Great Gospel Texts: Isaiah 53:5 – Striking Realities

But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon Him and with His stripes we are healed.

He Was Rejected

To Israel in a coming day this will be a tremendous truth – that the Lord whom they rejected and hanged on a tree was wounded for them. I have come to understand from the Word of God that He was wounded and bruised for me a guilty sinner as well.

Isaiah was given to see the blessed Redeemer coming in as a tender plant. He was lovely beyond compare and yet they were unable to behold His beauty. Inspired men had testified to His glory and mission but they received it not. He came in person to their synagogue at Nazareth where scripture was fulfilled in their ears. He would have healed the broken in heart, given sight to the blind, and set at liberty those that were bruised, but they thrust Him out of their city. My friend, has the glorious message of Christ been sounded in your city? Have you heard the gospel message but are you still rejecting the Savior?

He was a man of sorrows all His days yet His love was never altered as they despised and rejected the Friend of sinners. Their hatred for the Son of God eventually led to total rejection as they led Him out and crucified the Lord of Glory. They cried, ” We will not have this man to reign over us.”

“And of that shouting multitude
I feel that I am one
And in the din of voices rude
I recognize my own.”

He Was Wounded And Bruised

There is now a great contrast to their former idea that he was punished for His own sin. Like a bolt from heaven this striking reality comes home to their hearts. Have you ever realized that your own sin was the sole cause for the Savior’s wounds and bruises. It was because of our rebellion and wickedness against the sovereign God that the Lord Jesus experienced the whole of divine wrath.

I see the scourges rend the flesh
Of God’s beloved Son
And as they smite, I feel afresh
That I of them am one

How precise were Isaiah’s words in describing the nature of the Savior’s death. Our verse says He was wounded meaning to be pierced through for our transgressions. He endured simultaneously every kind of wound known to man in His own body on the tree. Men bruised Him, they buffeted Him and others smote Him with their hands. We read that it pleased the Lord to bruise Him; He was crushed beneath the weight of our sin. My friend, have you stopped to think of love so great and sufferings so infinite on your behalf? Have you thought on Him as your substitute?

He Was Chastised

As one reality rolls upon another we have yet another tremendous truth. Have you ever considered One who was perfect, stainlessly pure, and free from the slightest taint of moral decay being chastised for you? This punishment involved the Sinless One taking the vengeance our sins demanded. What must have been the storm of Gods wrath against Him? My friend, have you thought on what He has borne for you.

I Have Peace and Healing

What striking realities are then presented to us! God has acted in love toward a fallen race at enmity with Himself by punishing His Son at Calvary. Justice has been satisfied, and now the offer of peace goes out to all. Can you say that you have peace with God? The stripes and wounds that were inflicted on Him can make you whole.