Poetry: The Thief

I am 12 years old and go to school in a town outside of Edmonton. I was saved on September 29, 1998. And I was just baptized Febuary 3,2002. I was asked to write a poem about the thief that was saved on the cross. After I was done my poem my parents said that I should send it to you.

The Thief

Here I was Dying
Knowing I was going to hell
And I knew
That the Man beside me
Was paying for my debt
Knowing He could save me from
My own awful doom
I said, “Lord, remember me
When thou comest into thy kingdom.”

I gaze in amazement
That One so holy would answer me saying,
“Today shalt thou be with me in Paradise”
Knowing I was a sinner and a thief
That he would accept me as I am
And forgive all my past.

Now I know that God is forgiving
Even after many years
Of stealing and killing;
That He would die for me.
I feel a peace I’ve never had,
Knowing now that dying is not so bad
With Jesus as my Savior
I am going home to Him