British Columbia

Langley: Three weeks of tent meetings concluded July 29 with good interest. Bryan Funston shared with K. Fairfield, D. Jones, and A. Mellish. The first week included childrens meetings in the mornings.

Squamish: Two weeks of tent meetings and one week of childrens meetings concluded on July 29. While the numbers were not large, the word was faithfully preached and some who do not usually come were under the sound of the gospel. Eternity alone will reveal the results.

Vancouver: The West Richmond Assembly produced 10,000 CDs to coincide with the Tall Ships visit to Steveston in August. The CD had a nautical theme containing a number of gospel hymns and a gospel message, and was distributed with a literature package. Two weeks of childrens meetings concluded in the Nanaimo Road Gospel Hall with large numbers of children and good participation of believers from Carleton, Victoria Dr, and Woodland Assemblies.

Westbank: The conference August 3-4 was blessed with the salvation of a young man from Fredericton. The platform was shared by H. Bouwman, J. Currie, H. Paisley, S. Wells, J. Webb, and G. Williams.


Grande Prairie: During the fourth week of August, a good number of believers from various parts covered this town and surrounding area with 30,000 Seed Sower packages.


Mervin: Childrens meetings and gospel meetings were planned here in July with Jim Webb.


Brandon: The assembly enjoyed a report from P. Thiessen on the work in Mexico. Two believers were baptized recently which was an encouragement to the assembly.. 

Elie: Tent meetings were conducted in July by J. Procopio, J. Gould, and P. Smith. The four weeks of meetings were well attended with blessing in the gospel.
Steinbach: By the beginning of August, R. Vanstone and M. Bachert were in their fifth week of tent meetings with up to 100 not connected with assemblies attending . One lady had professed and others appeared to be interested.
Winkler: G. Goff and M. Derksen are preaching the gospel with good attendance from the district.


Barrie: In June, appreciated visits were made by E. Dellandrea and B. Rodgers. L. Steers was with the assembly for five nights of timely and profitable ministry on Spiritual Gifts. The saints have the opportunity, once a week, to have a gospel meeting in a new emergency shelter within the city. The residents are less transient , staying there for several months. One girl that attended Sunday school at Midland Gospel Hall has come out to the Sunday night gospel meeting.

Picton: Prayer is requested for tent meetings planned to commence August 4 with P. Ramsay and A. Hull.

St. Marys: The saints have been encouraged as five young people have been received into the fellowship recently. They have also enjoyed ministry in May and June from J. Nesbitt, D. Thompson (Columbia), W. Lavery, B. Rodgers, F. Sona and S. Maze.

Toronto: Prayer is requested for an upcoming Gospel Series starting September 22 with B. Rodgers and S. Vance, D.V. We have just completed an addition to the building and are planning a Neighborhood Open House from 12:30-2 p.m. followed by meetings from 2:30-4:30 p.m. Saturday, September 21. Saints from the area assemblies are welcome. Please pray that this approach will attract neighbors from the area.
Wallaceburg: The saints were much encouraged during four weeks of gospel tent meetings with B. Snippe and A. Dryburgh. A number of outsiders were in attendance with one woman professing faith in the closing week.

Nova Scotia

Clementsvale: A. Hull and J. McClelland shared a well-attended afternoon ministry meeting in July.

Digby: James McClelland was helped in the gospel in July by two local brethren, D. McClelland and D. Bartlett. They were encouraged by the attendance.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Daniel’s Harbour: E. Fowler was joined by B. Barkhouse for the first week and S. Joyce for the remainder of the gospel meetings. Numbers have been low from the area but a good number have attended from Parsons Pond. These meetings commenced on the 14th of July and are now in their 3rd week. Please continue to pray.
Grand Falls-Windsor: Three weeks of gospel meetings, including a week of childrens meetings, concluded July 31. J.A. Joyce and B. Joyce shared in the meetings. The attendance was low but a few new contacts were made. Pray that the Lord will bless this ongoing effort.

Lanse au Loup and English Point assemblies appreciated childrens meetings held June 26-July 2 by Darris Barney, who was helped by others. The monthly ministry meeting of Lanse au Loup, English Point, and Red Bay on June 30 was shared by B. Bingham and D. Barney. E. Fowler visited July 7, after spending five weeks in Russia.

Labrador: D. Hunt, along with help from other brethren, has been using a boat to spread the gospel in some of the smaller communities along the coast. Gospel literature is being distributed and open air services held from the boat.


S. Dakota

Rapid City: Approx. 35 workers gave willingly of their time for a Seed Sower distribution followed by three weeks of gospel tent work shared by S. Sluiter, J. Kember, D. Pettersen, and D. Barney. Children’s meetings were also held every morning.


Minneapolis: R. Orr and A. Ward commenced four weeks of gospel meetings on July 21.


New Lenox: The saints were encouraged by a week of childrens meetings where over 100 new children attended. Please pray for a week of Children’s meetings in the same place in late September with B. Seale, D.V.


Jackson: The assembly has seen God’s hand in salvation in recent weeks. Several souls, long-prayed for, have been awakened and saved. Wm. Lavery and J. Slabaugh visited the assembly on two different Lord’s Days in July. Tent meetings with D. Shutt and M. Smith are to begin on August 11, God willing.
Livonia: B. Crawford was with us for our Summer Bible Time week. One of the mothers who brought her children daily was convicted, and a few days later professed faith in Christ. This is the second year in a row where a soul has been saved in this effort, for which we are very grateful.

Petoskey: L. Perkins and S. Thompson have been preaching in a tent in this new area since July 7 with some interest.

Saginaw: The saints enjoyed a visit from Dan Shutt June 30 and two nights of ministry with J. Beattie July 30-31. Wm. Metcalf and Wm. Lavery gave ministry at the monthly ministry meeting August 4.


Akron: Recent gospel meetings with D. Oliver and G. Higgins were most encouraging. Many visitors heard the gospel and, in the preaching, God was glorified, saints edified, and sinners justified. We also had helpful visits from B. Lavery, J. Smith, and R. Surgenor.

Cleveland: The assembly appreciated visits from G. Higgins, B. Lavery, and D. Oliver.

Clyde: The assembly has enjoyed visits from both J. Beattie and J. Slabaugh. We are expecting G. Sharp to come for children’s meetings starting September 15, Lord willing.

Mansfield: Excellent help was given recently by D. Shutt, J. Smith, and R. Surgenor

Steubenville/Toronto: J. Slabaugh and A. Ward concluded five weeks of tent meetings July 12. The meetings
were well attended with quite a number of strangers visiting. There were four that professed and one man received assurance of his salvation.


Bryn Mawr: The assembly enjoyed a week of nightly children’s meetings in a nearby town where some of the Sunday school children live. The attendance was good with a number of the parents present. Shawn St.Clair of Ottawa was assisted by the younger men of the assembly.

McKeesport: J. Procopio and D. Oliver started gospel meetings in a tent on August 4 with a week of childrens meetings during the first week.


Methuen: The assembly enjoyed recent visits by brethren E. Parmenter, W. Gustafson, and T. Meekin. Their ministry was greatly appreciated.

Worcester: The assembly was delighted to have W. Gustofson and R. Surgenor with us July 14. Brother Surgenor remained for two weeks of practical, instructive, and encouraging ministry on the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan.

N. Ireland

Ballygowan: B. Currie and J. Palmer have commenced gospel meeting in a tent close to the village. 

Bangor: S. Ferguson and W. Boyd have erected a tent in the same location as last year, close to the town center, and are preaching the gospel nightly.

Belfast (Ladas Drive): D. Armstrong and A. Wilson have concluded a number of weeks in the gospel in a tent in this area of East Belfast.

Belfast (Newtownbreda): Two local brethren, G. Hutchinson and L. McHugh, had two weeks gospel meetings with many unsaved attending each night.

Bushmills: The annual two weeks Bible Readings in July were well attended and were conducted by Bruce Hull from Ballynashee. David Kane has conducted these Bible Readings for over 30 years, but took ill on the eve of the meetings. He is now making good progress. The brethren had open air meetings each morning in Portrush and distributed thousands of tracts.

Cardy: M. McKillen (Ballymena) and C. Davidson (Cardy) have had an encouraging spell of meetings in the Gospel Hall with blessing in salvation.

Dromore: T. Topley and C. Law have concluded seven weeks of well-attended gospel meetings with a number professing salvation.

Kilkeel: J. Armstrong (Brazil) and R. Shannon (Kilkeel) are preaching nightly in the Gospel Hall with good numbers attending.

Lisburn: N. Tinsley and N. Coulter are proclaiming the gospel nightly in a tent erected on the White Mountain Road about five miles outside the town.

Portrush: D. Gilliland conducted a week’s ministry in the Gospel Hall. Meetings were well attended and appreciated ministry was given.

Portstewart: During the month of August a number of brethren held open air gospel meetings at the harbor and distributed many tracts.

Quilly: J. Martin and W. Martin are preaching in the Gospel Hall. Meetings so far have been encouraging.

Teenies (near Buckna): D. Gilliland and J. Fleck have commenced a series of gospel meetings in a tent in this country area.

The following conferences were held during the months of June and July with good numbers attending and profitable ministry given by quite a number of the Lord’s servants: Ballykeel, Stonewall, Ballybollen, Kingsmills, Dunmullan, Bleary, and Ballymagarrick.

Conferences. D.V.

Omaha, NE

September 7-8 preceded by a prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 p.m. All meetings will be held in the Hartman Avenue Gospel Hall, 69th and Hartman; Tel: (402 571-5983). First meeting on Saturday at 10 a.m.; Bible reading subject on Lord’s Day – Ephesians 1. For further information or to pre-arrange accommodations please contact corr. James Harvey, 3139 N 126 Street, Omaha, NE 68164; Tel: (402)498-9005; email: jjharvey@ejama.com.

Manchester, IA

October 5-6, with prayer meeting Friday 7:30 p.m. in the Gospel Hall, 1308 N. Third St. All other meetings are in the Middle School, 1001 Doctor St. Saturday: Ministry 10 a.m. Lords Day: Bible Reading 9 a.m. (I Thess. 4 – The Lords Coming), Breaking of Bread 10:30 a.m., Gospel in the evening (Gospel Hall). Corr: C.F. Foster, 130 Clare Ave., Manchester, IA 52057-1306, Tel: (319)927-2963.

Maidstone, Mervin, SK and Paradise Valley, AB

October 5-6 in the Legion Hall, 111 Main Street, Maidstone. Prayer meeting on Friday 7:30 p.m. in Maidstone Gospel Hall, 4th Avenue and Main Street. Meetings both days at 10:30 a.m., 2 and 7 p.m. Corr: Harry McLaren, Box 481, Maidstone, SK S0M 1M0, Tel: (306)893-4614; Lennard Heath, Box 274, Turtleford, SK S0M 2Y0, Tel: (306)843-2627; or David Flint, Box 35, Paradise Valley, AB T0B 3R0, Tel:(403)745-2560.

Baldwin, KS

October 13 at Coal Creek Gospel Hall, 1718 N. 466 Road (1 mile North of US 56 on Rd. 1055). Breaking of Bread 9:30 a.m., Bible Reading 10:45 a.m. (2 Cor. 5). Children, Prayer & Ministry and Gospel to follow in the afternoon. Please advise if you need accommodation. Corr: D. Olmstead, 1702 N. 466 Rd., Baldwin, KS 66006-7242; e-mail: daveolmstead@juno.com. Tel: (785)594-6628.

Cape Breton, NS

October 12, 13, and 14 in Memorial High School, Memorial Drive, Sydney Mines, (902) 736-6233. On Saturday, prayer meeting at 2:30 with Ministry at 3:30 and Gospel at 7. On Lord’s day, Bible Reading at 8:30 on “Gethsemane,” with Breaking of Bread at 10:00. On Monday, Bible Reading at 9 AM, on “Prayer”, with ministry at 10:15. Corr. J. MacDonald, 1 Cambridge Ave., Sydney Mines, NS, BIV 2G4, (902) 736-3133. Accom: Norman Brown, please phone in advance (902) 736-3069.

Blue River, WI

October 12-13 with prayer meeting October 11 at the Blue River Gospel Hall at 8 p.m. All other meetings at St. John’s Gym on Wisconsin Ave. in Muscoda, WI. First meeting on Saturday at 10 a.m. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 9 a.m. (Ps. 24), Breaking of Bread 10:30 a.m. Corr. Jim Frazier, 15513 Richwood Estates Lane, Blue River, WI 53518; Tel: 608-537-2977; e-mail: woodind@mwt.net

Brandon, MB

October 14 in the Gospel Hall. Bible Reading at 10 a.m. on Ephesians 4, with ministry at 1:30 p.m. Corr: Alan Ritchie, Tel. (204)727-4971; email: arit@westman.wave.ca.

Lanse au Loup, LB

October, 18-20 with prayer meeting on Thursday, October 17 at 7:30 p.m. Saturday: Bible Reading 10:30 a.m. (Ephesians 4). Lords Day: Breaking of Bread at 10 a.m. Corr: Francis Barney, Tel: 709-927-5696, or Preston Belben, Tel:709-927-5622.

Niagara Falls, ON

October 19-20 in the Oakwood Gospel Hall, Cor. Adams and Hawkins Street. Prayer meeting on Friday 7:30 p.m. Saturday: Ministry 10 a.m. and 2:45 p.m., Bible Study 1:30 p.m., Gospel 6:45 p.m., Young Peoples 8:15 p.m. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:30 a.m., Sunday School 11:30 a.m., Bible Study 1:30 p.m., Ministry 2:45 p.m., Gospel 6:45 p.m.. Corr: Wm. Smith, 7467 Merritt Avenue L2G 5C3, Niagara Falls, ON Tel: (905)354-8272.

Terryville, CT

October 19 and 20, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 p.m. in the Gospel Hall, 36 North Main Street. All other meetings in the Harry S. Fischer School on North Main Street, 1/8 mile north of the Hall. Saturday: Ministry 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m., Gospel 6 p.m. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10 a.m., Ministry 2 p.m., Gospel 4:30 p.m. There will be no gospel meeting in the Gospel Hall Sunday evening. Accom: William Batterton, Tel: (203)755-7621.

Wallaceburg, ON

October 27 at the Gospel Hall, 121 Gillard Street, with a prayer meeting Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Lords Day: Breaking of Bread 10:30 a.m., Sunday School 1:15 p.m., Ministry 2:30 p.m., Gospel 7 p.m. Lunch and supper will be served. Contact C.Workman, Tel. (519)627-8743, Hall: (519)627-7637, or Email: pngwork@juno.com.

London, ON

November 2 and 3 in the Highbury Gospel Hall, 1196 Highbury Avenue, London. Prayer meeting Friday: 8 p.m; Saturday: Ministry 10 a.m, 2 and 7 p.m.; Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:30 a..m. Corr. Hugh R. Garnham, 843 Dalkeith Cres., London, ON, N5X 1S5; Tel: (519)433-1825; Email: hgarnham@odyssey.on.ca, Hall Tel: (519)451-8233.

McKeesport, PA

November 29, 30 and December 1. Annual Fall Studies at Wilson Christian Academy, West Mifflin, PA. Meetings begin Friday 2:30 p.m. Subject : “The Christian’s Armor in Daily Life”. Sessions will be handled by Gene Higgins, David Oliver, Dan Shutt, Jim Smith, and others. To inform us you are coming, for directions, meeting times or other information, visit McKeesport.gospelhall.com. Information also available from Tom Clark Jr. at (412)751-5283 or tclarkjr5@aol.com. Accom: Rob Oliver at (412)664-1004 or rob@oliverpages.com.

Conference Reminders:

Arnstein, ON: September 14-15

Hardwick, VT: September 14-15

Chapman Valley/Parry Sound, ON: September 21-22

Midland Park, NJ: September 21-22

Hitesville, IA: September 28-29

Clinton, ON: October 5-6

Mansfield, OH: October 5-6

Sussex, NB: October 5-6

St. Thomas, ON: October 12-13

Vancouver, BC: October 12-14

Picton, ON: October 26

Livonia, MI: October 27-28

Changes to Address List

Jim Hanna: Box 831, Portage la Prairie, MB, R1N 3C. Jim and Dorothy Hanna, after spending five years in Zambia, have had to return to Canada for health reasons. Our brother does not expect to return, other than for a visit, and has requested his name be removed from the list of workers for that country.

Change of Address of Correspondent

Newbury, ON: David J. Cooper, 82 Goodal Ave., Box 1218, Ridgetown, ON, N0P 2C0. Tel: 519-674-3073; Fax 519-674-5659; email: dcooper@MNSi.net.

With Christ

Tillie Kells of Belfast, N.I. on March 13, age 91. She was saved in meetings of D. Craig in Drum, Co. Monaghan, where she was in fellowship for over 70 years. She then was in Ormeau Road, Windsor and latterly Parkgate Ave. assemblies in Belfast. She was “A Mother in Israel,” given to hospitality and care for others. She had the joy of seeing her family saved and in assembly fellowship. Her son, Jim Kells, has served the Lord in the Irish Republic for over 40 years and her son-in-law, Robert Eadie, serves the Lord in Northern Ireland. Prayer is valued for some of the grandchildren not yet saved. Nearly 200 attended the funeral conducted by J. Twibill, J.G. Hutchinson, and S. Ferguson.

Hugh Whyte of Unionville, ON on May 15, age 85. He was saved in 1925 through the truth of John 3:16. Seeing his potential, his brethren encouraged him as a young man to be active in the gospel, in which he continued faithfully until called home. Prior to moving to Bethany Lodge four years ago, our esteemed brother was in fellowship for about 40 years in the Kensington Assembly in Hamilton where he was appreciated as a highly respected elder. He is survived by his wife Phyllis, two daughters, and their families. The large funeral was shared by Martin Kerr and Paul Glenney.

Miriam Gustafson of Cleveland, OH on May 15, age 74. She was saved during gospel meetings held by Albert Joyce and Herb Harris in the winter of 1939. She was married to Richard Gustafson in 1946 and blessed with four children. For over 20 years Miriam endured physical challenges, injuries, surgeries, and limitations, but always maintained her sweet disposition. She and her husband were in fellowship in the Monticello assembly for many years until Miriam was unable to attend due to her health. After 55 years of marriage, she was taken home. Sam Haddad officiated at the funeral service, helped by Arthur Pile Jr. at the graveside.

Gary Linstead of LAnse au Loup, LB on June 26, age 39. Our brother passed peacefully away with all his family around him, less than four months after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. He was saved on March 30, 1980 during gospel meetings held by Wm. Bingham and Bert Joyce. Our brother was involved with Sunday school work and will be greatly missed in the assembly. He leaves behind his wife Marina, two children, Connie 17 and Scott 9, his parents, three sisters and a brother. Continue to pray for the salvation of some of these family members. The very large funeral was taken by Wm. Bingham, Jim Jarvis, and Bert Joyce.

Margaret C. Morrison of Baddeck, NS on June 29, 2002 at age 82. Our dear sister was saved Dec. 7, 1952 through the truth of Isaiah 53:5. Margaret was part of the original company that gathered to the Lords Name at Baddeck. The assembly was an essential part of her life up to her home call. Although a widow at a young age she entertained and cared for many of the Lord’s people. She will be greatly missed by her family and many friends. The large number that attended the viewing and funeral is a testimony to the respect in which she was held in the community. D. Swan, T. Chiasson, and her brother, J. MacDonald, shared in the funeral.

Raymond Behrends of Parkersburg, IA on June 30, age 75. Our dear brother was saved during a gospel series in Parkersburg in 1989 conducted by Eugene Higgins and David Oliver. A few months later he was received into the Hitesville assembly. He passed into the Lords presence after complications of pneumonia. His wife Marlys survives him. The funeral service at Hitesville was shared by Russell Nesbit and Robert Orr.

Edmund Clark of Mississauga, ON on July 3, age 86. Our dear brother was saved at 13, baptized, and received into assembly fellowship sometime later. He continued in happy fellowship in the Sault until he and his wife Margaret moved to Mississauga to be with their family. Edmund had a great zeal for the gospel, and was a respected overseer in the Sault St. Marie for many years. He leaves to mourn his loss his beloved wife, one son, and two daughters with their spouses and children, all saved and in assembly fellowship. Ross Clark (son-in-law) spoke at the funeral, with Ernie Dellandrea taking the committal service at the grave.

Mrs. Cam Falconer of Lake Shore, ON on July 6, age 84. Born Elva Kersey in Flint, MI, she moved early to Ontario, settling in Ravenswood. The family operated the General Store where the Lake Shore tent was pitched many summers. Elva was saved on August 2, 1936 during meetings with Lorne McBain and Robert Crawford. She had a love and exercise for the proclamation of the gospel, but was confined of late. Family and friends gathered as Fred Krauss and William Metcalf shared the funeral in the hall and the cemetery. Besides her husband, she leaves a son, Bruce, and family.

Florence Elliott of Clinton, ON on July 8, age 87. Our dear sister was saved in 1979 after her brother Frank, who out of concern for her soul, took her to gospel meetings being held by John Slabaugh and Gary Sharp. She was received into fellowship in Clinton, where she attended faithfully until she entered a nursing home. She was characterized by a contented and uncomplaining spirit, and her cheery smile was an encouragement to all. George Patterson spoke faithful words at the funeral, and Doug McDonald shared some personal memories and told of her conversion at age 63. Surviving are two sons and their families, two sisters and two brothers, all without the blessed hope.

Mrs. Elizabeth Hanna of Portadown, N.I. on July 8, age 95. She was saved in 1928 when Mr. Frank Knox had meetings in the Birches area. She later resided in Portadown. She was a widow of failing health for over 60 years. A sister of prayer, she sent gospel tracts to those of fame and authority receiving acknowledgments even from royalty. A polished stone, she herself has entered the palace. Sam McBride and Alan Davidson shared the funeral services with local brethren.

Ruby Kazen of Arlington, WA on July 12, age 87. Her family was one of those contacted in the 1930s in the Lynden area when several brethren from Vancouver, BC preached in a gospel tent and a rented building, which resulted in the formation of the Lynden assembly. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Copp invited Ruby and her two sisters to their home in Vancouver, so they could attend gospel meetings in the Cedar Cottage assembly. Ruby was saved in the Copp home at the age of 23. Her husband Peter passed away in 1966. She leaves a son and daughter, both saved, but several grandchildren in need of salvation. Ed Rollins, Don Kazen, and Morris Scandrett shared in the large funeral.

Melinda Smith of Glen Ewen, SK on July 21, age 27, after a courageous battle with cancer, answered the call of the Heavenly Gardner to higher service (Song. 6:2). Saved at 17, she displayed much evidence of divine life, and maintained a good testimony. She loved to be with the saints, and encouraged both young and old by her written and spoken words. At the large funeral, which showed the respect of community and friends, Don McFarlane and Ross Vanstone spoke words of comfort to the family and warning to the unsaved. Jack Gould encouraged all at the graveside. Melinda is sadly missed by parents Bruce and Linda, three sisters, grandparents, and many family connections.

Roland L. Black of Pennsauken, NJ went to be with Christ on July 27. Born on September 30, 1927, he was saved at the age of sixteen at a New Year’s conference. He showed a deep love for the gospel throughout his life and will be missed in the assembly. He leaves a widow, Betty (nee Burrows), a son (Allen), a daughter (Holly), and a sister Edith, all saved and in fellowship in Pennsauken. The funeral service was taken by David Curran, David Oliver, and Gene Higgins.

Mary Totten of Akron, OH on July 28, age 92. Our dear sister was born in Glasgow, Scotland April 21, 1910, and came to America in 1928. She was saved through the truth of Romans 6:23 in 1931, received into fellowship, and a
year later was united in marriage to Thomas who predeceased her in 1983. Hindered by health problems from attending meetings in recent years, she was marked by a love to Christ, the assembly, and the gospel to the end. William Lavery and Kenneth Webb shared the service, when a large number of relatives and friends were gathered.