Paralysis of Omnipotence? – Mark 6:5-6

“And He could there do no mighty work … and He marveled because of their unbelief” Mark 6:5-6.

Is G. Campbell Morgan correct when he refers to this verse as “the paralysis of omnipotence”? Are there things that the Omnipotent Lord is unable to perform? Are there limits to His power? Certainly a limited God is not God at all. And we know that omnipotence is defined as God’s ability to do anything that is consistent with His will. He was able to calm the sea when He said, “Peace, be still”(4:39). He was able to cleanse the leper who said, “if thou art willing, thou art able to make me clean” (1:40). In our text, it was inconsistent with His will that He perform miracles in the midst of their lack of faith.

Is our unbelief hindering the work of God in our lives?