-9520.

Surrey, BC (Fleetwood Gospel Hall): Simon DeGroot, 15665 93rd Avenue, Surrey, BC, V4N 3B2.

With Christ

Ethel Wiebe of Langley, BC on June 16, age 91. Our dear sister was born in Vancouver in 1912, and saved at the age of 14 under the preaching of William Bunting and Tom McElvie at Portage la Prairie, MB. She was in fellowship in the West End assembly in Winnipeg, then for 55 years in the Fairview assembly in Vancouver. In 1996 our sister moved into Hilltop Manor, and was in fellowship in the Langley assembly. A consistent supporter of all assembly meetings and activities, she and her husband Arnold, who predeceased her, were noted for their hospitality to many.

Albert Bennett Corcoran of Toronto, ON on July 22, age 83. Bert was born in Toronto and born again at the age of 13. He had a deep appreciation of the Lord Jesus Christ in his life. He was in fellowship in the West Toronto Gospel Hall where he had a Sunday School class for several years. In 1960 he moved to the Rexdale assembly as one of the original members. As one of the elders, he always had an interest in the activities of the assembly. He leaves to mourn his wife of 20 years, Esther, his five children, 12 grandchildren, and 16 great-grandchildren. He was predeceased by his first wife, Anna Georgina, in 1981. She was a sister of Norman Crawford.

Mrs. Winnifred Martin of Manchester, IA on September 24, age 88. Our dear sister was saved at the age of 13 years. She has been in the assembly here many years, apart from ten years when she and her late husband, John, lived in the Ottumwa, IA area. Her husband preceded her in death in 1977. She was a faithful believer and manifested love to her Lord and the assembly. She is survived by four daughters and two daughters-in-law. William Skates, Kenneth Gentz, and Robert Orr shared in the well-attended funeral service.

Mrs. Mildred Olmstead of Baldwin City, KS on September 26, age 85. Our beloved sister in the Lord was saved at the age of 13 while attending gospel meetings in the old Coal Creek School. She was in happy fellowship for many years in the Coal Creek assembly. She attended her last prayer meeting two nights before her home call. Family and friends held her in high esteem. Her husband, Leroy, predeceased her in 1986. She is survived by her daughter, Joan who made a home with her, one son, David (Rosie) Olmstead., four grandchildren and their families, and one brother Delbert (Ruth) Hird. David Olmstead and Roy Weber shared the funeral service. Robert Orr spoke the message at the grave.

Harry McLaren of Maidstone, SK on September 29, 2003, age 86. Our dear brother was saved at age 19 while thinking of Acts 16:31 as he was stoking grain sheaves one afternoon, having read God’s Way of Salvation during his lunch break. He was associated with the assembly in Maidstone all his life and was a faithful overseer. He is survived by his wife, Gladys, one son, three daughters and many grandchildren, some not yet saved. A large number attended the funeral service where Edwin Presley of Dawson Creek, B.C. presented the gospel.

Mrs. Mysie Nelson of Paradise Valley, AB on September 29, age 87. She was born in Vancouver, BC in 1916. Our dear sister was a great asset to the work and a testimony to the Lord. She loved working with children and witnessed a number brought to Christ over many years. Cliff Lock shared in the funeral with James Ronald who preached the gospel to the large audience.

Gordon Brokopp of Chico, CA on October 1, age 82. Our dear brother was saved in 1936 in Wisconsin. Later, through the testimony of the Lynxville assembly, he was gathered outside the camp. He and his wife were known by many from Newfoundland to Alaska as they travelled with the purpose to be a help wherever there was a need. For the last fifteen years he was a shepherd and an example of godliness to the Chico assembly. His warmth and wisdom will be greatly missed. He is survived by his wife, Alice, four children, and many grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. The gospel was preached by local brethren at the funeral which was attended by many from the community who were touched by Gordon’s testimony. Prayer is valued for the unsaved family.

Roy Anderson of Straffordville, ON on October 4, age 80. Our beloved brother was saved the same night as his wife Leone through the preaching of Mr. Harold Wagler and Mr. Fred Nugent in 1947. Roy was one of three remaining brethren when the numbers dwindled to nine in the Straffordville assembly, but he lived to see God working wondrously in the revitalization of the assembly. He was predeceased by his wife on December 30, 2000 and a daughter last month. Roy is survived by a daughter and two sons, and their families for whom prayer is requested. The large funeral was taken by David Patten; Jim Bergsma presented the gospel.

Harold Martin of Yorkton, SK on October 8, age 87. He was saved as a young man and was in happy fellowship at Yorkton until the assembly was closed. He always enjoyed visits of the Lord’s servants whenever they dropped in to see him. He is survived by his wife Bertha (who is in a home in Yorkton), son Dale, daughter Sherryll, four grandchildren, and three great grandchildren, and two sisters, Vera Miller of Arborfield, SK, and Eileen Brooks of Toronto, ON. James Ronald spoke at the service and Andrew Bergsma at the graveside.

Velma Smith of Kansas City, MO on October 8, age 87. Our dear sister was saved in 1925 and in the assembly here for more than 43 years. Her strong faith in her Lord was of primary importance throughout her life. She leaves behind to treasure her memory her sons, Aaron and James. The funeral was shared by William Jackson, Leroy Scott, David Williams, and Gary Toombs.

Roger Gratias of Seattle, WA on October 11, age 79, after spending the last couple of years patiently dealing with cancer. Our beloved brother was saved at the age of 13 while attending gospel meetings conducted by James Rae and Hector Alves in 1938. He was in assembly fellowship in Anchorage AK, Arlington WA, and for the past 25 years, in Seattle. He was a faithful brother who was always cheerful and happy, and spent time visiting homes in the neighbourhood of the assembly. His funeral was taken by Tommy Thompson of Anchorage and Dr. David Brandt of Seattle. Remember his wife, Virginia, and other relatives who will miss him.

Arthur Hulcoop of Deer Lake, ON on October 18, age 81. Our beloved brother was saved in Toronto at 16 years of age. He was in assembly fellowship for 64 years and was a faithful elder in the Deer Lake assembly since its inception in 1977. Our brother leaves his wife, Beryl, of 59 years, two sons and two daughters, seven grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Our brother had been ill for a couple of years and suffered much. The very large funeral was taken by Ed Doherty; his son Tom gave a eulogy.

Fellow-labourers with Missionaries

One of the greatest ways we can be fellow labourers with our missionary brethren and sisters is by earnest prayer on their behalf. Many missionaries have told us that they need and deeply appreciate the prayers of the saints in the home land. We have been told that letters from home are a source of great encouragement to those in foreign countries.

Another important way to be a fellow labourer is to have practical fellowship with them. This is where the Truth and Tidings Gospel Trusts can help.

Some information regarding the transmission of funds to those serving the Lord abroad is not always available to individual believers and assemblies. For instance, the majority of missionaries from Canada and the United States to whom we send fellowship through the Truth and Tidings Gospel Trusts have requested us not to send checks or money orders directly to them on the mission field. For various reasons, they have found it necessary to have their fellowship deposited in a bank account either in Canada or the United States.

For many years both the Canadian and the United States Gospel Trusts have faithfully and successfully remitted funds to missionaries worldwide. Experience gained during these years has taught us the safest and most practical way to forward fellowship to our missionary brethren and sisters.

Both Gospel Trusts are willing and able to help in forwarding fellowship to missionaries on the field. The trusts can be used by any of the Lord’s people or assemblies, and their addresses are shown below and are given in every magazine at the bottom of the inside back cover. Please remember that all checks should be made payable to Truth and Tidings Gospel Trust.