British Columbia

Langley: The conference during the last weekend of April was graced with profitable and searching ministry from Jim Currie, John Dennison, Bryan Funston, and Peter Matthews.

Port Alberni: John Fitzpatrick and Cap Van de Wetering had three weeks of gospel meetings here and gave out almost 5000 invitations. On many nights there were 14 visitors out, and some nights as many as 18. It proved to be a time of ploughing however, with none showing concern or coming repeatedly. It was felt that the meetings left something on which to build. Please pray for Norman McCurrie of this assembly who has received radiation treatments for a brain tumor and is now being nursed at home. His wife Eileen needs ours prayers as well.

Port Coquitlam: A Seed Sowers outreach for this Vancouver suburb is being planned for July 7-12. It is expected that children’s and gospel meetings will follow for two weeks when a suitable venue is secured.

Vancouver: The Easter conference gave cause for encouragement as well as instruction and challenge as the Word was ministered by eight of the Lord’s servants. During the week following the conference, H. Paisley and K. Totten ministered in the West Richmond, South Main, and Deep Cove assemblies. Gospel meetings in Victoria Drive entered their third week with good numbers and evident interest from people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.


Winnipeg: The West End assembly enjoyed the ministry of John Stubbs and Robert Thomson of Scotland at a weekend conference at the end of March. Brother Stubbs took up the subject of the Lord Jesus Christ in John’s Gospel, and brother Thomson spoke on Romans 5-8. Mr. Thomson also was with us for two nights the week preceding, and Mr. Stubbs for two nights after the weekend. The believers appreciated the exercise and ministry of our brethren.

New Brunswick

Fredericton: The conference was a time of refreshing ministry from seven brethren. The Christians thank all those who attended and those who ministered. The conference was held in a local school for the first time; the meals were in the hall. It was a refreshing change to not be so crowded. Most of all we give thanks to God.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Corner Brook: Prayer is requested for our esteemed brother Mr. Bert Joyce who suffered a heart attack and is now at home recovering.

Gander: The annual Easter conference was well attended. Profitable ministry was given; a very good Bible Study on John 17 was taken by Gaius Goff. Following the conference, brother Goff had a week of ministry on assembly truths. G. Goff and Bryan Joyce are presently in gospel meetings.

New Harbour: The assembly appreciated the visit by Gauis Goff on May 4 .

Parsons Pond: Gospel meetings ended with Grard Roy and Eric Fowler with encouragement and blessing in salvation.

St. John’s: Gaius Goff and Bryan Joyce had two weeks of gospel meetings in the Mt. Pearl Gospel Hall. The meetings were well attended and were an encouragement to the ongoing work in that area. G. Goff plans to have a week of Bible studies with the St. John’s assembly.

Nova Scotia

Nineveh: The annual conference was well attended, and many expressed having been blessed from the ministry that was given. We were privileged to have nine brethren share in the ministry. The assembly had the joy of receiving a young brother on the Lord’s Day before the conference.


Clinton: The Christians enjoyed visits from H. Paisley in March, and A. Dryburgh in April; both gave appreciated ministry and help in the gospel.

Clyde: A summer tent series is being planned, Lord willing, at the same location in the City of Cambridge. At this point, plans are for four weeks in July, with a Seed Sowers campaign for four days prior to the meetings. Frank Sona and Marvin Derksen plan to take the series, and are willing to continue into August as the Lord leads. Please pray for this series, as we look to the Lord for blessing.

London: April 16th saw the close of four and a half weeks of gospel meetings with David Oliver and Murray Pratt. God graciously blessed richly in salvation. We appreciated the help given by Shad Kember Jr. who took David Oliver’s place while he attended his mother’s funeral.

St. Thomas: William Metcalf and Jack Nesbitt had five weeks of gospel meetings early in January and into February. The meetings were an encouragement to the assembly with one soul professing faith in Christ. Bernie Foreshew spoke at the monthly ministry meeting in March. The assembly also appreciated a visit from Stephen Vance and Peter Simms in March. A special meeting was held April 27 for Shawn and Heidi St. Clair who have been commended to the work of the Lord in El Salvador by the assembly in Ottawa. John McCandless and Larry Steers spoke, and brother St. Clair related how he and his wife had been called to the work.

Wallaceburg: Jim Beattie and William Metcalf were encouraged in their third week with some unsaved attending.


Saskatoon: Gary Sharp visited here in April for ministry, and then had meetings in Arborfield and Glen Ewen.

Taylorside: The saints enjoyed hearing a report from Bruce Poidevin on the work in Zambia. The annual Youth Conference at Easter time was well attended with profitable ministry given by Bryon Myers and Shad Sluiter. B. Myers also gave a report on the work in the Tri-Cities area. One young brother was recently added to the assembly fellowship, and three young believers from one family were baptized in May, bringing joy to the saints



Phoenix: On May 2, a valued brother in the West Phoenix Spanish assembly, saved two years ago but facing deportation, was unanimously recommended to the Governor for a full pardon by the Executive Clemency Board. He testified on his own behalf along with three brethren, with a large number of believers present at the hearing. God graciously overruled. The assembly had another baptism the following day.


Newington: The assembly held a week of children’s meetings with David Petterson during the week following the Manchester conference.


Clarksville: William Skates had two nights of appreciated ministry in the Antioch assembly on remnant testimony in a dark day.

Marion: Marvin Derksen and Stan Wells ended a fruitful series of gospel meetings April 6. An employee of the Linn Manor Care Center made a clear profession of salvation, and several other employees attended the meetings.

Hampton: Aubrey Kelly held two weeks of Spanish gospel meetings here in May with good interest from the community. The saints were encouraged.

Postville: Tom Baker recently had another series of Spanish gospel meetings here. A young lady who has been coming for the past couple of years professed to be saved, with others showing an interest. The attendance was very encouraging, with an average of about 70 to 80 in from the neighbourhood.

Stout: Our conference was very profitable with good attendance and 14 of the Lord’s servants sharing in the ministry and gospel. Recent visits by brethren John Slabaugh, Gary Sharp, Joel Portman, and Stanley Wells for ministry were appreciated. Gary Sharp held a week of children’s meetings the first part of May.

Waterloo/Cedar Falls: Our conference was the largest in recent years, with 13 of the Lord’s servants present to give profitable, searching, and encouraging ministry. The Bible readings on Colossians during the week preceding the conference were led by J. Slabaugh, B. Crawford, and A. Ward and were considered profitable. The assembly also enjoyed visits from Stanley Wells and Marvin Derksen during the month of April.


Kansas City: Gospel meetings with Art Ward and Joel Portman brought joy to the saints with a few professing to be saved. We trust they will go on well for God.


Methuen: The large number of saints who gathered for the one day conference on Sunday, April 13 was encouraged with timely and searching ministry given by brethren Robert McIlwaine and Frank Tornaquindici. Robert McIlwaine took the gospel meeting on Saturday evening. The assembly also appreciated the ministry by Alex Dryburgh on April 24.


Jackson: Albert Hull and Norman Crawford concluded three weeks of gospel meetings in late April. God was pleased to work in salvation and we have cause for rejoicing.

Saginaw: Jack Nesbitt and Lorne Mitchell gave excellent ministry at the April 6 monthly ministry meeting. George Patterson and Max McLean did the same on May 4. Brother McLean included a report on the work in the Ukraine. The assembly plans a booth at a local fair in May. In the will of the Lord, William Lavery and William Metcalf are to commence gospel tent meetings here on June 8.


Willmar: William Skates and Roy Weber commenced a series in the gospel here on April 13.

New Jersey

Pennsauken: Ken Taylor had a brief visit with the assembly on his return from Dominica.

New York

Caneadea: Lorne Langfeld was with the assembly for the Sunday School treat on March 22 with good number of visitors from the area present to hear the gospel.


Akron: Helpful ministry was given by Walter Gustafson during two nights of ministry.

Clyde: Bruce Poidevin gave a very informative missionary report during a recent visit. He also visited the Monticello Hall in Cleveland.

Mansfield: Robert Surgenor paid a short visit in April.


Bryn Mawr: The assembly appreciated visits from Walter Gustafson and Jack Nesbitt, each for a Lord’s Day.

South Dakota

Rapid City: The annual Home Show in March was marked with many more leads and a greater genuine interest in eternal matters than in previous years. Scott and Kim Hayes of Cedar Falls gave excellent help along with several of the Rapid City believers, creating an encouraging spirit of togetherness in the work.


Tri-Cities: A young married couple saved during our gospel series in February with Gaius Goff and Mark Bachert are now baptized and in assembly fellowship. We also thank the Lord for a 20-year-old girl saved on April 28 who was a contact from a community outreach last October. We look forward to our summer outreach from July 13 to August 3, with Seed Sowing, the Mall Outreach for one week, and two weeks of nightly gospel meetings, and Youth Bible Hour each morning.


Pachuca and Tepic: Construction is taking place in both places and both halls are getting the roofs finished this month.

Ixtapa: We had the joy of receiving a young man into fellowship who was saved last year from a life of addiction. The change in his life has been a voice to his unsaved family.

Zacualpan: A large crowd of unsaved people heard the gospel preached here in April at the funeral of an eighty year old man of exemplary Christian testimony in this area. Local brethren from the Coapinole assembly in PuertoVallarta, an hour and a half away, have seen blessing in this new work and shortly expect to have baptisms.

Zamora: The Easter conference went well with between 175 and 200 attending. Four were baptized on the Sunday night of conference. Joel Portman was present and also visited Tepic, Puerto Vallarta, and Ixtapa in early May.


Cornerbrook, NF

June 27-29 in the G. C. Rowe Junior High School off St. Mark’s Ave., Cornerbrook. Friday: Prayer 7:30 p.m. Saturday: Ministry 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., Gospel 7 p.m., Young People’s Sing 9 p.m. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10 a.m., Bible Study 1:30 p.m. (Unique Features of the Assembly), Sunday School 1:30 p.m., Ministry 3:30 p.m., Gospel 7 p.m. Corr: Gordon J. Hollett, Tel: 709-632-5905, email: gmhollett@nf.sympatico.ca. Accom: Roy Foster, Tel: 709-634-5022, or Bernie Payne, Tel: 709-634-1843

Kamloops, BC

June 28-29 Prayer and Ministry Meeting Friday June 27 at 7:30 p.m. All meetings to be held in the Gospel Hall, 849 Wawn Rd., Kamloops, Hall 250-579-8799. Saturday Bible Reading 9a.m. to Noon.. Bible Reading subjects: “Gifts”. Corr: Phil Atkinson, 1615 Griffin Terrace, Kamloops, BC V2B 7R7. Tel 250-376-1228, or John Eggers, Tel: 250-579-8814.

Sioux City, Iowa

July 19-20 in the Gospel Hall, 120 South Leonard Street, Sioux City, IA. 51103. Saturday: Prayer Meeting 7:30 p.m.; Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:45 a.m., Bible Reading 11:15 a.m. (1Corinthians 15:1-19), Children’s Meeting 1:30 p.m., Ministry 2:30 p.m., Testimony 6 p.m., Gospel 6:45 p.m. Dinner and supper will be served. Corr: Sam Hayes, (712)255-6843, Hall (712)277-3647.

Conference Reminders:

Garnavillo, IA – June 7-8
Saugus, MA – June 7-8
Halifax, NS – June 14-15
Portage la Prairie, MB – June 13-15
Victoria Road, ON – June 14-15
Glen Ewen, SK – June 20-22
Augusta, ME – June 21-22
Kirkland Lake, Englehart, Earlton, Charlton, ON – June 28-29
Pugwash Junction, NS – June 28-29
Taylorside, SK – June 27-29

Change of Address

Minneapolis, MN:
Twin Cities Gospel Hall
Roseville Middle School
15 County Road B2 East – Media Room
Little Canada, Minnesota
Meeting times: Remembrance Meeting 10-11 a.m., Bible Teaching 11:15 -12:30 p.m.
Corr: Jim Brown, 97F South Drive, Circle Pines, MN 55014; Tel: 763-780-9151; Email: jim.brown@usfamily.net

With Christ

Robert Kennedy Smith of McKeesport, PA on November 8, 2002, age 72, following a pulmonary illness. Our dear brother was saved in January, 1968. He was baptized shortly after and was received into the McKeesport assembly. He was spiritual in his walk before the Lord and faithful to his family. Preceded in death by two sons, he is survived by his wife Frances who is in happy fellowship, a daughter in-law, granddaughter, brother William in San Diego, and sister, Suzette MacPherson in New Jersey. Many unsaved heard the gospel plainly preached by William Seale Jr. and Dale Vitale at the funeral, with Joe Clark at the grave side.

Mr. John McIntosh of Ballyclare, N.I. on March 15, age 87. He was saved at the age of 19. Listening to his father read Genesis 22, he realized that the Lord Jesus had taken his place on Calvary. He was baptized and received into the assembly at Limavady. He was later in assemblies at Derriaghy and Lower Windsor Avenue, Belfast. For the last 50 years he was in Ballyclare where for a long time he was a Sunday School teacher and assembly correspondent. As an overseer, he had spiritual balance and a great care and love for the people of God. He will be greatly missed by his widow, family, and all the assembly. The large funeral was from his home, and services there and at the cemetery were conducted by five local brethren.

Stewart McKillop of Vancouver, B.C. on March 23, age 84, having been in Christ over 60 years. Our brother was baptized, and, after serving overseas, was received into assembly fellowship in New Westminster. He was devoted to the assemblies of God’s people, helping in several, and served as an elder in the Carleton assembly from it’s beginning in 1966. His godly, caring example will be missed by many. He is survived by his loving, faithful wife of 58 years, Iona, three children, Norman, Joan (McCandless), Douglas, and ten grandchildren, all saved by the grace of God. The large funeral, with the entire family present, was shared by Norman McKillop and David McGaughey, with Donald Grice at the graveside.

Gina Netti of Phoenix, AZ on March 27, age 88. Saved on her 20th birthday in Methuen, MA, during a gospel meeting by Sam and Hugh McKewen, Gina was among the believers in 1937 at the start of the assembly there at Cook’s Corner Gospel Hall. She married Anthony Netti in 1939 and they were in happy fellowship in Methuen for 57 years where their home was always open to the Lord’s people. For health reasons they relocated in May, 1998 to Arizona and the happy fellowship of the Sunnyslope assembly. Gina was always happy in doing something for others and testifying of her faith in Christ. In extreme physical suffering during her last days, she looked forward to being with Christ. She is survived by her loving husband Anthony, sister Emma Vizzini, and brother John Cavallero. She will be greatly missed by the assembly. The funeral was taken by John Dennison.

Elizabeth (Linden) Oliver of Bryn Mawr, PA went to be with Christ suddenly on April 1 while visiting the Seychelles Islands. Saved in November, 1938, she was characterized by a deep interest in the gospel and faithfulness to God and His assembly. Her husband, William, her two sons, David and Alan, with their families, and her brother Robert Linden (Moncton, NB) await the soon-coming reunion. A. Higgins, E. Higgins, and R. McIlwaine shared the funeral service, which also included touching testimonies by her loved ones. The large attendance indicated the high esteem in which our sister was held.

Edith Holmes of Unionville, ON on April 4, age 83, peacefully from Bethany Lodge. She was a faithful member of the Unionville assembly for 14 years. She was saved as a young girl and lived her life reflecting a love and care for others. She overcame a lifelong disability, pursued a teaching career at Havergal College and in the assembly Sunday School. Edith is survived by her sister Dorothy Nesbitt, a brother Douglas, many nieces and nephews, and grand nieces and nephews. A large funeral was taken by Wm. Stainton who faithfully proclaimed the gospel. Tribute was given by Douglas. “She lived for this day.”

Margaret Keith of Akron, OH on April 6, age 90. Our dear sister was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1913 and as an infant came to America with her family. Margaret was saved as a teenager and received into the Akron assembly. She lived a quiet, consistent life, active in Sunday School work and showing an interest in young people. She was diligent in caring for her parents. In 1963 she was married to Peter who lovingly cared for her when her health failed. David Metcalf and Kenneth Webb preached the gospel and spoke words of comfort at the funeral.

Sharon Stewart of Ballymena, N.I. on April 15, age 39, after a five-month illness. Saved as a girl of ten, Sharon was associated with the assemblies at Lungs, Seattle (USA), and latterly, Harryville. Her faithfulness was an example to all, and the home, which she shared with her husband Timothy, was another “Bethany”. Sharon won the heart’s affection of old and young alike, including her Sunday School pupils. She has left behind the fragrance of a godly, consistent life, and eternity alone will reveal the effect of her personal witness in spite of extreme bodily weakness. A large company attended the funeral service at which a number of local brethren took part.

Norris Walvatne of West Union, IA on April 15, age 72. Our dear brother was saved in his early teens. Throughout his life he manifested a happy spirit, and was in the fellowship of the assembly here for many years. His passing leaves an empty place. He accepted with patience his health problems of recent months. Five sisters and one brother survive him. The well attended funeral was shared by Eric McCullough and Robert Orr.

The Truth and Tidings Gospel Trust

The Truth and Tidings Gospel Trust can be named as a beneficiary in your will and all money received by the Gospel Trust from your estate will be distributed promptly. The basic principles which are followed in the distribution of estate funds are as follows:

  1. If there are specific instructions in a will, the trustees follow these instructions implicitly.
  2. If there are no instructions in the will, but the executor of an estate gives instructions to the Gospel Trust, the executor’s instructions are followed.
  3. If there are no instructions in the will or from the executor, but the person leaving the will has used the Gospel Trust in the past, the trustees are guided by his or her previous exercise.
  4. If there are no instructions whatsoever, and the person leaving the will has not used the Trust previously, the trustees distribute the fellowship as the Lord may guide.

A lawyer will be able to assist you in drawing up your will exactly as you wish it. The addresses for both the Canadian and US trusts are shown in every magazine at the bottom of the inside back cover.

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Nehemiah – The Fearless Builder
Abraham – The Friend of God
Moses – The Famous Leader
Samuel – The Faithful Prophet
Daniel – The Faultless Exile
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John’s Unique Gospel – Similarities between Moses and John

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